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The easiest and fastest way to apply for a personal loan in the Philippines

Personal Loan Philippines

Application Assistance Services

Requirements Documents:

From 6 months, 12 months, 36 months and up to 48 months depending on the bank.

Basic Qualification:

– Must be 21 to 65 years old (end of loan term should be before your 65th birthday ).

– Must have good credit standing. No historical defaults.

– If self-employed, business should be operational for at least 2 years.

Requirements for Employed/Salaried Individuals:

– Checking Account

– Latest Certificate of Employment (should not be more than 30 days old ). Basic monthly salary, position and length of service must be indicated.

– 2 months latest payslips

– Latest ITR

– 2 Government issued ID (Passport, SSS, PRC, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID )

– 1 Company issued ID (front and back ) with 3 specimen signatures beside the front copy of the ID

– Copy of recent Credit Card statement, if any

Requirements for Self-Employed Individuals:

– DTI/Business Permits

– 6 months bank statements

– Latest Audited Financial Statements with ITR

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CIMB E-Fixed Deposit Promotion

Good news, CIMB has finally started it s eFixed Deposit (eFD) promotion perhaps one of the first such for Internet based fixed deposit in Malaysia. Depositors can enjoy a 4% p.a. interest rates for 3 months when enrolling for the promotion. The current board rate CIMB is offering for eFD is 3.2% p.a.


For a start, this is a fully eFixed deposit where you can directly make a fixed deposit on CIMB website. There is no needs to walk into counter for upliftment or placement which is very convenient. At the moment of writing only 2 banks are offering full eFD services in Malaysia All transactions are done on Cimbclicks the ebanking portal for CIMB.  Another benefit of this particular promotion is where no fresh funds are needed. This means that you can directly deposit any money you have on CIMB or CIMB islamic account into the promotion. It can save you hassle without need to withdraw funds from other banks.

The money deposited must not be uplifted in 3 months when you have deposited with onto the promo or the interest will be forfeited. There is also a minimum of RM 10,000.00 needed.

Only CIMB individual consumers who are over 18 is eligible for the promotion. This means that the promo is not open for companies such as sole prop /societies and NGOs. The promotion ends on 31st of October. You will of course need existing access to first. To enroll for the promotion, you will need to click on the special promotion link instead of using the normal placement method. The website will clearly shows the interest you can enjoy for 3 months.


  • 100% Convenience with full eFD
  • No fresh funds required
  • 4% p.a. is not bad rate for eFD


  • 4% p.a. is not the highest you can get out there but those will require you to do some work
  • Can t think of any

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Personal Loan on your Credit Card or Ready Credit:

  • Get your loan approved in an hour by speaking to us at our branch .
  • Or call our CitiPhone Hotline at 6225 5225

Eligibility & Document Required

Valid for customers with minimum annual income of S$30,000.

For applicants with annual income of between S$20,000 to Past 12 month’s CPF statement submitted via CPF web-link

Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card

Yes, I would like to opt for Electronic Statement (optional)

I confirm that I:

    Am applying for Citibank Ready Credit;
  • Have provided accurate and complete details about myself in this form;
  • Agree to the terms of Customer Declarations & Confirmation;

Consent to the Citibank Singapore Limited contacting me for marketing of Citibank products and services including via the telephone.

Consent to the Citibank Singapore Limited contacting me for marketing of Citibank products and services including via the telephone. You can find more information about >” href=”javascript:;”>Privacy here

Upon submission, our Customer Service Officer will contact you within 24 hours or the next business day.

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Personal Loan

Personal Loans – Loans to consolidate debt

Credit cards are useful tools when you travel, or when you need to make a quick purchase. And, if you re the type of consumer who pays off their credit card each month, then it s probably okay to use one for most any type of purchase you have to make.

But, if you re like most people, and you leave a balance on your card each month after a big purchase, then you know that your credit card bill can get away from you in a hurry. That s why personal loans are becoming an increasingly popular tool not only for debt consolidation, but also for making major purchases.

About Personal Loans

Personal loans have fixed monthly payments and must be paid-off in-full within a set amount of time (typically over 36 or 60 months). And, personal loans can be repaid early at any time without penalty. For that reason, they can help you maintain some financial discipline and plan for big purchases in a way that lets avoid long-term revolving debt.

Borrowers with good credit should do some research to find the best interest rates available on personal loans or credit cards. Don t assume your bank or credit union has the best rates available.

Average credit card rates remain extremely high (16.77% according to the latest CreditCardIndex Survey), but consumers with good credit may be able to take advantage of a Prosper or Lending Club peer-to-peer loan, which offer a starting rate of 6.59%. Learn if you can take advantage of a lower rate and consolidate your debts into one low payment.

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Quick Easy Personal Loans for All Types of Credit

We understand that people from all walks of life, at one point or another, face financial hardships. During these financial hardships are when people need the most help in finding a solution to their problem. That s where we come in. We help consumers find unsecured personal loans even if they have bad credit or been declined by the big banks. There are several types of personal loans, but the type of loan you qualify for depends on your situation, such as residence, income, credit and how quickly you need the money.

Loan Types Available:

Each type of loan has its pros and cons. Please read the description for each loan type below and see which one makes sense for you.

Payday loans  are one of the most expensive ways to borrow money. These loans are intended for short-term emergency cash. Qualifying for a payday loan is easy, and it s one of the reasons why so many people use them. There are no credit checks and the application process is fast. An online application can take less than 5 minutes to fill out, while a trip to the local payday loan store may take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how far you are from the store and how long the lines are. You can get your money the same day in-store, or overnight if you apply online. We recommend applying online for several reasons .

Installment loans carry lower interest rates, higher loan amounts ($2,000-35,000) and longer repayment terms. However, qualifying for an installment loan may be slightly more difficult than qualifying for a payday loan. For example, an installment loan may require better credit and a higher income compared to a payday loan. The funding speed for installment loans vary from lender to lender, but typically you can get your loan deposited to your bank account in a couple of business days.

Peer-to-peer loans have been around for quite some time, but many people still have not heard of it. Peer-to-peer loans are provided through a handful of peer-to-peer lending platforms. These lending platforms allow you to borrow considerable amounts of money from a group of investors at interest rates that are significantly lower than a payday or installment loan. In order to qualify for a peer-to-peer loan, you will need fair credit or better. Funding for peer-to-peer loans may take a few days to a week, so if you re looking for an overnight loan, this isn t it.

Military loans are personal loans that conform to the lending laws set forth by the Military Lending Act of 2006. This law makes it illegal for payday lenders to offer loans to members of the military, as well as providing certain protections and benefits. If you are an active member of the military, you should definitely consider a military loan  if you have less than perfect credit.

Tribal loans are offered by Native American tribal lenders and generally carry the highest fees out of all personal loan types. These types of lenders are federally recognized entities, but they do not typically operate according to state laws. For this reason, you may find that tribal lenders often times go beyond the limits of many state laws, and this may include extremely high interest rates and loan amounts that exceed state law limitations. We do not recommend using tribal loans because they are deemed by many to be illegal. However, they are listed here for your reference.

Now that you have a basic understanding of each loan type, you can begin your search for a lender. Be sure to read the fine print and understand the terms of the loan before applying.

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Personal Loan Calculator

See your monthly loan costs at a glance.

Prosper Funding LLC. | 221 Main Street, Suite 300 | San Francisco, CA 94105 | Contact Us | Privacy

Copyright © 2005 – 2015 Prosper Funding LLC. All rights reserved.

**All personal loans are made by WebBank, a Utah-chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC. All Prosper personal loans are unsecured, fully amortized personal loans.

Notes offered by Prospectus. Notes investors receive are dependent for payment on personal loans to borrowers. Not FDIC-insured; Investments may lose value; No Prosper or bank guarantee. Prosper does not verify all information provided by borrowers in listings. Investors should review the prospectus before investing.

*Seasoned Return calculations represent historical performance data for the Borrower Payment Dependent Notes (“Notes”) issued and sold by Prosper since July 15, 2009. To be included in the calculations, Notes must be associated with a borrower loan originated more than 10 months ago; this calculation uses loans originated through May 31, 2012. Our research shows that Prosper Note returns historically have shown increased stability after they’ve reached ten months of age. For that reason, we provide “Seasoned Returns”, defined as the Return for Notes aged 10 months or more.

To calculate the Return, all payments received on borrower loans, net of principal repayment, credit losses, and servicing costs for such loans, are aggregated and then divided by the average daily amount of aggregate outstanding principal. To annualize this cumulative return, it is divided by the dollar-weighted average age of the loans in days and then multiplied by 365.

All calculations were made as of September 30th, 2013. Seasoned Return is not necessarily indicative of the future performance on any Notes.

Should I consolidate federal student loans into a private consolidation loan? #car #loan #amortization

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Should I consolidate federal student loans into a private consolidation loan?

Learn why it’s rarely a good idea to consolidate federal student loans into a private consolidation loan.

Be very cautious about consolidating a federal student loan into a private consolidation loan. Federal student loans have many more repayment options than do private loans. Once a federal loan is converted into a private loan, those options are gone forever. If you lose your job or your income changes, you will no longer be able to take advantage of federal income-based repayment plans.

Federal v. Private Student Loans

There are some important differences between federal student loans and private student loans.

Federal Student Loans

Federal student loans  are either guaranteed or issued by the federal Department of Education (as of June 30, 2010 the federal government no longer guarantees loans, it only issues them). Federal loans go by many names: Stafford loans, Direct loans, PLUS loans, Perkins loans, and others.

As of 2006, all federal student loans have fixed interest rates. And most federal student loans are eligible for generous repayment plans based on your income. With federal loans, you are also eligible for forbearance and deferment if you run into financial difficulty (these programs allow you to temporarily stop making payments). (Learn more about federal student loan repayment options .) In addition, people who work in certain occupations—teachers, police officers, child care workers, certain health professionals—may be eligible for special loan cancellation and discharge programs.

Private Student Loans

Private student loans  are issued by private banks. Your agreement with the bank controls the terms of the loan. Private loans can have variable or fixed interest rates. Variable interest rates require extra caution: a lender may offer a very low initial interest rate to entice borrowers, but the rate will likely rise through the life of the loan. Most private student loans do not offer income-based repayment plans, forbearance, deferment, or cancellation for people in certain occupations

To determine whether your loans are federal or private, look up your loans in the National Student Loan Data System .

Disadvantages of Private Student Loan Consolidation

Consolidation of student loans is a lot like refinancing a home loan: all debt is combined into a single loan, often with a single fixed interest rate. Banks often encourage consolidation by promising “one low easy payment.” Consolidation does simplify repayment if you can combine several different loans into one loan.

However, consolidating federal loans into a private loan is rarely a good idea. Here’s why:

  • It is extremeley unlikely that a private consolidation loan will have better terms than your federal student loans.
  • In past years, federal student loans had variable interest rates, and a private consolidation loan could lock in a fixed rate. But since 2006 all federal student loans have a fixed interest rate, so there is no added benefit in getting a fixed rate with a private consolidation loan.
  • Converting federal student loans into private consolidation loans means all federal repayment options, forbearance, deferment, and cancellation are lost forever.

Consider a Federal Consolidation Loan Instead

Luckily, the advantages of consolidating—a single loan with a single payment—are available with a federal consolidation loan. Important things to consider before consolidating into a federal consolidation loan are:

  • Does the new loan have a longer term for repayment? If it does, this stretches out the life of the loan and means you will end up paying more interest on your loan.
  • Do any of the loans you are consolidating have special borrower benefits, such as interest rate discounts or principal rebates? A consolidation specialist should be able to tell you if any of your loans have these benefits. Some special borrower benefits are lost if you fold the loan into a federal consolidation loan.

The Department of Education has a calculator, available at  to help you estimate your monthly payments with a federal consolidation loan.

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Apply and get instant approval


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Personal loan is an immediate finance provided by the lender to the borrower. Person can use this finance for any purpose without providing any explanation to the lender. Borrower can avail Personal Loan from any lending institution, private sector banks as well as from government sector banks. Some Institutions provide special offers to their regular customers like affordable interest rates, low processing fee, affordable EMIs and long tenure period.

Following are the features of lowest interest rates:

    Credit score: Bank checks the credit history of the borrower, before approving the loan. If a person has a good credit rating then, a person can get the lowest interest rates. If a person has a poor credit score then, a person can get the highest interest rates. Online Comparison: Person should do a detailed research online to compare the interest rates of all lenders. It helps the borrower to choose the best lender that suits their requirements. A person can use various tools like EMI Calculator through which a person can calculate his / her EMI. Negotiate with the lender: In case consumer is already a customer of the lender then, chances of getting good discount on interest rates will be more. Co-borrower: If a borroweR s credit rating is low then, borrower can merge the income of spouse/father/mother to increase the loan eligibility.

Types of Personal Loan

A personal loan can be defined in two forms:

    Secured Loan: In a secured loan, person can pledge their property in the form of car/gold/assets as collateral to the bank. Rate of interest in secured loan is less as compare to the unsecured loan because there is less risk involved in it. Car Loan. Home Loan is the best example of secured loan which are available at low interest rates. Unsecured Loan: In unsecured loan, person does not need to pledge their property as collateral to the bank. Interest rates are high in unsecured loan because there is risk involved in it.

Key Features and Benefits of Personal Loan

    Loan amount: upto 15 lacs Loan Tenure: varies up to 60 months Less documentation. Fast processing. Affordable EMIs.

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Personal Loan Basics and Where to Get Them

I have received quite a few emails asking about personal loans.  Some of the questions have been about how I feel about them and others have been about the basics of personal loans.  While I believe that their might be better options than procuring a personal loan. I do realize that many might be in need of a loan for whatever reason.  That being said, I decided to put together a little guide about personal loans and where to get them.  Hopefully this will help those that are looking into personal loans for a money option.

Check out our recommended personal loan lenders. These are reputable companies offering loans up to $35,000 with quick approval.

Personal Loan Basics

Personal loans are simply just loans.  You can use them for a wide range of reasons and most get them when they are in an emergency.  If someone doesn t have a nice emergency fund and doesn t carry a credit card, then they would need to find money from somewhere.  This is why people seek out personal loans.  These loans tend to come in two different forms, which are secured and unsecured.

  • Secured Personal Loans A secured loan is one that you would get, but only if you put up come collateral.  This would mean that you wouldn t get the money until you put up an asset of yours.  Typical collateral come in the forms of your home or car.  If you don t repay the loan, then you could lose your home or car.  Secured personal loans usually offer lower interest rates, but that comes with a cost.
  • Unsecured Personal Loans This is similar to a credit card.  You don t have to put up any collateral, but you usually will pay a higher interest rate.  Typically called a signature loan because they really only require your signature.  They are simple and easy to get, but will cost you more in the long run.


When you are searching for a loan lender, make sure to ask them about their interest rates.  They will likely ask to pull your credit report, but try to get them to provide you with a range.  If you ask too many lenders about the interest rate you can get, then you will have multiple inquiries on your credit report.  That is not a good thing.  Once you find a lender that has the terms you can agree with, then have them pull your credit report and score.  I use and recommend Credit Sesame as a way to learn more about your credit score.  You are able to get your free credit report annually from  You can also get one from each of the 3 credit bureaus each year.

Where to Get a Personal Loan

Besides picking what type of loan you want to get (with the majority picking unsecured) and what amount, you will need to figure out where to get you loan.  There are quite a few places to secure a loan, but choosing is completely up to you.  It is a personal decision (pun intended ;)).  Here is a run down of where you can get a personal loan .

  • Bank or Credit Union One of the first places you should try to get a loan from is your bank or credit union.  They tend to know you much better than any other organization and they have a better view into your finances.  That part can be good or bad depending on your financial situation.  Banks and credit unions tend to be more restrictive on the loans that they give out, especially since the market crash in 2008.  Their decision will be based on the risk they perceive you are.  It is recommended that you try out your bank first, then look around at other local banks to see what type of loan terms they provide.  I am a fan and use Alliant Credit Union .
  • Online Loan Lenders The online personal loan space has blown up over the years.  The reason for this is because they are able to provide a service that people are looking for and their approval processes are not as strict as banks.  There are many online loan lenders out there, so you can easily shop around for a good rate.  Many will give you instant approval based on your financial profile, but that is not always the case.  You will need to make sure you understand the terms upfront before you sign anything.  Two examples of online loans lenders are Avant and  All companies have different terms and conditions along with which places they can offer loans, so this should be considered when shopping around.  You can also check out OneMain Financial  or NetCredit for reputable personal loans.  You can also view our recommended personal loan lenders .
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending This form of personal loans is the hottest rage right now.  If you haven t heard about this before, then let me give you a little background.  People are going online more and more to find other people to loan them money.  In order to make the process more legitimate, some sites created a marketplace for loans.  Lending Club and Prosper are the two biggest players in the P2P loan market.  You can go to one of these sites, enter your information and then find out what grader you are.  The loans have an origination fee of around 2% to 4% and your interest rate will be based on a number of factors.  Other people will lend you money and you will pay them back through the platform.  This is a relatively new way of lending and some states don t allow it, so check the terms.
  • Payday There is a reason why I put this option last.  I am not fond of payday loans and the reason is that I think they are predatory.  Most of these places charge you annual interest rates upwards of 3,000%.  Yes, you see that number correct.  I would almost never recommend a payday loan, but I realize that many people still use them.  If you need a loan, then check out the other options first.  You will almost always pay less.  If you have no credit, no bank account, and only deal in cash, then a payday loan might work for you.  You have about a million options because these places are everywhere.  A payday loan should only be your absolute last resort to get money.

Personal Loan Advice

Make sure to take some time to read all of the terms and conditions.  Each lender will have different terms and you need to understand them.  You don t want your hard earned money being squandered away with huge interest payments or penalties.  With the power of the internet, you can easily compare the different loan lenders and pick the one that works best for you.  Don t jump into a loan quickly and before you have time to do the appropriate research.   You will be better off in the end.

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Current interest rates range from as low as to 6.3% to around 19%. The interest rate and terms you receive for your loan are going to depend on your credit rating history. If you don’t know what your credit score is, we suggest you obtain a copy of your credit scores before applying by clicking here. We will route your application to a lender based on the credit rating you select on the application. It is important that all of your information is reported accurately and up-to-date.

In addition is important that you understand how interest rates work before applying.

Being a Wise Borrower

Personal Loan Scams

Obtaining the Most Optimal Rates

Getting a Loan Over the Internet

Bad Credit Loan Information

When Refinancing a Loan Makes Sense