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What Is Loan Against Property

Loan against property (LAP), are basically loans provided by banks against the security of one s own property. LAP is designed to meet the financial needs of someone who already owns a house or multiple properties so as to get the best out of their assets. Its important to remember that the property which you are putting up for your loan should be free any encumbrance (i.e. it is not given as security for any purpose or any other loan).

Banks provide LAP for both Salaried as well as Self-Employed individuals. The rates and loan amounts differ based on your property and your annual income.

Banks will always want to consider all risks, which is why while you are applying for your loan against property, there are certain factors the bank considers with respect to your property to mitigate its risks in giving out the loan. These factors determine your rate of interest, and loan amount. You can get a LAP of up to 80% of the registered value of your property depending on the Bank’s policy and the property type and valuation.  The value of the property would be determined through a valuation conducted by the Loan Provider.

Individuals apply for LAP for a variety of reasons. Some of the common ones are your childs wedding, loans for new business ventures, second homes, vacations, medical treatment just to name a few.

How To Apply For Loan Against Property

  • Application
  • Processing
  • Documentation
  • Property Verification/Valuation
  • Sanctioning of the Loan
  • Disbursement

Important Questions on Loan Against Property

What kind of processing fee do you need to pay for Loan Against Property?

A nominal fees and charges are to be paid to the Bank depending upon their term and conditions.

How much time does the bank take to disburse the loan?

The processing of the loans usually takes 7 to 10 working days once all the documents are submitted. It also depends upon your profile and documentation.

How is interest charged on Loan Against Property?

Some financial institutions make LAP available only under the floating rate. Fixed rate loans are off limits. Borrowers need to enquire before finalising a LAP from lending institutions.

It is normally available for residential properties only, but can be available for commercial property also.

Does the property have to be insured?

Yes the property has to be insured against fire, flood, earthquakes and other appropriate hazards during the tenor of the loan.

How can I repay my loan?

The repayment of loan is done through Equated Monthly Instalments. It can be paid through Post Dated Cheques (PDC) or Electronic Clearance System (ECS).

Can I pre-pay my loan?

The loan against property can be pre-paid along with the pre-payment charges. Usually the bank charges 2% of the principal pre-paid.

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Use the Money Wisely

At  we understand that the majority of people who decide to benefit from fast online loans are motivated by a serious reason and cases of borrowing cash for things such as gambling of buying things one can do without at a given time are scarce.

It is a comforting thought, to know that you can actually do something when you are short on cash before your payday. All it takes is to get online and find a reliable loan lender  whose offer meets your requirements. Then it gets even easier, you complete a simple online loan application form. pass some quick verifications and in a matter of hours you can enjoy the cash on your bank account. Just remember to borrow the money for a particular purpose, as these loans are not intended to allow you to spend cash on unreasonable whims because you cannot wait until you next paycheck. All in all, you still have to pay it back, so keep your expenses sensible and everything will be alright.

I you get a clear picture on payday loans now. If you think it’s not for you, there are other loan options that the Federal Trade Commission approves and, in fact, recommends that may fit your situation.

Happy vacation!

Martin Glover has a solid academic, journalistic and industry background in financial planning. He s privileged to share his proficiency specifically about online loans with Americans grappling to understand the in and out of this capital stream. He holds a Masters of Arts in Economics from the Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Finance in the same university.

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Consumer Complaints Reviews

I recently applied for an emergency loan. Just Military Loans took almost 2 weeks to process everything a loan. The first step before anything at all was to set up an allotment and send the company confirmation, which was really strange. After submitting everything they need, they had to speak with my commander. I gave them the number to the commander’s office, but they wanted a DSN phone number, we do not have a DSN phone number since it is a brand new facility. The representative would return phone calls when she wanted, and emails were never returned. After leaving multiple voice mails for the lady, I get a voice mail the next day stating that they were going to cancel my request for the loan due to non-corporation. Yet, every time I attempted to get through, I would be on hold for 30 to 45 minutes.

Finally, they got in contact with the commander and said that the funds would be processed in two days. When I asked when the first payment would be due, the rep said the 1st of November! This way 12 days after we had got approved for the loan, not to mention the time they spent giving us the run around. However, the contract that I signed states first payment would be due in 30 days, December 1st. I left multiple voice message asking for the rep to clarify why the contract said one thing, and she told me something different no one ever called me back. I even emailed the rep on multiple occasions, no one has ever respond. I attempted to contact the companies 800 number, and left a message on their website to receive a phone call back, still no response.

It is now January 1st, and I have yet to get any information. I am not sure who is servicing my loan, where the payment are going, or why they took the payment out 12 days after I received the loan. I will never use this company again, nor would I ever refer any military to them. If I had not really needed the funds at the moment I was ready to cancel the whole thing.

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Income Information

You’re moments away from getting your loan offers!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We are an online marketing company. We do not make or provide any loans to consumers. We will share the information that you provide with various third-party financial institutions with which we have a business relationship, so that they can review your information and consider whether they want to reach out to you for further discussion regarding a personal loan. Our sole role is to provide your information to third-party financial institutions and we may receive a referral fee for that role, but we are not responsible for the products and services offered by third-party financial institutions.

No Guarantees of Loan or Rates: All personal loans are offered by third-party financial institutions, rather than our online marketing company. The decision to contact you is completely at the discretion of the financial institution and, if they contact you, the contact will be made by the personnel of the third-party financial institution. We do not guarantee that the loan, service terms, rates, etc. that are mentioned on our website will actually be the terms that may be offered to you if you pursue the offer, or, that they are the best terms or lowest rates available in the marketplace. The decision to offer you a personal loan and its terms (e.g. interest rate charged, length of loan, etc.) is completely at the discretion of the third-party financial institutions, is generally dependent on the credit-worthiness of the borrower and other considerations, and we have absolutely no say or control over that decision (and we don’t even know what that decision is, so please do not contact us with questions about the decisions of the third parties).

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Find Low Mortgage Rates with American Financial Resources

American Financial Resources is a nationwide home mortgage lender with an outstanding reputation – a reputation built on honesty, trust, and a commitment to ethical lending practices while delivering low mortgage rates. We have been in business for over 15 years, helped thousands of borrowers, and have funded over $2.7 billion in the past year alone. In fact, we are one of the top Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage lenders in the country. We’ve assisted families all across America find the perfect home loan for their needs. Even if your credit is less than perfect, we can most likely help you qualify for a new mortgage at low interest rates.

Why Choose American Financial Resources as Your Home Mortgage Lender?

Because American Financial Resources is a direct mortgage lender you have the benefit of working one-on-one with the same caring and knowledgeable Mortgage Consultant throughout the entire transaction. Our goal is to always deliver a superior customer service experience from time of application to closing. We offer a wide variety of residential home financing solutions including conforming fixed rate loans, adjustable rate programs, low money down options (FHA, VA, USDA), jumbo financing solutions, and even mortgages for manufactured homes.

Great Pricing and Low Closing Costs – Get Started

With interest rates near historic lows, now is a great time to consider buying a new home. refinancing an existing mortgage, or consolidating debts. Our consultants are mortgage experts who will guide you through the home loan process – every step of the way. American Financial Resources makes it easy for you to get the right mortgage at some of the lowest interest rates available. Call toll-free 1-800-634-8616 now, or get started online for a free, confidential, no-obligation mortgage consultation.

  • Call us Toll-Free at 800-634-8616
  • Use the Quote Form on the Right for Pricing Information
  • Get Started Online in Seconds
  • Use Our Live Chat Feature

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Answers to Your Questions on Student Loan Interest

A college degree is a vital part of helping students have a successful future and a place in the middle class, and making college affordable is a major priority for the Obama Administration.

As of July 1, 2013, the interest rate on new subsidized Stafford Loans rose to 6.8% from the previous rate of 3.4%. Our Administration is actively working with Congress to bring rates back down for new loans. In addition, the Administration has advocated that any plan passed by Congress apply to all loans first disbursed after June 30, even loans already disbursed.

If the law is changed, the Department and its servicers will adjust rates for all affected borrowers, including those who had already received their first subsidized loan disbursement, without any further action on the part of the borrower or the school.

We know some borrowers and families may have some questions about what the rate change means and we’ve answered some of the most common questions below. If you do have specific questions about your loan please visit or contact 1-800-4-FED-AID for more information.

Q: Should I still apply for federal student aid given the interest rate hike?

A: Students and families who wish to obtain financial aid should complete should complete a 2013-2014 FAFSA if they have not already done so. Schools should continue to award and process Direct Subsidized Loans with estimated disbursement dates. The Administration is working with Congress to bring rates back down for new loans.

Q: What is the current rate of federal subsidized loan?

A: Absent further Congressional action, the interest rate for all Direct Subsidized Loans with a first disbursement date on or after July 1, 2013, is 6.8%. This is the same interest rate that applies to Direct Unsubsidized Loans.

Q: Is the 6.8% rate permanent for the lifetime of my loan?

A: The Obama Administration continues to work with Congress to reach agreement on a plan to reverse the doubling of those interest rates.  Further, the Administration has urged that any plan passed by Congress apply to all loans first disbursed after June 30, even loans already disbursed. If the law is changed, the Department and its servicers will adjust rates for all affected borrowers, including those who had already received their first subsidized loan disbursement, without any further action on the part of the borrower or the school.

What if I already have a loan? Does the interest rate change?

A: No change in interest rates on a loan where the first disbursement was before July 1, 2013

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Advance Fee Loan Scams

Advance fee loan fraud takes advantage of the most vulnerable members of our society. These leeches often promise large unsecured loans to people who are unable to have a loan approved through traditional financial institutions, or take advantage of trusting souls with little financial experience. Armed with a smooth-as-silk sales routine and a complete lack of conscience, these scam artists often steal amounts that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars from unsuspecting consumers. Adding insult to injury, these losers often gather enough personal information from their victims to make them candidates for identity theft. Don’t become a victim! Please review and share the tips below.

Social Media Scam Alert

Be very cautious of loan solicitations on social media outlets. We are finding that legitimate company names are being used on phony Facebook accounts to draw in consumers. Make certain that you are dealing with the right company before you submit your personal information through those pages. Any personal information you submit to the scammers can be used for identity theft — even if you never send them any money. So, if you see a phony page on Facebook, or encounter spam or scams, report it to them!

Loan fraud warning signs:

  1. Be especially wary of unsolicited calls, e-mails or letters offering you a loan.
  2. Calls about a delinquent debt from unknown numbers, claiming to represent a collection agency or cash advance company (especially if you know you have no such delinquency).
  3. Requests for money to be sent in advance to cover processing , application , insurance , or the first month’s payment are a red flag of loan scams. Legitimate lenders NEVER ask for these things to be paid before a loan is disbursed.
  4. Once you fall for a loan scam, the greedy thieves may ask for even more money by telling that the original amount was erroneous, insufficient upon a second look at your credit, or that you will need to send payment for a second company to complete the loan process.
  5. Requests that you wire or send money, as soon as possible to a large U.S. city or to another country, such as Canada, England, or Nigeria, by Western Union, Moneygram, or similar means.
  6. Do not respond to loan solicitations in classified ads. Lenders do not post classifieds!
  7. Do not respond to solicitations by persons using free email accounts.
  8. Beware of offers that you encounter on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Ensure that you land directly on the real organization’s webpage — not an imposter’s (for example, if the link tells you that it’s Capital One then your final destination after the click should be the Capital One website).

Four quick tips to avoid scams:

  1. Know the warning signs listed above
  2. Watch the video above about wiring scams.
  3. Check a website’s reputation using sources such as .
  4. Read more about internet fraud from the FBI

Have you have been scammed? Do the following:

  1. Report it to the Federal Trade Commission
  2. Also, report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center
  3. Contact your local police (but don’t automatically assume the company name and address on your documents are legitimate. Remember, the scammers use fake addresses, those of REAL companies, or random residential addresses far away, in order to hide their operation)
  4. File fraud alerts with each of the three credit bureaus. This is necessary because the scammers typically obtain your sensitive information, such as your Social Security Number and information on your driver’s license. They can use this to obtain credit in your name. Visit and to begin this process..

How Advance Fee Loan Scam Artists Find Their Victims

You may be on their list. If you have applied for loans lately, you can be assured that your need for financial assistance has been made known to others besides the company to which you have applied. Often, such consumer information is sold by the credit reporting agencies, passing into hands far and wide. This practice makes it easy for unscrupulous companies to find potential victims for scams like advance fee loans. Be wary of unsolicited offers promising guaranteed loan approval made by mail, phone, or email, especially if personal information is requested. Never give out any personal information, such as your social security or bank account numbers, unless it is to a trusted company with which you have initiated contact.

In other cases, the consumer may come across an advertisement that offers loans, often assuring the reader that poor credit or no credit is not a problem. Commonly appearing in classified sections of newspapers or posted on the Internet, these ads are often placed in very reputable publications or on respected web sites in an attempt to lend credibility to their claims. Others have used the names and logos of well-established financial institutions, counterfeiting their ads but inserting their own contact information, leading the consumer to believe they have placed a call to a legitimate lender.

The Typical Advance Fee Loan Scheme

There are many variations of personal loan scams, but the basic steps remain the same in most of these schemes. First, the consumer is assured that they have qualified for an unsecured loan, usually for a large sum of money. Often, these consumers will be sent authentic looking documents and loan contracts to convince them that this is indeed a legitimate offer. Many times, these documents are embossed with fraudulent logos and names stolen from reputable lenders, helping to convince the consumer that this company can be trusted.

Correspondence from the scammers, including calls, emails, contracts, and letterhead, may seem very professional. This is meant to smooth away any suspicions the target of this scam may be feeling, part of the manipulation these predators practice so skillfully.

Next, the consumer is told that due to the amount of the loan or their questionable credit rating, a deposit is needed. This up front payment is often explained away as a down payment, insurance premium, or processing fee and can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand. Generally, the scammers will then instruct the consumer to send the deposit through Western Union or Moneygram, and fax applications complete with personal and financial information to them, with the assurance that they will receive their loan very quickly after these steps are taken. Of course, the consumer receives nothing, while the scammer disappears with both the deposit and all the information needed for identity theft.

Some of these fraudulent advance fee loan companies will make repeated demands for money from their victims, convincing them that upon looking up a current credit report, their ratings require a larger deposit than was first quoted. Another common excuse is that the original lender has backed out, but for a larger fee, they can secure another loan for the consumer. With these tactics and others, scammers have often convinced consumers to send substantial sums of money three or four times before they realize they have been victimized.

Usually, by the time the consumer has given up on receiving the funds they expected, coming to the realization they have been scammed, the perpetrators have disappeared. The toll free numbers provided are disconnected or are answered by a recording or machine, the operation probably moved to a new location to stay one step ahead of the law and groom a new batch of potential victims.

No legitimate company will ask for funds in advance of a loan, nor will it ask for any fee to be wired to them directly by Western Union, Moneygram, or any other wire service. Fees incurred in a legitimate loan generally are deducted before the funds are dispersed. These requests should be a clear warning to the consumer, as should any loan company that is pressing you for an instant decision on their offer.

What to Do if You Have Fallen Prey to Advance Fee Loan Fraud

Reporting this crime is essential. Many are ashamed to admit that they have been conned by such schemes, failing to report the fraud due to embarrassment. Those that do not make these crimes known leave the door open for these predators to strike again. While reporting such crimes does not always assure that the scam artist is caught, it does raise awareness of these schemes, shrinking their pool of potential victims. Filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission can be done online in approximately ten minutes. This small investment of your time can help towards shutting these operations down before they victimize scores of other unsuspecting consumers.

If these criminals have collected your personal identifying information. identity theft is a serious risk. With access to information from your social security card, driveR s license, pay stubs, and bank statements, stealing your identity will be quite easy, allowing these scammers to use your credit for their own purposes. Thousands in debt could be run up in your name in a very short period. Checking your credit report every three months to monitor for fraudulent activity is a good idea under such circumstances. If there is a problem, file formal disputes with each credit bureau.

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About Auto Title Loans – How You Can Get Cash Quickly #sba #loan

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What is a Title Loan

A title loan is a loan based on the value of the car or truck you own. It is a quick loan that can be funded same day in most cases. There are no prepayment penalties on any of Fast Loans title loans.

The staff at Fast Loans is trained to give you immediate answers about the approval process and loan amount. Fast Loans has over 15 years of experience lending cash to folks such as you in California. We have one of the fastest loan approval processes in the industry and we can lend to anyone who owns a car, big rig truck, trailer, or reefer, and has the title. Your credit history is not important in the approval process. At Fast Loans, we are committed to helping people to get cash quickly without the hassle and long processes that other lending companies demand.

Minimal Documentation Requirements

To complete the process, you will need to bring the following documents with you: (1) original title, (2) identification, and (3) proof of insurance. Some loans may require additional documentation on a case by case basis.

How to Make Payments

Once you have received a title loan through Fast Loans, there are several convenient ways to make a payment. Fast Loans accepts (1) cash, (2) checks, (3) check-by-phone, (4) in-branch bank deposits, and (5) money orders. We send electronic receipts for your records, enabling you to manage your account without having to make unnecessary trips home or to our office.

Partnership Opportunities

Feel free to contact Fast Loans to inquire about partnership opportunities.

Call us today and see what Fast Loans can do for you!

A Guide to Business Startup Loans for Women. #car #loan #payment

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A Guide to Business Startup Loans for Women

A number of government agencies, non-profits and professional organizations offer business startup loans to women in an attempt to foster good relationships, create jobs and stimulate the economy. To truly understand the requirements of outside organizations, individuals have to acquaint themselves with the types of financing available to new entrepreneurs .

Offering advice and counseling for free, places like the Small Business Association, or SBA, and the Association of Women’s Business Centers provide training as well as put women into contact with sources of funding for their startups. Despite needing to meet specific criteria, women worldwide can qualify for business grants and unsecured business loans.

Qualified women can borrow money for their businesses in the following ways:

Secured Business Loans

Collateral is put up by the receiver of the loan in an effort to protect the lender’s investment. If the recipient defaults on the loan, the bank can seize the item, commonly real estate, as a form of repayment.

Unsecured Business Loans

No prevention measures are taken to protect the lender but the interest rate is higher than a secured loan. This type of funding is given to women with a solid financial background and exemplary credit history.

Small loans are given to start-up businesses and have a very specific timeframe for repayment. The average loan size is $13,000, but startups can request up to $35,000 from intermediaries that are approved by the SBA.

Available through local and state programs as well as non-profits, grants must be matched by the entrepreneur or combined with other means of funding like a loan.

Requirements That Must be Met to Attain a Loan

    Good Personal Credit. Business owners need to know a thing or two about managing money before starting out on a venture of their own. A Solid Business Plan. A roadmap highlighting possible successes and failures, not to mention a clearly stated plan of action, gives investors a way to measure a start-up’s staying power. Work Experience. Past opportunities can help entrepreneurs cultivate the skills needed to be a successful business owner. An Educational Background. Related coursework will strengthen a small business. Proof That the Business Has Longevity. Researching competitors and giving direct examples regarding risks and profits is one way that women can help their chances of being approved for business startup loans.

Where to Find Additional Information

    The Small Business Association (SBA) has local chapters throughout the United States. Workshops, pamphlets and podcasts make it easy for women to get the information that they need regarding funding for their start-ups. WomenBiz.Gov caters to women who use their businesses to sell to the Federal Government. Easy-to-navigate and full of useful information, start-up businesses stand a better chance of succeeding with federal contracts after visiting the agency’s website.

Securing finances for their start-ups is one way that women can keep afloat amongst their competition. From unsecured business loans to private grants, funding is available to those entrepreneurs who are willing to ask for it.