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Humanistic therapies

Humanistic therapies focus on self-development, growth and responsibilities. They seek to help individuals recognise their strengths, creativity and choice in the ‘here and now’.

Existential therapy focuses on exploring the meaning of certain issues through a philosophical perspective, instead of a technique-based approach.

Gestalt therapy can be roughly translated to ‘whole’ and focuses on the whole of an individual’s experience, including their thoughts, feelings and actions. Gaining self-awareness in the ‘here and now’ is a key aspect of gestalt therapy.

Human Givens psychotherapy is a relatively new approach that has been described by its founders as a ‘bio-psycho-social’ approach to psychotherapy. The therapy’s basic assumption is that humans have innate needs (called givens) that need to be met for mental well-being.

Person-centred therapy (also known as “client-centred” counselling)

Person-centred therapy focuses on an individual’s self worth and values. Being valued as a person, without being judged, can help an individual to accept who they are, and reconnect with themselves.

Psychosynthesis aims to discover a higher, spiritual level of consciousness.

Reality therapy is an approach to therapy that focuses on the here and now rather than issues from the past. Developed by William Glasser in the 1960s, the theory behind the therapy is that an individual in mental distress is not suffering from a mental illness; instead they are suffering from a socially universal human condition as they have not had their basic psychological needs met.

Also known as solution-focused therapy or brief therapy, this approach predominantly looks at what the individual wants to achieve rather than historical problems. Questions are asked by the therapist to help the individual uncover their own strengths and resources. Solution-focused therapy can be especially helpful to those who are goal-orientated and have a desire to change.

Transactional analysis is based on the theory that we each have three ego states: Parent, adult and child. By recognising ego-states, transactional analysis attempts to identify how individuals communicate, and how this can be changed.

Transpersonal psychology means “beyond the personal” and seeks to discover the person who transcends an individual’s body, age, appearance, culture etc.

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Write a research on electronic health records (EHRs) considering the effect of this technology on health care, privacy and security implications of adopting the EHRs #privacy #and #security #implications #of #adopting #the #ehrs


Write a research on electronic health records (EHRs) considering the effect of this technology on health care,privacy and security implications of adopting the EHRs.

Electronic Health Records Presentation
Paper details

Consider the following scenario:
•In the second week of your internship, the CIO approaches you and asks you to research electronic health records (EHRs). She says, “I must give a presentation at a staff meeting next week, and I’d like you to complete the research and create the slides and notes for me. The presentation must focus on EHRs, which our organization is considering implementing. Please be thorough with the speaker notes.”

The CIO adds that you must consider the effect of this technology on health care as well as the privacy and security implications of adopting the EHRs. Describe the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules as well as the reasons those rules do or do not apply to this type of technology. These constraints are a major consideration for the staff when selecting new technology.

Develop a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation that includes the information the CIO requested in the scenario.

List major points in the slides. Include detailed explanations in the speaker notes that correlate to each point.

Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate.

Include at least two references to support your presentation.

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California State University, Monterey Bay #california #state #university #monterey #bay


California State University, Monterey Bay



CSUMB was founded in 1994 with a student enrollment of 654 students. Classes began August 28, 1995. The founding president was Peter Plympton Smith. It was the 21st campus in the California State University System. The university offers 23 bachelor’s degrees. 7 master’s degrees. and teaching credentials. [6]

As of fall 2016, the university has 6,883 undergraduate students, 544 graduate students and 163 full-time faculty members. [7] [2] The university operates on the semester system. The current president Eduardo M. Ochoa was appointed in May 2012. [8]

CSUMB presidential history

Eduardo Ochoa, CSUMB president


In the Fall of 2016, of 510 teaching faculty, 244 hold doctorates or another terminal degree, and 145 are members of minority groups. [9] The faculty includes an American Book Award winner and six Fulbright scholars. [2]


The student body is made up of 63% females and 37% males. As of fall 2016, 35% of students enrolled were under 21 years of age, 44% between 21 and 24, 14% between 25 and 30, 7% over the age of 31. The most common majors were business administration (13%), psychology (12%), biology (8%), kinesiology (9%), human communication (7%) and liberal studies (6%). More than one third of students came from Monterey. Santa Cruz. and San Benito counties (all California counties) while 58% came from other parts of California, 2% from other U.S. states and 3% from outside the U.S. Over a third (35%) of students were low-income and over half (57%) were first-generation college students. Students are distributed across class levels; 19% being freshmen, 12% sophomores, 26% juniors and 32% seniors as CSU Monterey Bay serves a large proportion of transfer students. Graduate students make up 7%, and 2% were seeking credentials. [7]


Student life

A residence hall in the Quad portion of the campus.

Approximately fifty percent of CSUMB students live on campus. [12]


Freeman Stadium filling up for CSUMB’s 2006–2007 Graduation Ceremony.

CSUMB’s athletic mascot is the Otter. Its athletic teams compete in NCAA Division II. primarily in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). The Otters field 12 sports for men and women for the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Fall sports for men include cross country and soccer. Fall sports for women include cross country, soccer, and volleyball. The winter sport for men and women is basketball. Spring sports for men include baseball and golf. Spring sports for women include golf, softball. and water polo .


The fog for which Marina is famous can cover the entire campus.

The university’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030, with a solar array, installed in 2010, currently meeting 16 percent of the university’s needs. [13]

Additionally, the university’s Dining Commons were awarded LEED Silver certification in 2011. The Dining Commons were designed to include water efficiency and natural and energy-efficient lighting. [14]

Residence Halls

CSUMB offers housing in many areas around campus. On the main campus there are eight residence halls each renovated Army barracks. Willet, Cypress, Manzanita, Asilomar, Yarrow, Avocet, Tortuga, and Sanderling Halls surround the main quad on campus. Pinnacles and Vineyard Suites as well as Strawberry Apartments make up North Quad on the north end of campus. In fall of 2015 the University opened three new residence halls, called Promontory, all of which offering apartment size dormitories. [15]

Tanimura Antle Family Memorial Library

View of library under construction from Divarty Street, May 2008.

The Tanimura Antle Family Memorial Library has 136,151 square feet (12,648.8 m 2 ) of floor space. [16] It is located at Divarty and Fifth Street, and diagonally across from the Chapman Science Center. A roundabout sits between the library and the science building. The Tanimura Antle Family Memorial Library is certified LEED Silver and has been cited for a range of sustainable design strategies from daylighting and low-energy use to healthy carpets, water conservation, and high-recycled content materials. [17]

Aside from being the largest building on the CSUMB campus, it is the greenest in terms of energy usage. Up to 30% less electricity is needed, for example, because of floor-to-ceiling glass walls that let in natural light. Additionally, ventilation techniques operate through the floor instead of the ceiling, allowing cooler air to travel a lesser distance. The light let in from the atrium is indirect rather than direct sunlight.

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Call Center Technology – Voice Broadcasting And IVR Services and Systems #call #center #technology, #call #centers, #ivr, #ivrs, #voice #broadcasting, #answering #services, #computer #telephony, #cti, #acd, #automatic #call #distribution


Voice Broadcast And IVR Solutions

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been in business since 1978 and is a leading technology provider for call centers including automated phone systems as well as hosted phone services. Our phone systems contain state-of-the-art technology that supports voice broadcasting and IVR (interactive voice response) applications.

History Of Success

DSC has been providing its customers with computer technology software and systems since its inception. DSC clients include international corporations, governments, educational institutions, local communities, and small businesses alike. From database design to complete computer system and phone system integration, our products have met or exceeded the expectations of our clients.

Contact DSC to learn more about our call center products and services.

Database Systems Corp. Technology

Database Systems Corp. is unique in that we provide call center phone systems and outsourcing services. Combine this with our experienced application development team, we can deliver both off the shelf solutions and customized turnkey applications.

Phone Systems

To deliver phone applications and services, DSC has developed two series of phone systems. These systems are used exclusively at our own call centers and are provided directly to our clients. Our computer telephony software and systems support as few as four analog phone lines to hundreds of digital lines.

Call Center Outsourcing Services

These centers provide secure and redundant environments for the maximum protection of our outsourcing clients. From small calling campaigns to projects that require broadcasting millions of calls, our call outsourcing center can do the job!

Application Development Services

DSC has a proven record of delivering successful phone applications in a wide variety of industries.

This success can only be achieved through the dedication and skill of our application development team.

Our professionals are experienced in the development of virtually any type of inbound and outbound call application.

For a listing of some of our applications and clients, please visit our IVR applications and voice broadcast applications web pages.

Computer Telephony Products

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI ), is a concept that enables computers to know about and control phone functions such as making and receiving voice, fax, and data calls. The integration of telephone software and computer systems is a major development in the evolution of the automated office. DSC is a leading provider of computer telephony phone systems and software. Our call center softphone places shared telephony functions on the user’s desktop.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automates the personal interaction of telephone callers with the computerized phone system. Automated phone systems have used voice recorded prompts and menus to present information to callers. Touch-tone telephone keypad entries are gathered from the caller to collect information and navigational data.

Database Systems Corp. has developed an award winning IVR phone system that includes our extensive IVR software development library. Using this technology, our experienced staff can develop IVR applications quickly for both turnkey IVR systems or when using our IVR outsourcing services.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is a mass communications technique that can send phone messages by computer to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has both commercial and community applications such as notification and call reminders.

DSC is a pioneer in the development of voice broadcasting systems and in providing voice message broadcasting services. To take an online tour, visit the voice broadcasting demonstration webpage. Also please view the sample voice broadcasting reports webpage.

Manage Voice Broadcasting Using Your Smartphone

DSC now lets you manage your voice broadcasting campaigns using your smartphone. The following easy to use functions are available to smartphone users.

  • Login to your account
  • Select a list of phone numbers to call
  • Select saved recordings to broadcast
  • Record messages by calling our service
  • Start and Stop a voice broadcast
  • Monitor the voice broadcast in progress

The DSC smartphone application now lets you manage any number of voice broadcasts using simple phone commands. Contact DSC to learn more about this simple way to control your voice broadcasting and to obtain a copy of this smartphone application.

Contact Us Today

Contact DSC for a FREE analysis and quote and to learn more about our call center services and phone systems.

IVR Services
IVR Solutions

RV Loans #fast #cash #loans

#rv loan

RV Loans

Finding someone to finance your exciting new or used non-motorized RV can be a rough road. You ve probably already realized you ll run into many dead ends on the way.

Fortunately, at Rock Solid Funding, LLC, we re able to provide you with exactly what you re looking for:

financing for your new or pre-owned non-motorized RV with A++ customer service, lightning fast approvals, extremely low rates, and no hidden fees!

  • Financing as low as $2,500 with no maximums*
  • Subprime non-motorized RV loan? Not a problem*
  • Up to 180 month terms*
  • Rates as low as 4.5%*
  • We can finance non-motorized Rv s up to 15 years old!*
  • We can accommodate the dealer of your choice with seamless integration
  • Private party non-motorized Rv financing available*
  • Service contracts on all financed non-motorized Rv s

And the list doesn t stop there! Contact us now to secure easy non-motorized Rv financing today!

The U. S. Small Business Administration #how #to #pay #off #debt

#apply for loan online

7(a) Loan Application Checklist

Once you have decided to apply for a loan guaranteed by the SBA, you will need to collect the appropriate documents for your application. The SBA does not provide direct loans. The process starts with your local lender, working within SBA guidelines.

Use the checklist below to ensure you have everything the lender will ask for to complete your application. Once your loan package is complete, your lender will submit it to the SBA.

  1. SBA Loan Application – To begin the process, you will need to complete an SBA loan application form. Access the most current form here: Borrower Information Form- SBA Form 1919
  • Personal Background and Financial Statement – To assess your eligibility, the SBA also requires you complete the following forms:
    • Statement of Personal History- SBA Form 912
    • Personal Financial Statement- SBA Form 413
    1. Business Financial Statements – To support your application and demonstrate your ability to repay the loan, prepare and include the following financial statements:
    • Profit and Loss (P L) Statement – This must be current within 90 days of your application. Also include supplementary schedules from the last three fiscal years.
    • Projected Financial Statements – Include a detailed, one-year projection of income and finances and attach a written explanation as to how you expect to achieve this projection.
    1. Ownership and Affiliations – Include a list of names and addresses of any subsidiaries and affiliates, including concerns in which you hold a controlling interest and other concerns that may be affiliated by stock ownership, franchise, proposed merger or otherwise with you.
    1. Business Certificate/License – Your original business license or certificate of doing business.   If your business is a corporation, stamp your corporate seal on the SBA loan application form.
    1. Loan Application History – Include records of any loans you may have applied for in the past.
    1. Income Tax Returns – Include signed personal and business federal income tax returns of your business’ principals for previous three years.
    1. Résumés – Include personal résumés for each principal.
    1. Business Overview and History – Provide a brief history of the business and its challenges. Include an explanation of why the SBA loan is needed and how it will help the business.
    1. Business Lease – Include a copy of your business lease, or note from your landlord, giving terms of proposed lease.
    1. If You are Purchasing an Existing Business – The following information is needed for purchasing an existing business:
    • Current balance sheet and P L statement of business to be purchased
    • Previous two years federal income tax returns of the business
    • Proposed Bill of Sale including Terms of Sale
    • Asking price with schedule of inventory, machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures

    Today – s SBA Loan Rates: Commercial Real Estate Loans #home #loans #calculator

    #sba loan rates

    Today’s SBA Loan Rates

    Jan. 18, 2011

    We are going to break down the current SBA loan rates. into two categories, 1. on SBA 7a loans and 2. on SBA 504 loans. Both are very different so we will describe what the current rates are separately, and give a brief description of the programs themselves.

    SBA Loan Rates on 7a Loans

    The vast majority of banks tie their 7a loans to Prime Rate, which is currently at 3.25%. The banks margin is normally 2.75%, so the Effective Rate for the borrower is currently at 6%. It is very uncommon in this market for a bank to offer an effective rate less than 6%. Most banks are reluctant to lend, so if they do they are currently maxing out their margin.

    Also, the SBA 7a loan. is used for the purchase or refinance of commercial real estate, business goodwill, equipment, debt consolidation (limited) and working capital. The loan is almost always amortized over 25 years and the rate floats with Prime, adjusting quarterly. Prepayment penalty is 5% year one, 3% year 2, 1% year 3, gone thereafter. Loan amounts can go up to $5,000,000.

    SBA Loan Rates on 504 Loans

    The SBA 504 loan. has two different loans and therefore 2 different rates. The first lien position loan is a conventional bank loan, so its terms and rates vary from one lender to the next. By the most common loan would be a 5 year fixed on either a 20 or 25 year amortization schedule. For example, our 504 loans are tied to the LIBOR 5 Year Swap, which is currently at 2.15%. The margin depends on the financial strength of the borrower as well as the loan size, but the Effective Rate is currently between 5.8% and 6.2%, on a 25 year amortization schedule. Theses loan also come in a 1, 3 or 10 year fixed rates, on a 15, 20 or 25 year amortization schedules.

    The second lien loan is the SBA loan also referred to as the CDC loan, it. s a 20 year fixed loan on a 20 year amortization schedule. The current debenture rate is 5.79%.

    Go here to see the most updated commercial loan rates. including the 504 debenture rates, conventional commercial mortgage and SBA 7a loan rates.

    The U. S. Small Business Administration #how #to #get #a #car #loan

    #unsecured business loan

    Which Unsecured Business Lines of Credit are Best for Your Business?

    By Marco Carbajo Published: May 21, 2014

    Whether you’ve been in business for a couple of weeks or five years, access to cash is a crucial element of survival for a business. When the going gets tough, a business can fail unless it has access to cash on demand.

    For business owners, getting unsecured business lines of credit is by far the best choice for having that cash on demand. The fact is that business owners want access to funds – whenever they need it, at a competitive rate and with flexible payment options. The National Federation of Independent Businesses says, “Think of it as an insurance policy that never needs to be paid until you need it.”

    It’s important to note there are two main types of unsecured business lines of credit one needs to consider: traditional and non-traditional.

    So how do you determine which one is best for your business?

    The traditional business line of credit issued by a bank calls for a substantial amount of documentation in order to qualify such as financials, personal tax returns, business tax returns, bank account information, business registration documents, etc.

    In addition, once a line is issued an annual financial review is required to maintain the line of credit. While a traditional credit line offers various benefits such as check-writing privileges, it tends to be the most difficult line of credit to obtain and maintain.

    In a recent survey conducted by the National Small Business Association, “29 percent of small business owners report having their lines of credit reduced in the last four years and nearly 1 in 10 had their line of credit called in early by the bank.”

    In my opinion, a non-traditional line of credit in the form of business credit cards are the best unsecured business lines of credit a company can get. It provides the fast access to cash and payment flexibility associated with a traditional credit line but without all the drawbacks.

    Qualifying for this type of revolving credit line is FICO® driven and doesn’t require the yearly reviews, excessive documentation and level of scrutiny that comes with a traditional credit line.

    Some of the advantages of non-traditional business lines of credit are as follows:

    1) Access to cash quickly – With unsecured business credit cards . you can utilize as much or as little credit from your line as you want to, anytime and anywhere

    2) High credit limits – Business credit cards carry high credit limits, making it extremely convenient to finance larger business purchases. Many cards even offer 0% APR for the first 12 months.

    2) Flexibility – With business credit cards you have flexible payment options compared to a fixed month-to-month payment that comes with a business loan. When you tap into your credit line, you have three options every month. You could pay the full amount due, pay at least a minimal portion of the balance or pay greater than the minimum amount due.

    3) True separation – Business credit cards enable business owners to separate personal and business expenses while benefiting from business credit reporting. This makes it possible for business owners to establish the creditworthiness of the business itself.

    4) Personal credit protection – Small business credit cards that report solely to the business credit agencies allow business owners to protect their personal credit ratings while building their business credit.

    While a non-traditional business credit line provides all the convenience and flexibility a business needs, there are some negative aspects to consider. The major drawback is the ability for a business to accumulate debt. Without a fixed payment schedule, business owners may be tempted to simply pay the minimum monthly payment on its outstanding balances. By carrying debt, compound interest can really add up, especially if a company carries large balances.

    No matter what type of unsecured business lines of credit you decide to obtain for your business, it’s crucial to manage any debt responsibly. Traditional and non-traditional business lines of credit are essential tools for any business to have in its financial arsenal.

    Top 10 Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit #fha #home #loans

    #best loans for bad credit

    Top 10 Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit

    Due to the increase in demand for bad credit loans, there are programs which have been especially designed to cater to those with bad credit ratings. Below is a list of ten possible options that you can look into if you have bad credit and is in need of a loan.

    1. Secured personal loans:

    Secured loans are offered at a lower interest rate and lower repayment terms. This is due to the lesser risk factor involved in a secured loan Since secured loans are usually obtained by putting up collateral.

    2. Unsecured personal loans:

    Unsecured loans are loans that do not require collateral, down payment or any type of security deposit. For those who do not have assets to use as collateral, then unsecured loans are your best option.

    3. Payday advance loans:

    Payday advance loans are the quickest type of loan to obtain, but have the highest personal loan rate.

    4. Car title personal loans:

    Car title personal loans are also the quickest type of personal loan for people with bad credit to get, but at a higher rate.

    5. Guaranteed Personal Loans:

    These loans often have very high interest, but are available to anyone, regardless of credit history. A job and a checking account are usually required. In most cases the funds are deposited to the borrowers’ checking account and the payments are then withdrawn from the borrower’s checking account.

    6. Education bad credit loans:

    Not sure how you are going to pay for college expenses, well an education loan might be your answer.

    7. Consolidation bad credit loans:

    Can help you to consolidate all your debts by paying them off with one single loan amount.

    8. Mortgage bad credit loans:

    Loans for home are known as mortgages. As a borrower you can make monthly installment payments on your mortgage.

    9. Credit Cards bad credit loans:

    Credit card loans are open-end installment loans, where you make monthly payments until the loan is paid off.

    10. Short Term bad credit loans:

    Short term installment loans of up to $1500, 00 can be yours in as little as hours. These installment loans are similar to payday loans but with the option to pay back the loan in smaller portion on your paydays until the loan are paid off.

    To get the most competitive rated and the best deals on your personal bad credit loans you will have to shop around. Putting in the hard work now can save you a substantial amount of money in the future. This is your chance to erase the past and rebuild your credit score. so consider all your options, the pros and cons and make the best choice for you. It is up to you the consumers to carefully research lenders in advance of applying for a personal bad credit loan so that you don’t get stuck with ridiculously high fees or impossible repayment terms. It’s also important to read all contracts and understand the terms before accepting any personal loans.