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Home Network Router Security Secrets

Most people who install a home network never delve inside the netherworld of security settings on their router. Who can blame them it s about as frightening as putting your hand in a shoebox full of rabid gerbils. Nevertheless, it s worth the effort if you know what you re doing.

That said, here are 10 router settings you can use to make your network more secure. For the purposes of this article, I used a popular router, the DLink DI-524, to show you how to engage the features, because this router doesn t bite usually.

To use these features, you need to get inside your router and access its control panel. To do this, type the router s internal IP address into your web browser on a computer on your network like this address for DLink routers: For Linksys routers, it s and for several other brands. Check your router s manual if none of these work for you, or look for the Default Gateway IP address when you use the ipconfig /all command (mentioned in tip #5).

1. Turn off UPnP.

UPnP, or universal plug and play. is a handy feature that lets devices on your network self-configure on a network, but it s also a security hazard. A Trojan horse or virus on a computer inside your network could use UPnP to open a hole in your router s firewall to let outsiders in. So it s a good idea to turn off UPnP when not in use. To do that, click the Tools tab then the Misc button, and click Disabled next to the UPNP listing. Be sure to click Apply to update the router with this new setting. See Figure 1 .

Figure 1 Turn off UPnP in your router to stop malware on an infected computer from opening holes in the router s firewall.

2. Change your admin password | Next Section

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Home Security Systems

EMC Security is Georgia s security expert. Our affordable, professionally installed security systems are customized to your home and security needs, developed with the most technologically advanced equipment in the world, and fully serviced by our highly trained security technicians and customer service representatives.

Our reputation speaks for itself. We install a wide variety of dependable security systems and as a Honeywell Authorized Dealer, we are held to the highest level of standards. Our customers trust us to make sure their home is surrounded in EMC Security protection for ultimate peace of mind.

We recognize that every home in Atlanta is different. EMC Security provides free on-site consultations to ensure that we quote a home security system that s right for your home. Contact us today to set up your on-site consultation.

Home Alarm Monitoring

EMC Security is the only security company to offer Secure Path technology to help protect your home and loved ones in Georgia. The redundant or simultaneous monitoring which means that your home is connected to our central monitoring station here in Suwanee, GA and our reduntantly or simultaneously monitored center in Gainesville, FL.

Our monitoring centers are the most technologically advanced with the highest certifications and standards in the industry. Both stations are UL listed with CSAA Five Diamond Certification, providing you the fastest, most dependable protection available. Our average response time in 2016 was less than 14 seconds after an alarm activation!

Stay Connected and In Control

Remote Security Control

Protect and monitor your home anywhere you go from the palm of your hand with our groundbreaking mobile app.

This technology enables you to control your system through the use of an app on your smartphone or any web-enabled device such as your tablet or computer.

SmartHome Control

Have you ever left your house and wondered if you armed your system, turned off a light, or turned off the costly air conditioning or heating? How about when you can t remember locking the front door, or closing the garage doors? Have you ever wondered what you re teenage kids are doing when you re not home?

You can rest assured because you now have access to these conveniences from your smartphone, tablet, or computer:

Arm Disarm Your system from your smartphone

Control door locks garage doors from your smartphone

View live video of your children or pets from your smartphone

Save Money on Energy Bills

Select an icon below to see how easy it is to control your home

Our Commitment To You

We Earn Your Business Every Day

EMC Security believes that your alarm company should work hard to earn and keep your business. We have flexible purchasing options, so you are never required to sign a long-term alarm monitoring contract. Customer safety and customer service are our top priorities because we must earn your business every day.

State-of-the-art Services

Offering state-of-the-art services for intrusion alarms, monitoring and video surveillance, EMC Security delivers confidence and peace-of-mind by allowing you to use the latest technology to secure your family even when you re not there! An example of that is the scenario using your smartphone to know when your family comes and goes all from the palm of your hand.

Wireless Security Systems

Many home security systems rely on hard-wired, phone-line monitoring, leaving the home vulnerable to being disabled by cutting the phone line. EMC Security offers cellular solutions to protect homes with or without a phone line, assuring that your home and family are protected at all times.

Committed to Your Safety

EMC Security will work with you to assess your own unique security requirements for your home and your lifestyle. Our commitment to you and your family begins when we evaluate your security needs, surveying your living environment and habits to recommend one of the most critical pieces to protecting your home- your alarm system.

In parts 1 and 2 of our series on remodeling a home to make it safer for aging parents, we emphasized structural changes such as widening doorways and making floors slip-proof. Today, we’ll cover the kitchen. It’s important for senior citizens to be able to prepare a meal for themselves.

In part 1 of our Aging in Place serier, we discussed the preliminary steps to take when creating a safer home for parents that wish to stay in place as they age. However, mobility issues may make it necessary to remodel the home to accommodate a walker, wheelchair or electric scooter. Here.

This week is National Aging in Place Week, an event created by the National Aging in Place Council to help bring awareness to services available to seniors and their families to help them stay in their homes. A recent study by the Atlanta Regional Commission reports that most senior adults.

Contact Us

Call us at 770-963-0305 or complete the form below.

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Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics

If you have diabetes and you ve been turned down for life insurance coverage in the past, you may feel like getting the protection that you need is impossible. But, the good news is that you can still obtain life insurance you just need to know how and where to look. Being prepared when submitting your life insurance application for coverage is also important and we can help you to do so.

What the Life Insurance Underwriters Will Need to Know About Your Condition

While life insurance for diabetics may be a bit more difficult to obtain, it is not impossible, provided that you are prepared with the information that the insurance underwriters will want to know from you.

Overall, life insurers are concerned with how risky an applicant will be in terms of potentially having to pay out a costly claim should the company accept the person for coverage. With that in mind, a carrier will need to know how, and how well, your body responds to any of the treatments that you receive for your diabetes.

According to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, Type 2 diabetes affects approximately 90 to 95 percent of those who have diabetes in the United States. Over the past several years, this disease has actually become much more common than it was in the past.

However, Type 2 diabetes is also more responsive to both diet and exercise than Type 1 diabetes. In addition, this type of diabetes is also more responsive to oral medication and insulin. Therefore, there are a number of questions that the life insurance underwriters will ask you regarding your treatment.

Questions to Ask

Some of the questions about your disease that you will likely be asked will include the following:

  • At what age were you diagnosed with diabetes?
  • What type of diabetes do you have (Type 1 or Type 2)?
  • What are your current glucose / blood sugar level readings?
  • What, if any, medications have you been prescribed for your condition?
  • Do you possess any additional risk factors?

What Else?

In addition to specific disease related questions, the underwriters will also review the information on the life insurance application for coverage. This will include basic information regarding your:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height and weight
  • Smoking status / tobacco usage
  • Marital status
  • Occupation and income
  • Overall health and medical history
  • Family health and medical history

You will also typically be required to take a medical exam as a part of the application process. This will entail you meeting with a paramedical professional who will take a heart rate and blood pressure reading. They will also obtain more in depth health information.

There will also be a blood and urine sample taken. These will be analyzed for additional types of health conditions that could pose other types of risk to the life insurance company. Once all of the information has been received by the underwriters, a decision can be made regarding coverage acceptance, as well as premium cost.

How Much Will Your Coverage Cost?

In many cases, life insurance for diabetics will cost more than that of an average policy holder who is in good health. However, the actual cost of your policy will ultimately depend on your overall health condition.

With most insurance companies, there are four primary rating classifications for policy holders. These classifications or classes will also have a bearing on the amount of premium that is paid by the policy holder. These include:

  • Preferred Plus Those who obtain a preferred plus rating are considered to be the healthiest. These policy holders are in excellent health, and will therefore pay the lowest amount of premium, as they pose the least amount of risk to the insurer.
  • Preferred Those who obtain a preferred rating are also considered to be very healthy, and will therefore also pay a low amount of premium. While they are not considered to be in as excellent of health as those in the Preferred Plus category, they are still considered to be above average.
  • Standard Standard policy holders are typically those who are considered to be of average health, height, and weight.
  • Substandard Those who fall into the Substandard classification usually have some type of adverse health condition. Because of this, they are considered to pose more risk to the insurer, and in order to compensate for that risk, they are charged a higher amount of premium. There are typically several levels of Substandard, depending on the severity of the condition or the amount of risk that the policy holder poses to the insurer.

For those who have diabetes, it is possible that if you have Type 2 diabetes that is well controlled, you could fall into the Standard rating category and therefore, pay an average amount of premium for your coverage. Those who have Type 1 diabetes, or those with Type 2 diabetes along with minor complications are more likely to fall into one of the Substandard categories.

If you are unable to qualify, even for any of the Substandard categories, in a traditionally underwritten policy, there are still options available to you. One such option is to look for a no medical exam life insurance policy. This type of coverage will not require you to undergo a medical examination in order to qualify. And, while the premium on this type of coverage is usually quite a bit more than for traditional coverage, it will allow you to obtain the protection that you need.

Tips for Locating Quality and Affordable Coverage

Those who are seeking coverage for diabetics can t always depend on going to just one insurer and getting the best deal or even being accepted for a policy. That is why it is typically your best course of action to work with a company that has access to a number of different insurers. That way, your choice of carriers and premiums will be expanded exponentially.

The truth is that not all life insurance carriers underwrite policies in the same way. What may constitute a decline for one insurance company may be acceptable to another. For this reason, it definitely pays to shop around and that is why we are so effective here at Diabetes Life Solutions at getting the best rates for diabetic life insurance.

Preparing for when you Apply for Life Insurance

When you have diabetes, the underwriters will take extra time to see the extent of your condition. Whether you have type II diabetes or are a type I diabetic, getting all your medical information in order ahead of time will make a big difference in how quickly and how affordably you can get your term life insurance policy in place. Since anyone who has any type of health condition is going to be rated on a case-by-case basis you should follow these tips:

  • Have the name, address, and phone number for all your doctors.
  • Check with your physician to make sure they have all the documentation for your treatments, as well as any follow-up reports.
  • Keep a current list of all medications and the dosage for each one.
  • Be careful not to skip any doctors appointments leading up to the application for your life insurance plan.

Having all of these items up to date and in line will make finding affordable life insurance with diabetes much simpler.

Where to Find the Best Policy

When searching for the best life insurance for diabetics, we can help. We work with many of the top rated life insurance companies in the marketplace today and we can work with you in comparing policy benefits and premium prices so that you can find the coverage that best fits in with your specific needs and budget.

It s easy to obtain all of the important information that you need right from the comfort and convenience of your computer without ever having to meet in person with an insurance agent. And, you can have the details that you require within seconds, not days or weeks. In order to get the process started, all you need to do is just simply use the form on this page.

If you do happen to have any questions at all about how to go about finding the best life insurance coverage for diabetics, or about how to compare premium prices, please feel free to contact us. We have experts who can answer any of your questions or concerns so that you feel comfortable moving forward. You can reach us toll-free by calling 1 (888) 629-3064.

The purchase of life insurance is a big decision. Yet, not having this coverage can leave those you love without essential financial protection in the event of the unexpected. Don t leave your loved ones vulnerable obtaining the coverage you need is possible, and more affordable than you may think.

Smile Fort Collins

What Makes Us Different?

When you have dental problems, you need to turn to a dentist who listens and responds. an experienced doctor who knows the field and can effectively diagnose and treat your needs. a friendly dentist who counsels you on the best ways to maintain and improve your health. Here at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of the Rockies, our professional staff is dedicated to giving you and your family the personalized attention you deserve.

Informed Patients

It is our belief that informed patients are better prepared to make decisions regarding their health and well being. That is why we included an extensive section on this web site covering the full array of topics associated with dentistry, dental diagnoses, and treatments. We encourage you to explore our site whenever you have an interest or concern about your dental issues and needs.

Comfortable, Convenient Setting

The best care in the world doesn’t mean anything if you can’t access it. Here at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry of The Rockies, we believe that obtaining quality dental care should be efficient and convenient for all patients. Our dental office is located in Fort Collins, which serves the communities of Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Cheyenne, Berthoud, Wellington, Ault, Jamestown, and Laporte.

For your convenience, our site includes information about our office, such as: our Fort Collins location, maps, directions, hours of operation, insurance policies, and appointment scheduling. You can also email a request for an appointment at your convenience. We hope you find this web site useful and invite you to contact us with your questions at any time.

First Step to BSN #first #step, #bachelor #of #science #in #nursing, #bsn, #nursing, #school #of #nursing, #union #university, #tennessee


First Step to BSN

The First Step to BSN Program helps adult students who have little or no prior college credits to progress toward earning their degrees. First Step features an 18-month rotation of online and accelerated core courses created specifically for adult students. After completing the First Step to BSN Program, students are prepared to apply to Union University’s Accelerated BSN Program, where they can earn their Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree in 15 months or the Traditional BSN Program.

Are You Eligible?

A First Step student must be a graduate of an accredited high school or have a state high school equivalency diploma and be at least 24 years of age. The following items must be submitted to be considered for admissions: application for admission, $50 application fee, official transcripts from all accredited institutions attended, high school transcript/GED if less than 24 college credit hours achieved, a personal statement describing why they desire to attend Union University, their personal career goals and reflect their interest in the field of nursing. Two letters of recommendation on provided forms are also required.

General Education Requirements for the Accelerated BSN Program

Please note: these courses are required for ALL applicants in order to be eligible for the Accelerated BSN Program.

  • General Education requirements must be completed
  • Age 24 or older
  • ACT Score of 20 or higher

Christian Studies (Old Testament Survey New Testament Survey)

2017-2018 Tuition Rates

Program Offerings and Deadlines

The First Step to BSN Program is available on the Jackson, Germantown and Hendersonville campuses. While the application process is rolling admissions. the deadline for the fall semester is July 1st. The deadline for the spring semester is November 1st. If you are applying after these deadlines, your application may still be considered for the upcoming semester. Orientation for the First Step to BSN Program is provided prior to beginning the semester.

Contact Information

Admissions Checklist

  1. Application: Fill out and submit the First Step to BSN Program Application (.pdf) (make sure to complete the Application, Reference Forms, Transcript Requests, Personal Statement, Standards of Admission and Community Values Statement)
  2. Read and sign the Community Values Statement and Standards of Admissions. Both signed pages must be received by the School of Nursing Admissions. (part of First Step to BSN Program Application Packet)
  3. Application Fee: The Union University application fee is $50 and is non-refundable. You have the option to pay online by credit card . You may also pay by check or money order with your supplemental application.
  4. Transcripts: Official transcripts from all accredited institutions attended, *high school transcript/GED (*if less than 24 college credit hours achieved). Please do not send transcripts for non-traditional nursing programs to Undergraduate Admissions.
  5. Reference Forms: Two reference forms are required from individuals who can attest to your academic ability and/or self-discipline to excel in the First Step to BSN program. Reference forms are a part of the First Step to BSN application.
  6. Personal Statement: Complete the personal statement found in the First Step to BSN Application. Your personal statement should be a brief description of why you desire to attend Union University, your personal career goals and reflect your interest in the field of nursing.
  7. If you are not a U.S. citizen, an international application must be completed and submitted with the BSN application. All international transcripts must be evaluated by an accredited evaluating agency found at the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services’ website:
  8. Applications which are incomplete by the application deadlines will be considered ineligible for admission and will not be processed.

*Please allow 2-4 weeks after application packet has been submitted to be received in the Office of Admissions and up to 2 weeks to process application. Applicant will be notified by email when application has been processed.

*Please note: If you are applying to the Traditional 4-year BSN program. please contact Undergraduate Admissions at 731-661-5100.

*Upon acceptance into the program, the following items must be completed:

  • Physical exam form & immunization record

Spinal cord #cord #compression


spinal cord


any long, cylindrical, flexible structure; called also chord. chorda. and funiculus .

spermatic cord the structure extending from the abdominal inguinal ring to the testis, comprising the pampiniform plexus, nerves, ductus deferens, testicular artery, and other vessels.

tethered cord a congenital anomaly resulting from defective closure of the neural tube; the conus medullaris is abnormally low and tethered by a short, thickened filum terminale, fibrous bands, intradural lipoma, or some other intradural abnormality. Surgical correction in infancy or early childhood is necessary to prevent progressive neurological deficit in the lower limb and bladder dysfunction.


1. pertaining to a spine.

2. pertaining to the vertebral column.

spinal cord that part of the central nervous system lodged in the spinal canal, extending from the foramen magnum to the upper part of the lumbar region. It is composed of an inner core of gray substance in which nerve cells predominate and an outer layer of white substance in which myelinated nerve fibers predominate. Called also medulla spinalis. (See Plates and see accompanying figures.)

Gross anatomy of the spinal cord. From Applegate, 2000.

Cross section of the spinal cord. From Applegate, 2000.

spi nal cord

the elongated cylindric portion of the cerebrospinal axis, or central nervous system, which is contained in the spinal or vertebral canal.

spinal cord

The thick, whitish cord of nerve tissue that extends from the medulla oblongata down through the spinal column and from which the spinal nerves branch off to various parts of the body.

spinal cord

a long, nearly cylindric structure lodged in the vertebral canal and extending from the foramen magnum at the base of the skull to the upper part of the lumbar region. A major component of the central nervous system, the adult cord is approximately 1 cm in diameter, with an average length of 42 to 45 cm and a weight of 30 g. The cord is an extension of the medulla oblongata of the brain that extends at the level of the first or second lumbar vertebra. The cord conducts sensory and motor impulses to and from the brain and controls many reflexes. Thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves originate from the cord: 8 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral, and 1 coccygeal. It has an inner core of gray material consisting mainly of nerve cell bodies. The cord is enclosed by three protective membranes (meninges): the dura mater, arachnoid, and pia mater. Also called chorda spinalis, medulla spinalis. See also segments of spinal cord, spinal nerves.

Cross section of the spinal cord

spi nal cord

( sp ‘n l k rd ) [TA]

The elongated cylindric portion of the cerebrospinal axis, or central nervous system, which is contained in the spinal or vertebral canal.
Synonym(s): medulla spinalis.

spinal cord

SPINAL CORD: Cross-section with nerve roots on left side and examples of tracts on right side

Part of the central nervous system, the spinal cord is an ovoid column of nerve tissue 40 to 50 cm long that extends from the medulla to the second lumbar vertebra; it is within the spinal (vertebral) canal, protected by bone, and directly enclosed in the meninges. The center of the cord is gray matter in the shape of the letter H; it consists of the cell bodies and dendrites of neurons. The ventral (anterior) horns of the gray matter contain cell bodies of somatic motor neurons; the dorsal (posterior) horns contain cell bodies of interneurons. The white matter is arranged in tracts around the gray matter. It consists of myelinated axons that transmit impulses to and from the brain, or between levels of gray matter in the spinal cord, or that will leave the cord as part of peripheral nerves. The spinal cord is the pathway for sensory impulses to the brain and motor impulses from the brain; it also mediates stretch reflexes and the defecation and urination reflexes. Thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves emerge from the spinal cord and innervate the trunk and limbs. See: illustration

spinal cord

The downward continuation of the BRAINSTEM that lies within a canal in the spine (VERTEBRAL COLUMN ). The cord is a cylinder of nerve tissue about 45 cm long containing bundles of nerve fibre tracts running up and down, to and from the brain. These tracts form SYNAPSES with the 62 spinal nerves that emerge in pairs from either side of the cord, between adjacent vertebrae, and carry nerve impulses to and from all parts of the trunk and the limbs.

spinal cord

a cable-like nervous structure in vertebrates, enclosed in the backbone and extending the full length of the body behind the head. Pairs of spinal nerves leave the cord in each segment of the body The cord forms part of the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM and contains many NERVE CELLS and bundles of fibres, many associated with simple REFLEX ARCS. others with the brain. Coordination of movement of various parts of the body is brought about in the spinal cord.

Spinal cord

Elongated nerve bundles that lie in the vertebral canal and from which the spinal nerves emerge.

Section of the spinal cord.

Figure 1: Efferent nerve pathways from the brainstem and spinal cord. Shown on the right: somatic, to skeletal muscles. Shown on the left: autonomic. B brain stem, C cervical, T thoracic, L lumbar, S sacral segments of the spinal cord. (Red shaded regions are those with no autonomic outflow.)

spinal cord

the part of the central nervous system that extends, in continuity with the brain, from the base of the skull down the vertebral (spinal) canal as far as the top of the second lumbar vertebra. Surrounded by the membranous tube of the meninges (in continuity with the coverings of the brain) and bathed within this by cerebrospinal fluid . Consists of nerve cells (grey matter) and nerve tracts (white matter). Anterior (efferent) and posterior (afferent) spinal nerve roots leave and enter through the intervertebral foramina, linking it to the peripheral nervous system. See also vertebral column ; Figure 1.

spi nal cord

( sp ‘n l k rd ) [TA]

The elongated cylindric portion of the cerebrospinal axis, or central nervous system, which is contained in the spinal or vertebral canal.
Synonym(s): medulla spinalis.

spinal cord

that part of the central nervous system lodged in the spinal canal, extending from the foramen magnum to a point in the lumbar or sacral vertebrae, depending on the species.

spinal cord abscess

spinal cord atrophy

diminution in mass of the entire cord, is usually the hallmark of undernutrition or old age, or both.

spinal cord compression

may be gradual due to space-occupying lesion of vertebral canal, such as abscess, callus of a fracture, or a tumor, or acute due to fracture dislocation or thrombosis. In general, clinical signs include paresis or paralysis, but depending on the level of the spinal cord involved and the type of lesion present there may also be urinary incontinence, loss of sensation, Horner’s syndrome, and in acute lesions, spinal shock.

spinal cord degeneration

spinal cord hemorrhage

spinal cord hypoplasia

usually segmental, especially in the lumbar area.

spinal cord local ischemia

caused by embolus of a spinal artery; has the same effect as traumatic injury (see below).

spinal cord tracts

more or less distinct bundles of fibers within the white matter of the spinal cord. There are three funiculi on each side of the cord dorsal, lateral and ventral; subdivisions within the funiculi include eleven major tracts gracile and cuneate fasciculi, lateral and ventral corticospinal tracts, rubrospinal tract, dorsal and ventral spinocerebellar tracts, lateral and ventral spinothalamic tracts, elementary apparatus fibers, ventral corticospinal tract, vestibulospinal tract.

spinal cord traumatic injury

fracture or dislocation of one or more vertebrae; causes a syndrome of acute flaccid paralysis in the area supplied with nerves from the injured segment and spastic paralysis in the parts supplied by the cord segments caudal to the injury.

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cloud storage mac

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Survey Shows Faster-than-Expected Win 10 Migrations.

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How to Implement a Solid Identity and Access Management Strategy Cloud storage macSLIDESHOW

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Dell’s latest Intel-based PowerEdge servers bring new levels of operational efficiency and flexibility while extending industry-leading reliability and uptime.

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The Dell PowerEdge R730xd, also based on Intel Xeon processors, is one of the world’s densest server-side storage servers, with more than 100 TB of flash storage in a 2U chassis. It delivers.

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With the introduction of the Dell PowerEdge FM 120×4, Dell and Intel are bringing to market a server that can actually save on operating costs as it scales.

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The Dell PowerEdge R630 is a mainstream 2S/1U rack server that delivers incredible density across a range of resources, enabling highly flexible data center scaling. With its powerful Intel Xeon.

Food Poisoning Quick Overview

  • Food poisoning is a disease that usually results in vomiting and diarrhea after a person eats or drinks fluids contaminated with certain bacteria, viruses. parasites or chemicals (toxins).
  • The most common symptoms and signs of food poisoning are vomiting and diarrhea .
  • Other symptoms that may occur are fever. abdominal pain and/or cramps.
  • Severe signs and symptoms may include dehydration. blood in vomit or stools, diarrhea over three days, and neurologic symptoms; for example, weakness, blurry vision, and an abnormal sensation of the body such as burning, tingling, or numbness (paresthesias).
  • Causes include many agents including viral and bacterial strains. parasites, and chemicals (toxins).
  • Depending on the cause of food poisoning, the duration of the majority of food poisoning usually ranges from a few hours after exposure to contaminated food or fluid to several days.
  • Treatment of food poisoning depends on the cause; most people self-cure in a few days, but some causes may benefit from specific antibiotic or antiparasite treatments once the cause is identified.
  • Home remedies to soothe food poisoning symptoms may help speed recovery and may include:
    • Rest
    • Rehydration
    • Slowly begin to eat bland foods like rice, bananas, toast, gelatin
    • Avoid alcohol. nicotine. fatty, and seasoned or spicy foods)

What is the definition of food poisoning?

Patient Comments Read 9 Comments Share Your Story

Food poisoning is an illness caused by eating or drinking food or water contaminated with viruses, bacteria, toxins, parasites, or chemicals. Typical symptoms of food poisoning are vomiting and diarrhea.

What foods are most commonly associated with food poisoning?

Foods most commonly associated with food poisoning include:

  • Eggs
  • Poultry
  • Meats
  • Unpasteurized milk or other fluids
  • Cheese,
  • Raw fruits and vegetables (usually unwashed
  • Nuts
  • Spices

What is the difference between food poisoning and gastroenteritis (stomach flu)?

Gastroenteritis (stomach flu ) is defined as an infection or irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the stomach or intestines. It is a slightly more specific term that describes a particular type of food poisoning. However, the term is used most often to describe stomach irritation or inflammation due to infection, including non-food-related infections.

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Legal Help & Resources for Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Survivors

”Billy and myself have and do feel your firm is and was a Blessing to our family. We are still climbing hills in Billy s recovery but Without y all we could not have survived. The compassion and concern, TRUE CONCERN, that we had and have received is by far extraordinary.

We cannot thank you all enough for taking the weight off the most horrific time in our Family and carrying it to the end. We could not have had a better firm than Newsome Melton. You all deserve a gold medal daily for all you do.“

Sincerely, William Dickens and family

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries or trauma to a person s spinal cord can cause a host of problems from minor chronic pain, to debilitating physical limitations, or even paralysis. This website provides information for spinal cord injury survivors about the various types of spinal cord injuries, resources for families and caregivers, and information about legal options for pursuing funding for care.

We’ve helped brain and spinal cord injury survivors and their families recover millions for care and treatment

By focusing on a relatively few number of catastrophic injury cases, our firm will always give you the care and attention you deserve.

We limit our practice to only the most serious injury cases involving brain injury, spinal cord injuries or death. Because we help only clients with the most serious injuries, we don’t have a “volume” practice, like other law firms who take anything that comes in the door. As our client, you will know and work directly with us, your lawyers – not just a legal assistant or paralegal.

Our firm has a track record of jury verdicts for brain and spinal cord injury survivors.

Our firm has received the highest peer review ratings because we win cases – not just through settlements – but in the courtroom and in trial with juries and judges. With a proven track record of litigating serious cases against big hospitals and corporations, the other side knows we have the financial strength to go the distance.

No up-front costs or fees whatsoever unless we win your case.

Through trial, a typical case will cost in excess of 150, 000 for things like expert witnesses, depositions, filing fees and exhibits. And this is in ADDITION to the attorney’s fees. Most families can’t afford to pay fees or costs so we handle most of our clients on a contingency fee basis. This means we front all of the costs and get paid from a percentage of the recovery. And if we lose (which fortunately only rarely happens), you don’t owe us a dime for fees or costs.