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Loan Calculator and Payment Schedule, Not a Toy, interest only loan calculator.#Interest #only #loan #calculator

Loan Calculator

Since you may have happened upon this loan calculator to calculate a monthly payment, I’ll cut to the chase. You’ll only need to enter three numbers, and you can leave the other dozen or so options untouched.

Here’s all you need to do.

  • Click clear and enter values for:
    • Loan Amount
    • Number of Payments
    • Annual Interest Rate
  • Leave Loan Payment Amount set to 0.
  • Click either Calc or Payment Schedule.

There you have it. Now you have what you need.

This calculator though offers users so much more. Spend a few minutes with it, and you’ll see. More below.

Will making small, extra payments save me money?
Will paying half the monthly payment every other week save interest charges?
Buying or selling real estate?

VERY IMPORTANT – You must enter a 0 if you want a value calculated. Some users have been frustrated by this. They want to know why the calculator does not just recalculate a payment if they have changed the loan amount, interest rate or term.

This is because we want the calculator to be able to create an amortization schedule using whatever parameters you want to use. This behavior is a feature! After all, there is no such thing as a correct loan payment. The payment amount is correct as long as both the lender and debtor agree to it!

ABOUT DATES – This calculator now allows irregular length first periods. That is, the calculator calculates the exact amount of interest due even when the initial period is shorter or longer than the other scheduled periods. This will result in payment amounts as well as interest charges that do not match other calculators. If you want to match other calculators then set the Loan Date and 1st Payment Date so that the time between them equals one full period as set in Payment Frequency . Example: If the Loan Date is May 15th and the Payment Frequency is Monthly, then the 1st Payment Date should be set to June 15th, that is IF you want a conventional interest calculation. See the end of the Help text for some more details.

Of course, you can always leave the dates set as they are when the calculator loads.

Much More Than a Payment Calculator

Since the calculator will solve for multiple unknowns, it can easily be used to answer the following questions:

  • How much can I borrow?
  • What would my payment be?
  • What is the lending rate?
  • How long will it take to pay off my loan?
  • What date is my loan paid off?
  • NEW – what is the impact of extra payments?

Interest only loan calculator

See the payment schedule for total interest saved.

Loan Calculator Help.

This calculator will solve for any one of four possible unknowns: Amount of Loan , Total Scheduled Periods (term), Annual Interest Rate or the Periodic Payment .

Enter a ‘0’ (zero) for one unknown value.

The term (duration) of the loan is a function of the Total Scheduled Periods and the Payment Frequency . If the loan is calling for monthly payments and the term is four years, then enter 48 for the Total Scheduled Periods . If the payments are made quarterly and the term is ten years, then enter 40 for the Total Scheduled Periods .

The Amortization Method should be set to Normal (level payments) unless you have a specific reason to set it to another method. Fixed Principal causes the amount allocated to principal to be the same each period which result in decreasing payments.

If the terms of the loan call for a 0% interest rate, then the Amortization Method must be set to No Interest, otherwise entering a zero for Annual Interest Rate? will cause the calculator to calculate an interest rate. Selecting No Interest, also lets the user set the payment amount to 0 to tell the calculator to calculate it.

When the first period, the period of time between the loan date and the first payment date is longer than one full period, there will be interest due for the extra days . This is known as odd day interest. Example: if the loan date is March 24 and the first payment date is May 1, then there are 8 odd days of interest – March 24th to April 1st. How the odd day interest is calculated and collected is controlled with the Long Period Options. By default, the odd days interest is shown being paid on the loan date.

Conversely, if the time between the loan date and first payment date is less than the payment period set, then the first period is said to be a short initial period and the first payment will be reduced due to less interest being owed. How the payment amount and interest is calculated for a short period is determined by the Short Period Options.

On a more general note, we have been discussing details about loans, some structured with unusual features, over several decades. At this point, we believe our software calculators can create a schedule for any structured settlement loan that exists. If you have a loan with special requirements, please ask.

Hopefully, you’ll find this loan calculator as well as all the financial calculators on this site to be useful tools. Why not take another sip of your favorite beverage and explore for a few minutes? Start by checking out The Reading Room. Here you’ll find a half dozen articles, written by professionals, about money.

PNB Savings Bank, pnb home loan.#Pnb #home #loan

pnb home loan

Gives power over money to reach its interest-earning potential.

A tiered, high interest-bearing special peso savings deposit account for individuals. It comes with free medical call assistance and a Life and Death Accidental Insurance coverage.

Earn interest from your dollar deposits. Cleared funds are withdrawable anytime.

A non-interest earning peso deposit account also known as Checking or Demand Deposit.

A peso deposit account that earns interest like a Savings Account combined with the convenience of a Checking Account for a specific payee.

A special checking account that earns interest equal to the rate of a regular Savings Account.

Pnb home loan

Loans & Credits – Smart access to cash for businesses or individuals.

Pnb home loan

Buy that dream car the smart way.

Pnb home loan

Purchase or construct that dream house the smart way.

Pnb home loan

The smart access to cash for individuals.

Pnb home loan

Meet the full potential of the business with ready cash.

Pnb home loan

Invest & Insure – Maximize your money today to prepare for the future.

Pnb home loan

Provides higher interest than the regular savings account.

Pnb home loan

Gives power over money to reach its interest-earning potential.

Pnb home loan

US dollar earns more interest than the regular dollar savings account.

Pnb home loan

Take advantage of the strong partnership of PNB Life and Allianz to provide you solutions that are designed to meet the lifetime financial planning, wealth accumulation, and well-being aspirations of every Filipino Family.

Pnb home loan

ATM & Payments – Use our strong banking network for your utmost convenience.

Loan Amortization Calculator, interest only loan calculator.#Interest #only #loan #calculator

Loan Amortization Calculator

Simply input details about your loan such as the interest rate, amount borrowed, any down payment and the loan term. The calculator will the calculate details of your loan such as the required payment amount and a number of graphs showing financial details of your loan through time.

You can also see an amortization schedule of your loans payments by clicking the Create Amortization Schedule button which will produce an amortization table in a separate, printable window.

Many of the inputs and outputs of the calculator are fairly self explanatory. Here we will provide information on some of the more detailed functionality of the calculator:

The calculator will graph financial metrics through time. One of these graphs shows the total principal remaining as well as the cumulative interest payments.

You can see that early in the loan, the total principal decreases slowly while the cumulative interest payments increases at a faster rate than during the latter part of the loan.

This is due to the greater interest accumulating on the larger balance and therefore, a greater portion of your regular payment is going to payoff this interest in the initial part of the loan.

It is for this reason that making a few larger payments early in the life of the loan can have a strong effect on reducing the total interest you will pay over the course of the loan.

You can also see a graph of the principal and interest components of you regular payments through time. You can see very clearly here what we were talking about above where initially, your payments are paying a large interest component and a smaller principal component while this situation reverses as the loan matures and your remaining principal decreases.

The calculator can also produce an amortization schedule of you loans payments by clicking the Create Amortization Schedule button. This table is produced in a separate window to allow easy printing of the amortization schedule.

The amortization schedule will show for each payment, the total payment, how much of the payment was off the principal verse the interest of the loan and the total remaining balance on the loan.

The table will then total your interest payments so you can see the total interest paid through the course of the loan.

Understand the Role of this Calculator

Please understand that it is not possible for a calculator such as this to take account of all the financial factors that may affect the costs associated with you loan. For example, different countries may have different tax implications and there may be various fees associated with different loans.

As such, the calculator should only be used to get an initial idea of the costs associated with a loan rather than being used as financial advice. For proper financial advice, you should consult a financial professional who can look at your situation and the specific details of your loan in more detail.

Punjab National Bank Internet Banking, pnb home loan.#Pnb #home #loan

pnb home loan

Pnb home loan

  • Pnb home loan
  • Pnb home loan

Retail Internet Banking

Corporate Internet Banking

Please be aware of the following

  • Phishing is a deception technique where fraudster uses fraudulent emails to capture your personal sensitive information like passwords, CVV, Date of Birth, Debit Card/ Credit Card Number, address, expiry date, PIN etc.
  • Vishing (also known as Voice Phishing) is a deception technique where the fraudster uses a phone call to lure you into giving your personal confidential banking information.
  • Smishing is a deception technique where the fraudster uses Short Message Service (SMS) to send false message to lure you to call a phone number or visit a website for giving your personal confidential banking information.
  • Please don’t give any of your personal confidential credentials like PAN, Date of Birth, Account Number, Debit or Credit Card Number its Expiry Date, Father/Mother’s Name, User ID, Password, PIN, CVV, OTP etc.upon receiving the Phishing, Vishing or Smishing. Our Bank never asks such information from customers.

    Whats New

    Now you may link your GSTIN through IBS by using the navigation: Other Services-> Register for Govt. Initiatives-> GSTIN Registration.

    Get your PAN linked with your account through IBS by using the navigation: Other Services-> Register for Govt. Initiatives-> PAN Registration

    Facility to Update E-mail ID has been introduced in Retail Internet Banking as a One Time Option. Please login in Retail IBS to Update E-mail ID.

    PNB KITTY- Your Digital Wallet now available on Play Store and iTunes

    To Prevent Fraudulent Payment of Cheques in your Accounts, Please Avail PNB Suraksha Scheme

    Link Demat Account With Your IBS User ID and Get Details Of Holding in the Demat account in the Statement of Transaction

    Please Download latest version of PNB UPI from Play Store to Enjoy Enhanced Features.

  • Bank of India Home Loan Interest Rates 2017 – EMI Calculator online – Deal4loans, bank of baroda home loan.#Bank #of #baroda #home #loan

    Bank of India Home Loan Interest Rates 2017 EMI Calculator online

    Bank of India Home Loan: BOI Home Loans, Eligibility, Processing Fee, Interest rates 2017, Documents Required Bank of India Housing loan. Current Interest Rates starts from 8.40%.

    Bank of India Home Loan Details

    The Salient features Benefits Why to choose Bank of India Home Loan Schemes:

    ✓ To purchase/construct house/flat/renovate/extend/repair existing house/flat.

    ✓ Maximum loan amount is Rs.3 crores and repayment ranges upto 30 years, with reasonable processing charges. No commitment /administrative charges.

    ✓ Attractive home loan interest rates according to Available in Industry.

    ✓ Option for different EMI amounts for different periods during tenure of loan to suit customers repayment capacity.

    ✓ No prepayment charges under floating rate option

    ✓ Interest is calculated on daily balance basis which is of great advantage to customer as it results in lower interest amount.

    ✓ Simplified application form/procedures for convenience of customers, and speedy approvals.

    ✓ Life Insurance Cover to borrowers for Loan Protection(optional)

    ✓ Free Personal Accident Insurance cover (Renewed at banks discretion)

    Eligibility Criteria for Bank of India Home Loan

    Salaried employees, Professionals, Self-employed persons. Requests are also considered from NRIs, PIOs, HUF, and Prop. Firm, Partnership firms and corporate

    Latest Interest Rates of Bank of India Home Loans 2017

    STAR HOME LOAN SCHEME – Interest Rates are 8.55% for women, 8.60% for others

    STAR DIAMOND HOME LOAN Interest Rates are 8.55% for women, 8.60% for others

    STAR SMART HOME LOAN Interest Rates are 8.55% for women, 8.60% for others

    PRADHAN MANTRI AWAS YOJANA Interest Rates are 8.40% for women others.

    Bank of India Home Loan EMI Calculator

    Enter your required loan amount, Interest Rates No. of repayment years and click calculate answer in front of you within seconds.

    Other Attractive Features

    ✓ Interest on Daily Reducing Balance Basis

    ✓ No Pre-Payment Charges on Floating Rate Loans

    ✓ Facility for step up/ step down EMIs

    ✓ Inclusion of notional rental income in case of 2nd House and also Employees staying in Staff Quarters;

    ✓ Inclusion of Income of Close relatives for enhanced loan

    ✓ Tax Benefit on Interest and Installments repaid in Home Loans

    ✓ Facility for 100% loan irrespective of stage of construction OR Bridge Loan subject to conditions:

    Available Products of Bank of India:

    Current Auto Loan Interest Rates, car loan interest rate.#Car #loan #interest #rate

    Current Auto Loan Interest Rates

    Estimate your monthly payment with a car loan calculator.

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    Mortgage Calculator: Simple calculator for repayment & interest only mortgages, simple interest loan calculator.#Simple #interest #loan #calculator

    Ultimate Mortgage Calculator New!

    8 calculators to compare mortgages, from ditching your fix to saving for a deposit

    Simple interest loan calculator

    Basic mortgage calculator

    Shows the cost per month and the total cost over the life of the mortgage, including fees interest.

    Total you’ll repay over full term

    Could you get a cheaper rate?

    Use the MSE’s Mortgage Best Buys Comparison to find the best deal for you.

    Your mortgage debt over time

    Your remaining debt

    (assuming your interest rate stays the same)

    The nerdy bit see how the debt is gradually paid off

    In the first few years of the mortgage, you’re paying proportionally more interest, so the debt only reduces slowly, as the table above shows. However, making overpayments can eat into the debt and massively reduce the amount you repay in total as it means less interest overall (always check there aren’t overpayment penalties beforehand).

    IMPORTANT! Please read.

    This information is computer-generated and relies on certain assumptions. It has only been designed to give a useful general indication of costs.

    It’s important you always get a specific quote from the lender and double-check the price yourself before acting on the information. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors (please report faults above).


    In order to create these results, we have had to make a few assumptions:

    • 1) Interest is charged monthly.
    • 2) Interest rate stays the same over the term.
    • 3) If you selected ‘Interest only’, we assume your standard monthly payment doesn’t decrease even if you pay off some of the balance.

    Martin’s FREE Printed Mortgage Help Booklets

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    Free tool to analyse your finances and scrutinise spending.

    Premium Bonds Calc

    Unique tool uses probability to estimate winnings.

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    Turbo boost your credit chances and get your free Experian credit report.

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    Shows which top cards you’re most likely to get.

    Instantly searches the best shopping comparison sites.

    Cheap Energy Club

    Ensures the cheapest energy deal constantly.

    Loan Payment Calculator – Quick and easy, Calculators by CalcXML, auto loan payment calculator.#Auto #loan #payment #calculator

    auto loan payment calculator

    Auto loan payment calculator

    Auto loan payment calculatorCash Flow

    Auto loan payment calculatorCollege

    Auto loan payment calculatorCredit & Debit

    Auto loan payment calculatorHome & Mortgage

    Auto loan payment calculatorTaxation

    Auto loan payment calculatorInsurance

    Auto loan payment calculatorPaycheck & Benefits

    Auto loan payment calculatorQualified Plans

    Auto loan payment calculatorRetirement

    Auto loan payment calculatorSaving

    Auto loan payment calculatorInvestment

    Auto loan payment calculatorAuto

    Auto loan payment calculatorBusiness

    Auto loan payment calculatorOther

    Auto loan payment calculator

    Auto loan payment calculator

    Auto loan payment calculatorCash Flow

    Auto loan payment calculatorCollege

    Auto loan payment calculatorCredit Debit

    Auto loan payment calculatorHome Mortgage

    Auto loan payment calculatorTaxation

    Auto loan payment calculatorInsurance

    Auto loan payment calculatorPaycheck Benefits

    Auto loan payment calculatorQualified Plans

    Auto loan payment calculatorRetirement

    Auto loan payment calculatorSaving

    Auto loan payment calculatorInvestment

    Auto loan payment calculatorAuto

    Auto loan payment calculatorBusiness

    Auto loan payment calculatorOther

    What would my loan payments be?

    The loan amount, the interest rate, and the term of the loan can have a dramatic effect on the total amount you will eventually pay on a loan. Use our loan payment calculator to determine the payment and see the impact of these variables on a specified loan amount complete with an amortization schedule.

    Auto loan payment calculator

    Advantages of a Good Credit Score

    Interest is the charge added to a loan that makes up the cost of money. Interest is usually expressed as a percentage of the loan principal. The principal is the original amount of the loan. The interest rate tells you what percentage of the unpaid loan will be charged each period. The period is usually a year but may be any agreed-upon time. Here is how it works. Let’s say you loan your friend $100 at 5% annual interest. At the end of a year the period you should receive $105, or $100 of principal and $5 interest. Simple, isn’t it?

    Let’s say your friend doesn’t repay the $100 principal, but pays you only the $5 interest; then the next year your friend will still owe you the $100 plus another $5 in interest. The preceding is an example of simple interest. Simple interest is the amount of money to be paid each period on a principal amount due.

    Auto loan payment calculator

    5 Ways to Create a Budget That Works

    In personal finance, you set financial goals so you can plan your budget around those goals. After all, they are your priorities, aren’t they? Here is how financial planners work with budgets:

    A budget has two main components: cash coming in (inflows) and cash going out (outflows). If you subtract the outflows from the inflows, the answer should always be zero. That is called balancing the budget.

    Auto loan payment calculator

    Credit 101

    An important part of personal finance is how you manage your debt. Ideally, you would not have any debt, but in practice, most families do. It is not likely that most persons would be able to buy a car, a house, an education, or even major appliances without having to incur some debt. Sometimes, debt may actually be desirable, especially if you could borrow money at a low interest rate to make a high-interest investment.

    Debt makes everything cost more. If you saw a sign in a store window advertising “Sale — Everything 25% Off,” you might be tempted to rush in and buy, buy, buy. But what if the sign said “Sale — Everything 25% More Than Marked”? That is just what happens when you pay for goods and services using debt. Moreover, you may be using debt without even realizing it.

    Auto loan payment calculator

    This information may help you analyze your financial needs. It is based on information and assumptions provided by you regarding your goals, expectations and financial situation. The calculations do not infer that the company assumes any fiduciary duties. The calculations provided should not be construed as financial, legal or tax advice. In addition, such information should not be relied upon as the only source of information. This information is supplied from sources we believe to be reliable but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Hypothetical illustrations may provide historical or current performance information. Past performance does not guarantee nor indicate future results.

    Auto loan payment calculatorAuto loan payment calculator

    Current Interest Rates on Home Loans, Savings, Car loans – CD Rates, car loan interest rate.#Car #loan #interest #rate

    Today’s Interest Rates and Financial Advice:

    Car loan interest rate

    Financial Advice

    Would you like to buy a home but worry that you’d never qualify for a mortgage? It’s time to stop guessing and evaluate your chances to land a loan based on everything from how much you make to your credit score. Believe it or not, the odds are in your favor.

    November 14th 2017

    The average cost of financing a new or used car or truck has stayed low over the past year, making auto loans a bargain by any historical measure. And buyers with reasonably good credit can always take advantage of the discount loans automakers are offering on many models.

    November 13th 2017

    Lending money to your child is risky business. But if you can avoid the personal pitfalls and convince the federal government that this is really a loan, and not a gift, the Bank of Mom and Dad can be a financial boon for everyone in the family.

    November 13th 2017

    Here’s how to make all of the right decisions so that you’ll save more, invest wisely and take full advantage of all the tax breaks to build your retirement nest egg.

    November 10th 2017

    It’s not enough to find a good location at an affordable price. Condo buyers must consider lots of extra costs, from association fees and special assessments to how well the building is maintained and how strictly it enforces rules on everything from noise to pets.

    November 10th 2017

    You’ve scouted out the best mortgage rate and fought hard to get the best price on your new home. But your bargaining shouldn’t stop there. Here’s how you can save on everything from settlement fees to title insurance.

    November 8th 2017

    Car loan interest rate

    Interest ing Snapshot

    Individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, are a great way to build financial security for you and your family. They’re easy to open and our simple strategy helps you make all the right decisions now, and in the years ahead.

    Car loan interest rate

    Car loan interest rate