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Bridge loans

  1. Review eligibility requirements and loan process .
  2. Download, complete and sign the application form Small Business or Citrus Business .

  • Contact and provide completed and signed application and support documentation to your local Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Find your local SBDC at .
  • The Florida Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Program was activated by Gov. Rick Scott on Sept. 14, 2017, as a result of Hurricane Irma. On. Oct. 6, the program was expanded to include Florida’s citrus businesses.

    This interest-free loan program is currently available to small business owners and citrus businesses throughout Florida that experienced physical and/or economic damage as a result of the storm. Small business owners can qualify for up to $50,000 and citrus growers up to $150,000.

    The program provides a source of expedient cash flow to Florida small businesses that have been physically and/or economically impacted by the storm. These short-term, interest-free working capital loans are intended to “bridge the gap” between the time a major catastrophe hits and when a business has secured longer term recovery resources, such as sufficient profits from a revived business, receipt of payments on insurance claims or federal disaster assistance.

    The Emergency Bridge Loan Program is not designed to be the primary source of assistance to affected small businesses, which is why eligibility is linked to pursuit of other sources. Note: Loans made under this program are short-term debt loans made by the state of Florida using public funds. They are not grants . Emergency bridge loans require repayment by the approved applicant from business receipts, insurance proceeds received, or longer-term disaster recovery assistance.

    • Designated Disaster Area: All of Florida s 67 counties.
    • Qualified Applicant: Applications will be accepted by qualified for-profit, privately held small businesses that maintain a place of business in the state of Florida OR citrus businesses who maintain a citrus grove in production in the state. All qualified applicants must have been established prior to Sept. 4, 2017, and suffered physical damage and/or economic injury as a result of the designated disaster. Qualified small business applicants must be an employer business with a minimum of two (2) and maximum of one hundred (100) employees. Note: The employee requirement does not apply to citrus businesses . Citrus Growers: Go Here for details and to apply for an emergency loan.
    • Amount: Between $1,000 and $50,000 for eligible small businesses; and up to $150,000 for eligible citrus businesses.
    • Term: 90 or 180 days based on individual business circumstances for eligible small businesses; and one (1) year for eligible citrus businesses.
    • Interest: Loans will be interest-free for the loan term.
    • Payments: Payments are not required during the established loan term, but loans must be paid in full by end of the designated loan term, otherwise the loan will be considered in default and penalties apply.
    • Payment Process: Loan payments will be made directly by borrowers to Florida First Capital Finance Corporation, the state of Florida appointed fiscal administrator of the program.
    • Non-Payment Penalties: Penalties for non-payment will begin at the expiration of the established term of each loan, and will be as follows:
      • 12% per annum on the unpaid balance for the first 180 days following expiration of the established term.
      • 18% per annum on the unpaid balance thereafter.
      • Default is subject to normal commercial collection process.

    Applications will be accepted by qualified Florida small businesses and citrus businesses under this program through Nov. 30, 2017 , contingent on availability of funds.

    Bad Credit Loans, Same Day – Completely Online, bank loans for bad credit.#Bank #loans #for #bad #credit

    Bad Credit Loans

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    12 Months Loans demonstrate warm friendly excellent customer service. They treat their customers as close friends and definitely diminish any anxiety about having to get a Bad credit loan . Recommend them highly to anyone in need of a short term loan. Thanks!

    Bank loans for bad credit

    I love your website 12 Months Loans ! Your fees are very low and reasonable and it s very easy to repay the loan! You are so transparent. I love it! I got my loan direct from the lender in 1 hour! Many many thanks!

    Bank loans for bad credit

    I was really surprised with the easy application process and the fast financial aid I’ve got. Being extremely pressed on time in my emergency, I appreciated greatly getting the funds same day, even I m with bad credit. Many thanks to 12 Months Loans

    Bank loans for bad credit


    Our life is unpredictable and it can change suddenly due to an incident that comes without warning. As a result, we may need extra cash to meet sudden demands. These unexpected events cause a lot of stress and pressure, as they should be handled very quickly. Quite often, we can solve our financial problems normally with the money saved in our checking or savings bank accounts. But in some cases it is impossible to find the money on time. Here the fast payday loans come into play!

    Fast cash in seconds

    Usually these easy loans are offered for emergency needs, so it is very easy to acquire these finances because you may be approved in fifteen minutes. Yes, it is true. With payday loans same day payout, you may get your funds within a few hours. After submitting your online application, you will get the funds direct to your bank account and solve the emergency problem.

    Easy borrowing

    The application process involves providing confidential information (such as your name, address, employment history, contact number, etc.). Besides being 18 years old you must have a decent monthly salary so that your direct lender can count on you for the timely disbursement of funds. Of course, to receive funds from the loan company, you must have a checking or saving bank account that is used to accept funds. Later the same account will be used to withdraw the loan amount. Thus, a verified bank account is a necessity if you want to get the payday loans without vising the direct lender personally.

    Applying for payday loans you can get $100, $300, $500 or even $1,000 dollars. But, if we look at traditional loans, they are too complex to deal with. For example, it requires a lot of time to complete applications for these loans. You must wait for weeks to get approved and provide more than just basic information. Thus, payday loans low fees are more beneficial in every way.

    Direct loans lenders that help!

    The interest rate is something that can be compared as you try to find a better direct loan lender. Many online lenders offer lower than average rates of facing a competitive market. The good thing about finding a reliable direct lender is that once you found one, getting quick cash for a financial emergency will be even easier and faster. So take the time to find the best payday lender. Actually, it may be useful to make a list when you have free time and before you are in the middle of financial crisis. Just to be safe! Take the time to find several loan companies. There are plenty of offers like guaranteed approval payday loans or no credit check loans! You should be very careful selecting them. The truth is that no-one can guarantee your approval and credit check will be performed by the lender even if the emergency occurs.

    If you can not repay your loan on time, you should be prepared to pay extra interest. There may be some type of service fees for extending or rolling over a loan, but it always depends on the lender and you need to discuss this aspect in advance. Your interest charge definitely should not change. From term to term, your short term loan should continue to be treated the same, unless you are told in advance. Extra fees are an easy way to an unethical lender to prey on a borrower’s inability to repay the loan as scheduled.

    Do not overpay for payday loans

    The best payday loans offered to anyone needing quick cash would come from a lender that does not charge excessive fees. With a little time spent digging into the payday lending market, you will be able to find one that takes the extra cost down. These lenders understand that customers are going through a difficult time and they act accordingly. Do your homework to avoid spending money you do not have to spare and avoid those who try to take advantage of your situation.

    The most common fee for payday loans is interest or service charges. Because these loans have an average of two weeks in duration, there is no time intended to earn interest. And lenders will charge a fee for the loan to earn profit. The use of third-party funding is not free so do not be alarmed to see the extra cost, it is normal. A good lender would not charge other fees if the money is paid on the agreed due date. There are companies that try to hide application fees in the processing your request. They may charge an average of $ 20-30 from the bank account of each candidate with or without approval status. It can be avoided by looking for a “free application” message on their website or calling and asking questions about fees for applications. Sending a loan application must be free and response must be guaranteed, so if it is not, you should choose another loan provider without hesitation.

    Small Loans Australia: Small Loans Australia, small loans online.#Small #loans #online

    Small Loans Australia

    Small Loans Australia is the nation’s premier online Personal Loans service specialising in secured loans and unsecured loans for amounts up to AUD$5000. We provide fast, efficient access to the most outstanding Small Loans specialists, assessments, quotes, choices and advice . regardless of your credit history.

    Small loans online

    Just complete our quick and easy Small Loans Australia Personal Loans Assessment form for an indication of your loan eligibility (without accessing your credit file) – and free access to the best value Personal Loans rates and product pointers from an exhaustive cross-section of Australia`s pre-eminent and best known Personal Loans professionals.

    At Small Loans Australia we understand that you have much more enjoyable things to do with your day than wasting it researching Personal Loans quotes and advice. So we aim to help do it for you. Fee free and with no risk or obligation on your part.

    Where would you like to go from here?

    We also offer a range of financial calculators for your free use.

    Pay a visit to our associate page to discover how you can generate an income by recommending people to Small Loans.

    Personal Loans Brokers and Advisers can find out more information of our customer referral program.

    Oct 29 :: As Australia prepares to clean up following devastating fires and floods, Financial Services Online CEO, Andrew Clark, has announced a package of personal finance solutions. read more

    Nov 27 :: Financial Services Online has today announced a new credit facility for Australian business customers who are seeking loans for amounts of up to $10,000 with minimum security. read more

    Nov 20 :: Melbourne police are warning people about a scam in which fraudsters pose as bankers and ask for money.They say they cold call customers and tell them they have. read more

    Oct 26 :: ANZ banking group has reported a solid full-year result with net profit attributable to shareholders up 6 per cent to nearly $5.7 billion – but with its wealth management. read more

    Jun 01 :: Nearly 3 million Australians do not have access to basic financial products such as a credit card, car insurance or even a bank account, according to a private study. read more

    Apr 04 :: The board of the Reserve Bank of Australia has left interest rates unchanged at 4.25 per cent at its monthly meeting today, as widely expected.The decision leaves. read more

    Feb 25 :: The governor of the Reserve Bank says the Australian banking sector is not too profitable.Appearing before the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics. read more

    Jan 16 :: The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has agreed to change some of its advertised loan comparison rates after concerns were raised by the Australian Securities and. read more

    Dec 06 :: A leading unofficial measure of inflation eased last month due to falling food and fuel prices, strengthening the case for interest rate cuts next year.The TD. read more

    With over 3000 home loans on the Australian market it would be easy to dismiss them as marketing overkill and you’d probably be right. But many of these loans. read more

    Buying a home is one of life’s biggest purchasing decisions for most Australians. Here are 27 ways that can help you save big money on your home finance . both before. read more

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    Do you have mounting credit card debts or a number of different loans to pay off? If you do, then debt consolidation is an option you can consider to make the process. read more

    An online savings account is critical for managing your finances. It offers a good place to keep your savings and is also a good way of earning extra easy money on your. read more

    Today, I ll defy the critics and demonstrate why consumer welfare is enhanced within a competitive payday-lending environment. read more

    People borrow for a variety of reasons. But as long as they are able to meet repayment obligations, things are fine. Trouble erupts when commitments go awry and payment. read more

    AUSTRALIANS reckon a change is as good as holiday, and some homeowners are pulling out all stops to prove it. read more

    TEG Federal Credit Union – Personal – Business Loans, Free Checking: Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, NY: TEG Federal Credit Union, credit union loans.#Credit #union #loans

    credit union loans

    Credit union loansCredit union loans

    Credit union loansCredit union loans

    Credit union loansCredit union loans

    Credit union loansCredit union loans

    Credit union loansCredit union loans

    Credit union loansCredit union loans

    Credit union loansCredit union loans

    Credit union loansCredit union loans

    From the TEG Blog

    At TEG, we live the credit union promise of people helping people. Our goal is to help each of our members get to a better place financially, no matter where they started or where they’re going. That starts with giving you honest, unbiased insights to help you make the decision that s best for you.

    Copyright © 2015 TEG Federal Credit Union. All rights reserved.

    Unauthorized use of this web site or our online banking site is a crime punishable by law. Credit union loans

    Unsecured Loans 4 U, Get a Unsecured Personal Loan Instantly, unsecured loan.#Unsecured #loan

    What Is An Unsecured Loan?

    Personal loans are the same thing as an unsecured loan. Personal loans are one form of unsecured credit. They do not require you to provide an asset (e.g. house or car) as collateral for the money you apply for. So, you don t put any assets at risk to get the right unsecured loans for you.

    How Do I Apply?

    What Is An Unsecured Loan?

    Personal loans are the same thing as an unsecured loan. Personal loans are one form of unsecured credit. They do not require you to provide an asset (e.g. house or car) as collateral for the money you apply for. So, you don’t need to put any assets at risk to get the right unsecured loan.

    What Are Payday Loans?

    A payday loan is a type of credit that is suitable for when emergencies occur. If you are strapped for cash to cover short-term emergency expenses until your next payday, payday loans could be a suitable solution for your needs. They do not require collateral in form of assets like a car or a house; As part of the qualifying criteria, you will need to have a regular income.

    What Are Guarantor Loans?

    Yes, I know how a hurdle it can be to get a loan especially if you have poor credit history or worse, no credit history at all. Guarantor Loans can get you the cash you need with the help of another person with good credit history to back you up. A guarantor could be a work colleague, friend, or a family member with good to impeccable credit rating. Do note however that the guarantor would be subjected to routine credit checks before loan approval or they may have to provide ID, bank statements, or other financial documents as necessary. In the even that you happen to default on loan repayments, your guarantor will have to cover your contractual repayments for you. You could be approved for a higher amount depending on the credit-worthiness of your guarantor, however please remember to only borrow how much you need, as usually the more you borrow, the more you’ll have to pay back.

    What Are Logbook Loans?

    The Money Advice Service explains that logbook loans are: Loans secured on your vehicle, so the lender owns your vehicle until you pay the loan back. You can keep on using your vehicle as long as you repay the loan. However, logbook loans are expensive and risky and you should avoid them if you can.

    All Credit Histories Considered Unsecured Finance In The Uk

    Welcome to! We know how agonizing it is to be rejected or had to wait for days or weeks when you need cash NOW – yet you have to painstakingly wait for a decision. Monevo and their lenders make it easy for you from day one.

    Your emergency is our emergency. Our Business is primarily connecting you with the right loan provider for your needs.

    Our service is completely free and applications can be completed within a couple of minutes. By completing one application form, Monevo can present that single application to a panel of UK’s reputable lenders so you can get the cash you want at the most flexible lending rates and solutions available for your circumstances.

    What Is An Unsecured Finance

    Unsecured loans are loans that are not secured against property or a vehicle, so they do not rely on collateral as a security; You will be assessed depending on your financial standing and credit reputation.

    Lenders and providers will assess you based on your creditworthiness and ability to repay the loan.

    Payday Loans In Maryland – 99% Guaranteed Approved, guaranteed payday loan.#Guaranteed #payday #loan

    Welcome To Payday Loans in Maryland

    Go to any state in the US, and you will find plenty of companies that are willing to offer you a payday loan. But Maryland is different. The fact is, you won’t find too many payday lenders here. Why? Unlike most other states where the regulations are relaxed, in Maryland, the authorities are quite strict on companies that offer payday loans. There are just 3 states where the regulations are quite strict, and they are Maryland, Massachusetts and Georgia.

    Lenders in the state are not allowed to charge above 33% interest on cash advances that are less than $6,000. This is both good and bad news for the consumer. Good because there is a cap on what can be charged, and bad because, not too many lenders become interested, thus reducing their number. What this means for you is that, you won’t be able to find payday loans in Maryland easily.

    But here at, we have solved this problem for you. We have done the hard work to find those companies that are offering a payday cash advance in the state. And once we found a few companies, we did some screening to make a list of the ones among them. And then we tied-up with these companies that offer find payday loans in Maryland. We at are working as facilitators for these lenders in the state.

    What Makes You Qualified to Receive Payday Loans in Maryland

    In the state, it is essential that,

    • You are 18 years of age or older.
    • You be a citizen of the US.
    • You have a job or a source of income that is stable.
    • You earn a minimum of $1000 every month.
    • You have a checking account that is active.

    If you fulfill all of these criteria, then you qualify to receive payday loans in Maryland.

    So do you qualify? If yes, then you should get started immediately. Just fill out the short form here at our website, and we can connect you to the lenders in the state. Remember, finding lenders who offer payday loans isn’t very easy here.

    We are working with the lenders who are well-known in the industry. As soon as you have filled out the form, you will receive an email with the terms and conditions that match your needs. Once you agree, the money is transferred to your bank in less than 24 hours.

    Guaranteed payday loan

    Guaranteed payday loan

    Car Loans – Credit – The Irish League of Credit Unions, credit union loans.#Credit #union #loans

    Car Loans


    Whether you’re after a brand-new car, a second-hand bargain or your first set of wheels, chat to your local credit union today about a car loan, or click below to submit a loan enquiry.

    Whether you’re after a brand-new car, a second-hand bargain or your first set of wheels, chat to your local credit union today about a car loan.


    1. Owned by you:

    Every credit union is owned by its members, the people who save with it and borrow from it

  • Local:

    All decisions are taken at local level in the best interest of all members

  • Member service:

    Credit unions excel in the personal service which they provide to members

  • Straight forward:

    Unlike a Hire Purchase agreement or Personal Contract Plan you own the car from the outset. There are no hidden fees or charges on credit union loans

  • Flexible:

    You can pay off your loan early, make additional lump sum repayments or increase your regular repayments, all without penalty. Generally. there is no minimum loan period.

  • Loan protection:

    Loans are insured by the credit union’s own policy at no direct cost to you. This is designed to pay off a loan in the event of a borrower’s death – subject to terms, conditions and eligibility criteria.

  • To help you get on the road with the car you need, chat to your local credit union today about a car loan.


    The maximum interest rate which a credit union can charge is 12% (12.68% APR)*. In practice, most credit unions have interest rates which are significantly lower than that. Please check with your local credit union for further details. The maximum loan period can vary, depending on each credit union’s own policy.

    * For a €3,000 one year variable rate loan with an interest rate of 12%, an annual percentage rate of 12.68%, the monthly repayment will be €266.55 and the total amount repayable will be €3,198.56


    If you are already a member of a credit union, simply contact your credit union today

    To submit a car loan enquiry to your local or workplace credit union, please click on the Loan Enquiry link below.

    Alternatively, it’s as simple as contacting your credit union to discuss your needs. You’ll find contact details for your local or workplace credit union in our Credit Union Locator.

    If you’re not already a credit union member why not join today? You’ll find more details on what you need to join by clicking in the Join now link below.

    Loans are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating which may limit your ability to access credit in the future.

    Credit unions in the Republic of Ireland are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

    Credit unions in Northern Ireland are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

    CREDIT CARDS and LOANS for BAD CREDIT, loans with bad credit.#Loans #with #bad #credit

    Loans and Credit Cards for Bad Credit

    Welcome! Since 2005, we have been dedicated to helping those with a bad credit rating rebuild their credit. We provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary for you to find the best loans and credit cards for bad credit, regardless if you have a poor credit score or past credit problems. We continously update our offers to bring you the best bad credit offers available.

    If you are looking for the right offer to fit your financial needs or repair bad credit, please begin by choosing a category of offers below:

    Compare the top 10 credit cards for those with bad credit and apply online instantly.

    Compare auto lenders that approve people with a poor credit score.

    Review the best services for debt relief and debt consolidation loans.

    Need a cash loan to pay bills, take a vacation, or start a business? Apply now.

    Compare options to repair your bad credit history and improve your rating.

    Get a new home loan now at a great rate regardless of your past credit history.

    Tips and Advice

    ► 5 Steps to Rebuilding Bad Credit

    Loans with bad credit

    ► Credit Crunch Shrinking Size of Personal Loans

    Loans with bad credit

    ► Inside the Brain of an Auto Lender

    Loans with bad credit

    ► Filing for Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

    Loans with bad credit

    ► Which Type of Home Loan is Right for You?

    Loans with bad credit

    ► Too Much Debt? How to Break the Debt Cycle

    Loans with bad credit

    Unsecured personal loans, KeyBank, personal unsecured loans.#Personal #unsecured #loans

    Find a Location

    Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. EST

    Get a response to your email question within 24 to 48 hours.

    Personal unsecured loans Personal unsecured loans

    Grab hold of more possibilities.

    Find the right loan to put your plans into action.

    KeyBank Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

    Personal unsecured loans

    24-Hours Online Banking and Bill Pay

    Personal unsecured loans

    Debt Consolidation Calculator

    Personal unsecured loans

    Compare Personal Loans

    Find the Right Loan

    Personal Loans & Lines FAQ

    KeyBank Unsecured Personal Loan

    Get the money you need without collateral.

    A loan with many advantages, this fixed rate, no collateral personal loan with flexible terms can help you finance more expensive things you may need.

    Borrow wisely, get a personal loan.

    • Lock in a fixed rate, so you won’t have to worry about interest rate increases.
    • Take advantage of flexible terms: Choose the loan term you’re most comfortable with— including up to five years to pay.
    • No collateral required.
    • Competitive fixed rates, lower than most credit cards.
    • Minimum loan amount $5,000*.
    • Access loan information and make payments through Online Banking.
    • Earn 15,000 KeyBank Relationship Rewards ® points for opening a new Unsecured Personal Loan † and expanding your relationship with KeyBank.

    Choose how you’ll spend your loan.

    • Consolidate debt
    • Finance a special purchase
    • Cover a major expense

    Open your KeyBank Unsecured Personal Loan today!

    Access your accounts 24/7 through Online Mobile Banking.

    your loan payments?

    We’re here to help.

    Enroll in KeyBank Relationship Rewards ® and start earning points.

    * All credit products are subject to credit approval.

    • Be 18 years of age or older
    • Live within the following states: AK, CO, CT, ID, IN, MA, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, PA, UT, VT, or WA
    • Agree to provide additional personal and business information, if requested, such as tax returns and financial statements
    • Certify that all information submitted in the application is true and correct
    • Authorize the bank and or a credit bureau to investigate the information on the application

    † Your checking account must be enrolled in KeyBank Relationship Rewards prior to account opening to qualify for points. If you choose to enroll your KeyBank checking account in the Relationship Rewards program, there may be an annual fee based on the type of checking account that is enrolled. Point values earned for Activities, Bonus Activities and for opening, signing up for or being approved for a Relationship Product are subject to change. See the KeyBank Rewards Terms and Conditions for full details which may be found at

    Point values earned for Activities, Bonus Activities and for opening, signing up for or being approved for a Relationship Product are subject to change. There is a monthly cap of 1,500 points for Activity Point categories.

    Military Loans Facts – Omni Financial®, military payday loans.#Military #payday #loans

    The Facts About Military Loans

    Frequent moves, deployments, and military spouse unemployment can take a toll on the financial health of military families. Many live paycheck to paycheck and are unable to build up a substantial savings account or emergency fund. Having to come up with money to pay for a car repair, PCS-related cost, an uncovered medical bill, or other expense can compound already stressful circumstances. If you are a servicemember and find yourself in this situation, a military loan can help.

    What is a military loan?

    A military loan is a personal loan designed especially for active duty servicemembers. At Omni, we are proud to offer military loans to active duty members of the following military branches:

    Military loan eligibility

    If you are currently serving in one of the above branches and have at least eight months before your separation date, you are eligible to apply for an Omni military loan. We also provide military loans for career retired military personnel.

    Applying for a military loan

    Applying for an Omni military loan is easy and we offer several options. You can apply online, over the phone, or at one of our branch locations serving all military installations around the world. Even if you are stationed overseas, you can still apply for a loan.

    After applying

    You will receive a confirmation of your online application, as well as other updates, at the secure message center.

    Required information and paperwork

    • Social security number
    • End of month LES statement

    Free credit report

    As part of the application process, we will be accessing your credit report which details your credit history. You’ll receive a free copy of this report automatically upon completion of an online application. If you applied in person, you can request your free credit report at your local branch office.

    Security and privacy

    At Omni, we take your security and privacy very seriously. In order to apply for a loan, you will need to disclose some confidential and personal information. Whether you apply online, over the phone, or in person, you can be confident that your information will be safe and secure.

    The advantages of an Omni military loan

    Military loans from Omni provide a financial helping hand to military members. Some of the main advantages of using Omni for your lending needs include:

    Flexible amounts – You can borrow as little as $500 or as much as $10,000.

    Convenient – Apply online, over the phone or in person.

    Fast approval – We understand that when you need money, time is of the essence. That’s why our approval process is fast. In many cases you can receive loan approval and funding within hours.

    Responsible lending – While we do our best to approve your requested loan amount, we look at your ability to repay the loan before determining the amount you can borrow.

    In your community – We are one of the only military lenders that has actual brick and mortar locations. Our branch offices are located near all military installations around the country and we are proud to give back to the communities where we live and serve. Stop by any time to ask questions, apply for a loan, or get more information.

    Qualifying for a military loan

    To determine if you qualify for a loan, we look at several factors including your debts, income and credit history. We also realize that some military members have poor credit—this is not an automatic denial. Most of our lending specialists are former military and they understand the military lifestyle challenges that can sometimes affect a person’s credit score. We look at loan applications on a case-by-case basis and will take certain things into consideration.

    Receive funds fast

    The entire process from application to funding can be completed fast, depending on when we receive your application and any required documents. Omni Financial offers easy ways to receive your funds.

    Direct Deposit – We can deposit your funds into any stateside checking or savings bank account, and most U.S.-based banking institutions overseas. Once your funds are credited, they will be available for immediate withdrawal. You’ll pay no check cashing fees.

    Instant access – An even faster way to receive your funds is with an optional prepaid debit card available through selected Omni offices. You’ll be able to use your funds immediately.

    In-Office Pickup

    If you live near a select Omni branch, you can stop by and pick up a Money Network® Prepaid Debit Card and Money Network ® Checks. You’ll have easy access to your money* and be able to make purchases anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted, or get cash back with PIN debit purchases.

    Our loans have federal APRs that range from competitively low digits percentages to a maximum of 35.95%. Rates vary and are dependent on credit score, debts, the amount and length of the loan, and past credit history. When compared to other military loan companies, you’ll find that Omni’s interest rates are very competitive.

    Paying back an Omni military loan

    Omni loans are installment loans. You’ll have fixed monthly payments so you’ll know just how much you’ll be expected to pay back each month. Repayment terms range from 6 to 36 months. Upon approval of your loan, you’ll receive documents that will tell you the duration and the schedule of your loan repayment. That means there will be no surprises and you’ll be better able to budget yourself.

    Omni makes paying back your loan as easy and hassle-free as possible. We accept payments by cash, check, money order, draft, ACH or the most convenient method, military allotment. With a military allotment, your payment is automatic and always on time, no matter where you are in the world or what you are doing.

    The Omni guarantee

    As a leader in the military lending market, we are dedicated to providing professional, personalized service. As part of our commitment to customer service, we back all our loans with a 100% 15-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you change your mind or are not satisfied with your loan or our service, you can cancel your transaction within 15 days. No questions asked and at no cost to you.

    The Omni legacy

    Omni has proudly served the military for over 45 years. We were founded by a World War II veteran who saw that there was a need to help members of the U.S. Armed Forces obtain a personal loan, easily and quickly. We have branch offices throughout the United States and the world, and were one of the first online military lenders. Since our inception, we have provided military loans to hundreds of thousands of U.S. servicemembers. If you need financial assistance or would like to consolidate debt, contact us today and we will be happy to help you!

    Five easy steps to getting an Omni military loan!

    1. Apply online, in person, or over the phone
    2. Upload an end of month LES statement
    3. Our lending specialists will review and process all your information
    4. Receive your loan decision within hours
    5. Funds will be deposited into your bank account or alternatively you can choose to use the money network ® Prepaid Debit Card*.
    *Using the Money Network ® Prepaid Debit Card is subject to identity verification as required by the USA PATRIOT Act

    * Available from selected Omni offices.