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Loans direct

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Loans direct


Get the best terms on your loans from top lenders with Loans Direct. We make the process hassle-free and guide you every step of the way.

Loans direct


Whether you need a home loan, car loan, personal loan or a truck loan, we’re here to help! If you have a bad credit score, we can help fix that too.

Loans direct


Did you know in certain situations you can get a discounted interest rate? Or special waivers? Get all the information on loan interest rates here.

4 Ways to Get a No Credit Check Personal Loan, loan no credit check.#Loan #no #credit #check

How to Get a No Credit Check Personal Loan

When it comes to borrowing, each personal situation is different, and every borrower has his or her own needs for securing personal loans for various uses. Many consumers with less than stellar credit scores might face more difficulty getting approved, but various kinds of personal loans exist that don’t require a credit check or FICO score assessment. Although these no-credit-check personal loans will likely have higher interest rates, lenders are offering them because they realize that for many families, it can be hard to prove sufficient credit worthiness, especially in bad economic times. Follow these guidelines to help you get an affordable, no-credit-check personal loan.

Steps Edit

Method One of Four:

Finding the Right Lender Edit

Loan no credit check

Loan no credit check

Loan no credit check

Loan no credit check

Method Two of Four:

Evaluating Payday/Cash Advance Loans Edit

Loan no credit check

Loan no credit check

Loan no credit check

Loan no credit check

Loan repayments calculator, Clydesdale Bank, loan repayments.#Loan #repayments

Music to your ears

Personal loans from 1,000 to 35,000

Personal loans calculator

Calculate what your repayments could be

Knowing how much you can afford to borrow can be difficult to calculate – so we’ve tried to help you out with our loans calculator. Simply put in the amount you may want to borrow and the calculator will work out your estimated repayments over several timescales.

Please wait . loading calculator .

20.9% APR representative on loans from £1,000 – £2,999

23 monthly repayments of £50.48

and a final payment of £50.29

All loans subject to status. The rate offered may differ from the Representative APR shown. Maximum APR offered is 29.9%.

16.9% APR representative on loans from £3,000 – £4,999

35 monthly repayments of £105.06

and a final payment of £104.78

All loans subject to status. The rate offered may differ from the Representative APR shown. Maximum APR offered is 29.9%.

3.3% APR representative on loans from £5,000 – £7,499

35 monthly repayments of £145.97

and a final payment of £145.61

All loans subject to status. The rate offered may differ from the Representative APR shown. Maximum APR offered is 29.9%.

2.9% APR representative on loans from £7,500 – £15,000

47 monthly repayments of £275.92

and a final payment of £275.83

All loans subject to status. The rate offered may differ from the Representative APR shown. Maximum APR offered is 29.9%.

2.9% APR representative on loans from £15,001 – £25,000

47 monthly repayments of £441.47

and a final payment of £441.43

All loans subject to status. The rate offered may differ from the Representative APR shown. Maximum APR offered is 29.9%.

6.9% APR representative on loans from £25,001 – £35,000

59 monthly repayments of £589.68

and a final payment of £589.16

All loans subject to status. The rate offered may differ from the Representative APR shown. Maximum APR offered is 12.9%.

Apply now

To apply for a loan you must be aged 18 or over.

FAQ – Personal loans

Loan repayments

Important details

All loans are subject to status. The interest rate offered will vary depending on our assessment of your financial circumstances and your chosen loan amount. The rate offered may differ from the Representative APR shown.

* Loans may be granted over terms of 6 or 7 years if the loan amount is £7,500 or more and, if the purpose of the loan is to repay existing lending with us, the additional amount borrowed must be of greater value than the existing lending that is to be repaid.

Find a branch

Find your nearest Clydesdale Bank branch, Business and Private Banking centre or ATM

Contact us

Call us to speak to an advisor or apply for a personal loan by phone

Auto Loan Rates – Police and Fire Federal Credit Union, current auto loan rates.#Current #auto #loan #rates

current auto loan rates

Current auto loan rates

Current auto loan rates

Auto Loan Rates

Check out our competitive auto loan rates, as well as rates on any of our loan or share account products. We also have a variety of interactive calculators that can help you plan for your future. You may also apply online for a number of our products and services.

Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) are effective as of Thursday, November 16, 2017 and are subject to change.

2018, 2017, and 2016 Model Vehicles

2015, 2014, and 2013 Model Vehicles

2012, 2011, and 2010 Model Vehicles

Rates reflect a 1/4% discount with automatic payment from an active PFFCU Checking Account or distribution from a payroll check automatically deposited with PFFCU and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE . The AutoDraft can only be used to purchase or buyout a lease on an automobile (examples of vehicles that cannot be purchased using an AutoDraft are a motorcycle, mobile home, trailer, RV, boat, snowmobile, jet ski, off road vehicle, commercial vehicle, or any other untitled vehicle). The vehicle must be purchased from a business entity licensed to sell automobiles. PFFCU will only finance autos that have mileage of 75,000 or less. The maximum age of any auto to be financed is 6 years or less than the current model year (For example, as of January 1, 2017 the oldest auto to finance is a model from 2010). AutoDraft can only be used to purchase a new car in PA, NJ, DE, MD, FL, and NY or a used car from a licensed dealership in PA, NJ or DE.

  1. Your rate will depend upon your credit score, loan term and model year.
  2. All payments quoted above are based on per $1,000 borrowed. To get a monthly payment for a specific borrowed amount, multiply the per $1,000 payment factor by the number of thousand dollars borrowed. For example, if you borrow $10,000, multiply 10 by the figure noted next to the specified loan product.

Call Us with Questions

If you have questions or want to apply for a loan over the phone please call us

at 1-800-228-8801 or 215-931-0300.

Current auto loan ratesCurrent auto loan ratesCurrent auto loan rates

ABA Routing #236084285

Police and Fire Federal Credit Union

901 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

©2017 Police and Fire Federal Credit Union.

Loans for people with bad credit#Loans #for #people #with #bad #credit

loans for people with bad credit

Loans for people with bad credit

Loans for People with Bad Credit? No Problem! Bad Credit Loans Up to R150 000

Sick and tired of hearing NO. We say YES!

We specialize in loans for people with bad credit and we can help any financial problem you might have. It does not matter whether you have been blacklisted, are behind (in arrears) on your accounts or have a poor credit record.

Having a bad credit record can be frustrating and trying to get a personal loan from your bank can be a nightmare when you have a poor credit record.

If you re drowning in a sea of debt it can cause a lot of stress if nobody wants to help you with a personal loan. In fact when you re desperate for a personal loan it can be devastating being rejected by lenders who s not prepared to offer any financial assistance.

This is what makes bad credit loans (blacklisted loans) so great, because it was designed for people who have been rejected by lenders that have strict credit requirements. We have lenders who specialize in personal loans for people with bad credit.

Personal Loans For People With Bad Credit Up To R150,000

With a unsecured bad credit loan you do not need any security to qualify for a home loan. In other words lenders will ask you to pledge collateral such as a house for example to get a loan.

Blacklisted loans are ideal for non-home owners who do not own property. Not to say that if you re a homeowner you cannot apply for a bad credit loan, but if you want to borrow in excess of R150,000 then you need to apply for a home loan for people with bad credit.

To apply for a blacklisted loan simple complete the form above or click on the link below

The doors of financial help are not entirely closed for South Africans with a bad credit history. It is very reassuring to know that there are people who want to help you with a personal loan.

It does not matter what you do with your loan, but it is a good idea to settle your debt as soon as possible. By consolidating your debt it can help with your credit record. If you reduce your debt you can start to improve your credit record.

Who Can Qualify For A Bad Credit Loan?

Loans for people with bad credit are intended for people as the name would suggest are blacklisted, have garnishees on their payslip OR someone who does not have enough security to apply for a personal loan.

However, if you have been placed under debt counselling/administration you re not allowed to apply for loan.

How To Qualify For A Bad Credit Loan?

Here are the requirements to qualify:

– You must earn at least R1,500 pm

– You must have proof of income

– You must have a valid ID document

– You must have a valid bank account from a SA bank

– You must be permanently employed.

Click Here – Loans For People With Bad Credit

Loans for people with bad credit

Bad Credit Loans – View Loans for People with Bad Credit – South Africa, loans for people with bad credit.#Loans #for #people #with #bad #credit

Bad Credit Loans

Loans for people with bad credit

If you have bad credit and want to acquire a loan then you may have been refused because of your credit score. If you need extra capital then a bad credit loan could be what you are looking for as they are created specifically for people with a poor credit score in mind. Not only will you have access to the money you need but as long as you stick to the loan agreement they can be used to rebuild your credit rating. If a bad credit loan is what you are looking for then make sure that you compare as many different loans as possible before you apply. The interest on these loans will vary and some can be a lot more expensive than others. Bad credit loans are offered by many lenders in South Africa and we have listed below some of the top loan providers on the market. Use the chart to compare all the features of each loan to find the one most suited to your lending requirements. It is extremely important to read all of the terms and conditions for any loan you might apply for. Some loans may have certain charges which you might not be aware of. It is also sensible to understand the detail of any financial obligation you are getting into.

Loans for people with bad credit

If you wish to speak to someone: Contact Us

The term annual percentage rate describes the interest rate for a whole year (annualized), rather than just a monthly fee/rate


Amount you can borrow


Minimum borrowing period


Maximum borrowing period


Terms and conditions of loan


Applicants the loan is suitable for


Restrictions regarding potential borrowers


Loans secured with an asset


Loans which are not secured with an asset


Loans for people with bad credit

Loans for people with bad credit


South African ID number,over 18 years, employed and a bank account in your name

Loans for people with bad credit


For those seeking a short term financial solution to a short term cashflow problem

Loans for people with bad credit


You must be employed and have a South African ID number in order to qualify. You must be over 18 years old and have a bank account in your name

Loans for people with bad credit

Loans for people with bad credit

Loans for people with bad credit

Loans for Bad Credit People in Canada – 1 Month Loans, unsecured loans for people with bad credit.#Unsecured #loans #for #people #with #bad #credit

Loan for Bad Credit People in Canada

People make some financial blunders and get tagged with defaults, arrears, late payments, bankruptcy, foreclosure etc poor credit records. Such people always find it impossible to gain approval from conventional lenders. Loans for bad credit people in Canada are specially designed to provide monetary aid to bad credit holders. Salaried Canadian with bad credit history can apply for these loans at 1 Month Loans and arrange cash in no time.

Apart from being available for bad credit holders, these loans are also useful for tenants. Loans for bad credit people in Canada are offered for a short term so are unsecured in nature. While availing loans them, you will not have to pledge collateral against the borrowed amount. So, it will not matter if you do not have any property on your name.

To make use of these loans, you have to fulfill some basic criteria. You need to be a legal citizen of Canada. You must not be less than 18 years old. You should be working as a regularly employee for past six months. Your monthly income should be at least C$1000. You should also have an active bank account which can accept direct deposit.

If you qualify, you can access an amount ranging from C$100 to C$1500 as per your repayment ability. The loan term can be of 14-31 days in accordance with the day you get your next pay check. You will have no problem in getting rid of the debt after receiving your salary. Loans for bad credit people in Canada can fulfill your all temporary and vital requirements. You can utilize the borrowed sum for any legal purpose it can serve. You can renovate your house, repair your car, go for a holiday, fund your wedding, pay your insurance premiums or credit card dues, arrange money for your children’s school trip, deal with medical expenses or an unexpected journey and many other exigencies with the obtained funds.

These loans are easily accessible at 1 Month Loans with the help of an online procedure. You can make application for free at our site and receive various loan quotes in no time. After selecting the best deal for your situation, you can rest assured to get cash in your account in a few hours. Apply right away and get over your financial crisis in a hassle free way with loans for bad credit people in Canada!


We expect you to repay your loan on the date agreed, so if you do not think you are in a position to make your repayment, please do not apply with us in the first place. It is not worth risking your credit rating for such a small amount.

Please note that payday loans are meant to be used for short term financial emergencies and are not designed to provide long term solutions

The operator of this website is not a lender and does not make credit decisions. The information you provide will be used in securing you a payday loan with one of our carefully selected panel of leading Payday Loan Lenders in CANADA. The personal, financial and employment information that we collect is stored electronically during the duration of the application and is removed from our system upon acceptance from the lender.

Payday Loans No Checking Account, Second chance Bad Credit OK, small loans without credit checks.#Small #loans #without #credit #checks

Second chance Bad Credit OK

Small loans without credit checks

Have you heard about guaranteed payday loans for people with no bank account? These are the latest from payday companies that are aiming to lure in as many borrowers as they can into trying out their services. Just when we thought that they couldn’t be more lenient when it comes to the requirements for applying for instant cash loans, they have come up with this.

It was much more difficult to take out these loans in the past. Payday companies used to require borrowers to issue checks dated on the pay date of the borrower that would cover the full amount of the borrowed money, as well as the interest for it. It was one way for the lender to be sure that they would get their money back.

The problem is that it limited the number of borrowers who can take advantage of cash loans. Most of those who are forced to consider taking out a short term loan are those people who are not in great financial condition. There is little chance that they would have a checking account, since banks are rather strict when it comes to opening that sort of bank account. That was one reason why a great number of potential borrowers have been left out in the cold.

No Checking Accounts

So what the payday lenders is that they cut down on the requirements needed to take out a loan from them. They did away with the need to issue checks. That allowed a great number of borrowers who do not have checking accounts to use this financial product. All that is needed now is a savings account.

One Hour Approval

The payday companies even went a step further than that. They have made the processing of the loan to be available online. Now all that is needed is for a borrower to go to their website and provide all of the needed information there. The processing time for the online application is a lot faster. Normally it is just same day process. It is even possible to get an approval after just 1 hour.

Considering that it is all done through the internet that means you can get your money after just sitting and typing in front of your computer. That is certainly a far cry from the way that other forms of loans are processed where you would have to wait for a couple of days to find out if your loan application has been approved or not.

Loans Without Checking Account

Payday companies have now taken a much bolder step with their latest move. Some of them are now offering loans to people without checking accounts. In exchange for that they might ask more detailed information about your work and income. They would also charge you higher fees.

Whether you have a checking account or not, you should be very careful when it comes to taking out these loans. You might be committing a major financial mistake if you do so. You need to look at other options first.

Small loans without credit checks

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Payday loans are legal in: Alabama (AL), Alaska (AK), California (CA), Colorado (CO), Delaware (DE), Florida (FL), Hawaii (HI), Idaho (ID), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IA), Kansas (KS), Kentucky (KY), Louisiana, Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), Mississippi (MS), Missouri (MO), Montana (MT), Nebraska (NE), Nevada (NV), New Hampshire (NH), New Mexico (NM), North Dakota, Oklahoma (OK), Oregon (OR), Rhode Island (RI), South Carolina (SC), South Dakota (ND), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Utah (UT), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA), Wisconsin (WI), Wyoming (WY).

Payday loans are illegal in the following states: Arizona (AZ), Arkansas (AR), Connecticut (CT), Georgia (GA), Maine (ME), Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), New Jersey (NJ) New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Pennsylvania (PA), Vermont (VT), West Virginia (WV), the District of Columbia (DC).

Amounts: $100, $200, $300, $400, $500, $600, $700, $800, $900, $1000


Example: You borrow $100 for two weeks. Lender can charge you a $15 fee, which means you will have to repay $115 to the lender at the end of the term. The cost of the $100 loan is a $15 finance charge, which anounts to an annual percentage rate of 391 percent. If you decide to roll over the loan for another two weeks, lender can charge you another $15. If you roll-over the loan three times, the finance charge would climb to $60 to borrow the $100.

Implications of Non-Payment:

Some lenders in our network may automatically roll over your existing loan for another two weeks if you don’t pay back the loan on time. Fees for renewing the loan range from lender to lender. Most of the time these fees equal the fees you paid to get the initial payday loan. We ask lenders in our network to follow legal and ethical collection practices set by industry associations and government agencies. None payment of a payday loan might negatively effect your credit history.

A cash advance, also referred to as a payday loan or payday advance, is a small, short-term loan that is intended to cover a borrower’s expenses until the following payday. Cash advances are intended for short-term financial relief and do not constitute long-term financial solutions. Consumers facing debt and credit difficulties should seek out debt and credit advisory help. Consumers are encouraged to consult our Rates and Fees page to learn more about the risks involved with cash advances, local laws and regulations that may be applicable to cash advances, possible loan alternatives and recent developments in their state.

This website does not constitute an offer or solicitation to lend. We are not a lender, does not broker loans, and does not make loan or credit decisions. The operator of this web site is not an agent, representative or broker of any lender and does not endorse or charge you for any service or product. Our provides a service only and is not acting as a representative, agent, or correspondent for any service provider or lender. We are aim is to inform users of possible lenders who may be able to satisfy the needs of a particular consumer. We do not endorse any particular service provider, lender, nor loan product. You are under no obligation to use Our service to initiate contact, nor apply for credit or any loan product with any service provider or lender. Service providers or lenders will typically not perform credit checks with the three major credit reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax, or Trans Union. However, credit checks or consumer reports through alternative providers such as Teletrack or DP Bureau, which typically will not affect your credit score, may be obtained by some service providers or lenders, in certain circumstances. You will not be charged any fees to use our service. Learn more on our Rates and Fees section.

Residents of some states may not be eligible for a short term cash loan based upon lender requirements. We do not guarantee that completing an inquiry form will result in you being matched with a service provider or lender, being offered a loan product with satisfactory rates or terms, nor receiving a loan from a service provider or lender.

CREDIT CARDS and LOANS for BAD CREDIT, loans for people with bad credit.#Loans #for #people #with #bad #credit

Loans and Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Welcome! Since 2005, we have been dedicated to helping those with a bad credit rating rebuild their credit. We provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary for you to find the best loans and credit cards for bad credit, regardless if you have a poor credit score or past credit problems. We continously update our offers to bring you the best bad credit offers available.

If you are looking for the right offer to fit your financial needs or repair bad credit, please begin by choosing a category of offers below:

Compare the top 10 credit cards for those with bad credit and apply online instantly.

Compare auto lenders that approve people with a poor credit score.

Review the best services for debt relief and debt consolidation loans.

Need a cash loan to pay bills, take a vacation, or start a business? Apply now.

Compare options to repair your bad credit history and improve your rating.

Get a new home loan now at a great rate regardless of your past credit history.

Tips and Advice

► 5 Steps to Rebuilding Bad Credit

Loans for people with bad credit

► Credit Crunch Shrinking Size of Personal Loans

Loans for people with bad credit

► Inside the Brain of an Auto Lender

Loans for people with bad credit

► Filing for Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Loans for people with bad credit

► Which Type of Home Loan is Right for You?

Loans for people with bad credit

► Too Much Debt? How to Break the Debt Cycle

Loans for people with bad credit

1 No Credit Check Loans, Fast Cash Loan Today, small loans without credit checks.#Small #loans #without #credit #checks

No Credit Check Loans

We never require a Credi Check when making our personal loans as all we care about is that you have the ability to repay the money we loan you. We are the place to come to if you are looking for a personal loan with no credit check.

Fast Cash Loan Today

We can usually approve your fast cash loan in one hour or less meaning that you can receive your fast cash loan today .

Fast Cash Loan No Credit Check

No Credit Check is needed to receive your fast cash loan which is why we are rated #1 by those needing a fast cash loan no credit check

Guaranteed Fast Cash Loan

We guarantee to have your loan processed in one hour or less with no credit check and no faxing. Standing behind our promise for a guaranteed fast cash loan.

No Credit Check Cash Loan

We are the leader in making no credit check cash loan for whatever reason you may need some emergency cash loans fast

Unsecure Personal Loans

No security is needed for our fast cash loans as we deal only with unsecure personal loans


That’s what we do and all we do is make cashloans with no credit checks or faxing

Guaranteed Payday Loan

If you are looking for a guaranteed payday loan then use our free application and we will have everthing processed for you in one hour or less

A Deeper Insight Into Payday Loans

Payday loans can certainly be considered life savers when unexpected situations arise. It has happened to all of us at least once to be in great need of cash, just several days before the payday. Also referred to as “quick cash loans” or “no credit check loans”, these short-term loans have a series of benefits over the regular credits as we know them. Over the past several years, more and more people have become interested in fast cash loan no credit check, due to their numerous benefits and the convenient interest rates that are applied. Unexpected situations happen all the time. No matter if a relative becomes sick and you need money for treatment, or you have problems with the pipes and you need the services of a plumber, the USA payday loans can help you solve your money-related issues. These loans can be obtained in a matter of minutes, and no paperwork is required whatsoever. In this article you will find detailed information regarding payday loans and their advantages.

Small loans without credit checks


Fast cash loans or personal loans with no credit check are an option used by folk who find it hard to live inside their earnings, between 2 paydays. They are a way to get urgently required cash and get a fast cash loan today, with a promise of repayment inside thirty days. These loans come with minimum paperwork and are easily approved. There are some fast cash loans that are guaranteed approval and almost all offer fast cash loans with no credit check.

Small loans without credit checks

No Credit Check Cash Loan

Anyone can get a no credit check cash loan starting from $100-$1500. The term of repayment of these loans is short which varies from 15-31 days. The repayment must be met within the given time-frame. The funds being short term in nature and free from collateral are offered at a little raised rates of interest.

Most lenders that do personal loans with no credit check will offer loans with no credit checks or document faxing providing you work and have a stable income. The lender just whats to make sure they get their money back and that you have the income needed to pay the loan back, so they may ask you if you have any other loans including a home mortgage so they can work out if they will get paid back. To get a payday loan with no credit check you will probably have to pay slightly higher fees and the interest rate will probably by 1-2% higher. However, this is a small price to pay if you can secure a bit of extra cash to help pay off unexpected debts or cover some other unexpected financial emergency.

More than that, you are always able to apply for these no credit check cash loans online so that it will take away the stress of seeking out the offices of some credit or lending institution and sitting down to have a chat with a credit agent that has too many other things to do to be able to pay you their full attention and you can avoid the embarrassment of personally discussing your financial troubles.

The Internet is loaded with online credit facilities that not only make it easy for you to apply for a no credit check personal loan but also to determine which credit companies you should borrow from. Cash loans can be acquired instantly within a day. There are no formalities to be fulfilled by anyone to qualify. No credit check, no paperwork and no faxing formality is needed for approval.

Small loans without credit checks

Always check the terms and conditions to be sure you are getting direct cash advance loans and not a loan from a broker. You can save yourself a lot of money by choosing the right lender when looking for a no credit check personal loan. When you are faced with a financial crisis and need money fast, one solution may be to apply for one of the direct payday loans to give yourself enough time to get back on your feet financially. It only takes a few minutes and you can take care of that unexpected emergency that has come up before it becomes a bigger problem.

If you have a bad credit score,you will not be rejected by the lender. These are short term financial solutions and thus the lenders would not be reluctant to give them to people with bad credit. You need not worry if you have a bankruptcy or foreclosure in your credit report. These will never affect the chances of approval for this type of no credit check loan. Every borrower must try to get quotes from different lenders and get the best offer. Unless you search extensively in the internet for these loan lenders,you will not be able to get the lowest interest payday loan

Small loans without credit checks

Loans With No Credit Check

We make it easy for almost anyone to get a fast cash loan as we do all of our loans with no credit check. This means that nothing in your past credit history will stand in the way of you getting a fast cash loan today. Small loans without credit checksThis means you can take care of any emergency cash needs with ease. It doesn’t matter if you want the fast cash loan for car repairs, to pay household bills or just to have some extra money to handle other expenses our loans with no credit check are waiting for you.

Of course you have no obligation to actually take the loan we find for you if you don’t want to. It is totally up to you to decide if the terms of the loan are what you want and are looking for.

Small loans without credit checks

Fast Loans With Bad Credit

Trying to obtain a loan with bad credit can be a challenging and frustrating task. Many people who have a low credit rating are aware of the limited options that they have available to them for qualifying for a loan. Traditional loan options might not be available but fast cash loans can be a great help for people with bad credit.

Small loans without credit checks