Apr 26 2017

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Plus, we charge 25% less than than other payday lenders. +

*Applies to new customers only. Loan must be repaid on or before maturity date.

two in Grand Rapids and one in Greenville.

What are the implications of nonpayment or a late payment?

If a customer does not make their scheduled payment when due, which is the loan maturity date, we are required by state law to deposit their personal check, which we received at the time the loan was taken out as collateral, on the loan maturity date. If the check is returned unpaid we will charge a returned item fee of $25.00. The customer may also incur a fee from their bank. We will then attempt to contact the customer to make an payment arrangement for the full face amount of the check.

What is your Practice/Policy on responsible lending?

We provide credit in accordance with applicable laws but only when we have established a reasonable conclusion that the loan will be repaid in a timely manner. We believe ultimately that our customers are in the best position to make their own financial decisions.

What is your renewal policy?

By state law a customer may apply for a new loan once their previous loan has been repaid. Again, we believe our customers are in the best position to make these financial decisions. Our loan agreements and other in store notices state that our financial services are only to meet short term cash needs and are not intended for long term cash requirements.

Our locations are all located within the State of Michigan. We are governed by the State of Michigan Deferred Presentment Service Transaction Act. Act 244 of 2005. We adhere strictly to all provisions of this state law and all of its regulations. We also adhere to all national regulations related to short term loans. State law entitles our customers to file a complaint against us if they feel we have violated the law.

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