Aug 2 2017

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Services Offered by Horizon Air Conditioning

Air conditioning needs in Bullhead City are very demanding. With the heat of the local summers,
maintenance of your air conditioning system is the number one concern of Horizon Air
Conditioning of Arizona, Inc. In addition to trouble/service calls and new installations of Bullhead
City air conditioning, Fort Mohave air conditioning, Mohave Valley air conditioning and Golden
Shores (Topock) air conditioning, below listed are the primary services offered by Horizon Air
Conditioning of Arizona, Inc.

Diagnostic Service Call
For a fee, we will send a service man to your home to diagnose a specific problem; i.e. no cool
air , unit won’t come on , pilot won’t stay lit , etc. After the nature of the problem is determined,
charges are based on a flat-rate manual ( Customer Assurance Pricing ) and presented to the
homeowner before any work is done. Bullhead City air conditioning customers can be assured of
accurate diagnoses and repair estimates that are accurate and complete. Please note that Holiday
and Saturday service call rates are higher.

Spring Service
This service can be done when temperatures are consistently above 70-degrees for at least 3
consecutive days.

This service provided by Horizon Air Conditioning of Arizona, Inc. includes a cleanliness check
(filters, coils, etc.), check thermostat operation, check motor amp draw, check electrical
connections, check refrigerant charge, lubricate motors, rinse off the condenser coil and check
overall operation of the cooling system. At the homeowner’s request, we will extinguish the pilot
light on the furnace. A discount of 10% is offered on homes containing 3 or more air conditioning

Summer Service
Same as the Spring Service, but slightly more expensive due to the heat in the Bullhead City area.

Fall Service
Preventative maintenance on your heating system. Service provided by Horizon Air Conditioning of
Arizona, Inc. includes cleanliness check (filters, coils, etc.), check thermostat operation, check
motor amp draw, check electrical connections, light the pilot on gas furnaces, check the heat
exchanger, lubricate motors that can be oiled, check overall operation of the heating system.

Pilot Light
We will light your pilot and make sure it is operating properly for a nominal fee. When Horizon Air
Conditioning of Arizona, Inc. is asked to relight your pilot, we don’t just light the pilot. We check for
gas leaks, carbon monoxide and over-all inspect the pilot system.

Service Agreement Contract
The SA contract entitles the homeowner to one Spring Service and one Fall Service, plus 15%
off any parts and labor needed for repairs throughout the year. Service Agreement customers
also receive preferential treatment, even during the busiest times of the year.

New Installations
Horizon Air Conditioning of Arizona, Inc. is the #1 installation contractor for new air conditioning
systems in manufactured homes in the Bullhead City area and Mohave Valley area. In addition, we
install new air conditioning systems in older homes. Call Horizon Air Conditioning of Arizona, Inc.
for a free estimate for a new air conditioning system in your home. We will gladly supply you with
equipment options and costs.

Horizon Air Conditioning of Arizona, Inc. does not try to solicit your business by offering gimmick
pricing. We offer honest service with honest value.

Types of Heating Air Conditioning Systems

Types of heat:
Gas (natural or propane) – Natural gas is less expensive than propane. Both are more expensive to operate than a heat pump of 12 SEER or higher rating.
Electric – most expensive method of heat.
Heat Pump – least expensive form of heat.
All of these types are available in the Bullhead City area.

What is the difference between a split system and a package unit?
A split system uses indoor and outdoor components to provide a complete home comfort system. A package unit or self-contained unit requires no external coils, air handlers, or heating units.
All types of system comes in gas, electric and heat pump versions.

What is a Heat Pump?
A heat pump is an efficient type of cooling and heating equipment. In the cooling mode the heat pump operates like an air conditioner, removing the heat from indoors and transferring the
heat outdoors. In the winter the heat pump takes heat from the outdoors and transfers that heat to the indoors. Even at 32 degrees Fahrenheit there is plenty of heat in the outdoor air to warm a
home using a heat pump. As a supplement, electric resistance heaters can be installed in the indoor section of the heat pump to provide additional heat to your home on those unusually
cold days.

What is a Package unit?
GAS HEAT/ELECTRIC COOL PACKAGE UNITS offer an efficient, compact alternative for your home or business comfort needs. With a package unit, all cooling and heating components are
contained within one outdoor unit.

COPELAND COMPLIANT SCROLL COMPRESSORS. RUUD installs quiet, reliable Copeland Compliant Scroll Compressors in its entire residential package unit line. These compressors
are so reliable, they’re backed with a 5-year limited warranty on 10 SEER models, and 10 years on 12 SEER single-phase models.

A UNIT FOR ALMOST ANY APPLICATION. With available electric cooling ratings of 10, 12 and 13 SEER, and an impressive 80% AFUE gas heat rating, Horizon Air Conditioning of
Arizona, Inc. has the efficiency level you’re looking for. Our gas heat/electric cool package units are easily adaptable to either down discharge or side discharge. This, combined with
available capacities of between 1.5 and 5 tons, ensures there is a unit available for almost any installation requirement.

The experts at Horizon Air Conditioning of Arizona, Inc. can answer your questions about the different types of systems available, and advise you on what type
would best suit your personal comfort needs.

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