Dec 19 2017

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Arizona s #1 Hard Money Private Money Lender Since 1992


1-10 Year Terms!

Low Fees!

No Prepayment Penalties!

Kenwood Mortgage is one of the oldest and most respected hard money lenders in Arizona.  We fund all types of investment real estate including residential, commercial, multi-family, and land.  Our loans range in size from $50,000 to $25,000,000 with rate and fee structures that are considered among the most reasonable in the marketplace.

All loans are underwritten by principal decision makers which ensures speed, privacy, and a minimum of red tape. Most loans close in less than a week with little more than a simple application and credit report.  If the property qualifies and the loan makes sense for the borrower, we ll be prepared to close right away.

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Kenwood Mortgage Investments addresses the question:

Hard money lender or private money lender?

The history of our industry includes endless esoteric debate over wether to call itself private money or hard money lending. If you do an online search of both terms you’ll discover there is no single definition for either. Take a look at any private lender or hard money lender website and you’ll likely find both terms used interchangeably and frequently, but it’s not because they are confused. It’s all about ranking with the search engines and since the battle for business is now fought on the internet no one wants to leave to chance that all pistons aren’t firing. When the phone rings the borrower could be asking for either hard or private money and it makes no sense to argue with a good loan opportunity. “Are you guys private money or hard money?” My stock answer: “Absolutely. now tell me what you’re trying to accomplish so that we can craft an exacting loan to fit your needs.”

However, truth be told, given the opportunity to introduce myself where there are no preconceived notions about my business, I do prefer to say I am an Arizona private money lender. After all, “Private” leaves less to the imagination than “Hard”, don’t you think?

Kenwood Mortgage Investments is an Arizona private money lender, and yes, we are also an Arizona hard money lender. Call us anything you like, so long as you call us when you need a fast funding without unnecessary personal intrusion or bank underwriting neurosis.

We fund loan amounts of $50,000 to $25,000,000 usually within 24-48 hours of receiving a preliminary title report and are regarded by the industry as a lower rate/longer term alternative to typical terms offered by our competitors. Kenwood makes loans on the following property types:

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