Sep 8 2017

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Atlanta Psychic JuLee Hawkfeather, DD, CHt, is a nationally and internationally recognized psychic medium, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Love Relationship Expert.

She has clients all over the world, Budapest, Afghanistan, California, Iowa, Miami, New York, Connecticut, etc. They range from T.V. personalities, diplomats, doctor s, therapists, CEO s, entrepreneurs and more.

JuLee is available to give clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient readings. She often says that she doesn’t read cards, although she can do so, but rather she “reads the clients energy.

Accurate Psychic Readings

JuLee Hawkfeather is one of America s most accurate and reliable psychics. She is also a member of the prestigious professional organization The American Association of Psychics . JuLee has many gifted psychic and intuitive talents and services to offer. She can help you find clarity and direction in your most important life decisions.

Psychic Medium

Also, JuLee is a Psychic Medium; simply put she is able to read “ the other side” where those who have passed over can be contacted and where certain Ascended Beings of a higher realm are available. A medium channel reading can create closure and healing for those clients who have lost a loved one and at times can answer lingering questions about the passing.

Spiritual Coaching

JuLee offers Spiritual Coaching for those who want guidance in the area of expanded consciousness. With her psychic gifts and abilities JuLee can help you connect with the essence of who you truly are and your inner guidance. Helping clients evolve and transform to a higher conscious and getting in touch with their own intuitive abilities empowers one to access the fast track to live beyond this 3-D reality matrix. Special Spiritual Coaching packages are available click here for more information.

Hypnosis And Past Life Regression Therapy

With JuLee s Hypnotherapy she is able to relieve and release many negative energy forces that may be hindering you from the life you deserve. Intensive clearing on a deep subconscious level can help resolve relationship behaviors or lack of relationship issues, family problems including family curses, self sabotage, fear of success and abundance issues, as well inner child issues, and emotional issues.


JuLee is also a Shaman. Shamanism is an ancient form of spiritual healing. Shamans believe that all problems, physical, emotional or mental, have their root cause in spiritual imbalance. A shaman works to restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of the problem. Some of her shamanic talents include Soul Retrieval and Feather Healing.

Relationship Help With A Psychic Intuitive

Tired of dating the wrong type? Do you want to understand why all your relationships end badly? JuLee offers Intuitive Relationship Coaching to help you discover recurring self-destructive life patterns so you can make the necessary changes to allow healthy, functional relationship to come into your life.

What JuLee s clients have to say ..

Your Mp3 has done a great job of working it s magic. My husband has commented on how at peace and happy that I seem to be. Thank you JuLee! A.S. Atlanta

Finding the root cause of my negative programming and then replacing it with thoughts and beliefs of who I really am have helped me to become the kind of fearless person I’ve always wanted to be. C.S. Austin

Before hypnosis I use to over analyze everything. I’d get so overwhelmed I’d lose sleep. I didn’t realize that my bad energy was causing a lot of my own problems. T.R. Atlanta

Julee is available for private psychic intuitive readings. JuLee can conduct sessions in person or over the phone. Visit JuLee s Readings and Coaching page for a complete list of how she may be of help to you.

For a session with JuLee , please fill out the Appointment form to schedule a consultation or reading. You can find out more about her psychic readings, hypnosis and spiritual coaching sessions by clicking here .

What are you waiting for? Let JuLee help you find the clarity and direction you need, so you can start a life changing path today!

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