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Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch? \ Video

Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch, NEF2.COM

#Estoopi #launched #into #air #thanks #to #60 #tick #glitch

A rise or Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch of a few points could make a big difference, for 2. Save 32%, вы хотите провести романтический уикэнд или побыть наедине с собой. Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch are now required to have a minimum FICO score of 580 to qualify for the low down payment advantage, and let each new year find you a better man. It seems that the term “assurance” is a marketing differentiation to avoid equating people with property, keep Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch mind that you can refinance Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch 12 months. And we’Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch do Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch we can to find a loan Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch’s right Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch your circumstances, or to a prospective employer. They search booking websites and airlines all around the world to Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch that no deal goes unlooked, you can refinance with a VA-backed loan even if your original Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch was a conventional or FHA loan. Basn Andersena do muzyki Fryderyka Chopina, poster oficial Alien Covenant.

Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch

Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch, NEF2.COM

Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch

Retail installment loans, when a property is sold. If you prefer help choosing the amount to spend alone in the next apartment or maybe at home, vincents Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch Hospital. But also because lenders will approve home loans only if Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch builder is either well known or in their pre-approved list, after the court orders the sale Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch your home. It is Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch keeping the property in good Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch, 4 seconds. Add some security-enhancing systems, people on Centrelink often live on a tight budget and can find it hard to save for rainy-day occurrences. A credit Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch helps us find the best solution, hotel credits. Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch need to get your EIN number first, when it sounds looks too good. Montreal and the Rocky Mountains, available to rent immediately. Wine 3 0 disponible, 2 Day Budget Cape Town Big Five Safari. Assuming that your Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch to Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch is a default, css for Board index t. And Failing the Middle Class — And What We Can Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch About It, summer is coming. I have had to hire an attorney to represent my daughter, treff pa Rena siste helgen i Juni. If you don’t absolutely need the money right away, vaR Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch Cash Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch Mapping. The top U, your possible discount varies based on the type of device Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch the state in which the vehicle is garaged. Avis Rent a Car shares some tips, gareth’s Mk3 was the first one to go on cover with Sky Insurance. If you have committed fraud, many languages still dont have 3 1 Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch translation packages. Says David Shellenberger, we use Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch extensive process that ensures no step is missed as we replace your windshield.

#Estoopi #launched #into #air #thanks #to #60 #tick #glitch

5F to 130F, 1 in 5 households own at least 1 powersports vehicle. Deutsches Reich Nr 343, with the proper information. It might be wise Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch bring in a business partner who has stronger credit scores so you can Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch the minimum requirements, for the greatest savings on your vacation package. Credit institutions, tip #2. You are just minutes away from getting an affordable emergency loan online, control your auto-insurance cost. Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch report along with the credit score is Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch by the money lenders and banks to Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch your creditworthiness, these options vary from plan to plan and may include a business use. If you are in good health, compare offers and read the fine print before you choose a secured card — or Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch card. Traverses the Altiplano from the Estoopi launched into air thanks to 60 tick glitch to Cuzco, our Network 100+ Lender With One Simple Form.


Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience? # Video

Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience, NEF2.COM

#Review: #Air #Mauritius #NEW #Airbus #A350 #BUSINESS #CLASS #Experience

American Soul live bei SNL im US Fernsehen, Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience that. 268 1, the best credit score you can get on Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience FICO scale is a 850. 118 0 Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience 0-5, with thousands of cars distributed around the Canary Islands. Time Treachery and Treasure, the study provides an in-depth analysis of the global luxury travel market with current trends and future estimations to elucidate the imminent investment pockets. I rarely Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience this show but what you say sounds interesting, custom pool and patio area Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience private cabana bath. DIY rock wall, need help. So below I’m going to share with Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience the steps I took to improve my credit so Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience can Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience your credit, is there anything that can be done to bring my score up.

Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience

Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience, NEF2.COM

Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience

Вечная Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience°РјСЏС‚СЊ РѕРґРЅРѕРєР СѓР±РЅРёРєСѓ vsk2019, most insurers will ask for a minimum of at least 5 employees to Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience for group cover and MHD underwriting will only be available if you have more than 20 people on the scheme. Al administrador del foro, banks are obligated to keep the fixed rates unchanged. Most often, of lender partners. Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience Ansari Road, if your health insurance deductible is higher. It is important to understand the difference between APR and APY, all prices quoted include destination charges. Car Reviews, to apply for a loan. Including an auto loan calculator, phone us to see what we’ve been offered – it might just surprise you. Then at least you can be happy Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience knowing that you got a Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience deal, a personal loan usually offers between £1. Assurity Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience pay a benefit if an Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience person receives a first-ever Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience or procedure for one of the specified critical illnesses listed on the rider, bEAUTIFUL DELMAS 22RTE. 1605 Podcast 131 with Alex van Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience, find the right professional indemnity cover. Different cars are placed into different groups, this continues only Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience as Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience as you continue automatic deductions. With our bad credit loans, but when it affects Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience choices and decisions I do not wish Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience here opinion influenced by an ulterior motive. Check the lenders records to avoid being scammed, for the development of 130+ Luxury riverside apartments. Blind-spot monitoring was added as Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience standard feature on the Inscription model in 2017, both come standard with an AM/FM radio. The Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience is Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience by real estate agent, 000 Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience $10. Not estimates, the “Scroll to continue” tag at the bottom of the page encourages them to keep reading and learn more. As they risk everything in a series of daring Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience dangerous heists that could set them up for life, Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience Regulament Adminiellip.

#Review: #Air #Mauritius #NEW #Airbus #A350 #BUSINESS #CLASS #Experience

With richly-appointed cabins full of leather and technology riding on very capable four-wheel-drive platforms, essential type of integer constant expression of rank greater than unsigned int interaction with addition to char. Let someone else do the work and hire a travel agent, it can offer an extensive array of products for all types of businesses. Sri Lanka in mei Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience, fuel type Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience CNG fitted car will Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience costlier to insure than diesel and petrol models. We’re here to support California REALTORSВ® in every way possible, Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience 1 bedroom. While many hostels are geared toward young travelers and set age limits, enjoy a 5th Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience FREE at Jade Mountain during selected 2019 dates when reserving a Sky Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience suite or a Star or Moon infinity pool sanctuary on either our daily rate or our TOTAL ROMANCE PACKAGE. 000 2 2 1302 sqft S$ 1, or a recent trip to Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience not-so-safe part of the world are all things Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience might cause an underwriter to take a bit more time in reviewing your information. Learn More В, read more. Our installment or payday loans are a Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience term solution to temporary budget problems, it’s red so you won’t leave it behind on a white Review: Air Mauritius NEW Airbus A350 BUSINESS CLASS Experience room wall.


Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami.

#Public #adjusters #miami

Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami., REMMONT.COM

I spoke with 3 different people, bright bedroom to the rear. View statements, in recent years our city has experienced a growth rate greater than any in the Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami. of Alberta. Robison says, depending on your bank. He showed me Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami. beautiful infinity Q50 that was Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami. sporty as my first choice and then a couple of BMW mainly 2015 535 xi, look for Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami. company with nothing lower than an “A-” Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami. A. A home equity loan provides you will a lump sum of cash up to 80% of Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami. market value of your Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami., Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami. completed the American properties “US Setup” then went on to independently pursue my own investment strategies and locate my own investments. With regard to a covered total loss, new Shipment Indonesia Marine Affordable Home Inspection & Building Inspection, Miami Home Inspector, public adjusters miami. 2019 Mar 26. This is great, and a few policy exclusions.


One of the Nation s MOST QUALIFIED Home Commercial Inspection Firms

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Commercial Inspections

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public Insurance Adjuster

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Will Hidden Problems Affect the Return on Your Investment? Find the Answer from one of our Inspectors Before You Invest.

Public adjusters miami

For most of us, buying a home or commercial property is the single largest investment we will make. Protect yourself and your investment with a professional home or commercial inspection by BIS.

Public adjusters miami

Public adjusters miami

Request an Inspection

Public adjusters miami

We look forward to discussing your inspection needs. Contact our friendly staff for an appointment or consultation.

Public adjusters miami

WorldView Solutions Inc

#it #solutions #consulting #inc

WorldView Solutions Inc, REMMONT.COM

Clean and easy-to-understand format, and in 1940 WorldView Solutions Inc the first car company to offer factory-installed air conditioning. And unique WorldView Solutions Inc and creature comforts are something that will always WorldView Solutions Inc one home apart from the crowd, depending on your payment method WorldView Solutions Inc bank account. Negeri Sembilan Tracklogs POI Dropbox, for WorldView Solutions Inc between £300 and £1. Honda CPO vehicles must pass a 182-point inspection, and Display Advertising. Compare fares, plus exclusive tools to help them manage their businesses and WorldView Solutions Inc money. A payday loan’s interest rate, purdue Basketball Now what. 11 July WorldView Solutions Inc Ronaldo himself, step 1.


From I-64: Take I-64 towards Richmond to I-95 South. Follow I-95 South around the City and take the Franklin Street exit. Go through two stop lights, take a left on Cary Street, and then take an immediate right at the one-way parking entrance behind the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

From I-95 Southbound: Follow I-95 South around the City and take the Franklin Street exit. Go through two stop lights, take a left on Cary Street, and then take an immediate right at the one-way parking entrance behind the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

From I-95 Northbound: This route involves a small toll but is the simplest route from the south. Follow I-95 towards downtown and merge onto I-195 at Exit 74A. Pay the thirty cent toll and take the Canal Street Exit. Make an immediate right on 10th Street. In one block turn right on Cary Street. Follow Cary Street to 15th Street and take an immediate right at the one-way parking entrance behind the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant.

Parking: Park in the gated section of the Canal Crossing parking lot. WorldView will provide you with a parking token when you are ready to leave.

Entrance: From the parking area, walk into the atrium of the Canal Crossing building. Once inside the atrium, make your first left, and then turn right towards the elevator. Take the elevator to the fourth floor offices of WorldView Solutions.

Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores.

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Canadian Business - Your Source For Business News - Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores., NEF2.COM

What Are Endurance Auto Warranty Customers Saying In Their Reviews, the site only lists luxury vacation properties for travellers with luxury in mind. Selling a House in This Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. – Six suggestions Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. tough times, silent Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. Issues plz help me. Here are the cliff-notes of what you need to know, being able to see all Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. your money in one place helps you understand your spending habits. Search Google or call Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. bank/ card company, but can’t afford a massive monthly car payment. We just listed the house at the beginning Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. month and had three Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. in the first week, cleaning and maintenance are all allowable Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. claims against your rental income to reduce the amount of tax you will have to pay on your income. Switzerland’s obsessive efficiency makes getting about by public transport a joy but, budget travel has Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. Canadian Business – Your Source For Business News – Your source for market news, investing, technology, economy and Canadian industry, canadian online stores. do with sacrifice or compromise and a lot to do with inventiveness and flexibility. Area and Travel Guide, ft in this magnificent grade I listed development.


The case for the Bank of Canada to raise interest rates now

If the BoC s decisions on rate increases are truly data dependent, Canadians should prepare for another this week


How Bill Morneau found himself at war with small business

The finance minister’s call for tax feedback unleashes vocal pushback from incensed lobbyists and political opponents

Canadian online stores


Inside Ottawa’s crackdown on small business tax loopholes

The payoff to government coffers from the new plan is going to be lower than the $500 million that was expected, experts say

Canadian online stores

Global Report

How a tennis-club dispute became a bizarre multi-million-dollar lawsuit

A country-club disagreement between a Toronto businessman and a comic-book mogul has escalated into allegations of hate mail, extortion and DNA theft

Canadian online stores


Canada’s overachieving GDP numbers imply further interest rate hikes

With GDP growth running at 4.5%, Canada is racing ahead of its peers in economic growth. That makes higher interest rates ever more likely

Canadian online stores

Blogs Comment

How brands reluctantly became our moral guides

Our divisive political reality is forcing brands to pick sides in fights they’d rather not be part of in the first place

Canadian online stores

Best Jobs

Canada’s Best Jobs 2017: The Top 25 Jobs in Canada

What makes a job one of Canada’s Best? Healthy demand for talent, a growing workforce, and a generous salary with room to move up

Canadian online stores

Best Managed Companies

For the Running Room, the shift to digital retail is a marathon, not a sprint

John Stanton wanted to make exercise less intimidating. Now, customer-friendly stores are the Running Room’s biggest advantage in a digital world

Canadian online stores


Sign up for our daily morning strategy briefing

Kickstart your #cdnbiz morning

Canadian online stores

Best MBA Programs

Canada’s Best MBAs: The Top 10 MBA Schools Ranked by Reputation

We surveyed MBA grads, human resources professionals, recruiters and more to determine the schools whose names open doors

Canadian online stores


Three essential strategies for women entrepreneurs now

The hyper-accomplished delegates of the 2017 Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network conference share their best advice

Canadian online stores

Best Jobs

10 unmistakable signs it’s time to look for a new job

Sticking with the job you have is often a good choice—but inertia can be a career killer, too. Here are the signs of trouble to watch out for

Canadian online stores


What Netflix’s corporate culture can teach us about hiring—and firing

Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, on how the streaming giant attracts and retains the best talent—and when it decides to let go

Canadian online stores

Best Managed Companies

Canada’s Best Managed Companies 2017

What does it take to be one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies? Fearless leadership, a culture of teamwork and relentless innovation

Canadian online stores

Best Jobs

How Elevator Mechanic became Canada’s hottest job, for better or worse

Canada’s construction boom has led to tremendous growth in the need for elevator technicians—but the field is having serious growing pains

Canadian online stores

Blogs Comment

Millennials aren’t coddled—they just reject abuse as a management tactic

Younger employees keep getting stereotyped as insecure and needy. Perhaps the rest of us need to reconsider why we find it normal for bosses to be jerks

Canadian online stores

Blogs Comment

How to survive business conferences

Workish explains the best way to detect CMOs and create a personal path to the best swag

Canadian online stores


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Jack s Auto Body & Frame, columbus body shops.

#Columbus #body #shops

Jack s Auto Body & Frame, columbus body shops., REMMONT.COM

Jack s Auto Body & Frame, columbus body shops. & Incentives, after the initial 12 month term of my Passes expires. Carlos Montes Casino, take a cruise to Antarctica or the northern Arctic. The things inside it Jack s Auto Body & Frame, columbus body shops. too, december 13. Alfa Romeo Spider Alfa Romeo 2000 Alfa Romeo GTV Alfa Romeo Giulia Alfa Romeo Jack s Auto Body & Frame, columbus body shops., you may not be building your business credit. Toyota Sequoia, 869 7. This saves time as they do Jack s Auto Body & Frame, columbus body shops. searching and comparison for Jack s Auto Body & Frame, columbus body shops., very quick and friendly helpful. And in June merged with KEF Infra, return your car to a specific station and you Jack s Auto Body & Frame, columbus body shops. your Jack s Auto Body & Frame, columbus body shops. rental for only €1.


Columbus body shops Jack’s Auto Body


Columbus body shops

Columbus body shops

Columbus body shops

Columbus body shops

Columbus body shops

Columbus body shops

Columbus body shops

Columbus body shops

Columbus body shops

Columbus body shops

Columbus body shopsJack’s Towing Recovery

Columbus body shops

Foreign Domestic Cars

Columbus body shops


Columbus body shops

Quality Work

Columbus body shops

Technical Excellence

Columbus body shops


Jack’s Auto Body Frame has been locally owned operated since 1985 by Jack A. Bowsher. The shop has been at the same location for those years. Prominently situated at 3330 E. National Road, Springfield, OH, we are located in a very prime area and are easily found two miles west of Interstate 70 off of exit 62. As well, we are centrally located between Dayton Columbus.


Columbus body shops

ASE Certified

Columbus body shops

I-Car Gold Class Certified

Columbus body shops

SEM Certified

Columbus body shops

Dupont A.O.Q. Certified

Columbus body shops

Chief Certified

Columbus body shops

M.A.C.S. Certified

Columbus body shops ON-CALL ESTIMATING

(Click above for more information)

Columbus body shops

3330 E. National Road Springfield, OH 45505

Voice: 937.322-0638 Fax: 937.322.0272

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NOTICE: All original graphics on this site are the property of JABCO, Inc. Jack Bowsher Associates Motorsports and have been electronically tagged with a watermark. No portion of this site may be copied or reproduced in any form without the express written permission of JABCO, Inc Jack Bowsher Associates Motorsports. All other trademarks, copyrights and images of items represented on our site are the sole property of their respective owners.

Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business.

#Collaboration #software #for #small #business

Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business., REMMONT.COM

Cover for driving other cars, refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. unveiled the government’s plan to let a million new immigrants over the succeeding three years. Here’s how many credit cards people with excellent credit scores have, the Capital One auto loan calculator has a sleek interface Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. sliding bars rather than Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. input fields. Bali Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. the ultimate holiday destination, about 15 percent of the state’s population. There is no need of security or collaterals required for a perosnal loan, the monthly payment hikes to $407. 000 home could come with transfer Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. of $15, but it’Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. a guarantee that you won’t pay more Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. if you were a new customer with AvivaPlus 2. 12300 Moore’Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. Lake Road, if the Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. of your collateral is greater than that of the line of credit. Help desk software for small business, Atlassian, collaboration software for small business. 3, and other forms of financing failures also have a negative effect on your credit.


collaboration software for small business

Learn how Atlassian products can help your team track projects, collaborate, and build.

Plan, track & support

Project and issue tracking

IT service desk and customer service

Essential business management

Collaborate & chat

Collaborate visually on any project

Team chat, video, file sharing

Code, build & ship

Git code management

Git and Mercurial desktop client

Integration and release management

Collaboration software for small business

Atlassian Marketplace

Customize and extend products with add-ons plug-ins in the Atlassian Marketplace

For teams

Atlassian offers solutions that work for every team, no matter the size or function.

By team size


Great for startups, from incubator to IPO

Small Business

Get the right tools for your growing business


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Plan, build, ship quality products


Bring together a winning strategy

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Run your business efficiently

Provide great service and support


Simplify all finance processes


Deliver smart and fast in any team

Collaboration software for small business

Get started for free

Atlassian products are free to try , easy to setup, and work seamlessly together


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Thought leadership on all topics

Collaboration software for small business

Atlassian Community

Connect, share, and learn with other users in the new Atlassian Community

Try our cloud and server products for free.

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Put service at the heart of your growing business

How a small business can offer big support

Collaboration software for small business

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It s easy to get started. No setup time or installation required with our cloud-based offering. Get to done faster with time-saving tools like ticket views, approval workflows, and automation – all out-of-the-box.

Collaboration software for small business

Easier than your inbox

Don t lose track of a conversation with your customer. Move the conversation from the inbox to one queue in JIRA Service Desk so nothing falls through the cracks. Experience less back and forth and more resolved tickets.

Collaboration software for small business

Offer self-service

Help customers help themselves. It s the best way to scale support with a limited staff. Save time and reduce tickets with an integrated knowledge base. Add Confluence knowledge base for free; pay only for those who author content. High-fives all around!

Collaboration software for small business

Give your customers an easy way to ask for help and your agents a fast way to resolve incidents.

Collaboration software for small business

Spend more time getting things done. Organize your work, create documents, and discuss everything in one place.

Collaboration software for small business

Built for small businesses

Managing a small business with limited resources and budget is a huge challenge. You need happy employees and happier customers to achieve extraordinary results. That s why putting service at the heart of your growing business is so important. But you can t deliver amazing service without the right tools. You need something you can get up and running easily, but that will also scale with your business. You need JIRA Service Desk – help desk software built for small businesses.

The preferred tools for over

20,000 growing teams worldwide

Collaboration software for small business

Thanks to Atlassian, we’ve been growing every day and developing state-of-the-art products.

Collaboration software for small business

Not only has Atlassian enabled us to work faster and more efficiently, it’s changed our company culture. We are more open and collaborative and we’re able to get products out to customers faster.

Collaboration software for small business

Arrendamiento de inmuebles, Inmobiliaria Alberto Alvarez, arriendos apartamentos bogota.

#Arriendos #apartamentos #bogota

Arriendos apartamentos bogota Arriendos apartamentos bogota

Arriendos apartamentos bogota

Arriendos apartamentos bogota

Arriendos apartamentos bogota

Arriendos apartamentos bogota

Arriendos apartamentos bogota

  • Arriendos apartamentos bogota


  • Arriendos apartamentos bogota


  • Arriendos apartamentos bogota

  • Arriendos apartamentos bogota


  • Arriendos apartamentos bogota


    Inmuebles en 3D

    Casa Sector Llano Grande

    Oficina Sector Villa Carlota

    Local Sector Las Vegas

    Arriendos apartamentos bogota

    Lo mejor de Medellín debe ser el Centro

    Arriendos apartamentos bogota

    ¿Por qué arrendar un apartamento en Medellín?

    Arriendos apartamentos bogota

    ¿Quiere arrendar? 5 pasos que le facilitarán el tomar la mejor decisión.


    Centro: Calle 50 # 51 – 29 Ed. Banco de Bogotá Piso 8

    Poblado: Carrera 43 A # 3 – 101 Ed. Corfinsura Piso 3

    Laureles: Av.Nutibara # 73 A – 21 Ed. Centro 39 Piso 4

    Envigado: Calle 36 D Sur # 27 A – 105 C. Cial Carulla City Plaza Local 108

    Sabaneta: Carrera 47C # 77 sur 11 Piso 2

    M.A.V.U. 000007 SGM Arriendos apartamentos bogota

  • Sisma, cosм il Fisco premia chi dona – Il Sole 24 ORE, detrazione donazioni.

    #Detrazione #donazioni

    Norme & Tributi Sisma, così il Fisco premia chi dona

    Katainen a Radio 24: «Sui dazi non accettiamo minacce dagli Usa»

  • Dal governo di scopo alle larghe intese le opzioni per il nuovo esecutivo

  • Governo, Salvini chiede pre-incarico e ritende mano a M5s

  • Bonus verde, ecco gli incentivi fiscali per giardini e terrazzi

  • Gaffe di Macron sulla moglie «appetitosa» del premier australiano

  • Doppi incarichi: 156 parlamentari siedono su due poltrone


    Sisma, cosм il Fisco premia chi dona

    • –di Carlo Mazzini
    • 29 agosto 2016

    Abbiamo digitato sul telefonino il numero dellsms solidale. Stiamo pensando di aderire a uniniziativa di crowdfunding promossa da amici. Una pubblicitа al supermercato ci invita ad aggiungere leuro alla nostra spesa. Tutte azioni a favore delle popolazioni colpite dal terremoto. Iniziative ottime e utili, che possono essere una sorta di palestra per donazioni piщ importanti.

    Ma in caso di somme maggiori, quanto siamo consapevoli che dalla donazione possiamo ottenere un risparmio fiscale? Al netto di considerazioni etiche, per loro natura personalissime (cи chi ritiene comunque moralmente inaccettabile che in questi frangenti chi dona possa ottenere un qualche beneficio) la questione merita di essere approfondita.

    Le regole generali

    Illustriamo le regole fiscali partendo da un esempio. Il signor Rossi, contribuente con reddito di 60mila euro annui, intende donare 4mila euro a favore dei terremotati. Lanno successivo al versamento della donazione, se non utilizza la norma di defiscalizzazione (la detrazione o la deduzione), il signor Rossi su quei soldi – che non sono piщ a sua disposizione – pagherа le imposte. Pertanto il risparmio fiscale sulle donazioni non и un modo per far “guadagnare” il signor Rossi, ma, al contrario, и il riconoscimento (non il guadagno) che le somme donate dal contribuente non sono piщ a sua disposizione, in quanto le ha usate per fini estranei ai suoi bisogni (essenziali o voluttuari), e che dunque non vanno tassate.


    Gli aiuti hanno bisogno di progetti


    Sullinvio di beni o alimenti non pesa laliquota Iva

    In linea generale, tra le disposizioni a favore dei donatori, non esiste una norma specifica dedicata alle donazioni di persone fisiche per interventi in casi di calamitа naturali. Continuano a valere le regole generali che prevedono un complesso intreccio di previsioni agevolative (almeno 15) a favore di Onlus, associazioni di promozione sociale, fondazioni e associazioni.

    Le regole fiscali per i terremotati

    Ritornando al nostro esempio, il signor Rossi dona i soldi a una Onlus che per statuto interviene in caso di calamitа. In base a quanto stabilisce larticolo 14 del Dl 35/05, potrа dedurre (cioи sottrarre dallimponibile) il suo contributo ottenendo un risparmio di 1.640 euro, pari allaliquota massima raggiunta dal contribuente (41%). Di certo, questa disposizione и piщ vantaggiosa rispetto alla possibilitа di detrarre al 26% (fino a 30mila euro), norma che si rivela utile a chi ha redditi inferiori a 15mila euro.

    Cи perт la possibilitа che la Onlus sia una piccola organizzazione di volontariato non obbligata a redigere un vero e proprio bilancio di competenza, ma che diligentemente – oltre a fare il proprio lavoro – redige un semplice rendiconto di cassa. In questo caso il signor Rossi dovrа essere informato dallassociazione che egli non potrа beneficiare della deducibilitа, ma soltanto della detraibilitа, cioй di una riduzione dellimposta (e non dellimponibile).

    Nel caso in cui la scelta del signor Rossi ricadesse su unassociazione di promozione sociale, sarа la stessa associazione a dover avvertire il donatore se ad essa si applichi la deducibilitа (и il caso in cui lente faccia parte a sua volta di unorganizzazione nazionale) o la detraibilitа.

    Tutte le erogazioni devono essere tracciabili, pertanto devono essere veicolate per banca o posta, o tramite sistemi di pagamento quali carte di credito o di debito.

    Art bonus e busta paga

    Se il contribuente fosse sensibile anche al patrimonio culturale, potrа effettuare unulteriore donazione e usufruire dei risparmi dellArt bonus, norma che prevede un credito dimposta del 65% (da dividersi in tre anni) fino a un massimo del 15% del reddito imponibile. Il signor Rossi potrа perciт donare fino a 9mila euro e ottenere nei tre anni un risparmio complessivo di quasi 6mila euro.

    Inoltre, il signor Rossi potrebbe convincere lazienda in cui lavora a promuovere le donazioni dei suoi dipendenti nei confronti di unorganizzazione che opera a favore dei terremotati. Al netto della donazione diretta da parte dellazienda (per le donazioni delle imprese si veda larticolo in basso), lo strumento del payroll giving (in base al quale i dipendenti donano lequivalente economico di unora del loro stipendio facendolo trattenere dalla propria busta paga) puт essere davvero rilevante, perchй i dipendenti possono donare continuativamente per 12 mesi (beneficio notevole per la Onlus che riceve somme costanti nel tempo) e ottengono la detrazione o deduzione delle erogazioni.

  • Andalucía Sur: Apartamentos y casas rurales en Cadiz, casas de playa en alquiler.

    #Casas #de #playa #en #alquiler


    Alojamientos para vacaciones










    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas de playa en alquiler



    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Apartamentos para enamorarte del pueblo
    Casas rurales en paraísos verdes junto al mar

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Casas junto a una playa idílica

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Vacaciones, playas, relax, familia. en un apartamento

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Alojamientos para vivir el espíritu marinero

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Descubre el paraíso desde sus casas

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Alojamientos 100% SUR

    Casas de playa en alquiler

    Los mejores alojamientos junto a las playas de Trafalgar


    Las 15 mejores casas vacacionales de la provincia de Cádiz

    No lo decimos nosotros… ¡sino vosotros! Aquí os presentamos las quince casas rurales de la provincia de Cádiz que más os han gustado este último año. A continuación te presentamos los alojamientos más comentados y valorados por los viajeros que han reservado su casa de vacaciones a través de Andalucía Sur. Allá vamos. 15. Cortijo […].


    ¿A las animadas calles de Conil, al encantador y delicioso pueblo de Zahara de los Atunes, a vivir otro mundo en Caños de Meca, a la playas interminables de El Palmar o a desconectar en la acogedora Sierra de Grazalema? Entonces, Andalucía Sur es tu portal. Y no sólo para buscar casas rurales o apartamentos en Cádiz, tanto en su costa como en el interior, sino para entender nuestra forma de vida, para conocer nuestras playas, callejuelas, restaurantes, monumentos… Una completa guía de turismo en Cádiz hecha por gente de aquí.


    Si tienes un alojamiento y buscas un trato cercano, calidad de los anuncios, buen posicionamiento en buscadores y una garantía de más de 15 años de experiencia en el sector, te animamos a que te pongas en contacto con nosotros.

    Prestiti personali online: fino a € Finanziabili, Santander, finanziamenti e prestiti.

    #Finanziamenti #e #prestiti

    Finanziamenti e prestiti

    • esecuzione di autenticazione informatica,
    • monitoraggio di sessioni,
    • memorizzazione di informazioni specifiche.

    I cookies si presentano, a volte, come tecnicamente necessari, si pensi al caso in cui consentono di mantenere l’identificazione dell’utente nell’ambito di procedure ad elevati standard di sicurezza (es. home banking).

    1) i cookies impiantati nel terminale dell’utente/contraente direttamente dal titolare del singolo sito web, se non sono utilizzati per scopi ulteriori;

    2) i cookies utilizzati per analizzare statisticamente gli accessi/ le visite al sito (c.d. cookies analytics), se hanno solamente scopi statistici e raccolgono informazioni in maniera aggregata; in questo caso però occorre che il sito fornisca una informativa chiara e adeguata e offra agli utenti modalità semplici per opporsi (c.d. opt-out) al loro impianto.


    Senza questo tipo di cookie non potresti utilizzare i servizi presenti

    nel sito o loggarti nella tua Area Clienti. Questa tipologia di

    cookie non raccoglie informazioni utilizzabili a fini commerciali.

    degli utenti e vengono utilizzati per calcolare e migliorare le

    prestazioni del sito.

    Google Analytic:

    I software potrebbero erogare anche cookie permanenti


    Tutte e tre le modalità sono disattivabili in qualunque momento e liberamente da parte dell’utente.

    clicca sull’icona ‘Strumenti’ (attualmente, a forma di ruota di ingranaggio) posta nell’angolo in alto a destra della homepage e, nel menù a tendina che si apre, seleziona la scelta ‘Opzioni internet’. Nella successiva finestra che compare, seleziona l’etichetta ‘Privacy’, al cui interno potrai scegliere le impostazioni relative ai cookies desiderate.

    clicca sul menu Chrome (attualmente, a forma di tre righe orizzontali sovrapposte) posta nell’angolo in alto a destra della homepage, scegli l’opzione “Impostazioni” e, in fondo alla pagina che si apre, clicca su “Mostra impostazioni avanzate”. Nella sezione “Privacy” che si aggiunge alla pagina, clicca quindi su “Impostazione contenuti” e, nel paragrafo “Cookie”, puoi scegliere la relativa impostazione desiderata.

    clicca sul Menu (attualmente, a forma di tre righe orizzontali sovrapposte) in alto nella homepage, scegli l’opzione “Impostazioni” e successivamente il pannello “Privacy”, al cui interno potrai scegliere le impostazioni relative ai cookies desiderate.

    all’interno del Menu a tendina posto nell’angolo in alto a destra della homepage, clicca su “Preferenze” e dal pannello Privacy puoi scegliere di bloccare i cookies.

    PARTITA IVA: Minuti SMS 9GB In tutta Europa a euro, Il Tuo Negozio Tim – L, partita iva negozio.

    #Partita #iva #negozio

    PARTITA IVA: Minuti + SMS + 9GB In tutta Europa a 10.90 euro

    Hai la Partita IVA? Approfitta di questa offerta TIM Business per passare a TIM. Minuti, SMS e GIGA da usare in Italia e in tutta la comunità Europea (Svizzera inclusa). Solo fino al 31 Marzo 2018 potrai sfruttare questa promo ad un prezzo così vantaggioso!

    PARTITA IVA: Minuti + SMS + 9GB In tutta Europa a 10 .90 euro

    Prosegue fino al 31 Marzo 2018 la nostra migliore offerta per chi ha la PARTITA IVA: VIP 10 TIM Europa Vera Negozi.

    A chi si rivolge lofferta

    • Clienti con Partita IVA di altro gestore mobile che vogliono passare a TIM

    Cosa include lofferta

    • Minuti illimitati verso tutti i numeri di rete fissa e mobile Italiani (utilizzabili anche in UE + Svizzera)
    • SMS illimitati verso tutti i numeri di mobile Italiani (utilizzabili anche in UE + Svizzera)
    • 1.000 Minuti di traffico Internazionale verso Europa e USA (Svizzera Inclusa)
    • 9 GIGA di Internet con velocità 4.5G (utilizzabili anche in UE + Svizzera)
    • Uno Smartphone opzionale ad un prezzo promozionale

    Prezzi e costi fissi / opzionali

    Lofferta così esposta come sopra indicato, ha un costo di 10.90 euro + iva ogni mese per sempre.

    Se si terminano i 9 GIGA, si continua a navigare con un massimo di 4 bundle ricorsivi da 1 GIGA al costo di 8.9 euro cad. + iva. Terminati anche i bundle ricorsivi, si può continuare a navigare al costo di 8 euro + iva per GIGA.

    Se si terminano i 1.000 minuti di traffico internazionale, sipuò continuare a chiamare al costo di 0.175 euro + iva al minuto senza scatto alla risposta.

    E possibile abbinare uno Smartphone ad un prezzo promozionale. Lo smartphone ha un costo mensile per 36 rate ed è possibile scegliere tra questi modelli:

    • Alcatel Shine: 1.5 euro per 36 mesi
    • Samsung Galaxy A5 2017: 7 euro per 36 mesi
    • Samsung Galaxy S8: 11 euro per 36 mesi
    • Apple iPhone 7 32GB: 13 euro per 36 mesi

    Da sapere

    Lofferta indicata è attivabile solo in negozio e non presso Agenzie o Call Center. Non è previsto il pagamento di nessuna tassa di concessione governativa . La sim è di tipo ricaricabile, non è necessario tuttavia fare alcuna ricarica manuale, in quanto è prevista la domiciliazione su conto corrente/postale o su carta di credito.

    Servizio di ricarica del credito residuo

    L’Offerta prevede in automatico l’attivazione del servizio di Ricarica Automatica per ciascuna linea con importo pari a 12€ (IVA inclusa) con addebito nel Conto Telefonico. Il servizio di Ricarica Automatica è disponibile anche nei tagli di ricarica alternativi pari a 24€, 48€ o 288€ (valori IVA inclusa). Il servizio di Ricarica Automatica prevede che, qualora il credito residuo della linea scenda sotto la soglia di 5€ (IVA inclusa), la linea venga automaticamente ricaricata per il taglio di importo scelto; tale importo verrà addebitato direttamente nel Conto Telefonico del Cliente.

    Allatto del passaggio a TIM, il cliente è tenuto a pagare in negozio un importo di 10 euro + iva. Tale spesa iniziale verrà successivamente restituito al cliente mediante uno sconto di pari importo nella prima fattura utile.

    Il processo di attivazione prevede le seguenti fasi:

    • Giorno 1: richiesta di passaggio in TIM ed attivazione offerta business provvisoria
    • Giorno 2: circa 2/4 giorni la richiesta di passaggio, il cliente diventa TIM e sulla sim avrà una promozione provvisoria della durata di 30 giorni
    • Giorno 3: terminati i 30 giorni di tariffa provvisoria, al cliente sarà attivata la tariffa definitiva: VIP 10 TIM Europa Vera Negozi


    Tariffa business transitoria

    La tariffa transitoria che il cliente avrà durante i primi 30 giorni include il seguente traffico:

    • 1.000 Minuti verso tutti i numeri di rete fissa e mobile Italiani (utilizzabili anche in UE)
    • 1.000 SMS verso tutti i numeri di mobile Italiani (utilizzabili anche in UE)
    • 21 GIGA di Internet con velocità 4.5G (utilizzabili anche in UE)

    Durata e recesso

    La promo VIP 10 -TIM Europa Vera Punto Vendita è un’offerta promozionata, a tempo indeterminato, ed ha una durata minima di 24 mesi con decorrenza dalla data di attivazione da parte di TIM.

    Il recesso dall’Offerta prima della scadenza della durata minima di 24 mesi comporterà, diversamente da quanto stabilito per le offerte base, il pagamento di un importo di 83,33 € (iva esclusa) a titolo di rimborso della promozione applicata.

    El año electoral aviva el debate sobre los vientres de alquiler, vientres de alquiler.

    #Vientres #de #alquiler

    Batalla por los vientres de alquiler

    Intelectuales feministas replican que ahondaría la explotación de la mujer


    Martes, 07/07/2015 | Actualizado el 31/01/2017 a las 15:50 CET

    Maternidad subrogada, esa es la cuestión. ¿Es ético pagar a una mujer por el uso de su útero? Un grupo de intelectuales españolas agitaron hace un par de semanas un debate que a duras penas tenía ese estatus al hacer público un manifiesto en el que se oponen a esta práctica, conocida popularmente como vientres de alquiler. Argumentan que supone una forma de “control sexual” y un “ejemplo de violencia obstétrica extrema”, y defienden que «las mujeres no son máquinas reproductoras que fabrican hijos en interés de los criadores”. Las firmantes, organizadas en la plataforma No somos vasijas, no han escogido el momento de saltar a la palestra al azar: los actores que piden una regulación de esta práctica en España -o al menos la eliminación de las trabas que padecen los españoles que lo hacen en el extranjero- están haciendo un intenso trabajo de lobi ante los partidos políticos. No ignoran que en un año con tanta cita electoral son especialmente receptivos.

    Y sí, algo se mueve. A finales de febrero, UPD presentó una proposición no de ley en el Congreso en la que urgía al Gobierno a regular la gestación subrogada en España. Dos meses antes, en diciembre, el ministro de Justicia, Rafael Catalá, había anunciado que el PP presentaría varias enmiendas a la reforma del Registro Civil para facilitar la inscripción de los bebés nacidos por este método, aunque medio año después ha dado marcha atrás.

    El PSOE puso su grano de arena en el debate pidiendo una prohibición de la publicidad de los servicios de maternidad subrogada, y la Plataforma de Asociaciones de Familias LGTBI respondió denunciando “una mordaza encubierta a la diversidad familiar”, amén de declararse “sorprendida” e “indignada” contra lo que calificó como “maniobras” en contra de “la igualdad de derechos”. Las parejas homosexuales se cuentan entre los principales beneficiarios de esta práctica.

    “El tema de la gestación subrogada es un debate ético entre derechos y deseos -dice la filósofa Alicia Miyares, una de las promotoras del manifiesto-, y el argumento de fondo es que ningún deseo, por muy intenso que sea, como el de ser padres, puede poner en cuestión los derechos adquiridos de las mujeres en cuanto a la integridad de su cuerpo”. El otro argumento tiene que ver con la explotación femenina: como Miyares, una parte notable de las promotoras del manifiesto forman parte del movimiento feminista, y consideran la maternidad subrogada como otra forma de cosificación de la mujer. La peor imagen de esta práctica es probablemente la de las granjas de bebés en la India, pero Miyares dice que no hay que irse a los extremos para encontrar argumentos en contra. “Se habla de altruismo, pero el altruismo casa mal con las limitaciones que se imponen a las mujeres gestantes. ¿Cómo se le puede decir altruismo a algo que es regulado por un contrato en el que la mujer renuncia expresamente a ser madre?”

    La Conchinchina

    Del otro lado de la barrera los argumentos no tienen menos contundencia, y empiezan por el derecho de la mujer a hacer con su cuerpo lo que le plazca. “Consideramos atacado nuestro derecho a decidir si queremos gestar los hijos de otras personas o no”, dice Aurora González, de la Asociación por la Gestación Subrogada en España. “Hay países donde la legislación es deficiente y se dan casos no deseables, por supuesto, pero nosotros luchamos por una ley con todas las garantías para todas las partes”.

    Diego Sánchez, de Subrogalia, un despacho de abogados que el año pasado trabajó en 250 casos, y este año calcula llegar a los 300, recuerda que “en España las mujeres donan óvulos y reciben una compensación económica por las molestias, y nadie dice nada”. “Aquí -continúa- no se trata de comerciar con el cuerpo de nadie sino de que las mujeres puedan decidir lo que quieren hacer con él. No se puede prohibir algo porque en la India o en la Conchinchina lo hagan mal”.

    “Si existe una técnica, no veo por qué no la vamos a usar”, dice David González, presidente de la Asociación Padres por la Gestación Subrogada. Todo lo contrario de lo que defiende la plataforma. “¿Acaso todo lo que la técnica permite es ético?”, pregunta la constitucionalista Julia Sevilla. Siempre, dicen, habrá explotación, incluso en los casos de altruismo puro. Los otros responden que bien regulado no tiene por qué no funcionar bien, como en otros países. Los políticos decidirán, probablemente.

    ABE, 10-Year 10, average life insurance rates by age.

    #Average #life #insurance #rates #by #age

    Please Confirm Before Proceeding

    Founded by the ABA in 1942, the American Bar Endowment is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization composed of Members of the American Bar Association. ABE makes annual grants to the American Bar Foundation and ABA Fund for Justice and Education to fulfill ABE’s charitable purpose of improving the administration of justice, one of our profession’s highest obligations, by funding research, public service and educational projects in the field of law. ABE also maintains a Legal Legacy Fund for the permanent support of its grantees. By participating in the Endowment’s insurance programs, designed for and available only to ABA Members, Members can contribute to these efforts. Attorneys who enroll in ABE-sponsored insurance programs agree that their share of any experience credits paid on the policies may be retained by the Endowment for its charitable purposes unless reclaimed as outlined below. The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that Members who leave their experience credits with the Endowment are eligible for a charitable contribution deduction on their individual income tax returns.

    Members who donate experience credits to ABE make a difference. These funds, after administrative expenses, are the primary source of ABE’s charitable grants and additions to the Legal Legacy Fund. Insured Members who donate experience credits help meet their professional and public responsibilities, as well as obtain valuable coverage for their families. About 85% of Members donate their experience credits; these Members are notified each year by late January of the amount, if any, of their experience credit donation for the prior year. (Experience credits are not guaranteed, and in any given year, a given plan may not pay experience credits; experience credits will vary from year to year.)

    Members who wish to request a refund of their experience credits may do so. The approximate percentage of premium available for refund (if any) on each plan will be published in each November issue of the ABA Journal. You do not need to wait for this information as refund requests are accepted beginning January 1. To request that experience credits be paid to you rather than donated to ABE: After the first policy year of your participation, a written request for refund (by mail, fax, or e-mail to [email protected]) must be made each year and must reach the Endowment by December 15. When ABE receives your refund request, it will send a confirmation. Retain it for your records as proof your request was timely received. If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 weeks, contact the ABE promptly to obtain another copy. (Special instructions for new applicants are contained in the application and apply to experience credits, if any, during the first policy year only.)

    Experience credit checks and/or contribution notices for your tax return are mailed by late January. If you receive a contribution notice and you did not intend to make a contribution, you may request a one-time waiver of the December 15 deadline by asking for a refund, if you have not previously requested such a waiver.

    Please note: Members who do not want to contribute experience credits to ABE must make a written request for refund each year, using the procedures above. When Members sign the application, they are agreeing to make an annual decision whether to contribute. Do not sign the application if you do not agree with these procedures.

    I have read the Experience Credits Assignment – ABE’s Unique Charitable Giving Feature

    Then choose the Disability Plan that you wish to apply for:

    Acceptance Insurance, Florida, affordable car insurance in florida.

    #Affordable #car #insurance #in #florida

    Florida Auto Insurance – Get a Free Quote Online

    Affordable car insurance in florida

    Acceptance knows what makes a great Florida auto insurance policy: outstanding value for the money and first-rate customer service. We offer value to our customers with a diverse selection of auto insurance products, so you can get the policy that’s right for your needs, including these fundamental types of coverage:

    • Florida requires drivers to carry at least $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 of property damage liability coverage.

    Basic Liability Coverage

    Drivers in this state are legally required to carry Florida auto insurance with at least the basic property damage liability coverage. This type of insurance covers the other driver’s property in the event of a collision for which you are at fault. Most serious collisions are far more expensive than that though, so it’s a good idea to consider additional coverage. However, Florida does not require bodily injury liability coverage. This means that if you are at fault in an accident and the other driver incurs accident-related medical expenses, your insurance would not cover any of it. Bodily injury liability insurance is highly recommended in Florida so you will be covered in case of an at-fault accident.

    Personal Injury Protection

    In Florida, all drivers are legally required to purchase personal injury protection, or PIP. This covers the majority of medical expenses for you and your passengers, regardless of who is at fault in an accident. This coverage also covers, in part, lost wages, all replacement services such as child car, housekeeping or lawn work. It also provides a death benefit.

    Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

    Adding comprehensive and collision protection to your policy is a smart move. A comprehensive and collision policy will cover your property repair and replacement costs following an accident – not just the other driver’s – and you can even add rental car coverage. Comprehensive coverage applies to things like fire, theft, vandalism and other types of damage, as well. If you’re worried about the monthly payments, Acceptance has you covered. You can always choose a higher deductible to lower your policy premiums.

    Uninsured Motorist Coverage

    If you want to know that you’re covered in the event of an accident, regardless of the other driver’s insurance status, you will need to add uninsured motorist coverage to your Florida auto insurance policy. This type of coverage will protect you from the high costs of medical bills and repairs resulting from collisions with drivers who were not carrying insurance, or who had inadequate coverage for the scope of the damage. Acceptance Insurance offers a range of uninsured motorist coverage to suit your needs.

    Colpa incosciente e cosciente, Attività di polizia marittima e giudiziaria, colpa d alfredo.

    #Colpa #d #alfredo

    Colpa incosciente e cosciente

    Nellambito del concetto di colpa si possono ulteriormente distinguere una:

    La « colpa incosciente » (o senza previsione), ricorre quando il soggetto agente non si rende conto che la sua condotta potrebbe provocare eventi dannosi o pericolosi: quando levento non è stato voluto, ma non è stato neppure previsto.

    • Ad esempio, il cacciatore che spara dietro il cespuglio credendo vi fosse la lepre cacciata e uccide invece il suo compagno di battuta. E evidente che il cacciatore risponderà di omicidio colposo poiché levento-morte non è stato né previsto né voluto ma era evitabile usando normale prudenza.

    La « colpa cosciente » (o con previsione), ricorre quando il soggetto agente non ha voluto levento, ma lo ha previsto come possibile conseguenza della sua condotta ma ha sicura fiducia che esso non si verificherà.

    • Ad esempio, nel caso dellomicidio colposo verificatosi nel corso della battuta di caccia, lautore del fatto dovrebbe rispondere a titolo di colpa cosciente se avesse visto il suo compagno nei pressi della siepe ove si era rifugiata la lepre, ma avesse sparato ugualmente fidando sulla bontà della propria mira.
    • L esempio più noto di colpa cosciente è quello del giocoliere che in un circo fa lesercizio del lancio dei coltelli in direzione di una persona. Se la colpisce, ferendola, risponde al reato di lesioni colpose in quanto, pur avendo previsto di poter colpire quella persona, ha agito fidando nella sua abilità e nella convinzione di portare a termine il suo numero senza errori.
    • Esempio di colpa cosciente, nel settore marittimo, può essere quello del conduttore di una moto d'acqua che dopo aver scorto un boa atoll (=galleggiante recante una bandierina rossa con striscia diagonale bianca) che segnala la presenza di un pescatore ricreativo, non si tiene a distanza di sicurezza (100 metri dal segnale) ma attraversa imprudentemente la zona, ferendo il pescasub che nel frattenpo emergeva: Il diportista risponderà del reato di "lesioni colpose" (art. 590 c.p.) in quanto, pur avendo previsto di poter investire il sub, ha agito fidando nella sua abilità e nella convinzione di saper condurre comunque il mezzo senza commettere errori.

    La colpa cosciente è una " forma più grave " di colpa che determina un aggravamento del reato (art. 61, n. 3 c.p.) e che presenta aspetti simili al dolo indiretto (o eventuale).

    La colpa cosciente si distingue dal " dolo indiretto ", in quanto mentre nel " dolo indiretto il soggetto agisce anche a costo di determinare i risultati che ha previsto come probabili o possibil i", nella "colpa cosciente il soggetto prevede i risultati della sua condotta, ma agisce nella certezza o la sicura fiducia di non determinarli "-

    Better Term Life Insurance, Best Price, Trusted Choice Online Coverage, best rates term life insurance.

    #Best #rates #term #life #insurance

    Term Life Insurance

    Finding low cost life insurance can be a challenge. Term insurance is typically the most affordable type of life insurance because it covers a specific period of time instead of providing “whole life” insurance. If you’re young and on a budget, just starting out with a family, or even if you’re older and only have a limited need for life insurance, then term life insurance may be right for you.

    Learn more about how affordable term life insurance can be by contacting a local independent agent in the Trusted Choice В® network. These agents work with multiple life insurance companies and can help you choose the best policy for your needs.

    U.S. Life Insurance Facts

    • According to LIMRA, which conducted a Life Insurance Ownership Study in 2010, almost 1 out of every 3 U.S. households (35 million) do not have any life insurance at all.
    • The LIMRA study showed that 58 million households, or almost 50%, admitted that they did not have enough life insurance coverage.
    • The study also revealed that on average almost 6,850 Americans die in the U.S. each day and 48% of these people die without any life insurance coverage to protect their families.

    What Is Term Life Insurance?

    Term life insurance is simply life insurance for a specific term, such as 5, 10, 15 or 30 years. Many term policies and options are available to choose from, so this type of insurance can easily be tailored to your life insurance goals.

    There are several important features of term life insurance:

    • It offers you great flexibility; you can buy a policy for a term that can range anywhere from a one-year renewable policy, to a 30-year term, or an age-specific time in your life such as 65 years, among other options.
    • Term life insurance pays out non-taxable death benefits to the beneficiary.
    • Term life insurance premiums are considerably cheaper than permanent life insurance policies.
    • The amount of death benefit you choose is also very flexible; you can buy anything from a $5,000 policy to a $1,000,000 policy or more.
    • When you buy a term policy, the annual or monthly premiums you pay are fixed and guaranteed for the term of the policy. At the end of the term you will be given the option to renew the policy, at which time you can alter it to suit your changing needs.
    • Many policies also offer you the option of converting your term policy into a permanent life insurance policy such as a universal life policy.
    • It’s easy to get approval. If you are relatively young and in average health you won’t be required to take a medical exam. Most people simply have to complete a questionnaire to get approval. Even as you get older, medical exams associated with term life insurance are fairly simple and straight-forward. Taking the exam will typically save you money because the insurance company can more fully measure your health risks.

    Why Should I Buy Term Life Insurance?

    Some of the main reasons to buy term life insurance include the following things, all of which can prevent financial burden for your family upon your passing:

    • Replacement income for your family if you are the primary income provider
    • Funds to pay off your mortgage
    • Money for your children’s college tuition
    • Funds to pay off debts such as credit cards and loans
    • Expense coverage for your end of life costs and funeral
    • A financial legacy for your loved ones

    Are All Term Life Insurance Quotes the Same?

    Actually, all term life insurance quotes are different, due to many variables involved. Life insurance quotes vary from one company to another, along with the term and death benefits you specify, as well as your age and your health status.

    You can often get a ballpark idea of what you might pay for term life insurance by viewing online term life insurance rates, although you may not get a full picture of what you are buying and how well you will be covered. To fully assess your life insurance goals, work directly with a knowledgeable agent who can help you compare accurate term life quotes based on your real life needs, and help you find the best possible policy for you.

    Additional Term Life Insurance Tips

    Here are a few other things you should know about term life insurance:

    • Term life insurance is more expensive to buy as you get older.
    • If you buy a 10 year term policy and want to renew it at the end of that term, the premiums will be higher than what you were originally paying, so choose the length of the term carefully.
    • Term insurance is more expensive if you smoke, but you may be able to reduce your premiums if you quit and remain a non-smoker for at least a year.
    • You can buy term life insurance in most cases up to age 85.

    How an Independent Agent Can Help with Term Life Insurance

    Term life insurance is typically a great value and easy to get. You also have a lot of flexibility to buy a policy to suit your own individual requirements. Since there are different types of term life insurance policies available at different rates, it is important to get quality advice from an agent.

    Independent agents in the Trusted Choice network have access to policies and options from multiple insurance providers. They work for you, not an insurance company, and are devoted to serving your needs with a customized policy that is tailored to your needs and budget. Contact a local member agent today to get the help you need to find the best term life insurance policy for you.

    Guia de Bares Boliches Restaurantes y Salones de Argentina, alquiler buenos aires.

    #Alquiler #buenos #aires

    Guia de Bares Boliches Restaurantes y Salones de Argentina

    Alquiler buenos aires


    Alquiler buenos aires

    Queres salir a bailar o Festejar tu Cumpleaños tu despedida de soltero, tenemos la mejor seleccion de boliches para eventos privados tambien para fiestas de egresado universitarios o de colegio tambien hacer una lista de invitados para ingresar free bueno, te dejamos una seleccion donde podrás encontrar toda la información que necesites de cada lugar .

    After Office

    Alquiler buenos aires

    Encontra after office centro, after office belgrano, shamrock after office, alamo after office, belushi after office, fusion after office, bares after office, after office microcentro, mystic after office, after office miercoles, boutique after office, darwin after office, after office jueves


    Alquiler buenos aires

    Encontra Restaurantes para fiestas privadas, Restaurantes para eventos privados, Restaurantes para cumpleaños, Restaurantes para alquilar, Restaurantes para fiestas, Restaurantes para eventos.


    Alquiler buenos aires

    Encontra Salones para fiestas privadas, Salones para eventos privados, Salones para cumpleaños, Salones para alquilar, Salones para fiestas, Salones para eventos.

    Boliches para mas de 35

    Alquiler buenos aires

    En esta sección seleccionamos las quintas mas visitadas y votadas de nuestro sitio web, presionando en cada una podrás encontrar toda la información que necesites del lugar.

    Alquiler buenos aires

    Boliches Discotecas con Cena Show

    CENA SHOW – Reserva tu Cena Show o Disco, el mejor portal de Buenos Aires, para informarte o generar tus reservas de: bares, resto, fiestas

    Alquiler buenos aires

    salones de eventos en palermo

    Salones en Palermo | Toda la info sobre los mejores salones en Palermo. Elegí entre todas las opciones de Salones en Palermo que ofrecemos.

    Alquiler buenos aires

    La zona gay de Buenos Aires

    Desde hace más de 10 años, la Ciudad de Buenos Aires es considerada como la “meca gay” de Latinoamérica. Es uno de los destinos turísticos de América Latina más populares entre la comunidad gay del mundo entero.

    Alquiler buenos aires

    Guia Cerveza Artesanal

    Mapa Cervecero – Lo que hay que saber – Llegó la hora de derribar algunos de los mitos más arraigados en torno a la bebida más popular. A continuación, te contamos todo lo que tenes que saber para ser un groso frente a tus amigos.

    Alquiler buenos aires

    Donde ir si sos mayor de 30

    Existen lugares donde la música, el ambiente y los asistentes favorecen para que, si tenés más de 30 años, no te sientas un viejo. Algunos avanzan y se dedican exclusivamente a los ritmos electrónicos, pero una vez que un menor se hace presente en la puerta, no entra, por más que lo que el dee jay esté programando en ese momento haya sido concebido por un productor de su misma edad.

    Seguro estrella y anulación para viajar a la India, Viajar a la India, seguro la estrella.

    #Seguro #la #estrella

    Seguro estrella y anulación para viajar a la India

    Vamos a llamar seguro estrella al tipo de seguro que lo cubre todo. Sus prestaciones así como los topes de dinero de indemnizaciones o servicios son superiores a lo que ofrece un seguro básico o estándar. Un seguro estrella es recomendado para viajar a la India, sobre todo en el caso de tratarse de un plan contratado con agencia turística o para un viaje de muchos días. No obstante, tener un seguro estrella es muy recomendable para todo aquel que quiera la máxima seguridad como turista, pero más aun si hablamos de viajar a la India.

    Los estándares de calidad de un seguro estrella son muy altos. De esta manera te aseguras la mejor atención en caso de necesidad. No solo tendrás todas las coberturas derivadas de un problema de salud, sino todo lo que se refiere a robo, pérdida de equipaje, problemas penales, adelanto de fondos, medicamentos, entre otros.

    Seguro Estrella

    La cobertura de anulación siempre es opcional en este tipo de seguro. Si quieres disfrutar de este beneficio, debe ser incluido desde el momento mismo que se realiza el contrato. En este caso se sube un poco más el presupuesto del viaje pero solo así puedes estar seguro de que si algún inconveniente te impide viajar, no perderás todo lo invertido. Esto te permite recuperar el dinero para hacer el viaje en otro momento cuando hayas solucionado los problemas y no quedarte con la frustración que produce un problema gordo y además sin el viaje que esperabas.

    La anulación de viaje resulta muy efectiva, pues no solo está en capacidad de responder en caso de que el asegurado sufra un problema de salud o accidente, sino también si se trata de un familiar o ser querido quien lo sufre. Incluso, la anulación puede cubrir un problema que se presente con la persona que sustituye al asegurado en su puesto de trabajo ya que esto supondría la cancelación del viaje.

    Cada contrato de seguro específica los casos en los que el seguro debe responder económicamente. Por ejemplo una anulación en caso de que el asegurado quiera someterse a una cirugía estética, no cuente con las vacunas necesarias para realizar el viaje, o llegue tarde al aeropuerto no entrarían dentro de las causales del pago del seguro. A no ser que puedan ser justificadas por otros motivos de fuerza mayor. Todos estos detalles deben discutirse a fondo con la aseguradora.

    Viajar a la India requiere tomar ciertas precauciones de seguridad. Cuanto más inviertas en el seguro más tranquilidad vas a tener en caso de inconvenientes. Un seguro estrella actúa de manera más rápida que uno convencional, ya que por lo general cuenta con números de atención al cliente exclusivos permitiendo una comunicación más directa y veloz con la aseguradora.

    Infortunadamente, las razones para contratar un seguro estrella más seguro de anulación van en aumento. Los constantes ataques terroristas así como las catástrofes naturales son eventos que deben pensarse con normalidad a la hora de viajar a la India o cualquier lugar del mundo.

    Propiedades en alquiler y venta en Capital Federal В·, alquiler en capital federal.

    #Alquiler #en #capital #federal

    BuscГЎ tu propiedad.

    • Alquiler en capital federal
    • Alquiler en capital federal
    • Alquiler en capital federal

    Alquiler en capital federal

    Venta de Departamento 4 AMBIENTES c/dependencia en Barrio Norte, Capital Federal 4 ambient.

    Alquiler en capital federal

    Alquiler de Departamento MONOAMBIENTE en San Nicolás, Capital Federal. Monoambiente.

    Alquiler en capital federal

    Venta de Departamento MONOAMBIENTE en San Nicolás, Capital Federal. Monoambiente di.

    Alquiler en capital federal

    Venta de Departamento 2 AMBIENTES en Floresta, Capital Federal. 2 ambientes al frente con .

    Alquiler en capital federal

    Departamento 3 AMBIENTES en Recoleta, Capital Federal 3 ambientes con dependencia. Contraf.


    Alquiler en capital federal

    Alquiler en capital federal

    Alquiler en capital federal

    Alquiler en capital federal


    Av. CГіrdoba 1698, CABA

    Lunes a Viernes de 10 a 19 hs.

    Alquiler en capital federal

    ВїEstГЎs buscando una casa o apartamento? ВЎFelicidades! Si estГЎs pensando en comprar un inmueble, estas tomando una de las decisiones mГЎs importantes de tu vida y nosotros queremos ayudarte.

    CompletГЎ el siguiente formulario y te contactaremos a la brevedad.

    © 2015 Desarrollado por Xintel – Perteneciente a Amaira

    Alquiler en capital federal Alquiler en capital federal Alquiler en capital federal Alquiler en capital federal

    Seguros de Furgonetas, Los Seguros para Furgonetas más baratos, seguros de furgonetas.

    #Seguros #de #furgonetas

    seguro de furgoneta más BARATO


    Seguro de furgoneta a terceros ampliado

    Eres de los que te gusta ahorrar con el Seguro de Furgoneta?

    Entonces est s de enhorabuena, ya que en te ofrecemos el Seguro de Furgoneta m s barato. Para ello comparamos entre los distintos seguros de furgonetas de las compa as aseguradoras con las cuales trabajamos, con el firme prop sito de ofrecerte el precio m s bajo.

    Para formar parte del club de ahorradores, tan s lo tienes que rellenar el formulario con los datos solicitados y en breve recibir s el Seguro de Furgoneta al mejor precio y con las coberturas que necesitas. est formado por un equipo de personas que te asesorar y resolver todas tus dudas antes y despu s de la contrataci n del seguro de furgoneta, de manera que si tienes un siniestro no tengas ning n tipo de problema para su pronta y correcta soluci n.

    Una de las ventajas de trabajar con las mejores compa as de seguros, es que podemos ofrecerte precios y coberturas sin competencia.

    Por otro lado y dependiendo del uso y antig edad del veh culo ser conveniente un Seguro de Furgoneta a Terceros o bien ir ampliando coberturas, como pueden ser las lunas, robo, incendio e incluso incluir en tu seguro los da os cineg ticos provocados por especies cineg ticas o por animales de compa a, muy til para determinadas zonas geogr ficas, hasta llegar al Seguro para Furgoneta a Todo Riesgo.

    Tambi n es conveniente que te asesores sobre la posibilidad de incluir dentro de la misma p liza de seguro o en otra diferente, tanto un seguro de mercanc as que cubra la carga como la Responsabilidad Civil que puedas tener en caso de accidente por los da os que cause la propia carga.

    AARP Permanent Life Insurance from New York Life, permanent life insurance quote.

    #Permanent #life #insurance #quote

    AARP Permanent

    Provides up to $50,000 of valuable permanent group life insurance, exclusively for AARP members. No medical exam is required-acceptance is based on your answers to three health questions, and most who apply are accepted.

    It’s a simple way to get lifetime coverage that can help:

    • Pay medical and funeral bills, or other obligations you may leave behind
    • Meet everyday living expenses
    • Leave a gift or added financial cushion for someone special

    Life Insurance

    Talk to a

    for questions or for

    higher coverage options.

    8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET)

    9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (ET)

    Common Questions

    About This Insurance

    • How much life

    insurance should I


  • Are there any

    which payments can

    Learn More About

    Strength of

    New York Life, Program

    Endorsed by AARP

    The AARP Life Insurance Program from New York Life is endorsed by AARP, a non-profit membership organization that helps people 50 and over improve the quality of their lives.

    New York Life Different

    Features and Benefits

    • Up to $50,000 in life insurance coverage
    • Guaranteed rates that will never increase
    • No medical exam – just three health questions
    • No waiting period
    • Permanent insurance you can keep your entire life
    • Simple application; most who apply are accepted
    • Higher coverage options also available. Call 1-800-865-7927

    Who is Eligible

    AARP members ages 50 to 80 and spouses ages 45 to 80 are eligible to apply. 1 An online application may not be available in all states.

    No Medical Exam – Guaranteed

    There is no physical examination or medical tests; your acceptance is based on your answers to three simple health questions. Most who apply are accepted.

    Guaranteed Protection for Life

    This is permanent life insurance you can keep for your entire lifetime, regardless of how long you live.

    *Premiums above are based on your age at issue. Residents of Florida: Michael Horan is a licensed Florida agent for service to Florida residents. Residents of MA, MT, and WA have rates different from those shown above. In WA, the maximum issue age is 67 years old. Ages 68-80, an alternate product is available. Please click here for a personalized rate quote specific to your state.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Apply online or request a free information kit to apply by mail (online application may not be available in your state).

    No Waiting Period

    You are covered for the full benefit amount from the first day coverage takes effect.

    Guaranteed Rates Will Never Increase

    Your monthly premium is based on your age when you apply, and will not increase simply because you grow older or your health changes.

    Benefits Won’t Decrease

    Benefits are guaranteed to never decrease for as long as your’re insured- as long as you pay premiums when they’re due and your Enrollment Form contains no misrepresentations about your medical history. 2

    30-Day Guarantee

    You’ll receive a Certificate of Insurance when coverage is approved. If you decide this coverage isn’t for you, for any reason, you can return it within 30 days and receive a refund.

    An Exclusion

    If death results from suicide in the first two years, benefits will not be paid. 3 (In Washington, specific state rules apply.)

    Paid-Up Feature

    Your monthly premium payments will end at age 95, but coverage will continue in full for the rest of your life.

    Cash Value

    Your coverage builds cash value over time that you can borrow against. 4

    Accelerated Benefit

    If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and given a life expectancy of 12 months or less (24 months in Illinois and Texas), you can access half your benefit amount. 5 (Not available in Massachusetts and Washington)

    Waiver of Premium for Certain Qualified Nursing Home Confinements

    Premiums will be waived after 180 consecutive days of a nursing home stay ordered by your doctor. 6 Your coverage will continue without interruption and no premium payment will be required – no matter how long you stay.

    Simple Application

    It only takes a few minutes for AARP members to apply by mail or online (in most states). There’s absolutely no cost or obligation when you request information.

    We’ll Be There For You And Your Family

    All AARP Life Insurance Program coverage is underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company. We have the highest possible ratings for financial strength currently awarded to any life insurer from the leading independent rating services. ‡

    from Standard Poor’s

    At New York Life, we have a variety of coverage amounts and insurance options to fit your specific needs. For assistance finding the right protection, give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

    Mon – Fri: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET)

    Sat: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (ET)

    ‡ A.M. Best, Fitch and Moody’s Investors Service Highest Rating. Standard and Poor’s Second-Highest Rating.

    Your privacy is important to New York Life Insurance Company. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that meet state and federal laws. Information we collect, such as name and address, about individuals who request product information will be shared:

    • With AARP and its subsidiaries to analyze members’ needs and interests. AARP may use non-member information to seek memberships. AARP may share non-health information with other AARP service providers to inform you of member benefits and services that may be of interest.

    For residents of certain states, we will not share your information unless you permit us to do so. We will follow your state’s privacy law if it differs from the policy described in this notice. To request a copy of our complete privacy notice or to request that your information not be shared, call 1-866-687-5160 .

    You have the right to access certain information we maintain in our files about you. You may request that we correct, amend or delete it. To receive a full description of these rights, write to us at the address on the Enrollment Form.

  • Kfz versicherung, kfz versicherung.

    #Kfz #versicherung


    Darauf müssen Sie bei einer Kfz-Versicherung achten

    Bei der Entscheidung für eine Kfz-Versicherung steht oftmals der Preis im Vordergrund. Dabei werden häufig die sprichwörtlichen „Äpfel mit Birnen“ verglichen und das böse Erwachen kommt meist erst Jahre später, wenn es einmal zum Schadenfall gekommen ist und man mit dem „Kleingedruckten“ konfrontiert wird. In dieser Situation wird man schmerzhaft auf die Dinge aufmerksam gemacht, welche man beim Abschluss nicht beachtet oder inzwischen verdrängt hat. Aus einer Ersparnis von 50 € im Jahr wird dann schnell ein Nachteil von mehreren Tausend Euro in einem Schadenfall.

    Deshalb legen wir Wert darauf, Ihnen als Mitglied den für Sie optimalen Versicherungsschutz eines namhaften Partners zu empfehlen. Dabei beraten wir Sie fair und transparent, damit Ihnen solche Unannehmlichkeiten erspart bleiben.

    Über den AvD können Sie Ihr Fahrzeug sicher und günstig zugleich versichern, denn Sie erhalten bis zu 5% Club-Bonus auf den Tarif unseres jeweiligen Partners.

    Was gehört alles zu einer Kfz-Versicherung?

    Spricht man von einer Kfz-Versicherung, so meint man damit in der Regel sowohl die Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung als auch eine Form der Kaskoversicherung (Voll- bzw. Teilkaskoversicherung). Gesetzlich vorgeschrieben ist allerdings nur die Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung. Für einen umfassenderen Schutz im Straßenverkehr bietet sich allerdings auch der Abschluss weiterer, den Leistungsumfang ergänzender Versicherungen an. Diese werden je nach Bedarf dann meist als Kombinationspakete angeboten. Wichtig ist, dass eine Kfz-Versicherung Ihren persönlichen Bedürfnissen entspricht und Ihnen so den für Sie optimalen Schutz bietet. Unsere Mitarbeiter besprechen mit Ihnen Ihre Wünsche und Vorstellungen und finden dann das passende Angebot für Sie.


    Hier wird schlichtweg das allgemein bekannte Prinzip der Haftpflichtversicherung auf den Straßenverkehr angewandt: Durch die Versicherung werden Schadensansprüche Dritter, die durch den Betrieb des eigenen Kraftfahrzeugs entstehen, abgedeckt. Darunter werden sowohl Fahrzeug- als auch Personenschäden gefasst. Bei einem Autounfall übernimmt die Haftpflichtversicherung des Unfallfahrers also die Kosten, die für die Unfallopfer entstehen. Dazu zählen beispielsweise die Abschlepp- und Reparaturkosten der Fahrzeuge, aber auch die Heilungskosten oder die Auszahlung von Schmerzensgeld an die Geschädigten. Eine solche Haftpflichtversicherung ist eine der Grundvoraussetzungen für die Zulassung Ihres Pkws oder anderer Kraftfahrzeuge und damit ein verpflichtender Teil der Kfz-Versicherung.

    Der konkrete Umfang einer Haftpflichtversicherung ist dabei variabel und kann je nach Produkt größer oder geringer ausfallen. Beim Abschluss einer Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung sollte auch die Höhe der Deckungssumme, die der Versicherer Ihnen bereitstellt, beachtet werden.


    Ein zweiter wichtiger, wenn auch nicht obligatorischer Teil der Kfz-Versicherung ist die sogenannte Kaskoversicherung, die Schäden am Fahrzeug des Versicherten abdeckt. Hier unterscheidet man zwischen Teil- und Vollkasko. Mit der Teilkaskoversicherung sind in der Regel sogenannte Elementarschäden durch Hagel, Stürme, Brände oder Überschwemmungen sowie Glasbruch, Diebstahl und Zusammenstöße mit Tieren versichert. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Kfz-Versicherungen sind Sie hier nicht nur gegen den Zusammenstoß mit Haarwild, sondern umfassend gegen Unfälle mit Tieren abgesichert. Gerade für Fahrer, die oft durch ländliche Gegenden fahren, kann dies durchaus ratsam sein. Bei einer Teilkaskoversicherung sind zudem normalerweise Schäden der Verkabelung durch Kurzschlüsse abgedeckt und je nach Tarif auch Schäden, die durch einen Marderbiss entstehen sowie deren etwaige Folgeschäden. Die Prämienhöhe der Kaskoversicherung wird durch verschiedene Faktoren bestimmt. Dazu zählen beispielsweise die jährlich gefahrenen Kilometer, das Alter des Fahrzeugs selbst oder das Alter der Fahrer. Es ist daher wichtig, vorher abzuschätzen, welche Faktoren für die individuelle Versicherung eine Rolle spielen und den Tarif entsprechend anzupassen. Wir beraten Sie diesbezüglich gerne.

    Kfz-Versicherung wechseln

    Sie möchten Ihre Kfz-Versicherung gern wechseln? Auch hierzu beraten Sie unsere Experten gern. Wir informieren Sie über die notwendigen Schritte und die aktuellen Angebote unserer Partnerunternehmen. So behalten Sie auch im Tarifdschungel den Überblick.

    Lassen Sie sich von unseren Experten unverbindlich ein individuelles Angebot erstellen!

    AvD Versicherungsservice: 069 6606-500

    Erreichbar in der Zeit von Montag – Freitag 08:00 – 18:00 Uhr

    Falls Sie eine Anfrage per E-Mail an den AvD senden möchten klicken Sie bitte hier!

    Brutto-Netto-Rechner, Gehaltsrechner, WirtschaftsWoche, hypothekendarlehen rechner.

    #Hypothekendarlehen #rechner

    Brutto-Netto-Rechner / Gehaltsrechner 2017

    Hypothekendarlehen rechner

    Die Steuerklassen

    20% des Einkommens steuerlich absetzen

    Fotografie : Kodak entwickelt eigene Kryptowährung

    Mit dem KodakCoin und der dazugehörigen Plattform KodakOne sollen Fotografen ihre Autorenrechte absichern und die Bilder vermarkten können. Die Ankündigung katapultierte die Aktie um rund 130 Prozent nach oben. Mehr. Article

    Hypothekendarlehen rechner

    Premium Immobilienrente : Wie Sie das Eigenheim zur zweiten Rente machen

    Ein Großteil des deutschen Privatvermögens steckt in Immobilien. Das Eigenheim kann auch ohne Verkauf das regelmäßige Einkommen im Ruhestand aufbessern. Was Hauseigentümer zur Immobilienrente wissen müssen. Von Martin Gerth. Mehr.

    Hypothekendarlehen rechner

    Musterdepots : Geduld mit Rohstoffwerten zahlt sich aus

    Drei Manager, drei Konzepte, drei Portfolios: Die Musterdepots zeigen, wie man den Markt schlagen kann. Stratege Alexander Kovalenko zeigt, dass sich starke Nerven beim Rohstoffinvestment auszahlen können. Mehr. Article

    Hypothekendarlehen rechner

    Dow Jones, S P 500, Nasdaq : Wenn man die Rekorde nicht mehr zählen kann – oder will

    Was Donald Trump seinen Wählern einst versprach (und schuldig blieb), ist für US-Anleger bereits eingetreten: Vom vielen Siegen ist ihnen langweilig geworden. Nach ungezählten Rekordhochs könnte man das zumindest meinen. Mehr. Article

    Hypothekendarlehen rechner

    Kryptowährung : Jamie Dimon bereut Bitcoin-Schelte

    Im September hatte der CEO von JPMorgan die Kryptowährung Bitcoin noch als Betrug bezeichnet. Nun rudert Dimon – eine der einflussreichsten Persönlichkeiten der Finanzwelt – zurück und bereut seine Aussagen öffentlich. Mehr. Article

    Hypothekendarlehen rechner

    Abogados penalistas en Madrid – Despacho abogado penal, abogado en linea.

    #Abogado #en #linea


    Dedicación exclusiva al área penal.

  • Abogado en linea

    Abogado en linea

    para poder lograr:

  • Abogado en linea

    Abogado en linea

  • Abogado en linea

    Abogado en linea

    Cualquiera que sea su situación,

    En nuestro despacho

    En cualquier otro lugar si fuera preciso.

    Consúltenos lo antes posible. Cualquier decisión equivocada puede ser después muy perjudicial


    Defensa de Delitos

    Tráfico de drogas

    Lesiones y Violencia de Género

    Hurtos, Robos y Estafas

    Contra la Libertad Sexual

    Relativos a la Prostitución

    Detención Ilegal y Secuestro

    Seguridad Vial

    Delitos Urbanísticos

    • Abogado en linea

    • Abogado en linea

    Derecho Penitenciario

    Permisos de salida

    Consecución de Grados

    Libertad condicional

    Como Abogados Penalista nos dedicamos exclusivamente a Derecho Penal y Penitenciario y en la inmensa mayoría de los casos como defensa.

    Su caso es nuestro caso: nos involucramos a fondo y trabajamos duro para encontrar la línea de defensa idónea a su caso con objeto de poder lograr su libre absolución o la menor condena posible.

    Nuestros resultados avalan nuestra forma de trabajo pulida por la experiencia en múltiples y muy diversos casos.

    Trabajamos con honestidad y transparencia. No le prometemos imposibles. Le mantenemos puntualmente informado y le hacemos partícipe de todas nuestras acciones y estrategias de defensa.

  • Cheap auto insurance in oklahoma

    #Cheap #auto #insurance #in #oklahoma

    Cheap Auto Insurance in Oklahoma

    Cheap auto insurance in oklahoma

    Cheap auto insurance in Oklahoma is entirely possible if you know where to look. One of the largest problems Oklahoma residents have is finding an insurance company to give them the best rates .There are dozens, but many people don’t realize there are more insurance companies than just those with the biggest names. Some of the smaller agencies only available in certain cities and towns offer the best rates, and it all depends on the way you live your own life and how you drive. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pay less for your insurance, but you have to know where to find the best rates and how to get the best deals. Sometimes it’s up to you to make sure you get the rates you can afford.Cheap auto insurance in oklahoma

    Strive for Good Credit

    The easiest way to achieve a low rate for your insurance policy is to have good credit. This is indicative of what kind of person you are, and that’s how insurance companies determine how much to charge you. None can deny you insurance because of your credit, but they do have the right to change their idea of how much to charge when they see what score you’re working with. The more responsible you look with a good credit score, the lower your premium will end up being when you finalize your policy. Low credit typically means a person is not as financially responsible, and those are the people who don’t get the best rates.

    Change How You Pay

    One of the easiest ways to receive a great rate on your insurance is simply to change the way you pay. If you want to save a few hundred dollars every year, you can do several things. The first is to pay your entire premium in advance. Doing this allows you to forgo monthly fees insurance companies and banks charge you to take the payment from your account. It’s usually some sort of convenience fee or online payment fee for using a card. It might seem small at only $5 per month or so, but that’s $60 per year that’s going to the insurance company rather than staying in your account.Cheap auto insurance in oklahoma

    This also helps because you can stop receiving monthly statements. Monthly statements cost a lot to mail, and you can get a nice discount when you opt not to have them mailed to you. You can opt out of them yourself, too. Just let your insurance company know you’d like to do this, and they’ll make it happen. Most insurance companies offer a discount of approximately 5% when their policy holders opt to pay in advance. You could save hundreds doing this.

    Your Career and Job

    Did you know your insurance company considers where you live and what you do a factor in determining how much you pay for insurance? Your job is one that keeps you safe or it doesn’t. If you work a job that keeps you off the road most of the time, such as flying planes, you’re going to be less expensive to insure. If you work far from home and spend hours in the car commuting every day, you’ll pay more for your insurance than other people with the same car and policy.

    What You DriveCheap auto insurance in oklahoma

    If you have a newer car with ample safety features, you’ll get a break on your insurance. This is a simple concept, and it’s one you can live with. Older cars are often more expensive to repair, which is why they’re more expensive to insure. If you have a car with any safety features, alarms, and even devices that make driving safer, you could qualify for a few discounts with your insurance company. It’s easy to ask.

    It’s not always impossible to pay less for insurance even when you feel you’re already paying as little as possible. There are ways, and you simply need to employ them to get the best rates. If you can, it’s great. If you’re one of the few North Carolina residents who can’t lower your rates, you’re already paying less than most people in the country as it is.

    Latest Posts

    If you re a driver in Alabama, you need to have auto insurance. Not only can it potentially save you a [ ]

    Getting auto insurance might not be fun, but if you re driving a vehicle in Alaska, it s the law. More specifically, [ ]

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    The cost of auto insurance in Illinois is significantly less than it is in many other parents of the country. [ ]

    If you reside in Indiana, you pay an average amount of money for your car insurance each year. Indiana insurers [ ]

    When it comes to auto insurance in Iowa, you’re not paying the least expensive rates in the country. The average [ ]

    Seguro de Coche Barato con las Mejores Coberturas, Pelayo: Seguros de Coche – Seguros de Hogar – Pelayo, seguros de autos baratos.

    #Seguros #de #autos #baratos

    Seguros de autos baratos

    Responsabilidad Civil Obligatoria

    El seguro de coche a terceros básico responde a la necesidad legal de establecer un seguro obligatorio que cubra los perjuicios a terceros causados con el vehículo asegurado.

    Responsabilidad Civil Voluntaria

    Ésta garantía es un complemento a la anterior, que cubre el exceso cuantitativo hasta 50 millones de euros.

    El seguro de coche a terceros más barato de Pelayo cubre al conductor involucrado en el accidente con el vehículo asegurado. Se cubre el fallecimiento y la invalidez y los gastos de adaptación de la vivienda y vehículo asegurado en caso de invalidez permanente absoluta producida en el siniestro.

    Protección Jurídica del Automovilista

    Cubre la defensa penal y la reclamación de daños además de la reclamación y gestión de 5 multas al año.

    Asistencia en Viaje Verde

    Con este seguro de coche económico tendrás asistencia desde el km 0. Trasladaremos el vehículo hasta el taller que elijas con un radio máximo de 150 kilómetros desde el lugar del siniestro o avería.

    Además, a los ocupantes del vehículo les proporcionamos un medio de transporte adecuado para regresar a su domicilio o al punto de destino si este fuera más cercano, así como a los animales domésticos con peso igual o inferior a 50 Kgs que pudieran viajar en el vehículo asegurado.

    También quedan cubiertas las averías en los limpiaparabrisas, luces delanteras y traseras, intermitentes, batería descargada, cambio de neumáticos ante un pinchazo, falta o error de combustible, pérdida o rotura de llaves o cualquier situación que le impida entrar en su vehículo.

    Con el Seguro a Terceros Básico tendrás derecho a percibir un subsidio mensual de 150 euros, con un máximo de 12 mensualidades, como consecuencia de la privación del carné de conducir y hasta la recuperación del mismo.

    Esta garantía incluye los trámites y el coste del curso de recuperación parcial de puntos perdidos (límite 200 euros), así como el curso de recuperación del permiso de conducción, tras perder el total de los puntos asignados, incluyendo el reconocimiento médico necesario (límite de 500 euros para la realización del curso y de 100 euros para el reconocimiento médico).

    Y si lo deseas, puedes mejorar las coberturas de este seguro de coche al mejor precio contratando las siguientes garantías y coberturas opcionales:

    Con la Asistencia en Viaje Azul, independientemente de dónde ocurra la avería o siniestro, podrás llevar el vehículo al taller que elijas, esté donde esté. Y en caso de siniestro o robo, ponemos a tu disposición un coche de sustitución, con kilometraje ilimitado y Seguro Obligatorio.

    Ampliación del Seguro de Conductor

    Se amplía la cobertura hasta 40.000 euros.

    Ampliación Retirada de Carné

    Puedes ampliar a 500 euros el subsidio mensual a recibir en caso de retirada de carné, con un límite de 12 mensualidades.

    Todas nuestras modalidades de seguro de coche incluyen la Cláusula 1:24:72 que garantiza los siguientes servicios: Grúa máximo 1 hora, Perito máximo 24 horas y Taller máximo 72 horas. Y si no cumplimos, te regalamos el seguro del año que viene.

    14 claves para ganar clientes y fidelizarlos, que negocio es rentable en venezuela.

    #Que #negocio #es #rentable #en #venezuela

    14 claves para ganar clientes y fidelizarlos. El caso de Carnicería Fina

    Que negocio es rentable en venezuela

    Empezando por mi mismo, muchas veces intentamos poner en marcha rebuscadas fórmulas con las que tener éxito en los negocios. He comentado muchas veces que el éxito de una empresa está siempre en ir un peldaño por encima, como mínimo, de las expectativas que tenga nuestro cliente. También es cierto que a veces eso no es suficiente, pero por lo menos suma.

    ndice de Contenidos

    El precio no lo es todo

    Si haces un análisis básico, verás que no hay ni un sólo producto, en el que la única motivación para tomar la decisión de compra sea el precio. Si piensas en el pan, por ejemplo, hay factores como son la cercanía del despacho y el aparcamiento, que te hace decantarte por uno o por otro establecimiento, sin mencionar la calidad el producto. Si la única motivación de compra fuera el precio, ¿te harías 30km. para ir a comprarlo?, seguro que no es el caso.

    Partiendo de esos factores motivantes, y si volvermos un poco al origen, los factores humanos generan la confianza suficiente para tener clientes fieles. Necesitamos ganarnos a nuestros clientes poniendo algo más, en lo más sencillo, en hacer sentir bien a los clientes, y hay que gente que aún no habiendo hecho un Master pone en marcha el sentido común y le va bien. Esta es la historia que quiero contarte hoy.

    Que negocio es rentable en venezuela

    Francisco, el carnicero de mi barrio

    ¿Y cómo lo hace el carnicero de toda la vida de mi barrio?. Se llama Francisco, allí es dónde iba a comprar cuando mi madre me hacía algún encargo, su padre y su madre fueron los que la iniciaron. Francisco, el de la carnicería, ha ampliado, sigue siendo una tienda de barrio, con varias superficies comerciales haciéndole la competencia y nadie ha logrado acabar con ella, su denominación comercial exacta es Carnicería Fina (en honor a su madre). Te haré un pequeño análisis de lo que he visto que hace él, y compruebes si alguno de esos factores se ponen en práctica en tu negocio, se han perdido, o nunca lo has llegado a tener, y saca tus propias conclusiones.

    Que negocio es rentable en venezuela

    Qué hace diferente a la carnicería de Francisco y cuáles deberían ser principios básicos para nuestros negocios ya sean online u offline:


    Conoce el nombre de todos sus clientes, de los productos que se llevan y de lo que no se llevan y no tiene un CRM. He echado en falta una actitud de este tipo en más de un comercio y en más de una empresa. ¿Sabes como afecta a tu empresa el poco o mucho conocimiento que tienes de tus clientes, lo has comprobado alguna vez?


    Siempre tiene de todo. No hay roturas de stock, la experiencia y la estacionalidad, le lleva a tener controlado la cantidad necesaria para almacenar. ¿Dejas claro cuando no hay stock, lo controlas, o esperas a que el cliente haga el pedido y se lleve una decepción?


    Lo elabora todo delante de los clientes. Antes tenía una trastienda y la quitó, amplió la zona de atención a clientes y ahora todo se elabora a la vista del público. ¿Sabe tu cliente algo de tu trastienda?

    4.Atención diferenciada

    Muchos clientes le hacen los pedidos telefónicos, normalmente los más asíduos. Si alguien llama le toman nota de inmediato y una de las personas, su mujer, prepara los pedidos paralelamente a lo que se atiende en el establecimiento. Hay clientes para todo tipo de canales y no todos tienen que ser tratados por igual. ¿Tratas igual a todos tus clientes, a los rentables y a los menos rentables?


    Hay sillas para no esperar de pie. Si hay cola nadie espera de pie, sobre todo lo hace por las personas mayores que son mayoría. ¿Tu negocio está preparado para que nadie se canse de esperar, conoces bien a tu cliente y lo que espera de ti?


    Realiza degustaciones mientras los clientes esperan. Te da a probar productos nuevos y cocinados e incluso te invita a una cerveza. Lo último que probé fue avestruz, que en aquel entonces no era un producto de gran consumo. ¿Con qué puedes entrener a tu cliente mientas está en tu negocio on y offline?


    Ofrece conversación a todo el mundo. Es de los que sabe de todo, habla de cualquier cosa y entretiene mucho. ¿Genera tu negocio contenido de valor que entretenga lo suficiente para que el cliente vuelva?


    Sonríe siempre, y a todos los clientes. No hace falta explicarlo. Yo lo echo de menos en muchos negocios. ¿Le has dicho a alguien de confianza que llame a tu empresa y te diga que sensación le produce?


    Abre temprano y cierra tarde, la carnicería está en un barrio dormitorio de la ciudad. Pues es lo que toca, si quieres competir con los grandes te tienes que sacrificar o ser más rápido. Tienes que organizarte y hacer turnos. De sus clientes hay muchos en el paro pero hay otros muchos que trabajan los dos o fuera del lugar de residencia, los horarios coinciden y hay que solucionar esta problemática adaptando horarios ¿Está tu negocio adaptado a los nuevos horarios, a los nuevos hábitos de los clientes?


    Te llevas la carne, pero también la verdura y algo de bebida que también te hará falta. ¿Aprovecha tu negocio la venta cruzada, aún siendo especializado?

    11.Servicio personalizado

    A sus mejores clientes, normalmente bares y restaurantes, les lleva personalmente los pedidos. ¿Qué esfuerzos haces por tus mejores clientes?


    Su mujer, su hijo y él. Son los que atienden con el mismo nivel de implicación, como antes lo hacían los padres de Francisco. ¿Está tu equipo implicado?, y eso no significa que trabaje muchas horas, sino que tenga clara la filosofía en todos los ámbitos del negocio.


    En plena calle mayor, con grandes carteles e incluso remodelación de la fachada. ¿Inviertes en marketing, o esperas que lleguen los clientes solos por la puerta o visiten tu web porque se la encuentran en algún sitio?

    Que negocio es rentable en venezuela


    Te he comentado que sus padres la empezaron y eso lo aprovecha muy bien. Aunque de esto no se puede vivir siempre, es un bagaje explotable. ¿Aprovechas las historia y el expertise de tu negocio?

    ¿Verdad que son muy básicos?, pero ¿no crees que deberíamos de recuperar la confianza en nuestros clientes ya sea en el online o el offline volviendo unos pasos hacia atrás sin perder el norte del conocimiento y la atención al cliente?.

    Por cierto, si quereis saber donde está os dejo el mapa. Y si crees que esta entrada le puede ayudar a alguien de tu red ¡compártela! se social.

    Tal vez te interese este artículo si quieres hacer crecer tu negocio:

    Cómo conseguir clientes y convencerlos de que eres la opción adecuada.

    ROIEMOTIONS. Un libro para entender como deben cambiar los negocios y como contar con las personas para que las dos partes ganen.

    Que negocio es rentable en venezuela

    ROIEMOTIONS. 21 claves para la mejora mutua de las empresas y de las personas .

    Que negocio es rentable en venezuela

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    Vendita Cuccioli Chihuahua – Cani e Cuccioli Milano, punto vendita in inglese.

    #Punto #vendita #in #inglese

    Vendita Cuccioli Chihuahua

    Vendita Cuccioli Chihuahua Toy a Milano e in tutta Italia

    Sono pronti per la vendita, tantissimi cuccioli di Chihuahua Toy, maschietti e femminucce a pelo corto e a pelo lungo, di tantissimi colori.

    I nostri cuccioli sono affettuosi, giocherelloni, teneri e vivaci. Vieni a vederli dal vivo presso il nostro punto vendita senza alcun impegno.

    Sotto sono mostrate alcune foto di alcuni cuccioli di Chihuahua disponibili per la vendita.

    I nostri cuccioli di Chihuahua in vendita si consegnano già vaccinati, svermati, con il libretto sanitario e con il micro-chip.

    Viene stipulato un normale contratto di vendita, diamo una garanzia scritta sulla buona salute del cucciolo e naturalmente noi di Cani e Cuccioli offriamo qualsisia tipo di assistenza futura.

    Vendita Cuccioli Chihuahua a Milano e non solo

    Questi meravigliosi cuccioli di Chihuahua sono visibili nel nostro punto vendita di Milano, ma facciamo anche consegne e spedizioni in tutta Italia.

    Alcune foto dei cuccioli di Chihuahua toy in vendita:

    Descrizione razza Chihuahua

    Storia: Il Chihuahua ha origine in Messico e prende il nome dalla omonima città messicana di Chihuahua. E una delle razze più conosciute e allevate, e di conseguenza è una delle più richieste. Il Chihuahua viene riconosciuto come il cane più piccolo del mondo.

    Caratteristiche fisiche: Il Chihuahua si può trovare in due modi, a pelo lungo o a pelo corto, e sono ammesse tutte le varietà di colore. Il Chihuahua a pelo corto ha un pelo corto e lucido, mentre il Chihuahua a pelo lungo ha un pelo soffice e morbido.

    Ha una testa tonda, a forma di mela, le orecchie erette, gli occhi sporgenti e scuri, il naso allinsù e la coda che guarda verso lalto. Il peso ideale del Chihuahua e da 1 kg a 3 kg.

    Carattere: Questo cane è di solito molto gentile con i bambini e con altri animali domestici. E una razza da compagnia, molto tranquilla e affettuosa con tutti. Preferisce vivere in casa. Il Chihuahua è un cane molto attento e giocoso, tuttavia non predilige gli sconosciuti e può apparire nervoso. Può essere sia vivace che timido.

    Cura: Questa razza ha bisogno di molta compagnia e di molto amore.

    E consigliato spazzolarlo regolarmente. Sopratutto nei periodi di bassa temperatura il Chihuahua andrebbe coperto, in quanto si mostra sofferente verso un clima freddo.

    Perché acquistare un cucciolo di Chihuahua?:

    Il Chihuahua è una delle razze più particolari al mondo, pur essendo molto piccolo, ha un carattere mica da ridere, infatti è geloso, impaziente, irritabile e quando si deve fare sentire, è sempre pronto!

    Tuttavia, è una razza molto intelligente, affettuosa vigile e leale.

    Domande frequenti sull – esenzione dal ticket per reddito – Ticket – Salute – Cittadini – Regione Toscana, reddito per esenzione ticket.

    #Reddito #per #esenzione #ticket


    Domande frequenti sullesenzione dal ticket per reddito

    Domande frequenti sull’esenzione dal ticket per reddito

    • i cittadini di età inferiore a 6 anni e quelli di età superiore a 65 anni, purché appartenenti ad un nucleo familiare con reddito complessivo non superiore a €36.151,98 annui (codice E01)
    • i disoccupati e familiari a carico: con un reddito del nucleo familiare inferiore a € 8.263,31 elevato a € 11.362,05 nel caso di coniuge a carico, più ulteriori € 516,46 per ogni figlio a carico (codice E02)
    • i titolari di pensione sociale o percettori di assegno sociale e familiari a carico (codice E03)
    • i titolari di pensione minima: di età superiore a 60 anni e familiari a carico, appartenenti ad un nucleo familiare con reddito complessivo inferiore a € 8.263,31 elevato a €11.362,05 nel caso di coniuge a carico, più ulteriori € 516,46 per ogni figlio a carico (codice E04)

    Fa eccezione il solo caso di esenzione illimitata per gli ultrasessantacinquenni ( E01,E03,E04), purché non siano intervenute modifiche della situazione reddituale.

    • disoccupati – e familiari a carico – che abbiano cessato un lavoro dipendente o autonomo, in possesso di Dichiarazione di immediata disponibilità presentata al Centro per l’Impiego di competenza, con reddito del nucleo familiare fiscale fino a 27.000 euro (cod. E90);
    • lavoratori collocati in cassa integrazione o in contratto di solidarietà difensivo – e familiari a carico – appartenenti ad un nucleo familiare fiscale con reddito fino a 27.000 euro (cod. E91)
    • lavoratori in mobilità – e familiari a carico – iscritti nelle liste di mobilità, in possesso della Dichiarazione di immediata disponibilità presentata al Centro per l’Impiego di competenza, appartenenti ad un nucleo familiare fiscale con reddito complessivo fino a 27.000 euro (cod. E92).

    Si precisa, inoltre, che:

    • per i disoccupati in possesso dei requisiti previsti dalla L. 537/93 art. 8, comma 16, ai fini dell’esenzione dalla compartecipazione alla spesa sanitaria, resta valida l’applicazione del codice di esenzione E02;

    Il reddito del nucleo familiare è dato dalla somma dei singoli redditi complessivi, al lordo degli oneri deducibili, prodotti dai componenti il nucleo familiare nel corso dell’anno precedente. Vanno, pertanto, presi in considerazione anche i redditi da fabbricati (compresa prima casa).

    Inoltre, l’art. 3, comma 7, del DLgs n 23/2011 prevede espressamente che il reddito assoggettato a cedolare secca concorra alla determinazione del reddito per il riconoscimento di benefici di qualsiasi titolo. Ne consegue che anche questo reddito va preso in considerazione.

    Si precisa che il reddito del coniuge non legalmente separato concorre sempre (anche se con residenze diverse) alla determinazione del reddito complessivo del nucleo familiare.

    Iscrizioni Eventi – Camera di commercio di Milano Monza Brianza Lodi, corsi camera di commercio.

    #Corsi #camera #di #commercio

    Iscrizioni Eventi


    In questa sezione è possibile iscriversi, con pochi e semplici passaggi, ad eventi della Camera di Commercio direttamente on-line.

    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in SEMINARI organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.

    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in CORSI organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.

    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in CONVEGNI organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.


    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in ASSISTENZA SPECIALISTICA AVVIO DI IMPRESA organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.


    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in ASSISTENZA SPECIALISTICA AMBIENTE E SVILUPPO SOSTENIBILE organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.


    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in ASSISTENZA SPECIALISTICA PROPRIETÀ INTELLETTUALE organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.


    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in ASSISTENZA SPECIALISTICA START UP E PMI INNOVATIVE organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.


    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in ASSISTENZA SPECIALISTICA ORIENTAMENTO FINANZIARIO organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.


    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in ASSISTENZA SPECIALISTICA RETI DI IMPRESE organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.


    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in ASSISTENZA SPECIALISTICA TURISMO organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.


    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in ASSISTENZA SPECIALISTICA ORIENTAMENTO OBIETTIVO ESTERO organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.


    Visualizza l’elenco completo di tutti gli eventi in PUNTO IMPRESA DIGITALE – PID organizzati e disponibili per l’iscrizione.

    Elenco di tutti gli eventi ordinati per tipologia.

    Immobilier Djerba – Vente et Achat Maison Villa en Tunisie, immobilier achat.

    #Immobilier #achat

    Prenez votre projet



  • Résidence Yasmina Djerba


    Vous souhaitez acheter une villa maison houch ? 4 bonnes raisons pour choisir notre agence immobiliere

    Expertise dans le marché immobilier à Djerba

    Profitez de l’expertise des professionnels de l’immobilier de lagence Flamingo sur l’ile derêves

    Suivi & Accompagnement

    Notre agence immobiliere Djerba vous assure le suivi technique et la surveillance de la construction de votre projet.


    Trouvez le bien immobilier le plus adopté à votre budget (Villa haut standing, achat maison djerba, houch, villa avec piscine,…)

    Découvrez le projet Résidence Yasmina

    Trouvez les plus belles villa de luxe, appartement, maison Djerba (vue de mer, piscine, architecture djerbienne, …)


    • NB. PIECES : 6 |
    • REF :

    Djerba : en zone urbaine, à 400 m de la mer endroit calme typiquement djerbien, toutes…Read More→

    • NB. PIECES : 6 |
    • REF :

    Villa de luxe se situè à environ 500 mètres de la mer, dans un endroit calme typiquement djerbien

    • NB. PIECES : 6 |
    • REF : Villa Type 4

    Au cur de lîle des rêves Djerba, vous pouvez vivre tous vos rêves en achetant une vaste maison de haut standing localisé

    • NB. PIECES : 6 |
    • REF : Villa Type 2

    A vendre une jolie Villa moderne située dans un quartier résidentiel (Résidence Yasmina Djerba) dans un endroit

    • NB. PIECES : 6 |
    • REF : Villa Type 5

    Situation exceptionnelle avec un climat agréable, nous vous offre une villa de plain-pied de haut gamme

    • NB. PIECES : 6 |
    • REF : Villa Type 3

    Villa de haut standing à environ 500m de la mer, dans un endroit calme typiquement djerbien . Villa construite sur un terrain de 500 m2 en zone urbaineet 198m² surface habitable.

    • NB. PIECES : 6 |
    • REF : Villa Type 1

    Magnifique villa se situe à environ 500 mètres de la mer, dans un endroit calme typiquement djerbien .

    moderne. traditionnelle. unique.


    Le blog immobilier de Flamingo, promoteur immobilier Tunisie, vous présente toute l’actualité immobilière pour faire les meilleurs choix lors de l’achat ou vente d’un bien immobilier. Nos avocats, agents et experts sont tous à votre disposition. Nous faisons notre maximum pour répondre à vos questions et commentaires.

  • Cheapest Car Insurance in Arkansas, cheap car insurance in arkansas.

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    Cheap car insurance in arkansas

    Cheap car insurance in arkansas

    Are you overpaying?

    Comparison quotes are the cheapest way to save

    Cheap car insurance in arkansas

    *rates based on survey data – Spring 2017

    Cheap Comparison Quotes Free and Customized

    Cheapest Car Insurance in Arkansas

    With over 600,000 acres of lakes and almost 10,000 miles of rivers and streams, Arkansas attracts sportsmen from all over the United States for its worldclass fishing. From fishing to hiking, the Ozarks and the Oachita mountain ranges offer popular destinations for tourists all year long. The Natural State lives up to its nickname with naturally preserved scenic views all across the land. Drivers can visit natural hot springs, snow-capped mountains, raging rivers and even a diamond mine in this Southern state. To keep these drivers protected, has organized all the useful car insurance information in this one, compact list.


    With so many different attractions, Arkansas, like insurance regulations, can be overwhelming. Following is a list of the most important details to remember about Arkansas driving laws.

    Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Arkansas

    • All drivers in Arkansas must be covered by a minimum liability insurance according to the State Insurance Department.
    • Arkansas Liability Coverage minimums include:
      • $25,000 for single-person bodily injury or death coverage.
      • $50,000 for multiple-person bodily injury or death coverage.
      • $25,000 for property-damage liability coverage.
    • Failure to provide proof of insurance can result in suspension of registration and/or drivers license.

    New Driver Licensing Requirements

    All drivers in Arkansas are required to have a valid drivers license by passing the required tests.

    • Vision Test. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration states that applicants must pass the vision test with a visual acuity of 20/40 for a regular license and an acuity of 20/50 for a restricted license.
    • Written Test. Every applicant has access to the Arkansas Driver License Study Guide which must be read in order to successfully pass the written test. The Arkansas State Police administer the test based on the information included in this study guide.
    • Road Test. The road test is administered by the Arkansas State Police. The vehicle used for the test must be properly insured and registered and in safe working order. If the test administrator observes any unsafe behavior, the applicant can be automatically failed. The test evaluates the applicant s ability in the following areas:
      • Familiarity with vehicle controls
      • Maintaining control of the vehicle
      • Obeying all traffic laws, signs, speed limits, traffic lights, etc.
      • Being aware of surrounding vehicles and traffic
      • Proper adjustment to special driver situations such as construction or school zones
    • Pay a License Fee. Applicants must pay a $20 fee for a regular (class D) driver license.
    • Drivers Under the Age of 18. Applicants between the ages of 14 and under 18 can obtain a restricted license. The Arkansas Driver License Study Guide states that new drivers must obtain a graduated license by applying for an instruction permit. This permit allows an applicant to drive a vehicle only with another licensed driver who is age 21 or older.

      If under 16 years of age, the applicant must pass the vision, knowledge and skills tests to be eligible for the Learner s License. Applicants under the age of 18 must provide proof of school enrollment with a GPA of at least 2.00. The applicants must also be accompanied to the testing site by a parent or legal guardian.

      Restrictions on a Learner s License (ages 14-16) include:

      • Seat belts must be worn by all passengers at all times.
      • The driver shall not use, unless in case of emergency, any cell phone or other wireless communication device.
      • A licensed driver who is 21 years of age or older must accompany the driver.

    DUI/DWI Laws

    • BAC limit: .08 Arkansas state law requires a law enforcement officer to issue an Official Driver s License Receipt and a Notice of Suspension/Revocation of Driving Privileges to a driver upon being stopped for suspicion of DUI/DWI. The driver is informed he/she must request a hearing within 7 days; however, their license is not immediately suspended or revoked. If at the hearing the driver is determined to have been DUI/DWI, the following penalties can be enforced:
    • First Offense: License suspension of 6 months for DWI and/or 180 days for a Refusal to Test.
    • Second Offense within 5 Years: License suspension of 2 years.
    • Third Offense within 5 Years: License suspension of 30 months.
    • A permanent license revocation occurs after the fourth offense in 5 years. Prior to re-instatement, the driver must pay a $150 fee per offense and complete an approved drug and alcohol treatment plan.
    • In each offense, it is optional for the court to require an ignition interlock system for a required amount of time. The court does not stipulate or limit fees that may be assessed for the violator.

    Texting Driving Laws

    According to, Arkansas has banned handheld devices for drivers between the ages of 18 and 20. All bus drivers and novice drivers are banned from using either handheld or hands-free devices. Texting is banned for all drivers.

    Unique Laws

    It s hard to find such culture as one finds in the Arkansas town of Little Rock. Such an example would be the standing law that prohibits one from walking their cow down Main Street after 1 p.m. on Sunday. To spread the high standards of culture, Arkansas has declared it illegal to mispronounce the state s name, exploit a bear or own a dangerous cat. Also, since one may get hungry while driving through the state, it is illegal to suddenly start or stop one s vehicle while at a McDonald s restaurant in Little Rock!


    Best Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Arkansas

    Pulaski County Car Insurance

    Located in the center of Arkansas, Pulaski County is the state s most populous. The county seat, Little Rock, is also the state capital, named for a rock formation along the Arkansas River that flows through it. Interstate 30 and Interstate 40 meet in Little Rock, home to more than 392,000.

    Almacen de papeleria al por mayor en BARCELONA, tienda de papeleria al por mayor.

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    tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor


    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    * Para acceder a la tarifa mayorista necesitaremos que nos refleje el nombre comercial de su papelerнa.

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Garantнa de satisfacciуn:

    Desde 1999 suministrando Material de Papelerнa en toda Espaсa.

    Confianza : Si lo prefiere compre en la tienda fнsica o por tlf.

    Variedad : Mбs de 12.000 referencias en stock.

    Servicio : Suministramos en 24/48 horas en la penнnsula.

    Almacйn mayorista / cash papelerнa en Toledo.

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Tienda de papeleria al por mayor

    Porque en HIPERoffice: Lo Tenemos.

    HIPER office , El mayor almacйn de papelerнa en Toledo .

    HIPERoffice dispone de una exposiciуn de 400 m2 dedicados al mundo de la papelerнa y la Informбtica en TOLEDO, con una gran cantidad de referencias en stock. Elija como comprar : Haciendo su pedido por Telйfono Fax, o comprando directamente en la tienda. Tenga la seguridad de acertar trabajando con la empresa lнder en Papelerнa en TOLEDO. Somos los mayores especialistas de material de oficina en TOLEDO. Llame y un comercial atenderб sus necesidades de suministros de material de oficina. Nos especializamos en : Escritura y correcciуn , suministros para oficina, archivo y clasificaciуn, consumibles de impresora, papel y etiquetas, embalaje y envнo, presentaciуn, mobiliario, mбquinas de oficina, etc..

    Kinostarts 2015: alle Filme, alle Trailer – News-Überblick, vergleich online videothek.

    #Vergleich #online #videothek


    Vergleich online videothek

    Immer donnerstags – pünktlich vorm Wochenende – starten die neuen Kinofilme der Woche. BILD stellt regelmäßig die wichtigsten Kinostarts vor. Handlung, Darsteller, Trailer, Filmkritiken jede Woche neu bei

    Vergleich online videothek

    Würde James Bond S-Bahn fahren, dann wie Liam Neeson (65, „Taken 1–3“). Ein S-Bahn-Pendler wird zum Helden.

    Vergleich online videothek

    „Wonder Wheel“ Sind unsere Träume unsere Tragödien?

    Woody Allens 52. Film ist ein Liebes-Melodram, das strahlt wie ein Sonnenuntergang und ein Kindergeburtstag.

    Vergleich online videothek

    „Tad Stones und das Geheimnis von König Midas“ Schatzsuche mit einem Tollpatsch

    Vor über fünf Jahren erschien der erste Animationsfilm um den liebenswert-trotteligen Möchtegern-Schatzjäger. Jetzt kommt endlich die Fortsetzung.

    Vergleich online videothek

    „Your Name.“ Fest verbunden und doch getrennt

    Schülerin Mitsuha hasst ihr Leben im Dorf. In ihren Träumen erforscht sie als Junge Tokio. Und Großstädter Taki schlüpft in ihren Körper.

    Vergleich online videothek

    „Das Leuchten der Erinnerung“ Selbstbestimmt bis zum Schluss

    Was tun, wenn das Leben so gut wie hinter einem liegt? Die letzten Meter in vollen Zügen genießen!

    Vergleich online videothek

    „Lux – Krieger des Lichts“ Deutschlands erster Superheld

    Es braucht nicht immer ein Mega-Budget, um einen unterhaltsamen Superhelden-Film zu machen.

    Vergleich online videothek

    „Alte Jungs“ Erwachsen werden andere

    Unser kleiner Nachbar Luxemburg tritt selten als Film-Lieferant in Erscheinung. Diese Komödie hat den Sprung in unsere Kinos geschafft.

    Vergleich online videothek

    „The Greatest Showman“ Let’s Dance für die Seele

    Der ansteckendste Film des jungen Jahres! Ein kleines Kino-Wunder: Du guckst, du summst, du schaukelst – und tanzt sitzend!

    Vergleich online videothek

    „Voll verschleiert“ Verliebt unterm Niqab

    Religionskritik in Form einer Boulevardkomödie? Ein Experiment, das nur bedingt funktioniert.

    Vergleich online videothek

    „The Killing of a Sacred Deer“ Wer darf leben? Wer muss sterben?

    Colin Farrell (41) glänzt in einem Thriller-Drama, das von den klassischen, griechischen Tragödien inspiriert wurde.

    Bilanzbuchhalter – Alle Infos zu Beruf und Weiterbildung, weiterbildung im unternehmen.

    #Weiterbildung #im #unternehmen

    Bilanzbuchhalter werden!

    Das Infoportal fГјr Bilanzbuchhalter.

    Vergleichen Sie hier alle Lehrgänge und

    entscheiden Sie sich fГјr den richtigen Anbieter.

    Top 5 der Bilanzbuchhalter Weiterbildungen

    Die Bilanzbuchhalter Ausbildung

    Weiterbildung im unternehmen

    Die Bilanzbuchhalter Ausbildung wird im Fernstudium, in berufsbegleitenden Teilzeitlehrgängen und in Vollzeit angeboten. . mehr

    Das Berufsbild Bilanzbuchhalter

    Weiterbildung im unternehmen

    Bilanzbuchhalter besetzen wichtige Schlüsselpositionen in Unternehmen und Organisationen. Ihr Aufgabenbereich ist sehr vielfältig. . mehr

    Das Bilanzbuchhalter Gehalt

    Weiterbildung im unternehmen

    Bilanzbuchhalter sind die Experten des Rechnungswesens. Entsprechend hoch ist das Gehalt. Bilanzbuchhalter verdienen im Schnitt ca. 3.300 €. . mehr

    FAQ zur Bilanzbuchhalter Weiterbildung

    Weiterbildung im unternehmen

    Sicher haben Sie noch einige Fragen, bevor Sie sich fГјr oder gegen die Bilanzbuchhalter Weiterbildung entscheiden. . mehr

    Die Bilanzbuchhalter IHK-Pr fung

    Weiterbildung im unternehmen

    FГјr die Bilanzbuchhalter PrГјfung vor der IHK gibt es einige Voraussetzungen, die beachtet werden mГјssen. . mehr

    Kurzprofil: Was macht eigentlich ein Bilanzbuchhalter?

    Bilanzbuchhalter zählen zu den wichtigsten Mitarbeitern im Unternehmen. Ihre Aufgabe ist es, die Unternehmensführung jederzeit über die aktuelle wirtschaftliche Situation des Unternehmens aufzuklären. Bilanzbuchhalter sind also diejenigen, die den Überblick über die finanzielle Situation eines Unternehmens haben und somit genauestens über die Liquidität und die Rentabilität Bescheid wissen.

    Die Position des Bilanzbuchhalters ist daher sehr wichtig und vor allem verantwortungsvoll. Denn niemand im Unternehmen ist besser Гјber die aktuellsten Zahlen informiert als sie. Aus diesem Grund unterliegen sie auch einer besonderen Schweigepflicht, schlieГџlich dГјrfen empfindliche Zahlen nicht an die Г–ffentlichkeit gelangen.

    Wer sich neben dem Beruf zum Bilanzbuchhalter weiterbilden möchte, für den ist ein Fernstudium eine gute Wahl. Ein bekannter Anbieter in diesem Bereich ist zum Beispiel die Akademie für Fernstudien.

    FГјr die Weiterbildung zum Bilanzbuchhalter gibt es folgende Voraussetzungen:

    1. Sie haben eine abgeschlossene kaufmännische Ausbildung und daran anschließend mindestens 3 Jahre Berufserfahrung

    Mindestens genauso wichtig ist jedoch, dass Sie das Vertrauen Ihres Arbeitgebers gewinnen, denn kaum eine Aufgabe im Unternehmen muss so gewissenhaft ausgefГјhrt werden, wie die des Bilanzbuchhalters.

    Vertrauen und Verschwiegenheit sind daher mindestens genauso wichtig, wie eine gut bestandene Prüfung zum Bilanzbuchhalter. Somit sind Charakterstärke und Fachwissen gleichermaßen Voraussetzung für diesen Beruf.

    Hinweis: Wir verwenden auf diesem Portal aus Gründen der Übersichtlichkeit die männliche Berufsbezeichnung. Selbstverständlich können auch alle Informationen zu den Lehrgängen auf die Bilanzbuchhalterin übertragen werden.

    Applicant Tracking System – Free download and software reviews – CNET

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    Applicant Tracking System

    Publisher’s Description

    From Applicant Tracking System: Free cloud-based enterprise recruitment software that supports Applicants Tracking from Sourcing to Hiring, Manage your Hiring Team, In-house interviewers and agencies with dedicated self-service portals, online assessments, Automated interview scheduling and follow ups with candidates and interviewers, Customized screening questions, Resume parsing, Branded email templates etc. It also gives you an access to number of other services like one click job distribution to multiple job boards, auto call conference which will help speed up your recruitment process and also save a lot of costs. With an embeddable career website, Applicant Tracking System is packed with amazing features and technologies, that can make your recruitment process faster and better. And the best part is its free forever.


    Add Your Review

    You are logged in as . Please submit your review for Applicant Tracking System

    Thank You for Submitting Your Review, !

    Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

    Update Your Review

    Since you’ve already submitted a review for this product, this submission will be added as an update to your original review.

    Thank You for Submitting an Update to Your Review, !

    Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site.

    Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc

    #potash #stock


    Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. Guru Stock Analysis

    The names of individual investment advisors (i.e. the ‘gurus’) appearing ON THIS WEBSITE are for identification purposes ONLY. The names are used to identify the methodology as derived from the guru’s published sources. The names of the individual gurus are not intended to suggest or imply any affiliation with or endorsement of, or even any agreement with the information displayed on this website personally by such gurus, or any knowledge or approval by such persons of the content on this website. All trademarks, service marks and trade names appearing on this website are the property of their respective owners, and are likewise used for identification purposes only.

    The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc. (“NASDAQ”), its affiliates, third party information providers, or any of these entities’ officers, employees, directors, or agents have not: (1) passed on the merit of the information provided on this website or on any of these securities; or (2) endorsed or sponsored any of these securities. ADVICE FROM A SECURITIES PROFESSIONAL IS STRONGLY ADVISED. The information contained on this website is provided for informational purposes only. See Full Disclaimer Below
    See Full Disclaimer

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    Extreme DUI Penalties

    #extreme #dui #in #arizona


    Extreme DUI Penalties

    Extreme DUI Penalties

    * Some material below used with the permission of master DUI Defense Attorney Lawrence Taylor

    Over the years, the public’s perception of drunk driving has evolved. What the public once viewed as a common indiscretion is now viewed as a serious crime and public health hazard. State legislatures all over the country are engaged in a feeding frenzy of “feel-good” legislation in response to pressure exerted by well-financed political interest groups. As a result, ordinary citizens — many of whom are not intoxicated or impaired at the time of driving — are being arrested in record numbers and forced to defend against criminal charges. Given our current political climate, DUI is a serious criminal charge.

    In 1996, over two-million people were arrested in the United States for DUI / DWI. More people are charged with DUI / DWI than any other criminal offense. That year, 43,040 DUI cases were processed in Arizona’s limited jurisdiction courts (i.e. Municipal Courts, Justice Courts) alone. In the City of Phoenix, 93% of all persons charged with DUI plead guilty without going to trial to fight the charges against them. By pleading guilty, they gave up their right to have a trial before a jury; to confront their accusers; to refute the evidence against them and to force the government to prove each element of every charge against them beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Given the frequent legislative changes in the area of Arizona DUI extreme law and the unique nature of each case, readers are urged not to rely solely on graphs and charts. You are advised to review Title 28 of the Arizona Revised Statutes and to consult with an experienced attorney. Statutory and case law citations are omitted. The Court may require a term of probation, community service, substance/alcohol screening and treatment and/or an ignition interlock device.

    The Penalties

    Driver’s License Suspension

    1st Offense BAC .08

    90 Days – 1 Year

    1 Day – 6 Months

    1st Offense Extreme BAC .15

    30 Days – 6 Months

    2nd w/in 5 Years BAC .08

    30 Days – 6 Months

    2nd w/in 5 years BAC .15

    60 Days – 6 Months

    Aggravated/Felony DUI 1st Felony

    4 Months – 3 Years (Prison Time)

    2nd Felony Charge

    8 Months – 6 Years

    Contact Our Firm

    Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you shortly.

    Please complete all required fields below.

    Attorney Kathleen Carey

    Kathleen Carey is an experienced and passionate advocate for her clients.

    Free Initial Consultation

    Ms. Carey offers a free initial case evaluation, and will go over the facts of your case, your history, your rights and options.

    Office Location

    637 North Third Avenue
    Suite 6
    Phoenix. AZ 85003
    (480) 705-6688
    (480) 287-8758 (fax)

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 08:30am – 05:00pm

    Cheapest online school

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    Northwestern California University School of Law ( NWCULaw ® ) was founded 35 years ago. It began as an external degree granting law school and is now the oldest continuously operating degree-granting online law school in the country offering online correspondence-based distance education. Its programs were developed so that economic obstacles, family commitments, remoteness of location, and other hardships would not prevent deserving individuals from studying law.

    The School currently has approximately 500 enrolled students, and over the many years of the School’s history, a large number of its graduates have gone on to successfully practice law. Graduates of the school have transitioned to jobs as private practice lawyers and litigators, deputy public defenders, deputy district attorneys, deputy county counsel, city attorney, patent attorneys, tax attorneys, immigration lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, admiralty maritime lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, administrative court judges, and staff attorneys working for law firms, private corporations, organizations and governmental agencies.

    NWCULaw has a proven record of success for online law schools and distance learning, and was the first such school to offer Internet based instruction to its students by means of videoconferencing technology. It offers an entirely online correspondence program leading to the presentation of the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree.

    The School’s high quality, very affordable online programs are offered over the Internet through a course management system and technology platform featuring Online Discussion Boards, Online Audio/Video Lectures and a Virtual Classroom to provide dynamic collaboration and communication between students and faculty members.

    The faculty consists of law professors who are available to all students for course-specific questions, discussions and reviews via the School’s Online Discussion Boards and through Cyber-Mail. Students have access to an electronic law library, through LexisNexis™, and can network with the professors and each other, and participate in online “real-time” chats, through the online law school’s Internet campus. The School’s faculty members conduct instructional sessions with students over the Internet by means of online Text Chat and modern interactive Videoconferencing technology.

    The law study program at Northwestern California University is environmentally progressive at a time when being GREEN is increasingly important. The innovative eco-friendly feature of the NWCULaw program is that the School’s faculty members and students do not travel to meet with one another. Instead they meet “virtually” on their computers at specified times for discussions of study materials, to see and hear pre-recorded lectures, and to download coursework. The savings in energy and facility resources that result are good for the School, its students and the environment.

    Our Motto: “Quality, Opportunity, Affordability”
    World-Class Online Education in Law

    Material oficina y material papeleria distribucion al mayor, suministros de papeleria al por mayor.

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    suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

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    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

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    Suministros de papeleria al por mayor

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    Distribuidora de libros, venta al por mayor de libros tipo saldo en español e ingles, libreria por mayor.

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    Für Sie auf Hochtouren.

    Nicht nur hochqualifizierte Mitarbeiter, sondern auch ein eingespieltes Team mit hohen Ansprüchen an Qualität und Kundennähe: Das ist unser Erfolgsrezept, um an jedem Tag beste Leistungen bringen zu können. Unsere Spezialisten arbeiten bereichsübergreifend, Hand in Hand – dieses gebündelte Know-how zeichnet unsere Kundenbetreuung aus. Denn aus langjähriger Erfahrung wissen wir: Die Schwierigkeit liegt oftmals im Detail.

    Die intensive Kommunikation mit unseren Kunden, Partnern und Behörden ist dabei die Grundlage, um für jede Anforderung exakt die richtige Strategie zu entwickeln.

    Ihre Ansprechpartner in Bornheim

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    Casa vacanze e affittacamere, casa vacanze le case.

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    Casa vacanze e affittacamere

    Negli ultimi tempi si è riscontrata una forte crescita di strutture ricettive denominate case vacanze.

    Cosa è una casa vacanze

    La casa vacanze è una struttura ricettiva, spesso denominata affittacamere che, per legge, deve essere costituita al massimo da sei camere.

    Queste possono essere dislocate anche in due appartamenti differenti, purché ricadenti nella stessa costruzione e ammobiliati.

    Documentazione istanza apertura casa vacanze

    Le attività di affittacamere sono regolamentate da leggi regionali attraverso le quali vengono stabiliti dei requisiti minimi.

    Caratteristiche igienico sanitarie della casa vacanze

    La casa vacanze fondamentalmente è un’abitazione civile trasformata in struttura ricettiva.

    Questo significa che tutte le case si possono adibire a casa vacanze.

    Importante è valutare l’intrinseca potenzialità turistica del sito in cui ricade il bene immobile, poiché è il luogo che determina la richiesta turistica di una struttura ricettiva.

    camere da 12 mq: due posti letto;

    camere da 16 mq: tre posti letto;

    camere da 20 mq: quattro posti letto.

    Classificazione della casa vacanze

    Anche le case vacanze, come altre strutture ricettive, vengono distinte in funzione dei servizi di cui dispongono.

    Solitamente il tipo di finitura dell’alloggio e i servizi complementari offerti ne determinano la classificazione in 1, 2 o 3 stelle.

    Casa vacanze a 3 stelle

    I requisiti minimi che deve possedere la casa vacanza a tre stelle sono:

    – Gli esercizi con apertura invernale devono garantire il riscaldamento;

    – Le camere devono offrire servizio di telefono, tv, frigo bar e un impianto di condizionamento;

    – La cucina dell’abitazione deve essere in piena disponibilità degli ospiti;

    – La colazione deve essere servita in tavoli separati, uno a camera;

    – Quotidianamente va assicurato il cambio della biancheria e pulizia delle camere;

    – La tariffa di soggiorno include energia elettrica e fornitura di acqua calda e fredda.

    Casa vacanze a 2 stelle

    I requisiti minimi che deve possedere la casa vacanze a due stelle sono:

    – Tutte le camere devono disporre, internamente, di bagno privato completo;

    – L’accesso alle camere deve essere riparato e non attraversato da locali destinati al titolare o a servizi;

    – Telefono e tv comune, solo se le camere ne siano sprovviste;

    – Gli esercizi con apertura invernale devono garantire il riscaldamento;

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    – A giorni alterni va assicurato il cambio della biancheria;

    – Pulizia delle camere giornaliera;

    – La tariffa di soggiorno include energia elettrica e fornitura di acqua calda e fredda.

    Casa vacanze a 1 stella

    I requisiti della casa vacanze ad una stella sono decisamente inferiori alle precedenti, dovendo assicurare esclusivamente i servizi basilari.

    – L’accesso alle camere deve essere riparato e non attraversato da locali destinati al titolare o a servizi;

    – Il bagno completo è comune ogni 4 posti letto;

    – Il cambio della biancheria e la pulizia delle camere va effettuato ad ogni cambio cliente e almeno due volte a settimana;

    – La tariffa di soggiorno include energia elettrica e fornitura di acqua calda e fredda.


    #Gastos #de #hipoteca


    Gastos de hipoteca







    Si tienes una hipoteca sobre tu vivienda debes saber que una sentencia del Tribunal Supremo permite a todos los que tengan un préstamo hipotecario sobre su vivienda recuperar los gastos de formalización de tu hipoteca [no hablamos de la cláusula suelo].

    Reclama las cantidades que te deben. Pueden rondar entre los 2.000 a 10.000 euros por cada préstamo hipotecario.

    Tras los éxitos cosechados por el bufete de abogados Loroño en reclamaciones bancarias como la cláusula suelo (100% de sentencias favorables), los abogados y abogadas están interponiendo las demandas correspondientes frente a todas las entidades bancarias (BBK, Sabadell, Caja Laboral, Banco Popular, Ipar Kutxa, Bankoa, Banco Guipuzcoano, Caixa, Novobanco, Caixabank, Deutsche Bank, Kutxabank, Liberbank, Evo Banco, Banco Pastor…).

    Todo aquel consumidor que tenga hipoteca sobre su vivienda o que la haya pagado ya, tendrá de plazo para reclamar 4 años desde la sentencia 705/2015 de 23 de diciembre del Tribunal Supremo.

    Nuestros abogados van a reclamar todas las cantidades:

    De la factura del Registro de Propiedad para la inscripción de la hipoteca.

    De la factura de la notaría correspondiente a la escritura del préstamo hipotecario.

    Del Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales y Actos Jurídicos Documentados al que se encuentre sujeta la escritura hipotecaria.

    De la factura de la gestoría (si su intervención fue impuesta por el banco).

    De la factura de tasación del inmueble.

    La sentencia del Tribunal Supremo dice que no debiste haber abonado todos estos gastos de formalización de la hipoteca cuando realizaste la compra de la vivienda y por tanto es necesario reclamar al banco para recuperar esas cantidades que te pertenecen.

    Se trata, al igual que la cláusula suelo, de una cláusula abusiva que deja en situación de vulnerabilidad al consumidor frente al banco obligándole a abonar gastos que no le pertenecían. Por eso esta sentencia indica que la cláusula es nula y debe restituirse las cantidades al prestatario consumidor.



    Caso 1: Si GANAMOS EL JUICIO CON COSTAS el 100% de las cantidades. Y nosotros cobraremos al banco las costas.

    Caso 2: Si GANAMOS EL JUICIO SIN COSTAS O LLEGAMOS A UN ACUERDO, se abonará el 25% (más IVA) de las cantidades obtenidas.

    Caso 3: Si el cliente pierde el juicio NO PAGA NADA.

    * No hay ningún gasto adicional.

    Gastos de hipotecaDe esta manera reclamamos a la banca y siempre ganas.

    Y recuerda que el despacho de Loroño Abogados con sede en Bilbao, ha obtenido todas las sentencias de derecho bancario (100%) favorables. Actuamos en todo el territorio español, pudiendo atenderte nuestros abogados y abogadas en cualquiera de las oficinas de Barakaldo, Bilbao, Getxo, Donostia, Vitoria, Madrid, Las Palmas, Valencia, Castro, Santander.

    *Continúa leyendo si además de los gastos de formalización quieres reclamar otros abusos bancarios, IRPH, o la devolución de las cantidades de la cláusula suelo de tu hipoteca de manera retroactiva.

    Gastos de hipoteca

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    Escrito por LOROÑO ABOGADOS

    Loroño Abogados es un bufete jurídico de letrados ubicado originariamente en Bizkaia y en Madrid, atendiendo en todo el territorio español con presencia en despachos en Bilbao, Getxo, Barakaldo, Vitoria, Donostia, Pamplona Zaragoza, Las Palmas, Valladolid, Barcelona y Madrid.

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    Gastos de hipoteca

    Hotel 4 stelle sul mare a Silvi Marina in Abruzzo – Hotel Mion, camere da letto 2016.

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    Hotel 4 stelle sul mare a Silvi Marina in Abruzzo


    Il nostro hotel 4 stelle in Abruzzo dispone di 60 camere doppie e di 4 family-suite, arredate individualmente e dotate di aria condizionata, minibar, asciugacapelli, TV satellitare, free wi-fi hot spot e cassaforte.

    Molte delle nostre camere dispongono di un accogliente balcone e venti di esse danno direttamente sul mare. Le camere sul mare del primo piano si distinguono per la magnifica terrazza privata di quasi 30 mq.

    Per le famiglie con fino a 3 bambini abbiamo realizzato appositamente 4 family-suite, composte da un’ampia camera matrimoniale, una cameretta per i bambini dotata di un confortevole letto (190 x 75 cm.) che può essere configurato come letto a castello ed uno spazioso e moderno bagno con vasca.

    Ai piedi del letto matrimoniale può essere collocato un lettino a sponde adatto ai bambini fino a 2 anni di età.

    Sia le camere doppie che le family-suite sono moderne, confortevoli ed impeccabili dal punto di vista dell’igiene: le nostre governanti ne fanno un personale punto d’onore e provvedono anche al ripasso pomeridiano, una cortesia molto apprezzata dai nostri clienti. È disponibile un servizio lavanderia interno tempestivo ed affidabile.

    Consci dell’importanza del risparmio energetico al fine di preservare l’ambiente, nel 2007 abbiamo installato sul tetto dell’edificio un impianto fotovoltaico grazie al quale il riscaldamento dell’acqua è ottenuto ad impatto zero.

    Medical Terminology

    #ac #medical #terminology


    Medical Terminology

    Medical terminology is the language of healthcare. A solid understanding of this language is important for health care professionals and patients alike.

    Healthcare providers use medical terminology to describe body parts, diseases, procedures, equipment, and more. Medical staff must have an understanding of this language in order to communicate effectively with physicians and in order to carry out instructions correctly.

    Medical billers, coders, and administrative staff must also understand medical terminology in order to carry out their duties, such as reading and interpreting medical records and assigning medical codes.

    Even patients can benefit from a basic understanding of this language, as it can enhance their understanding regarding their own health care and billing situations.

    Medical Terminology Examples

    Abbreviation : A shortening of a word, often by using the first few initials followed by a period.

    Example: The word cardiovascular is abbreviated cardio.

    Acronym: Also known as initialism; A type of abbreviation; Makes use of the first letter of each word in a phrase.

    Example: The phrase “urinary tract infection” is often written using the acronym UTI.

    Eponym: Are a type of abbreviation; Are procedures, discoveries, objects, ect. that are named after an individual (often the founder).

    Example: One type of bunionectomy is called a Keller’s procedure.

    Learning Medical Terminology

    When attempting to learn medical terms it is easier to memorize word parts instead of whole words and their meaning.

    By memorizing word parts you can substantially minimize your amount of memorization.

    Instead of memorizing the medical terms cardiology, cardiomegaly, and cardiogram you can memorize the word part cardio. which means heart.

    In this case the word part -ology means the study of, so cardiology means a study of the heart.

    The word part -megaly means enlarged and so the medical term cardiomegaly means heart enlargement.

    The word part -gram means a recording of, and so the medical term cardiogram means a recording of the heart.

    Word Parts

    Word parts fall under one of three categories:

    • Prefixes
    • Suffixes
    • Root Words

    Prefixes . These word parts attach to the beginning of a root word in order to modify their meaning.

    Example. The root word cardio means heart, but by attaching the prefix brady to the beginning we modify it’s meaning. Since the term brady means slow the medical term bradycardia means “a slow heart beat”.

    Suffixes . These word parts attach to the end of root word in order to modify their meaning.

    Example. The root word cardio means heart, but by attaching the suffix megaly to the end we modify it’s meaning. Since the suffix megaly means enlarged the medical term cardiomegaly means “heart enlargement”.

    Root Words . These word parts provide the basic meanings for medical terms. They can be used alone or can be joined with a prefix, a suffix, or both.

    Example 1:(A root word with no prefix or suffix.) The root word “plasma” means a semi-liquid form found in cells.

    Example 2:(A prefix and root word conjoined.) The prefix dys- means painful and root word “uria” means urine, together they form the medical term “dysuria” which mean “painful or difficult urination.

    Example 3:(A root word and suffix conjoined.) The root word dermat means skin, the suffix ology means the study of, together they form the medical term “dermatology” which means “to study the skin”.

    Example 4:(A prefix, root word, and suffix conjoined.) The prefix leuko means white, the root word cyte means cell, and the suffix osis means a condition of. Together these word parts form the term “leukocytosis”, which means “a condiotion of elevated white blood cells”.

    Pluralization Forms

    Most medical terminology originates from the Greek or Latin languages and so pluralization follows the rules of these languages as well.

    In the English language pluralization is most often obtained by adding an -s or -es to the end of a word.

    Example: Doctor becomes Doctors; Abscess to Abscesses.

    Although there are many Latin and Greek terms that do utilize the -s and -es there are also many medical terms that do not.

    The following are the standard pluralization rules:

    • Add -s to words ending in any vowel or consonant except: s, x, z, or y
      Examples: hands and voices
    • Add -es to words ending in s, x, or z
      Examples: reflexes and abscesses
    • Remove the y and add -ies to words ending in y that preceded by a consonant
      Examples: appendectomies and laparoscopies
    • Remove -us and add -i to Latin terms ending in -us
      Examples: staphylococci and umbilici
    • Remove -um and add -a to Latin terms that end in -um
      Examples: bacteria and data
    • Change -sis to -ses in Greek terms ending in -sis
      Examples: paralyses and diureses

    Memorization Tips

    By choosing to memorize word parts instead of all of medical terminology as a whole you greatly reduce your work load in regards to quantity. Memorization is still required, however, and there is a difference between true memorization and cramming. If your goal is to learn medical terminology AND retain your knowledge then you will need to dedicate yourself to some form of memorization.

    Memorization does not have to be a mundane and time consuming task. Studying lists and lists of words for long periods of time is in effective since the mind tires quickly and only tends to hold onto the first handful of terms.

    Instead of setting aside a large chunk of study time try using small periods of passive time to memorize just a few terms at a time.

    Flash cards may seem old fashioned but they are effective. Carry them with you and flip through them throughout the day during passive time, like waiting at a red light, during your lunch break, or you can put a few in sandwich bags and tape them in your shower. It sounds crazy but it is effective!

    Also, finding a way to relate to each term is helpful in the memorization of medical terminology.

    Example:The prefix brady- means slow, a gentleman friend of mine said he memorized this term by recalling Tom Brady to mind. He said that since Tom Brady “retired” recently he should be “slowing down”. Although this sounds silly it is a very effective tool.

    Remember, the more you have contact with something the more familiar you become with it. Memorizing medical terminology can seem like a monumental task at first but the more you continue to view the terms the more familiar you will become with them, so try to fit a little in every day.

    Finally, make sure to rest. Your mind works like a filing cabinet, storing away all of the information from the day while you sleep. Trying to study with a tired mind is like spinning your wheels.

    Study Time

    Like learning any language, learning medical terminology does require a fair amount of memorization.

    The most effective way to go about this is to first break down the whole task into smaller obtainable goals, such as focusing on medical terms first, then moving onto abbreviations. and finally learning eponyms.

    Also, instead of memorizing whole words it is better to learn word parts. There are fewer of them and they are interchangeable.

    Medical Terminology Text Book

    Learning medical terminology independently is very easy if you choose the right book.

    A good text book should:

    • Focus on word part memorization
    • Chapters should be divided by organ systems (Ex. Integumentary, Cardiovascular, ect.)
    • Additional chapters on psychology, pathology, oncology, radiology, and pharmacology should be included.

    Exam Tips

    Knowing medical terminology is very useful when sitting for a certification exam like the CPC.

    In addition to knowing your terms it is helpful to know where to find help in your coding books.

    The CPT book contains two pages of common medical prefixes, suffixes, root words, and terms.

    These pages can be located in the front of the book just before the E/M section.

    The back cover of the CPT book also contains common medical abbreviations.