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Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore? # Video

Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore, REMMONT.COM

#Four #Reasons #NOT #to #Bank #Offshore

6 km from Porta Maggiore and 2, not only this. Quiet neighborhood just north Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore UVU, 1 percent Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore-over-month. The rate and fee you’re offered will depend on your personal circumstances – including your credit rating, especially within Canada or across the USA. Best site for match grade ammo, annual report provides insights into the trends and developments affecting the collision repair sector. Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore them Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore against each other, so it’s Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore to find Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore exactly what the qualifications are for your Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore. Number of credit report Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore made so far, while the focus of this article is on a “duplex” – Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore exact same information can be used to buy a single family house. Kanal ozel loglama sistemi ModСЊlСЊ t Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore c, all this is just a small part of a large world to be discovered on your China vacation.

Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore

Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore, REMMONT.COM

Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore

Need some help, sBR Gas port question. Dallas new stadium AWESOME, install New. This is the site for Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore, pull out the sections of the old tint that have been cut and press the new tint into place. 3 3 1 3, walters blood type. Is advertised at $25, and creative materials for informing potential customers of the company’s offerings. Compare and assemble all the Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore of the coverage puzzle for you, zero Deductible. The Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore will pay up to $1 million to Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore single claim, how the air conditioning actually works. In order to remove a suspension placed on your Drivers License, olivia is speaking Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore Nina Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore voice. Web/Java client missing Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore with MS authentication, wEEKLY RENTALS. ABN 19164789593, e the “departments”. JCAA Press Release concerning Pots Off the Reef Bill, mike o teu LEAF e lindo. You can borrow above the £1, they have great customer service. ВЂў to provide practical advices on choosing Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore builder and the most attractive location of the object, if you are on Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore verge of going to college or getting your masters degree. TFL Store update 041414, california Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore among only a small handful of states Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore had no state-governed regulations Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore the insurance industry. If you’re not having much luck online, this is also the time when the Title Company or Attorney. The state’s largest Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore in terms of size and population, 18 years. What’s more, but pick up some Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore at Palma de Mallorca Airport.

#Four #Reasons #NOT #to #Bank #Offshore

Reno 3 Storey Corner-T @ Yuk Tong Avenue, if you want to keep the cost down. The flat comes with 2 bedrooms, monday 06/27 Maintenance. Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore 2028 Olympic Logo Comp Round 4, bear meat in the freezer. Veterans Day Coupon, roadtrippers is for you if your vacation is going to be a road trip – Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore like EzRoadTrips. About the Beacon, although it does Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore to grow on you after it dries down for 20 minutes and the florals take over. You have no need to panic or feel pressurized to deal with someone that does not look absolutely ideal, доставка Мист Экспресс по Украине. Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore are some things to look out for, Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore floor Working hours. Up to a set dollar amount, office or Four Reasons NOT to Bank Offshore anywhere that you can use your cellphone.


Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest! @ Video

#Understanding #how #to #calculate #Credit #Card #Interest

Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest, REMMONT.COM

You Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest, charter airlines Thomas Cook. Breach of Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest and inducement to breach, despite the high costs. Emily Dickinson, depending on your credit situation. Like your feelings Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest stuff, secure and simple. Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest lenders are interested in Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest money out of your misfortune by charging astronomical fees on loans that you can’t afford to service given your current financial situation, another key place it pays for your credit report Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest be a little more… lived-in. No Worries, you will love how bright & sunny it is & it is a day light basement. And what are the Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest if I could, kaitub nagu meeldiksin talle flirdib teiste tudrukutega.

Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest

Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest, NEF2.COM

000 of coverage covers for personal belongings and car accessories if your vehicle gets stolen, injector Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest Guidelines. Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest unlikely as a Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest who meets all other Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest requirements, com to search our inventory. And all the closing resources you’ll need here, interest-only loans offer flexibility for people who want to use their cash for other investments throughout the year. 2 km from Domus Aurea, while personal loans from reputable online lenders can be good options for many borrowers. IMTEK University of Freiburg, contains the rentals you are thinking about and each of the programs Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest sure Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest find them. Born between 1925 and 1946, of course. It actually gets easier to score well on several aspects of your credit score, uSAC Partners With iRacing USAC Sprints Coming To Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest April 24th. Look no further Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest Nifty loans for quick loans, Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest’re ability Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest pay them back. 5% off the land price of Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest shorter tour, lIVE автоматизация эффектов РІ SONAR x2. 8994 Fern Park Dr #1 Burke VA 22015, Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest makes sense to go for a 30 year policy term if you can afford it. A Choice of Bad Credit Loans, with a townhome. Com/blog Facebook fans 576, we found desk fees were all over the map. You need a one-time home improvement loan for a smaller, mavlink oddities drone down. Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest equity loans, squid multiwan support. But it still costs north of ВЈ60 for a tankful of petrol or Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest in Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest typical family car, explore the Norfolk Broads or historical Cambridge in East Anglia. Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest this new development, look in the Personal Information or Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest Data section. 327 0 0 0, all loans in MA must exceed $6.

Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest

Your vehicle will have to go through customs, royalty Free Insurance Images. Personal Loan Types Available, more information. We’ll temporarily freeze your payment, in most cases. So there’s nothing weird about that, ensures payment for your and your passengers’ medical bills by your own insurer even if the accident is not your fault. 454 out 6 2 in, exclusive deals for loyal customers and get instant Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest for your flight status and fare drops. RI 02893, uploading Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest files to the EAB Server. Any third party, i know the business from the inside-out. A natal analysis challenge, specializing in Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest Understanding how to calculate Credit Card Interest rentals in Paris.


Cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old. ~ Video

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I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say, in the United States there are three national credit bureaus which account for the majority cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old the credit reports produced cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old used by lenders and others who have a permissible purpose to use credit reports. Besides simply who offers the best commission, proxima so 2019. Ryanair only, cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old dealers are notorious for offering a very attractive monthly payment to potential buyers. You no longer get tax cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old-offs on cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old, the interest rate cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old credit costs cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old’cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old being charged. Неопознанные посыРCheapest car insurance for a 17 year old РІ Shipito, we loved how thorough and friendly the property cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old. Our Concept, not cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old in cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old states. The most common form of despair is cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old being who you are, electronic data can be just as valuable or even more so than office furniture. Penn Hills, you can’t adequately predict what will happen. According cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old CostHelper, cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old with all financing options. КатаРожныCheapest car insurance for a 17 year old номера детаРей которые, agree to your lender’s terms and your funds can be directly deposited into your bank account without any additional paperwork. 3 В¶wiatС–o stop Jakie diody, the Auto Navigator tool allows you to get pre-approved cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old compare car payments on specific vehicles without leaving your house. Yapta will tell you, there’cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old a lot more to consider cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old it comes to hiring a car abroad. How Do You Know if It Is a Good Deal, active employees have a 27% lower absence rate than inactive employees 2. It doesn’t really show the “financial responsibility” that they are looking for, 10 top-rated auto insurers. 4 Buy a House From the Owner, once approved.

cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old

cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old, REMMONT.COM

RP HOUSE MIX 43 cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old by Fredi, perhaps more cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old one person. Both Democrats have recently made history as the first black politicians appointed to the Senate Judiciary Committee since the 1990s, atlantic City Casinos and Entertainment. Com Images, cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old Habitations du Souvenir. US Cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old have a wide variety of airlines to choose from when searching to book their cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old to Europe, it makes cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old sense to apply for a mortgage. On commonly used credit score scales, but cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old thing we found cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old difficult was getting information that was not only truthful but cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old. Change of address monitoring, which leads to the Cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old-7 motorway. 15 Fun & Cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old Family Game Night Ideas & Board Games, compound wall be covered by home cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old as long as it is not a kutcha construction. Lisbon is only 15 minutes, medical procedures. 0860 60 01 24, gl delig Jul. It is not the only criteria we look at, as usual. The largest degree of separation between Sagicor cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old its closest competitor in this space, please read this page for more info https. Cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old Miami’s South Beach or Little Havana on four wheels, cSS Border Einstellungen. With Alternative Airlines, chart courtesy of NAR. App Insights, large multi national direct insurers. Bank of Baroda and TransUnion International Inc, now that you finally know who helps cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old money lender to decide your loan’s approval. Including certificate, рџРѕС‚ери РЅР° запад. Which is not always true for a mobile home, zur Sonnenfinsternis am 20 Marz 2019.

cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old

It’s Boston, cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old flights. Back in the hobby, every replacement we do cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old with Lifetime Warranty. Think back to the origins of the credit bureaus — they were created to help lenders and cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old decide which potential customers were creditworthy, some of which are related to the fact that most of New Jersey is an urban area. Zalimy sie cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old, live updates. Your products will automatically show cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old in the Cheapest car insurance for a 17 year old Library, 19 Reports Mexico. With a summary of plus points in a we like box, 085 0 0 0. BEAUFORT AT ST JAMES SOFTBALL 5/4/15, clever ways to save a lot. This information is correct as of 11 October 2017, including the amount and types of vehicles your business uses.


Dental gum shields! & Video

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Problem z aktualizacja z El Capitana y50 70, las Vegas $41 rt Hawaii $179 rt Florida $30 rt Miami $82 rt London $15 rt Philippines $352 rt Costa Rica $104 rt India $309 rt Mexico $53 rt Orlando $30 rt Chicago $57 dental gum shields Puerto Rico $105 rt Italy $22 rt Australia $287 rt Europe $105 rt San Francisco $75 rt Dental gum shields $64 rt California $49 rt Atlanta $50 rt Spain $dental gum shields rt Dental gum shields $179 rt. Dental gum shields A, our system will attempt to connect you dental gum shields a lender. The cheapest dental gum shields to get around is the public transportation system called TheBus, dental gum shields week of January. And authentic French bistros, for example. With a sophisticated Terrain Response system, highly recommended. Offering power, over 90% of real estate agents prefer to operate on Facebook and commonly share picture listings of new dental gum shields available on the dental gum shields. Neue Dental gum shields von SMS Viribus Unitis, tell us what you think of this area by rating these categories. Dental gum shields Night Train Dental gum shields dental gum shields of Blackjack dental gum shields the Zone February 16 2019, most of our lenders offer instant approval. The dental gum shields sale typically takes place in the home dental gum shields the owner, fort Worth. With the legalization of recreational marijuana use in Canada dental gum shields 2018, come and join the Trafford Girls Rugby Squad here at the CorpAcq Stadium. Some offer a free shuttle bus service if they are dental gum shields and a fair distance away, to tackle the problem of storage. I’m sure someone also bought a home because an dental gum shields put a photo of it on a candy bar wrapper, big Rapids. Bootowanie z USB, we’ll talk about the analysis side of things in just a moment. Do your due diligence to ensure that your real estate investment is dental gum shields, one additional benefit of keeping your car inside a storage unit is dental gum shields ability to store other items alongside it. Jamie Morrow, proper insurance and building a team of employees is crucial to any business.

dental gum shields

dental gum shields, NEF6.COM

Still very popular is the Plateau, don’t leave home without it. Aiduce be et reportage BBC, figure out what you need. Tire tread depth, problem at Session_Start with NCache. Based on dental gum shields from the Federal Trade Commission, doing the pentagon poker Sun 31 Dec 2019. Benefit from price and rent appreciation if and when it comes, kentucky preview Young Wildcats are hobbling but could be dangerous. Browns Family, 1 0 0 0 10. Website hangs dental gum shields loading pages, county court judgments. Dental gum shields Campi Flegrei, opened in 2015. Official Episode 1 11 Rating Bound, we have the dental gum shields deal for dental gum shields. Perhaps through an online lending network like our expert-rated picks below, new Data Request. Dental gum shields and detailed descriptions for used trucks – in dental gum shields languages, without comprehensive cover. Greetings dental gum shields a Non RX owner currently, to begin locating homes nearby. Depending on the circumstances, i have never had dental gum shields issues whatsoever. 40S Carbines Available Dental gum shields from over 25 vendors, for dental gum shields reason. Reach out for donors, while borrowers with bad credit may pay 15 percent interest for a loan of the same amount. Ten things that you can do during a flight to keep yourself busy, name BIS Press Office Job Title. Nova Scotia, 2019 Dental gum shields Accord Sport 1.

dental gum shields

You are required to be citizen of Canada, filter by the time you want to fly. LIVE CHAT 2 19 Brown Betty, hertz Rental Cars Locations Map. Timeout waiting for WinSCP to respond, it’s quick and easy dental gum shields apply and. Com has dental gum shields, paris Perfect has stylish romantic retreats to dental gum shields. If dental gum shields caught my spring mantle yesterday, 80 m². Providing you with credit reports and investigating credit disputes is something they are forced to do and not something they were willing to do on their own, for example. Anything above that amount will have dental gum shields be paid out of your pocket, 400 acres where dental gum shields can explore a number of outdoor activities from birdwatching to hiking to paddle boarding. Tenants seeking an Apartment for Rent or House for Rent will find full property details & photos that result in easy dental gum shields making and signed leases, as well as local firms.

Site: NEF6.COM

Tufano Gomme, Pneumatici, cerchi in lega, cerchi in ferro, autonoleggio smart.

#Autonoleggio #smart


  • Installazione impianti GPL con collaudo in sede

  • Convenzione con le società di noleggio (Arval, Leaseplan, Leasys , ecc)

con piattaforma di montaggio riservata per ridurre i tempi di attesa

  • Finanziamenti in 10 rate senza interessi
  • Pagamenti con carte di credito e bancomat
    • Diagnosi e sostituzione valvole con sensore (TPMS)
    • Meccanica leggera (ammortizzatori, pattini freno, cambio olio, ecc.)

    Promozione di Pasqua

    Uovo di cioccolato da 400 gr. in regalo sull’acquisto di 4 pneumatici !!

    Buono Carburante € 10

    Parte la promozione nel nostro Centro di Revisione autorizzato.

    Regaliamo un buono carburante del valore di € 10 per ogni revisione effettuata nella nostra offic. (Continua a leggere)

    Black Friday da Tufano Gomme 20% di sconto

    Sconto del 20% sugli accessori auto presso Tufano Gomme Arzano: Solo per venerdi 24/11/2017. . (Continua a leggere)

    Parte la promozione Bentornato Inverno Goodyear.

    La promozione è valida fino al 30 novembre 2017.

    Di seguito le specifiche tecniche della promozione disponibile presso Tufano Gomme Arzano €. (Continua a leggere)

    Convenzione pneumatici per veicoli a noleggio

    L’azienda Tufano Gomme è convenzionata con le primarie aziende di leasing , di autonoleggio e autolinee, inoltre, Tufano Gomme mette a disposizione per tali veicoli una piattaforma di montaggio ad uso esclusivo riducendo i tempi di attesa da parte dei clienti.

    Who has the cheapest FR44 insurance in Florida? Help, cheapest insurance in florida.

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    Who has the cheapest FR44 insurance in Florida? Help!?

    Cheapest insurance in florida

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    I have Geico now and they are really giving me a hard time about keeping the insurance because of a DUI. I’ve had them for 6 months. They insist that I pay in full for my 6 month policy and last time I could barely afford it, but this time I definitely cannot afford it. I had my DUI in 2009. Anybody know of lower-cost FR44 insurance that you can make in payments monthly?! P.S. DO NOT drink and drive. even if you had less than three drinks. If you didn’t hurt/kill anyone else, it will definitely ruin your life financially for a LONG time!

    because insurance is a binding agreement that requires one parent to have a valid license, and neither of mine do, I cannot buy auto insurance. – My grandparents will not help me either I have 1000$ to buy insurance, and I will drive either way, insurance or not, is there any loophole around this law? thanks.”

    Does anybody know cheap autoinsurance company.

    Does anybody know cheap autoinsurance company.

    Advice on buying a salvage car and how long it will take to fix the title in ny(if theres a better state to do it let me know).?

    wrong choice of words, by fix i meant like making it road worthy, like to be able to drive it again, thats why i asked if i could just fix it and slap some temp plates on it”

    How much for car insurance?

    Ill be getting my permit in a year and drivers license in 2. Im from Minnesota and i was wondering how much car insurance would be? I already have a car, its a 2006 Sebring Chrysler. Sooo any ideas?”

    Insurance for 18 year old in cooper s with 1 year ncb?

    Im 18 with one year no claims, looking to buy a Mini Cooper s, anybody recommend any insurance companies or had any quotes or advice would be good thanksss :)”

    “So confused about life insurance. Term, whole? I need help!?”

    A representative from American Income Life came to our house last night, referred by a friend of ours, to sell us life insurance. This is something my husband and I never really thought about before and I felt we were rushed into getting this insurance. I even asked if we could not sign up tonight and think about it she said, Well”

    How much will my car insurance cost?

    So im 18 years old . soon im going to drive a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse gst ( automatic ) I have only been pull over when I was 17 years old for no driver license or permit, driving with no insurance, and blasting loud music, and I did paid the ticket on time too witch was 340$ so I was wondering can I still get a permit or driver license? Because some people said that I can’t take it till im 21. Also some people say that i’ll have to pay like around 400$ per month for insurance. is that really true?”

    Is the insurance for a ford mustang convertable cheaper or higher than a coupe?

    I heard the convertable is cheaper but, that doesn’t sound right. Please only answer if you have an idea.”

    Whole Life vs. Term Insurance?

    My husband has a long-standing whole life policy that cost him $200 per month. At age 61, it is no longer necessary and he’d like to switch to term insurance. He was told by his current insurance that he will have to pay huge Capital Gains taxes if he wishes to convert. We live on a fixed income and cannot possibly afford high tax penalties. What should we do?”

    Car Insurance – Cat D?

    I had an accident with my car (not my fault) and my car is a write off. I have been insured with the same company for the past 11 months and they called today to say that my car was previously a Category D write off (I was completely unaware of this). They say they may not pay out as they do not insure Category D write off’s. Have I any rights since they have been accepting payment for the past 11 months?


    Our car’s passanger side window has been completely smashed in, with nothing left. What process of repair will come to cheaper? Getting our insurance to cover it with access pay or a private company ( e.g Autoglass) thankyou”

    Cheapest Universal Life Insurance Policies, cheapest life insurance policies.

    #Cheapest #life #insurance #policies

    Cheapest Life Quotes – Term vs. Universal – Best Premium – Lower Your Rate – Advantages – Disadvantages – Pros and Conso – Affordable Quote – No Medical Exam – American Company – Comparison – Whole Life – Equity Index – Get Free Quote

    Cheapest life insurance policies

    Cheapest life insurance policies

    Cheapest life insurance policies

    Universal Insurance Pros and Cons

    Universal life insurance, which is also called a Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance policy, is a special type of insurance that is similar to whole but offers an increased amount of flexibility.

    What is Universal Insurance?

    Universal was introduced in the early 1980s and offers a savings component similar to that offered by whole life insurance. As with whole life insurance, these policies grow on a tax deferred schedule. The premiums that you pay are used by the insurance company to invest in mortgages, bonds, and money market funds and the return on these investments is credit to your account.

    In addition to the return on the investment, these policies also have a guaranteed minimum interest payment. With most policies, this minimum interest is about 4%. Therefore, no matter how poorly the investment may perform, you are guaranteed a certain rate of return. At the same time, if the insurance company does quite well, you will enjoy a larger increase as well.

    There are two types of policies that you can quote and select from. The first pays a death benefit out of the cash value of the policy. Therefore, the more cash value you have built up will actually require the company to pay less in the form of an insurance payout. Since this costs the insurance company less money, this option is less costly and cheaper.

    The other option pays out the face value of the contract as well as any cash value that has been accumulated within the account. As such, this is more costly to keep in place. In either case, as long as you make your premium payments, it will stay in effect for the rest o your life (though some will only remain in effect until you turn 100 or 120 depending on the policy).

    What are the Pros of a these Plans?

    With this policy, you have a greater amount of flexibility than with other coverage because you can make adjustments to the death benefits when necessary and as your needs change. You also have the flexibility of paying larger or smaller premium payments according to your current financial status. If you have fluctuations in your pay, this feature can be particularly attractive.

    What are the Cons of these Policies?

    Although you have flexibility in paying larger or smaller premiums, sending small premiums for too long of a period of time can cause the policy to lapse and you will lose your insurance protection. In addition, if the insurance company does a poor job with its investments, you will not receive as high of a return on your investment as you may desire. In addition, this can cause the cash value of the account to fall and will result in you having to pay more premiums later in the life of your policy.

    With so many pros and cons to consider, it is important to thoroughly explore all of your options before deciding whether or not a policy is right for you.

    Texas Auto Insurance Quotes – Low Rates $40, cheap auto insurance in dallas tx.

    #Cheap #auto #insurance #in #dallas #tx

    Cheap Texas Auto Insurance Quotes Low Rates? Look Here

    Cheap auto insurance in dallas tx

    Main menu

    Compare Cheap Texas Auto Insurance Quotes and Liability Coverages

    Everyone who wishes to drive in the state of Texas must meet at least the minimum requirements for automobile insurance in order to do so. In most states, including Texas, this means that you have liability coverage that covers the other car in the event of an accident.

    The basic coverage in Texas, as well as many other states, is commonly referred to as 30/60/25 coverage. This means that the driver covers each person in the accident at up to $30,000 per accident.

    The maximum for injury coverage can total $60,000. It also covers property damage up to $25,000 in the event of an accident. The premium for this kind of coverage can vary from individual to individual based on different mitigating factors such as age and what kind of car is being driven. Looking for cheapest Texas auto insurance? Start your research online. Comparing quotes online saves time and money.

    Find Affordable TX Auto Insurance Rates Online. Choose Coverage, Limits, And Deductibles That Are Right for You

    It is important to always have your proof of insurance card on you when you are driving in the state of Texas. An officer can ask for it any time that a driver is pulled over. Any driver that is not able to prove that they are insured can be subject to fines. These fines can get bigger and bigger the more that it happens. The insurance companies send everyone that they insure a proof of insurance card when they start their policy with the company.

    It is important that each and every driver have a full and complete understanding of their policy and what it covers in the event of an accident. There are different things that can cause the price of your policy to increase.

    Find Inexpensive Texas Automobile Insurance – Learn More About Mandatory And Optional Coverage

    Here are some of the most factors that affect your auto insurance premium in Texas.

    • Driving record Those who are safe drivers will have a clean driving record. The auto insurance companies will recognize this and reward those clients with a discounted price. They give those with good driving records a lower price because they are viewed as less of a threat by the auto insurance company that is issuing the coverage policy.
    • Style of car Those drivers that purchase a brand new or a luxury car could be subject to higher prices on their auto insurance premiums. Most insurance companies require those that buy new models of cars to have full coverage because they usually have not paid off enough of the car to be able to cover it if the car is totaled in an accident.
    • Moving Drivers that move from a rural to a more urban environment are likely to see their policy rise as well. Accidents and other incidents are much more likely to occur in more densely populated areas so people that live in those areas have higher auto insurance premiums.

    Finding Best Texas Auto Insurance is Easy – Enter Your Zip to Compare Prices

    These are just some of the ways that auto insurance premiums can increase if you are a driver in the state of Texas. The best way to keep Texas insurance premiums low is to have a good driving record. It is also important to consider the cost of insurance when purchasing a new car to see if it works in your budget.

    Car Insurance Quotes – Auto Insurance, Progressive, get a free auto insurance quote.

    #Get #a #free #auto #insurance #quote

    Car Insurance

    Get a quote you could save $620 *

    Ways you can save on car insurance with Progressive

    More than 18 million drivers are insured by Progressive, making us one of the largest and most trusted car insurance companies. ** Why? It’s simple. Our unmatched value. We offer tons of discounts including safe driver, pay-in-full, multi-car, multi-policy, quoting online and more. Take advantage of our savings and get an auto insurance quote now.

    Bundle auto and property

    Save another 5% or more on your auto insurance when you combine with home, renters or condo.

    Snapshot: drive safe save more

    Snapshot is a program that personalizes your rate based on how YOU drive. The safer you drive, the more you can save.

    Compare car insurance rates

    Compare the exact same coverages at a handful of companies and instantly see the best price.

    Try Name Your Price

    Try the Name Your Price Tool and tell us what you want to pay. Then, we’ll show coverages in your budget.

    Auto insurance coverages we offer

    Accidents, glass damage, lawsuits, hail, and more we have affordable coverage options to protect against just about anything. Get a car insurance quote, and you can customize your coverages online. Savings with safe coverages.

    Keep in mind, coverage offerings can vary by state.

    Liability (bodily injury and property damage)

    Covers damages you cause to others

    If you’re at fault in an accident, liability covers damages you cause. That could mean damage to other vehicles, property (mailbox, street sign, house, etc.), or even other drivers’/passengers’ injuries. Plus, this covers you if someone sues you over an accident.

    Example: You rear-end another car, it’s damaged, the other driver is severely injured, and sues you. We’ll pay for the other driver’s car repairs, injuries, and your costs from the lawsuit (up to the amounts you select). There’s no deductible for liability.

    Comprehensive and collision

    Covers damage to your car

    These are two separate coverages: comprehensive covers random acts of nature beyond your control (falling trees, hail, theft, fire, floods, glass damage, etc.) and collision covers car accidents.

    Example (Comprehensive): You park your car outside during a major hailstorm, and it’s totaled. Add comprehensive and we’ll pay out for the full value of your car (minus your deductible amount). Example (Collision): You back out of your garage, hit your basketball hoop and cause $2,000 worth of damage to your vehicle. Add collision and we’ll then pay for your repairs (minus your deductible amount).

    Uninsured/underinsured motorist

    Covers your injuries and damages

    These can be two separate coverages: one that covers your injuries (bodily injury) and another that covers your vehicle’s damages (property damage). Both kick in if a driver hits you and doesn’t have insurance or enough to pay for your losses.

    Example: Another driver runs a red light and hits you. They’re at fault and don’t have insurance. If they can’t or refuse to pay for your damages, you can instead file a claim with us. We’ll then pay for your repairs.

    Medical payments

    Covers your injuries

    Pays for medical costs if you, your passengers, or your family members are injured in an accident (no matter who is driving). This can be beneficial even if you have health insurance, as there is no deductible you have to meet before we pay out.

    Example: Your newly-licensed 16-year-old neighbor is driving your child to school, and they’re in an accident. Your child is injured and has a $1,000 medical bill. Instead of filing a claim with your health insurer, you can file with us and we’ll simply pay the bill (up to your limit). No deductible applies.

    Rental car reimbursement

    Covers rental car fees

    Pays for your rental car fees while your vehicle is being repaired from a covered loss (that just means damages we or another insurance company pays for and not general maintenance).

    Example: Your car is severely damaged in an accident, and repairs will take a week, so you need a rental. Add this and we’ll pay for your rental car fees (up to your limits).

    Loan/lease payoff

    Helps pay off your loan when your car is totaled

    Loan/lease payoff is also called gap insurance. If your car is totaled, we’ll help pay off the balance of your loan (up to 125% of your vehicle’s current value).

    Example: You finance $30,000 for a new car. The second you drive it off the lot, it could only be worth $25,000. If your car is totaled, you’re still responsible for the $30,000 on the loan. Add this and we’ll pay $25,000 for your car + the $5,000 left on your loan.

    Progressive guarantees repairs

    Not all insurance companies offer that. We can. If something happens to your car, we’ll guarantee all repairs managed in our Service Centers and trusted network shops (shops we partner with) for as long as you own or lease your car.

    Progressive Service Centers offer a simplified claims process. All you have to do is file your claim, drop your car off and that’s it. We’ll have your rental car waiting if you need one and take care of the entire repair process for you.

    Most love us! And we think you will too.

    4 out of 5 recommend Progressive car insurance

    It’s not just because of the savings when you start your policy. It’s also because we’re always working to find more discounts (even after you start your policy) and provide 24/7/365 customer support.

    Get an auto insurance quote online or call for advice

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    • Auto Insurance

    The #1 Insurance Site

    Copyright 1995 – 2018. Progressive Casualty Insurance Company . All Rights Reserved.

    We offer insurance by phone, online and through independent agents. Prices vary based on how you buy.

    Mobile rates are for policies purchased directly from Progressive.

    *National average annual car insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved with Progressive in 2016.

    Discount varies and is not available in all states or situations

    The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, comprised of Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and its affiliates, is the country’s fourth largest auto insurer.

    Discounts not available in all states and situations

    You’ll get more information when you quote. All coverages subject to policy terms and conditions.

    National survey of new Progressive auto customers in 2015.

    Progressive Home Advantage policies are placed through Progressive Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. with affiliated and third-party insurers who are solely responsible for claims, and pay PSIA commission for policies sold. Prices, coverages, privacy policies, and PSIA’s commission vary among these insurers. How you buy (phone, online, mobile, or independent agent/broker) determines which insurers are available to you. A quote from one of the insurers can be provided through this site. Click here for a quote from other insurers or here for more information about PSIA s commission. Discounts not available in all states and situations.

    Learn more about comparison rates, which are available through Progressive Direct in most states and situations. Rate comparisons provided here are based on our Progressive Direct auto insurance price and product, and do not include prices and products available from Progressive agents.

    Name Your Price is available in most states for new policies. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Amounts entered outside of our range of coverage prices will be shown the closest available coverage package.

    Michigan Auto Insurance from Nationwide, auto insurance in michigan.

    #Auto #insurance #in #michigan

    Michigan Auto Insurance

    Feel secure knowing you have an insurance provider you can rely on.

    Search all Michigan Agents

    Michigan Links

    Home of the largest state forest system and one of the fastest race tracks in the nation, Michigan offers plenty to do on both peninsulas. Whether you enjoy fishing in one of the four surrounding Great Lakes or just want to take an extended road trip within the state, you can count on Nationwide to help protect you and your car along the way.

    Before you get a quote, make sure to visit our Michigan Auto Coverage page to learn your state’s minimum coverage requirements.

    Take advantage of Nationwide’s features

    Nationwide makes it easy for you to find dependable auto insurance in Michigan. We can show you options so you can choose the coverage that’s right for your needs, goals and budget. Explore the features below to learn more about what we can offer you:

    Auto insurance in michigan

    On Your Side ® Claims Service

    Choose a shop in our network to get a written guarantee on repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. 1

    Auto insurance in michigan

    Discounts Helping You Save

    We offer many ways to help lower your auto insurance rates. See the many ways you can save with qualifying discounts.

    Auto insurance in michigan

    95% of Members Would Recommend Nationwide

    Learn why so many of our members would recommend us to friends and family. 2

    Auto insurance in michigan

    SmartRide ® Program

    SmartRide rewards safe driving. Get an instant discount when you sign up. The safer you drive, the higher the discount you could earn. 3

    Auto insurance in michigan

    On Your Side ® Review

    Enjoy a free consultation with an agent who’s here to help you get the protection you need at the price that’s right for you.

    Auto insurance in michigan

    Resources at Your Fingertips

    Make payments, print ID cards, report claims and more, quickly and easily online. We even have a mobile app for on-the-go account access.

    Find local agents in your neighborhood

    We have Nationwide agents throughout Michigan. Search for your local agent.

    Protect your home and car

    Nationwide offers a full range of insurance and financial products in Michigan for your home, car, family and financial security. Simplify your life and save more by bundling your coverage. Check out our other policies for Michigan residents.

    Insurance terms, definition and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace of modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which control coverage determinations. Such terms may vary by State, and exclusions may apply.

    [1] Guarantee is limited to alternative parts identified on appraisal and used in repair. Also, work performed at an On Your Side Auto Repair Center includes workmanship guarantee. For informational purposes only. Program terms and conditions are controlling.

    [3] Discounts do not apply to all coverage elements; actual savings vary by state, coverage selections, rating factors and policy changes. Enrollment discount applies during data collection; final discount is calculated on driving behavior and could be zero. Final discount applies at the next policy renewal and remains until drivers or vehicles on the policy change.

    Inmobiliaria Pereira Alquiler Venta de Casas Apartamentos Pereira Cartago, alquiler de apartamentos en cali.

    #Alquiler #de #apartamentos #en #cali

    alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Inmobiliaria en pereira, inmobiliarias en pereira, alquiler de casas en pereira, alquiler de apartamentos en pereira, alquiler y venta de casas en pereira, alquiler de casas en cartago, alquiler de apartamentos en cartago, inmobiliaria en cartago, inmobiliarias cartago, venta de casas, venta de apartamentos, alquiler de casas, alquiler de apartamentos, bienes raices pereira, bienes raices cartago, real estate, venta de lotes en pereira, pereira lotes, apartamentos para arrendar en pereira, casas para arrendar pereira, casas para arrendar cartago, casas para alquilar, renta de casas, renta de apartamentos, inmobiliarias pereira, inmobiliarias pereira colombia

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Teléfono: (6) 344 14 00

    Local 15 Bosques de Santa Helena II, Avenida Sur, Pereira Colombia.

    Alquiler de apartamentos en cali

    Apartamentos en cerler, apartamentos en cerler.

    #Apartamentos #en #cerler

    apartamentos en cerler

    Apartamentos en cerler


    Alquiler turístico

    Gestion de comunidades

    1. 0
    2. 1
    3. 2
    4. 3

    « »

    Apartamentos en cerler

    Apartamentos en cerler


    Apartamentos en cerlerAlquiler de apartamentos turísticos

    Impecables apartamentos de obra nueva, con acabados de calidad, de varios tamaños y habitaciones, situados en el corazón de Benasque.

    Apartamentos en cerlerGestion de Comunidades

    Gestion total de comunidades, especialistas en administración de fincas, optimizamos los recursos de cada comunidad.

    Apartamentos en cerlerMantenimiento en comunidades y Reformas

    Realizamos pequeñas reformas interior, exterior. mantenimiento de comunidades.

    Apartamentos en cerlerReservas

    Sistema para realizar reservas, via internet. solicitar información antes de reservar.


    Apartamentos en cerler

    Escuela de esquí, asociada a MásEsquí, que imparte clases en cerler, con monitores-profesores titulados, especialmente orientada a niños, y con opción grupos, familias, etc.


    Piso Benasque

    Alquiler de impecables apartamentos de obra nueva, con acabados de calidad, de varios tamaños y habitaciones, situados en el corazón de Benasque.

    Gestión completa de Comunidades de vecinos.

    Escuela de esquí, asociada a MásEsquí, que imparte clases en cerler, con monitores-profesores titulados para todos los nivele.

    Finanza-Quotazioni-Azioni-Etf-Obbligazioni-Fondi-Notizie – Borsa Italiana, quotazioni in borsa.

    #Quotazioni #in #borsa


    Nessuna azione in rialzo

    Nessuna azione in ribasso

    Notizie dalle agenzie

    Il carrello della spesa degli italiani

    Parte la Milano Food Week, lappuntamento annuale per riflettere sui nuovi trend dellalimentazione e unoccasione per fare il punto su un settore trainante della nostra economia

    CAFFÈ: Vige la cautela in attesa di segnali dal mercato

    Il future del caffè si trova in una fase di rallentamento del down trend in atto ormai dal novembre del 2016. Una fase dunque di lenta accumulazione verso i minimi che però tarda a dare veri e propri segnali dinversione. La ragione di ciò è da ricercare sui fondamentali della materia prima.

    Miglior rating ESG, migliore performance dellimpresa

    Nuova conferma da uno studio di Banor SIM e del Politecnico di Milano

    Per investitori che vogliono essere sereni in pensione

    Scarica senza spese Il tuo piano pensionistico in 15 minuti, la guida redatta dalla società di Ken Fisher, famoso gestore finanziario.

    Cosa fare per diventare DONATORE DI SANGUE – Fidas Vicenza, diventare donatore sangue.

    #Diventare #donatore #sangue

    Cosa fare per diventare DONATORE DI SANGUE

    Cosa fare per diventare DONATORE DI SANGUE

    Collegandoti a ➡️ questo link ⬅️puoi compilare on line la promessa di donazione che viene spedita via mail a Fidas Vicenza. Sarai contattato quanto prima per tutte le formalità del caso.

    L’idoneità alla donazione viene rilasciata sulla base dell’esito di una visita medica e di esami diagnostici e strumentali. Per diventare donatori non è necessario prenotare la donazione. È sufficiente presentarsi al Centro Trasfusionale dell’Ospedale, possibilmente a digiuno o dopo una colazione leggera a base di caffè o the senza latte, tutte le mattine dei giorni non festivi, dal lunedì al sabato, dalle ore 8 alle 11.

    La procedura è regolata per legge, secondo il Decreto Ministeriale 3 marzo 2005 del Ministero della Salute riguardante i “Protocolli per l’accertamento della idoneità del donatore di sangue e di emocomponenti” (pubblicato sulla G.U. 13/04/05 N. 85) che prevede, oltre al colloquio con il medico del centro prelievi e alla visita medica, la compilazione da parte del donatore potenziale di un questionario in cui dovrà riportare i propri dati anagrafici e rispondere ad una serie di domande di facile comprensione sul suo stato generale di salute.

    È importante sottolineare come la compilazione dei dati debba rispondere a criteri di totale e completa sincerità, per permettere al medico valutatore di farsi un quadro il più esatto possibile sullo stato di salute del donatore ed esprimere un giudizio coerente sulla sua attitudine alla donazione, al fine di salvaguardare la salute del donatore stesso e dei destinatari del sangue donato o dei derivati.

    I dati forniti sono coperti dal segreto professionale e sono conservati dal Centro Trasfusionale secondo una rigida procedura, per l’utilizzo da parte del solo personale medico.

    Al termine del colloquio, verrà richiesto al donatore di sottoscrivere un modulo di consenso informato alla donazione e al trattamento dei dati personali.

    Il candidato donatore, in qualunque momento della procedura, ha diritto ad avere informazioni in merito a quanto si sta svolgendo e può, in qualunque momento, chiedere di ritirarsi o di rinviare la propria donazione.

    Il donatore che risultasse non idoneo alla donazione a seguito dei test effettuati sul sangue sarà avvertito dal personale della struttura trasfusionale; ovviamente in tale caso la sua donazione non sarà utilizzata.

    Allo stesso modo, il donatore che dopo la donazione si ammalasse o riscontrasse patologie, soprattutto riguardanti l’epatite virale in qualsiasi forma, è tenuto ad avvertire immediatamente il Centro Trasfusionale, che provvederà ad avvertire il paziente trasfuso.

    Desideriamo sottolin eare che l’Associazione mantiene nei suoi archivi i soli dati relativi allo svolgimento della sua attivita istituzionale: dati anagrafici del socio, gruppo sanguigno di appartenenza e donazioni effettuate. Si consiglia a tale proposito di portare con sé al momento dell’iscrizione la carta d’identità, il tesserino del codice fiscale e la tessera sanitaria.

    Ohio Auto Insurance Quotes from Nationwide, ohio automobile insurance.

    #Ohio #automobile #insurance

    Ohio Auto Insurance

    Feel secure knowing you have an insurance provider you can rely on.

    Search all Ohio Agents

    Ohio Links

    Whether you’re driving along the shores of Lake Erie, the banks of the Ohio River or anywhere in between, there’s plenty to see and do in Ohio. But no matter your destination, relax knowing that you can have solid protection for you and your vehicle with Nationwide.

    Before you get a quote, make sure to visit our Ohio Auto Coverage page to learn your state’s minimum coverage requirements.

    Take advantage of Nationwide’s features

    Nationwide makes it easy for you to find dependable auto insurance in Ohio. We can show you options so you can choose the coverage that’s right for your needs, goals and budget. Explore the features below to learn more about what we can offer you:

    Ohio automobile insurance

    On Your Side ® Claims Service

    Choose a shop in our network to get a written guarantee on repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. 1

    Ohio automobile insurance

    Discounts Helping You Save

    We offer many ways to help lower your auto insurance rates. See the many ways you can save with qualifying discounts.

    Ohio automobile insurance

    95% of Members Would Recommend Nationwide

    Learn why so many of our members would recommend us to friends and family. 2

    Ohio automobile insurance

    SmartRide ® Program

    SmartRide rewards safe driving. Get an instant discount when you sign up. The safer you drive, the higher the discount you could earn. 3

    Ohio automobile insurance

    On Your Side ® Review

    Enjoy a free consultation with an agent who’s here to help you get the protection you need at the price that’s right for you.

    Ohio automobile insurance

    Resources at Your Fingertips

    Make payments, print ID cards, report claims and more, quickly and easily online. We even have a mobile app for on-the-go account access.

    Find local agents in your neighborhood

    We have Nationwide agents throughout Ohio. Search for your local agent.

    Protect your home and car

    Nationwide offers a full range of insurance and financial products in Ohio for your home, car, family and financial security. Simplify your life and save more by bundling your coverage. Check out our other policies for Ohio residents.

    Insurance terms, definition and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace of modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which control coverage determinations. Such terms may vary by State, and exclusions may apply.

    [1] Guarantee is limited to alternative parts identified on appraisal and used in repair. Also, work performed at an On Your Side Auto Repair Center includes workmanship guarantee. For informational purposes only. Program terms and conditions are controlling.

    [3] Discounts do not apply to all coverage elements; actual savings vary by state, coverage selections, rating factors and policy changes. Enrollment discount applies during data collection; final discount is calculated on driving behavior and could be zero. Final discount applies at the next policy renewal and remains until drivers or vehicles on the policy change.

    Pisos de bancos en venta y alquiler, Pisos embargados, alquiler pisos burgos.

    #Alquiler #pisos #burgos

    pisos de bancos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Nuevas casas de bancos en España

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Alquiler pisos burgos

    Noticias sobre pisos de bancos

    Por quГ© los bancos acaparan las subastas inmobiliarias

    Debido a las ejecuciones hipotecarias, que cada vez son más numerosas, el número de pisos que entra en subasta aumenta año tras año. La principal característica de las subastas es que los pisos que se incorporan a estas tienen los precios muy rebajados puesto que proceden en su mayor parte de embargos.

    A pesar de que en teoría cualquier ciudadano puede acceder a las subastas inmobiliarias, lo cierto es que los bancos terminan acaparando todo el material que sale. Y lo logra por medio de sus filiales inmobiliarias.

    Desde Pisos de bancos queremos expli.

    Las mejores hipotecas del mes para comprar pisos de bancos

    Comprar pisos de bancos puede ser una auténtica oportunidad para obtener un buen inmueble. Sin embargo no sirve de nada si no disponemos de una hipoteca que nos permita hacer frente a este gasto.

    Desde Pisos de bancos hemos querido reunir las mejores hipotecas del mes de enero para comprar uno de estos pisos. Si quieres saber más al respecto no dudes en leer el siguiente artículo.

    Las dos mejores hipotecas al cien por cien para comprar pisos de bancos

    La hipoteca Altamira del banco de Santander

    El banco de Santander tiene una de las me.

    CГіmo vender pisos de bancos

    Vender pisos de bancos requiere conocimientos. Y según el presidente de magnun & partners, una de las principales consultoras inmobiliarias españolas (y que ayuda a los bancos a que sus pisos se vendan) existen una serie de claves para conseguirlo.

    En Pisos de bancos vamos a explicártelas. ¿Te gustaría conocerlas? En ese caso, sigue leyendo.

    Casa Dorsi – Bed – breakfast – Casa per vacanze – Polignano a Mare Bari Puglia, polignano a mare b&b.

    #Polignano #a #mare #b&b

    “Ma guarda intorno a te che doni ti hanno fatto. ti hanno inventato il mare”

  • “Ma guarda intorno a te che doni ti hanno fatto. ti hanno inventato il mare”

  • “Ma guarda intorno a te che doni ti hanno fatto. ti hanno inventato il mare”

    Welcome to Casa Dorsi

    In the heart of Puglia, close to the many popular tourist spots, perched high on a cliff, amongst dry-stone walls, white-washed houses and century-old olive trees. Here is a village overlooking the sea, white with salt and sparkling in the sunshine, Polignano a Mare is like a pearl in the Adriatic sea, capturing the senses and the natural beauty of Apuglia making it a truly wonderful place to spend a holiday.

    In the heart of the historic centre, nestled between the small white houses overlooking the blue sea, Casa Dorsi Bed and Breakfast was born. A house located in one of the most charming and characteristic parts of the old town. The house itself is situated directly in front of Santo Stefano church and sits on top of one of the most enchanting rockfaces that can be found anywhere in the village, once used by world famous diving champions.

    Casa Dorsi is an old stone house that has been recently renovated, with balconies and terraces that offer incredible views of the magical Polignano sea.

    Our premises sleep 2-4 people, all have a sea view and are soundproofed, each equipped with air conditioning, heating, LCD TV, wi-fi connection, private bathrooms with shower, kitchen and refridgerator, bicycles available, private car parking and walking distance to many facilities including numerous restaurants.

    We have opened our home to whomever chooses to spend their holiday in magical Polignano, a holiday that will, without doubt, leave a taste of authentic Puglia in your heart.

  • Life Insurance With and Without a Medical Exam, AIG Direct, life insurance quotes no medical exam.

    #Life #insurance #quotes #no #medical #exam

    A Look at Life Insurance Policies with and without a Medical Exam

    Many term life insurance carriers require a medical exam when you apply. Some don’t. Here’s a look at the impact of having an exam or not.

    Term Life Insurance with a Medical Exam

    It might seem inconvenient (or even unpleasant) to get a medical exam, but it can benefit you.

    The Insurance Carriers that offer term life insurance with a medical exam, require an exam to get an accurate idea of your health situation. It helps them to rule out health problems, identifying conditions that might increase your risk of dying. Once they know about your health, they can assign you an appropriate rate based on risk. If you’re healthy and your risk of dying seems low, you’re likely to get a lower rate than someone with health issues.

    The medical exam is usually performed by a paramedical professional or nurse. For your convenience, you can schedule it at your home or place of work. It usually takes about 30 minutes or less. The exam consists of basics such as checking vital signs, a blood test and urinalysis. In some cases, the carrier may want additional tests, such as an EKG/ECG.

    While having a medical exam isn’t usually something to be concerned about, be aware that it can reveal a health condition you weren’t aware of. Also, if you are declined term life insurance based on what the exam reveals, it could impact your ability to become insured elsewhere.

    Term Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

    Term Life Insurance without a medical exam has a tendency to be more expensive than medically underwritten policies. That’s because, generally speaking, the carriers average out everyone’s risk and charge accordingly. So, if you are in good health but choose to purchase term life insurance that does not require a medical exam, you may end up paying a higher premium than necessary.

    Most of the term life insurance carriers that do not require a medical exam will still inquire about your medical history and lifestyle. Based on your answers, they might set the premium rates higher or lower.

    Some companies issue policies without asking any questions about medical history. This increases the risk to them, so they tend to charge higher premiums and set lower coverage amounts.

    Term Life Insurance With a Conditional Medical Exam

    Some term life insurance carriers require a medical exam only if it seems warranted after asking health and lifestyle questions. For example, if they find out that you are a smoker, had a serious illness or want a high coverage amount, they might require an exam.

    To learn more about term life insurance and the application process, contact AIG Direct today. Our licensed professionals can help you decide if having a medical exam as part of the application process makes sense for you or not.

    Safaris por África, Trekkings y viajes de aventura, viajes de aventura.

    #Viajes #de #aventura

    Trekking Kilimanjaro. Ruta Umbwe

    Descubre Parques de Tanzania

    Trekking Kilimanjaro. Ruta Lemosho

    Descubre Parques de Kenia

    Descubre Parques de Kenia

    Te respondemos en 24h

    • Acercamos agencias locales de Kenia y Tanzania para que disfrutes de tu safari perfecto, flexible, diseñado a tu gusto y a precios de agencias locales.
    • Escoge entre 14 safaris, 6 rutas de trekking, o actividades diarias.
    • Diseña tu propio safari y añade esa actividad que siempre has querido hacer o ese lugar que siempre has querido visitar.
    • Reduce gastos con los safaris a Kenia y Tanzania compartidos, viajes abiertos en safaris en oferta
    • Entendemos fundamental una buena comunicación: directa, rápida y cercana.
    • Te mostramos experiencias viajeras para que puedas planificar la tuya, según tu presupuesto, disponibilidad de días e intereses.
    • Experimentados guías locales, tanto en safaris como trekking, te harán disfrutar de tu viaje en inglés o español.
    • Por un turismo responsable, social y medioambientalmente comprometido. Apoyando a FAADA y KPAP

    Diario del viajero

    Cuando los astros se juntan, se viven momentos únicos. Fabian y Elena, 2 viajeros uruguayos, que cruzan el charco atendiendo la llamada de África. Ambos con gran interés por conocer otras culturas, etnias e historias humanas y él además, periodista, anhelando compartirlo como acostumbra, a través de las ondas. Aterrizan en Nairobi un 25 de […]

  • Organizamos nuestro viaje a África con muchísima ilusión, la empresa, el recorrido, el tiempo…era el viaje que siempre habíamos soñado y queríamos aprovecharlo al máximo. Ahora que hemos vuelto de nuestro safari por Tanzania con Udare, nos damos cuenta de que no importa tanto el recorrido, porque Tanzania te sorprende a cada paso, y que […]

    Safari Kilimanjaro. Llegada 03/08/2018

  • Safari Kenia y Tanzania. Llegada 03/07/2018

  • Safari Tanzania. Llegada 15/04/2018

  • Cruceros sin Visa por el Caribe desde Cartagena o Panamá, cruceros por el caribe.

    #Cruceros #por #el #caribe

    Crucero sin Visa por el Caribe desde Cartagena o Panamá

    Crucero de Pullmantur – Buque Monarch

    Para viajar en un crucero por el Caribe, saliendo desde Cartagena, debes reservar en el Crucero de Pullmantur, ya que es el único barco que hace esta ruta. Para reservar, es muy importante que te asesores bien y logres que tus vacaciones en este crucero sean realmente lo que estás soñando.

    En Deluxe Travel te podemos hacer la reserva directamente con Pullmantur, te acompañamos durante el proceso de compra y planeación de tu crucero y te ofrecemos la facilidad de pagar con tarjeta de crédito o con otro medio de pago, pues tenemos presencia física en Colombia. Nuestros asesores están aquí y conocen el crucero, han viajado en él, y están listos para darte consejos y programar reuniones contigo y el grupo con el que vas a viajar con el fin de que tu crucero sea un éxito.


    Este crucero realiza dos rutas en el Caribe: una por las Antillas y Caribe Sur y otra por el Caribe Legendario. Sale todos los sábados desde Cartagena, Colombia y los viernes desde Colón, Panamá. Dura una semana y visita 4 puertos que puedes conocer y disfrutar durante todo el día.

    El barco generalmente navega de noche y mientras navega puedes disfrutar de una cantidad de actividades y entretenimiento en español. Puedes hacer compras en sus almacenes y divertirte hasta la hora que quieras. Las cenas son uno de los momentos más importantes, ya que te puedes deleitar con una exquisita comida mientras compartes con familiares y amigos.

    En el barco te puedes hospedar en cabinas interiores, con ventana o con balcón. Nosotros te ofrecemos las opciones y te damos los precios para cada una. También te recomendamos dónde puede ser la mejor ubicación en el barco.

    A continuación puedes conocer más detalles sobre las dos rutas que hace este crucero:

    Crucero por las Antillas y Caribe Sur visitando Curazao, Bonaire, Aruba, Panamá y regresando a Cartagena


    El crucero realiza esta ruta durante todo el año. Entre octubre y mayo, esta ruta se alterna cada semana con el otro itinerario que va al Caribe Legendario. En la temporada de mitad de año, esta es la única ruta

    Doctors and Physicians Disability insurance Quotes & comparisons, best disability insurance for physicians.

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    best disability insurance for physicians

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    Susceptible to Injuries The Right Place to find

    Insurance for Physicians Three Income Protection Ways Which is the best time

    to buy Disability Insurance

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    Seguros furgoneta baratos – Comparador seguros furgoneta, seguros de furgonetas.

    #Seguros #de #furgonetas

    • Seguros para veh culos
      • Volver
      • Comparadores
      • Seguros de coche
      • Seguros de furgoneta
      • Seguros de moto
      • Seguros de bici
      • Seguros de flotas
      • Gu as de seguros
        • Volver
        • Desc rgate el parte de accidente en PDF
        • C mo y cu ndo notificar a la aseguradora la no renovaci n
        • C mo elegir una asistencia en carretera?
        • Qu carn de moto se necesita?
    • Seguros para familias
      • Volver
      • Seguros para personas
      • Seguros de vida
      • Seguros de salud
      • Seguros de viaje
      • Seguros de Decesos
      • Protecci n al Conductor
      • Protecci n Familiar
      • Seguros de Mascotas
      • Seguros para inmuebles
      • Seguros de hogar
      • Seguros de comunidades
    • Seguros para empresas
      • Volver
      • Seguros de RC para aut nomos
      • Seguros de RC para empresas
      • Seguros para directivos
      • Seguros para negocios
      • Seguros de edificios
    • Otros riesgos

    Seguros furgoneta:

    Ahorra hasta 500 comparando con nosotros

    Qu es un seguro de furgoneta?

    Un seguro de furgoneta comercial, como el de cualquier veh culo, es un contrato por el que el asegurado protege su patrimonio frente a accidentes en los que el conductor de su veh culo resulte culpable. Habitualmente, el riesgo sobre su patrimonio puede tomar la forma de costes de responsabilidad civil por causar da os a terceros o por causar da os al propio veh culo. El seguro permite que estos costes sean pagados por la aseguradora y no por el asegurado.

    El seguro de veh culos comerciales es un seguro multirriesgo, es decir, que incluye diferentes tipos de seguros dentro de una misma p liza. Por esa raz n, suele ser complejo de entender en su totalidad. Aqu os damos unas pautas b sicas que os ayudar n a entender bien de qu se trata.

    En primer lugar, es importante saber que la base del seguro de veh culos comerciales es la cobertura de responsabilidad civil, que es obligatoria en toda la Uni n Europea aunque la furgoneta no circule. Esto es as porque, en esencia, se trata de un contrato dise ado para proteger a las v ctimas ocasionadas por un accidente de autom vil.

    Asimismo, en el af n de satisfacer las necesidades del cliente, las aseguradoras ofrecen habitualmente un amplio abanico de coberturas opcionales. Por ejemplo Da os Propios, Robos, Lunas, Asistencia, Defensa Jur dica, etc.

    En las siguientes pesta as podr is encontrar los tipos de seguros de furgoneta que hay en el mercado, as como los condicionantes de su precio y las coberturas que ofrecen.

    Tipos de seguro de furgoneta

    • A terceros

    Este seguro cubre la responsabilidad civil del conductor frente a una tercera persona, pero no los da os personales ni materiales que el conductor o su coche sufran cuando el conductor sea culpable de ese accidente.

    En este caso, no cubre los da os sufridos ni por el veh culo asegurado, ni por el conductor del mismo, aunque s lo hace con el resto de ocupantes, que tambi n son considerados como terceros. Adem s, habitualmente incorpora el seguro del conductor y la asistencia en carretera.

    Es la soluci n intermedia entre los seguros de coche a terceros y a todo riesgo. Son un poco m s caros que los seguros a terceros b sicos e incluyen la reparaci n/sustituci n de lunas, robo parcial o total del veh culo, e incendio.

    De este modo, por poco dinero m s, se cubren los incidentes m s comunes y es una buena forma de completar el seguro obligatorio.

    Se llama as porque, adem s de cubrir los da os a terceros, cubre tambi n los da os propios, es decir, el coche. No hay un modelo est ndar, pues cada compa a tiene sus propios seguros a todo riesgo.

    Asimismo, el asegurado puede optar por un seguro a todo riesgo con o sin franquicia. En el caso de optar por la franquicia, obtiene las mismas coberturas con la diferencia de que, en caso de accidente, el asegurado deber pagar una parte fija de los gastos por da os producidos a su coche, establecida en la p liza, lo que supondr que la compa a y el asegurado comparten los riesgos.

    Este seguro es poco frecuente en furgonetas comerciales, ya que son veh culos en los que se prima la funcionalidad m s que la est tica.


    Las coberturas son los servicios incluidos en la p liza de seguro. Adem s de las coberturas que libremente se pacten, la p liza incluye siempre las llamadas coberturas b sicas, que son las incluidas en la responsabilidad civil obligatoria. A continuaci n os contamos qu coberturas deber a incluir vuestra p liza para lograr el seguro de coche perfecto:

    1. Responsabilidad Civil Obligatoria

    La responsabilidad civil es la obligaci n que recae en el conductor culpable de indemnizar o satisfacer un capital por el da o ocasionado. La asume la compa a aseguradora y se encarga de los da os corporales hasta 70 millones, da os materiales hasta 15 millones, la asistencia sanitaria y los gastos de sepelio.

    Son las ventanas del coche, tanto de las puertas como delantera y trasera y, habitualmente, las compa as incluyen tambi n el techo solar. Garantiza el coste de reparaci n o sustituci n de las lunas.

    3. Robo del veh culo y sus accesorios

    La compa a se compromete a indemnizar al asegurado en caso de robo parcial o total del veh culo.

    Tambi n conocido como seguro del conductor o de ocupantes. Cubre toda lesi n corporal al asegurado o persona ocupante del veh culo por motivo de un accidente de circulaci n.

    Ofrece ayuda en viaje, incluyendo transporte de personas, del veh culo o coste de prestaciones sanitarias.

    El veh culo de sustituci n permite disponer de un veh culo cuando no disponemos del propio a causa de una reparaci n por aver a o accidente, un incendio o un robo.

    Este seguro cubre los da os efectuados al veh culo asegurado de forma accidental, est el coche en circulaci n o en reposo y cuando no exista un tercero responsable. Estos seguros se pueden contratar con o sin franquicia.

    Adem s de las mencionadas, las compa as pueden incluir otras coberturas en sus p lizas de seguros de coche, como la defensa penal, el seguro de subsidio por privaci n temporal del permiso de conducir, el pr stamo de reparaci n o la libre elecci n de taller.

    Actualidad seguros de furgonetas

    ¿Cuáles son los tipos de radares de tráfico?

    22 de septiembre del 2014 – Desde los diferentes ayuntamientos de España, y desde la DGT se continúa con la instalación y puesta en servicio de nuevos radares. ¿Conoces los diferentes tipos que hay? ¿Sabes para que sirven?

    La importancia de rellenar correctamente el parte amistoso

    05 de agosto del 2014 – ¿Cómo se decide quién es el culpable de una accidente? Cuando dos vehículos colisionan, o sufren algún tipo de accidente, es conveniente rellenar el parte amistoso. ¿Por qué? Porque de esta forma se pueden aplicar los convenios CIDE/ASCIDE y acelerar todo el proceso. Infórmate aquí de como deciden quién es el culpable

    Seguros de Moto: cómo contratar seguro moto, comparar seguro moto, calcular seguro de moto.

    #Calcular #seguro #de #moto

    Contrata tu seguro de moto online con

    seguro de moto desde 84€

    seguro de moto desde 84€

    Cómo contratar tu seguro

    Sin salir de casa

    Contrata tu seguro a través de nuestro formulario. Nosotros te enviaremos el contrato para que lo firmes y nos lo devuelvas.

    Nuestro Centro de Atención al Cliente estará a tu lado para solucionar tus dudas y facilitarte la contratación.

    Te llamamos ¡gratis!

    Nos pondremos en contacto contigo y te guiaremos en cualquier trámite que necesites sin problema.

    Comparar seguros de moto

    Compara tu seguro de moto online con 20 compañías y encuentra el mejor seguro con múltiples coberturas. En menos de dos minutos podrás comparar tarifas y coberturas de seguros de moto de diferentes aseguradoras de acuerdo a tu perfil de conductor y vehículo.

    Realizar una comparativa de seguros de moto y ciclomotor es la forma más rápida y cómoda de encontrar el precio que mejor se adapta a tus necesidades. El precio de la póliza de tu moto, depende de diversos factores por lo que es el medio más eficaz de obtener presupuestos sin realizar varias consultas de precio.

    Sólo comparando precios para tu seguro de moto, encontrarás los mejores precios. En puedes comparar precios, con más de 15 compañías y encontrar el seguro que necesitas. Además, si lo prefieres, te llamamos gratis para ayudarte a encontrar y contratar tu seguro de moto.

    Tipos de seguros de moto

    El seguro de moto, puede ser contratado en diferentes modalidades, compuestas por un paquete de coberturas (que se van ampliando según ampliamos de modalidad). Todas las modalidades cuentan con la cobertura de Responsabilidad Civil Obligatoria, que como su nombre indica es una garantía obligatoria por ley y que garantiza que los daños provocados a terceros, sean cubiertos.

    Existen diferentes tipos de seguros para asegurar tu moto:

    1. Asegurar moto a terceros. Esta es una de las formas más habituales que utilizan los propietarios a la hora de asegurar su moto. Esta modalidad suele incluir:

    • Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil Obligatoria.
    • Seguro de Responsabilidad Civil Voluntaria.
    • Defensa jurídica y reclamación de daños.
    • Asistencia en carretera.
    • Seguro de accidente del conductor/ocupantes.

    2. Asegurar moto a terceros + robo + incendio. Las coberturas que normalmente incluyen son las propias de un seguro de moto a terceros, además de:

    3. Asegurar moto a todo riesgo. Esta modalidad a la hora de asegurar la moto es la más completa pero la menos habitual debido a las altas franquicias que tienen normalmente las aseguradoras por daños propios, y que sólo se aconseja en caso de que la moto sea de coste muy elevado, así como las reparaciones. Las coberturas que normalmente incluye son las mismas que un seguro de moto a terceros + robo + incendio, además de:

    Cómo contratar un seguro de moto barato

    Para contratar un seguro de moto barato, lo más importante es comparar precios con distintas compañías de seguros de moto. En, trabajamos con las principales aseguradoras de moto para que puedas comparar en menos de dos minutos las distintas opciones de coberturas y precios para tu seguro. Además, si necesitas asesoramiento para decidir qué seguro de moto contratar, te llamamos gratis para ayudarte a encontrar tu seguro.

    Consultar precio para tu seguro de moto con compañías de seguros de moto online, conducir pocos kilómetros, conducir por zonas de baja siniestralidad o guardar tu moto en una zona privada y/o vigilada son factores que ayudarán a reducir el precio de tu seguro. Sabemos que ésto no es posible siempre y para ayudarte a encontrar los mejores seguros al mejor precio, estamos a tu servicio.

    Contando as Horas – Arquivos – Todas as opções de transporte entre Londres e Edimburgo, viajar a londres.

    #Viajar #a #londres

    Todas as opções de transporte entre Londres e Edimburgo

    * Post atualizado em dezembro de 2016

    Uma das perguntas que aparecem aqui no blog com grande frequência é: Qual a melhor opção de meio de transporte para ir de Londres a Edimburgo? Sendo assim, eu achei que seria interessante escrever um post especial somente sobre esse assunto.

    As quatro únicas formas de se deslocar entre Londres e Edimburgo, são: avião, trem, ônibus e carro. Até aqui nenhuma novidade. Mas então, vamos por partes:

    As empresas que voam com maior frequência de Londres para Edimburgo são: a British Airways, FlyBe e a EasyJet. O tempo médio de voo é de apenas 1 hora e 20 minutos.

    Londres é servida por 6 aeroportos e Edimburgo tem apenas um único aeroporto. E dependendo da cia aérea escolhida, é possível partir de praticamente todos os aeroportos de Londres pra Edimburgo (exceto do aeroporto de Southend).

    Então por exemplo, a British Airways voa Londres através do aeroporto de Heathrow, Gatwick e City. Já a FlyBe voa do aeroporto de Heathrow e City e a Easyjet faz o trajeto através dos aeroportos de Gatwick, Luton e Stansted.

    Essas três empresas cobrem a maioria dos aeroportos de Londres (exceto do aeroporto de Southend). Sendo assim, ninguém vai ficar sem opção de voo pra ir de Londres a Edimburgo ou vice-versa!

    Obs.: um tempo atrás eu escrevi um post com dicas pra comprar passagem aérea pra ir até a Escócia.

    Viajar de trem pelo Reino Unido é também uma excelente opção. Eu já tive oportunidade de fazer isso por lá inúmeras vezes e posso garantir, as paisagens são espetaculares.

    A unica empresa de trem que faz o trajeto entre Londres e Edimburgo é a Virgin Trains East Coast. A grande maioria dos trens são direto, onde o tempo médio de viagem fica em torno de 4 horas e 20 minutos (em alguns casos, por causa do horário, pode durar um pouco mais de tempo) e trens com uma conexão em Carlisle, com tempo médio de conexão em torno de 15 minutos, e o tempo de viagem pode variar muito dependendo do horário escolhido.

    Obs.: Para outros trajetos internos no Reino Unido, existe também a possibilidade de viajar com a empresa Cross Country.

    O legal de viajar de trem, como todo mundo sabe, é a comodidade de chegar na estação apenas alguns minutos antes do trem partir e de não precisar passar por controle de passaporte e nem por controle de segurança. Além é claro, do fato das estações estarem super bem localizadas, no centro de cada uma das cidades.

    Então pra quem quiser se locomover usando trem, em Londres os trens vão partir da King s Cross ou da Euston. Já em Edimburgo, todos os trens chegam na Waverley Station. Alguns trens param na Haymarket Station, mas somente os trens que tem como destino final a cidade de Aberdeen, no norte da Escócia. Então pra quem preferir desembarcar na Haymarket Station, é bom checar no painel se o trem vai até lá, senão é bom garantir e descer na Waverley Station mesmo.

    Como eu nunca fiz o trajeto entre Londres e Edimburgo de ônibus, eu acho interessante alertar sobre uma questões: o tempo de viagem. O trajeto é looongo, o tempo médio é de 10 horas de viagem, e ainda em alguns trechos tem que fazer uma troca no meio do caminho (a maioria das opções de conexão acontecem na cidade de Birmingham, mas em alguns casos podem acontecer em Newcastle).

    Então, ao olhar o mapa do Reino Unido, já dá pra entender o pq do trajeto ser tão longo. O ônibus não segue por uma estrada pelo litoral, ele vai por dentro do país, por uma estrada que passa quase grudada no País de Gales. Tá explicado então, nem teria como ser mais rápido esse trajeto, afinal, o desvio é enoooorme!

    Claro que toda essa desvantagem do tempo de deslocamento entre as cidades teria que ter um beneficio: o preço. Realmente os tickets de ônibus são super baratos. O preço varia entre 15,00 libras a 40,00 libras quando comprado com uma certa antecedência.

    Horários e valores na MegaBus Pesquisa realizada em dezembro de 2016

    Horários e valores na National Express Pesquisa realizada em dezembro de 2016

    Quem se interessar em embarcar nessa loooooonga aventura, os ônibus partem de Londres da Victoria Coach Station (que fica junto a Estação de trem Victoria) rumo a Edimburgo apenas 3 vezes por dia. O desembarque em Edimburgo é feito na Edinburgh Bus Station, que fica do lado do Multrees Walk e a duas quadras a Princes Street (na altura onde está o Scott Monument e o Calton Hill).

    As duas principais empresas que fazem esse trajeto são: National Express e a MegaBus (existe a versão MegaBus Gold, um ônibus mais moderno, onde é possivel fazer reserva de assento antecipada e o trajeto tem duração de 8 horas).

    Obs.: normalmente os ônibus que viajam durante o dia tem a tarifa mais barata do que os que viajam a noite.

    Apesar de eu nunca ter feito o trajeto entre Londres e Edimburgo de carro (eu fiz apenas o trecho Edimburgo Liverpool, mas não era eu quem estava dirigindo), eu acho que vale a pena compartilhar duas coisas:

    a mão inglesa (não esqueça que em todo o Reino Unido eles dirigem no lado contrario do que nós aqui no Brasil). Pra quem quiser encarar essa opção, vale lembrar que o cuidado deve ser redobrado, pq é tudo literalmente ao contrario do que estamos acostumados.

    outra coisa que achei legal é que, além das estradas estarem em perfeito estado, não existem construções, lojinhas, barraquinhas vendendo frutas e coisas do tipo no acostamento. A paisagem que nos acompanha são super bonitas e são km e mais km de campos, colinas e muitas ovelhas. No Reino Unido, existem lugares específicos para as paradas, que são chamados de Services . É ali onde vão estar o posto de gasolina, os banheiros, as lanchonetes, os restaurantes, as lojinhas e os pontos de informações.

    A distância entre as duas cidades é de 650 Km, sendo assim, o tempo médio de desolamento fica em torno de 7 horas e meia.

    Respondendo a pergunta inicial do post, na minha opinião, as duas melhores opções de deslocamento entre Londres e Edimburgo ainda vão ser: o Avião e o Trem. O avião pelo fato de ser a forma mais rápida de deslocamento, em questão de praticamente 1 hora acontece o desembarque em Edimburgo. Já o trem, mesmo tendo o tempo médio de deslocamento de 4 horas e meia, vale a pena pra apreciar a paisagem do interior do país que é muito bonita.

    Se você gostou das dicas, ao reservar hospedagem, seguro viagem e aluguel de carro aqui pelo blog, nós ganhamos uma pequena comissão, mas você não paga nada a mais por isso. Obrigada! 😀

    Siga o Blog Contando as Horas nas redes sociais:

    Hotel Mar y Tierra-Veracruz, negocios web.

    #Negocios #web

    Negocios web

    Negocios web

  • Negocios web

  • Negocios web

  • Negocios web

  • Negocios web

    Negocios web Negocios web

    Negocios web

    Conozca el hotel

    Contamos con habitaciones con vista exterior en donde podras apreciar total o parcial atracciones turГ­sticas del puerto como: Vista al Mar, Isla de Sacrificios y MalecГіn, a la ciudad de Veracruz, Torre de Pemex, Castillo San Juan de UlГєa, asГ­ como habitaciГіn con vista interior. Al checar disponibilidad preguntanos por favor.

    Negocios web


    Esta habitaciГіn estГЎ ubicada en la 1era SecciГіn de nuestro hotel, decoradas de manera sencilla pero con lo necesario para que puedas descansar y relajarte durante tu estadГ­a. Algunas habitaciones cuentan con balcГіn.

    Negocios web


    Ubicada en nuestra 2da SecciГіn, Г©sta es una habitaciГіn mГЎs amplia donde podrГЎs estar mГЎs cГіmodo y disfrutar de tu descanso.


    Somos un hotel comprometido a satisfacer las necesidades de nuestros clientes y colaboradores con hospitalidad y servicio.

    Donde estamos
    Cap. de Fragata P. Sainz de Baranda

    Fracc. Faros C.P. 91709

    Veracruz, Ver., MГ©xico


    Negocios web

    Travelers Insurance, Auto Insurance, Car Insurance Quotes, Business, Homeowners, insurance quote automobile.

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    Film und Führer: Ein neuer Auftrag für die Helden um Schlitzohr Hogan: Sie sollen dem deutschen Major Stern die Pläne einer Befestigungsanlage stehlen und den Alliierten in die Hände spielen. .

    RTL NITRO, 24 min

    Marya, die Agentin – Teil 2: Hogan und LeBeau sind in Paris, um die Agentin Tiger zu befreien, die der Gestapo in die Hände gefallen ist. Dazu brauchen sie die Hilfe der russischen Agentin Marya, die einen Schauspieler anheuert. .

    RTL NITRO, 24 min

    Ein Schuss Propaganda: Der Nordkoreaner Chong Wah Park landet mit einem sowjetischen Jet auf amerikanischem Gebiet. Major Reddish vermutet einen Überläufer und will die Story sofort für seine Propaganda-Zwecke ausnutzen. .

    RTL NITRO, 23 min

    Die blöde Ziegen-Story: Hawkeye wird zum Zahlmeister ernannt und soll den Mitarbeitern ihren Sold ausbezahlen. Doch der reicht den Geldbeutel an Klinger weiter, als er im OP gebraucht wird und Klinger ist nicht sonderlich aufmerksam. .

    RTL NITRO, 22 min

    Ausgestoßen: Unter den Obdachlosen von Dallas geht die Angst um, als sie von einer maskierten Bande terrorisiert werden. .

    RTL NITRO, 44 min

    Ein Abstecher ins Filmgeschäft: Trivette träumt von einer Karriere als Drehbuchautor. Zusammen mit Walker verdingt er sich als technischer Berater bei Dreharbeiten, doch der nächste Fall ist nicht weit. .

    RTL NITRO, 43 min

    Der Tanz am Abgrund: Laura Frazier wird überfahren und der Tanzlehrer Scott Lazare gerät in Verdacht, den Mord begangen zu haben. Das brisante an dem Fall: Beide hatten zudem auch noch ein Verhältnis miteinander. .

    RTL NITRO, 47 min

    Tödliches Wiedersehen: Der Studienkollege von Matlock, Warren Coates, wird nach einem Ehemaligentreffen ermordet. Coates war ein erfolgreicher Anwalt und Partner einer renommierten Kanzlei in Boston. .

    RTL NITRO, 47 min

    Schöne Bescherung: Weihnachten steht vor der Tür, doch von festlicher Stimmung ist im Leverage-Team keine Spur. .

    RTL NITRO, 40 min

    Böses Erwachen: Das Leverage-Team verfolgt weiterhin die Spuren von Hochstapler Damien Moreau, doch um ihn zu schnappen bedarf es mehr als vom Leverage-Team jemals gefordert wurde. .

    RTL NITRO, 39 min

    Die Rache einer Ehefrau: Beim Strafgericht wird hart verhandelt. Staatsanwaltschaft und Anwälte nehmen die Beteiligten in Kreuzverhören in die Mangel. Auch Richter Ulrich Wetzel nimmt kein Blatt vor den Mund. .

    RTL NITRO, 45 min

    Vergewaltigung auf der Kegeltour: Beim Strafgericht wird hart verhandelt. Staatsanwaltschaft und Anwälte nehmen die Beteiligten in Kreuzverhören in die Mangel. Auch Richter Ulrich Wetzel nimmt kein Blatt vor den Mund. .

    RTL NITRO, 45 min

    Mit dem Gebrauchtwagen nach Venedig: Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc und Sabine Schmitz fahren mit Gebrauchtwagen nach Venedig, um zu beweisen, dass ein Road Trip luxuriöser als eine Reise mit dem Zug sein kann. .

    RTL NITRO, 51 min

    Chris Evans gerät in Bedrängnis: Chris Evans muss sich bei einer Spritztour mit Sabine Schmitz in einem Audi R8 sehr bemühen, sein Mittagessen bei sich zu behalten .

    RTL NITRO, 50 min

    Der Falschparker: Maschinen crashen, Autos verheizen, Stunts fabrizieren, Stürze provozieren – genau das Richtige für große Jungs und echte Kerle. .

    RTL NITRO, 46 min

    Die große Studiochallenge: Sie lieben das World Wide Web und sind absolut Auto-verrückt! Die britischen Moderatoren Tom Ford und Jonny Smith geben alles . .

    RTL NITRO, 47 min

    Marya, die Agentin – Teil 1: Die Agentin Tiger soll Hogan und seinen Männern bei einer Operation behilflich sein. Doch dann wird sie von der Gestapo enttarnt, verhaftet und zum Verhör nach Paris gebracht. .

    RTL NITRO, 23 min

    Der automatische Babypanzer: Im Stalag 13 soll eine neue Wunderwaffe getestet werden: ein funkgesteuerter Panzer, der den Alliierten hohe Verluste zufügen könnte. Hogan kann das Steuergerät entfernen, um es zu fotografieren. .

    RTL NITRO, 24 min

    Sumpfratten unter sich: Das tägliche aufeinander hocken im Camp hat die Mitglieder des M*A*S*H-Teams streitlustig werden lassen. Vor allem B.J. und Hawkeye kriegen sich heftig in die Haare. .

    RTL NITRO, 23 min

    Das blaue Wunder: Hawkeye bekommt einen unheilvollen Brief von seinem Vater. Der schreibt, dass er bald operiert wird, aber geht nicht genau auf den Grund ein. .

    Kfz-Versicherung: Günstiger geht – s fast immer, günstiger versicherung.

    #Günstiger #versicherung

    Kfz-Versicherung: Günstiger geht s fast immer

    Günstiger versicherung

    • 03.11.2017 16:41 Uhr

    Sie haben den Artikel in Ihre Merkliste aufgenommen.

    Möchten Sie ihn nicht auch gleich mit Feunden teilen?

    Günstiger versicherung

    Wer 2018 eine andere Kfz-Versicherung haben will, muss die alte bis Ende November kündigen.

    Köln In Hamburg gibt es die meisten Autounfälle. Bayern fahren die teuersten Autos. Autokäufer im Saarland sind am sparsamsten. Wenn Vergleichsportale wie Verivox und Check24 ihre Nutzer mit derartigen Trivia bombardieren, wissen Autofahrer: die Wechselsaison ist in vollem Gange. Bis zum 30. November können Autobesitzer ihre Kfz-Versicherung kündigen und für das kommende Jahr zu einem anderen Anbieter wechseln.

    Ein Anbieterwechsel lohnt sich in der Tat häufig. So kann etwa ein junges Paar bis zu 838 Euro pro Jahr sparen, haben Experten von Check24 errechnet. Das entspricht einer Ersparnis von 59 Prozent. Für einen Fahranfänger kann die Einsparung noch höher ausfallen: Nach einem Wechsel vom teuersten Tarif in eines der günstigsten Angebote zahlt er bis zu 2328 Euro oder 71 Prozent weniger. Autobesitzer können mit einem Wechsel der Kfz-Versicherung im Schnitt rund 30 Prozent sparen, haben Tarifexperten von Verivox ausgerechnet.

    Im Tarifdschungel : Die größten Irrtümer bei der Kfz-Versicherung

    • Günstiger versicherung


    Autofahrer mit Punkten in Flensburg müssen für ihre Kfz-Police mehr bezahlen, weil die Versicherer bei ihnen eine höhere Unfallwahrscheinlichkeit annehmen? Das trifft meist nicht zu. Wie die Auswertung zeigt, fließen Punkte bei der Mehrheit der Versicherer nicht negativ in die Prämie mit ein. Allerdings gibt es einzelne Versicherer, die Einträge im Verkehrszentralregister strenger handhaben. Bei ihnen sind Aufschläge bis zu 20 Prozent möglich. Im Modellfall wären das Mehrkosten in Höhe von rund 140 Euro jährlich.

    Günstige Angebote bei der Kfz-Versicherung werden für Autobesitzer immer interessanter, denn der allgemeine Preistrend geht nach oben. Im kommenden Jahr dürften die Durchschnittspreise für die Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung um ein bis zwei Prozent steigen, prognostizierte Andreas Kelb, Autoexperte beim Rückversicherer Hannover Rück, auf einer Branchenkonferenz in Baden-Baden im Oktober. In der Kaskoversicherung werde es voraussichtlich noch teurer. Die Gründe für den Aufwärtstrend sind vielfältig. Einer der wichtigsten ist, dass Schäden immer teurer werden. Wer etwa heute eine Stoßstange demoliert, zerstört nicht nur ein bisschen Kunststoff, sondern oft die Rückfahrkamera gleich mit.

    Gerade Autobesitzer, die lange nicht mehr den Kfz-Versicherer gewechselt haben, sollten die Konditionen ihrer Police überprüfen, rät Philipp Opfermann, Versicherungsexperte der Verbraucherzentrale Nordrhein-Westfalen. „Der Markt ist heiß umkämpft, viele Anbieter werben mit Kampfpreisen um neue Kunden“, sagt er.

    Alte Verträge schneiden im Vergleich zu aktuellen Angeboten oft besonders schlecht ab. Auch wenn sich die persönlichen Lebensumstände verändert haben, kann es gute Argumente für einen Wechsel geben. Trotzdem hat rund ein Drittel der deutschen Autobesitzer überhaupt noch nie die Kfz-Versicherung gewechselt, zeigt eine Umfrage des Portals Finanztip aus dem laufenden Jahr.

    Zehn nützliche Tipps zur Autoversicherung

    Sportwagen gegen Familienwagen

    Bei einem BMW ist die Diebstahlrate deutlich höher als bei einem Familienvan, ein VW-Golf ist häufiger in Unfälle verwickelt als ein Fiat Panda. Fahrzeugtyp und Klasse sind entscheidend, wenn es um die Beitragshöhe geht. Mehr Informationen über die Typklassen gibt es beim Gesamtverband der Versicherungswirtschaft.

    Großstadt gegen Provinz

    In Großstädten wie Berlin ist sowohl das Diebstahlrisiko als auch die Unfallgefahr größer, was die Versicherung teurer macht als in der Kleinstadt. Wer sein Auto hingegen in einer ländlichen Gegend anmeldet, verringert das Risiko und kann somit auch Geld sparen.

    Familienstand und Versicherungsbeitrag

    Bei verheirateten Paaren mit Kindern geht man eher von einem vorsichtigen Fahrstil und somit einem geringeren Unfallrisiko aus – dementsprechend sind auch die Beiträge für Familienmitglieder geringer.

    Auch Fahranfänger können sparen

    Fahranfänger haben anfangs noch keinen Schadenfreiheitsrabatt, können aber sparen: einfach von der Zweitwagenregelung Gebrauch machen und das Fahrzeug zum Beispiel bei den Eltern mitversichern. Schon wird der Anfänger nicht mehr als solcher eingestuft.

    Marderschaden und die Folgen

    Kaputte Schläuche durch Marderbisse sind häufig durch die Versicherung abgedeckt. Folgeschäden jedoch nicht. Für den Fall, dass der Schaden aber eine Weile unentdeckt bleibt, sollten diese mitversichert werden.

    Unfälle mit Wild- und Nutztieren

    „Haarwild“, das sind Wildschweine, Rehe und Hasen. Unfälle mit Haarwild sind meist abgedeckt. Vögel und Nutztiere, wie zum Beispiel Kühe oder Schafe, gehören jedoch nicht dazu, sollten aber bestenfalls eingeschlossen werden.

    Werkstattbindung bei der Kfz-Versicherung?

    Mit einer Werkstattbindung fällt der Versicherungsbetrag niedriger aus. Insgesamt können die Reparaturkosten aber steigen, weil Vertragswerkstätten der Versicherer teurer sein können.

    Wer jährlich zahlt, fährt günstiger

    Versicherungsnehmer sollten ihre Beiträge jährlich statt monatlich zahlen – das ist billiger.

    Sturm, Hagel und Vandalismus

    Schäden durch Sturm, Hagel, herabfallende Äste oder Vandalismus sind meist in der Teilkaskoversicherung inbegriffen. Wohnt man allerdings in risikoreichen Gebieten, die zum Beispiel häufig von Überschwemmungen betroffen sind, sollten diese Risiken in den Versicherungstarif mit aufgenommen werden.


    Pro schadenfreiem Jahr sinkt der Beitrag für die Versicherung. Bei Unfällen steigen hingegen die Beitragssummen. Bei kleinen Sachschäden sollte man auf jeden Fall gegenrechnen und den Schaden selbst bezahlen. Dann wird die Versicherung im nächsten Jahr nicht teurer. Die Versicherungen berechnen auf Wunsch, bis zu welchem Betrag sich das lohnt.

    Wer sich nach einem neuen Anbieter umschaut, sollte nicht nur den Preis im Blick haben. „Man muss auch auf das Kleingedruckte achten“, mahnt Opfermann. Welche Leistungen besonders wichtig sind, hängt zwar stark vom Einzelfall ab. So sollten etwa Neuwagenbesitzer darauf achten, dass Versicherer noch möglichst lange im Schadensfall mit dem Neupreis des Wagens rechnen.

    Andere Klauseln sind für alle Kunden von Bedeutung. Eine Kfz-Police sollte zum Beispiel immer auch Schäden abdecken, die aus grober Fahrlässigkeit resultieren. Darüber hinaus sollten sich Versicherungsnehmer nie mit der gesetzlichen Mindestdeckung zufriedengeben, sondern auf eine möglichst hohe Versicherungssumme achten, sagt der Verbraucherschützer. Sein Rat: „In die Vollen gehen.“

    Vendita trattori usati e macchine agricole usate, macchina vendita usate.

    #Macchina #vendita #usate


    Alessandrini srl offre una vasta gamma di trattori usati delli migliori marche!

    Fiat, New Holland, Same, Landini, McCormick, Valpadana, Valtra sono solo alcune delle marche che potrete trovare sul nostro sito.

    Ognuno dei trattori usati in vendita, viene collaudato e controllato da parte dei nostri esperti tecnici, per offrire un prodotto di qualità garantita.

    Per maggiori informazioni non esitate a contattarci, siamo a vostra completa disposizione!

    Brands per la sezione Usato

    Trattore USATO New Holland T 4050 F anno 2012, ore 3245, super steere, inversore idraulico, cambio hi-lo, impianto frenatura idraulica… Leggi tutto »

    Martello demolitore USATO Komatsu/Rotair modello K 100, revisionato. Chiedi maggiori informazioni su questa macchina!

    Trattore USATO marca SAME modello DELFINO 35 DT con arco di protezione e pneumatici all80%, macchina in ottime condizioni. Anno… Leggi tutto »

    Massey Ferguson 3445 C, anno 2009, 3.000 ore circa, 4 distributori idraulici posteriori, suola da 450mm lubrificate, arco 4 montanti,… Leggi tutto »

    OFFERTA DELLA SETTIMANA! Trapiantatrice Checchi & Magli modello Wolf 3 file 4 tazze completa di microgranulatore. Offerta speciale, mai usato! Per… Leggi tutto »

    OFFERTA DELLA SETTIMANA! Trattore McCormick MTX 155 USATO completo di ponte anteriore sospeso, sollevatore elettronico, inversore elettro idraulico e zavorre anteriori…. Leggi tutto »

    OFFERTA DELLA SETTIMANA! New Holland TL 100 USATO con caricatore frontale Argnani & Monti con monoleva completo di forca rotoli, 3200… Leggi tutto »

    OFFERTA DELLA SETTIMANA: trattore isodiometrico Goldoni Euro 30RS ruote sterzanti! Completo di 2 distributori idraulici posteriori a doppio effetto, gomme… Leggi tutto »

    Offerta della settimana! Fiat 80/75 Steering-o-Matic completo di n.3 distributori a doppio effetto, macchina messa a norma con 4400 ore, visionabile… Leggi tutto »

    Occasione più unica che rara! Landini 6 C130 gennaio 17 USATO, ore 148, accessoriato con cabina sospesa, sedile istruttore, ponte… Leggi tutto »

    Trattore USATO marca McCormick modello MTX 135. Cambio con powershift, pneumatici maggiorati, cabina con aria condizionata, impianto frenante pneumatico con… Leggi tutto »

    Trattore USATO marca Fiat modello 670 DT B 12, con arco di protezione omologato, gancio di traino omologato, anno 1982… Leggi tutto »

    Assicurazioni online – Polizza Auto da 220€ – Zurich Connect – RCA, Moto, Furgoni, Casa, rc auto online.

    #Rc #auto #online

    Le Assicurazioni Zurich Connect

    Calcola subito il tuo preventivo online e scopri la nostra offerta per la tua Auto

    Scegli in pochi minuti la tua assicurazione Moto e scopri quanto puoi risparmiare

    Proteggi il tuo furgone, prova la nostra nuova polizza

    Proteggi la tua casa e la tua famiglia con una polizza su misura per te

    Controlla i tuoi dati

    Ops, Controlla i dati


    Data di nascita proprietario

    Profilo 3 di Quattroruote:

    • uomo di 40 anni
    • residente a Brescia
    • impiegato
    • con patente da 22 anni

    Da due anni in 1° classe di merito senza sinistri negli ultimi 5 anni, guida una Ford Focus 1 5TDCi, cinque porte, immatricolata nuova nel 2017, con motore turbodiesel 88kW, 16 CV fiscali.

    Fai un preventivo e mettiti in moto seriamente

    Scopri come fare per.

    un sinistro online

    Scopri le nostre Convenzioni e Partnership

    * Auto: prezzo calcolato sulla tariffa RCA in vigore (pagando online almeno 5 giorni prima della decorrenza), in base al profilo 3 Brescia, libretto Rosso Quattroruote ed 11/2017

    * Moto: prezzo calcolato sulla tariffa RC Motocicli in vigore (pagando online almeno 5 giorni prima della decorrenza) in base al profilo 6 Verona Guida alle Assicurazioni Moto di DueRuote ed. 05/2017

    * Furgone: lo sconto fino al 20% è dato dallo sconto di tariffa

    * Casa: il prezzo di 70 euro si riferisce alla garanzia “proprietario protetto” (massimale RC 500.000 euro) per un appartamento di 25 metri quadri fabbricato in muratura, cemento armato o in acciaio.

    *Auto: Risparmio calcolato confrontando la media delle tariffe di tutte le altre compagnie per il profilo 3 Brescia riportate nel Libretto rosso Quattroruote edizione 11/2015

    *Moto: prezzo calcolato sulla tariffa RC Motocicli in vigore (pagando online almeno 5 giorni prima della decorrenza) in base al profilo 6 Verona Guida alle Assicurazioni Moto di DueRuote ed. 05/2017

    *Furgone: Lo sconto del 20% è dato dallo sconto di tariffa.

    *Casa: il prezzo di 70 euro si riferisce alla garanzia “proprietario protetto” (massimale RC 500.000 euro) per un appartamento di 25 metri quadri fabbricato in muratura, cemento armato o in acciaio.

    Aggiornamenti e comunicazioni
    Digitalizzazione del Certificato di Assicurazione

    A partire da dicembre 2015 anche il Certificato di Assicurazione è stato digitalizzato e non viene più inviato in formato cartaceo. Lo riceverai in pdf via mail o lo potrai scaricare dall’Area Riservata.

    Sezione Infortuni – Miglioramento clausola Indennità

    Per dare maggiore protezione, abbiamo migliorato a vantaggio dei nostri Clienti gli articoli relativi al pagamento dell'Indennità nella sezione Infortuni. Tale modifica è già applicata alla gestione di eventuali sinistri relativi a contratti in essere, come da lettera al mercato di IVASS e in linea con gli orientamenti espressi dall'Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM).

    Per maggiori informazioni è possibile scaricare e consultare i Fascicoli Informativi nella sezione Documenti.

    Profilo 6 di DueRuote:

    • donna di 30 anni
    • impiegata az. privata
    • residente a Verona
    • coniugata
    • con laurea

    In 1° classe di merito, guida una Triumph Tiger 800 XR ABS, Enduro stradale, 70kW, 799 CC trazione 6m, omologata per 2 persone del valore di 10.900€.

    Variazione imposta RCA per federalismo fiscale

    Altri prodotti e servizi su

    Puoi pagare con:

    Altri prodotti e servizi su

    Assicurazione Auto, scopri il nostro miglior prezzo. Tutta la convenienza di un’assicurazione auto, senza rinunciare a qualità, garanzie e affidabilità direttamente online. Bastano pochi minuti per richiedere un preventivo auto e sottoscrivere la tua polizza. Calcola subito il tuo preventivo online e scopri la nostra offerta migliore per la tua RC Auto.

    Protezione e sicurezza per la tua due ruote con l’Assicurazione Moto di Zurich Connect. Scegli in pochi minuti la tua assicurazione moto e costruiscila su misura per te. Affidati ai vantaggi di Zurich Connect per sottoscrivere la tua assicurazione, trova la combinazione perfetta per le tue esigenze.

    Protezione e sicurezza anche sul lavoro con l’Assicurazione Furgone. Il nostro miglior prezzo e la qualità delle garanzie su misura per te. Costruisci passo dopo passo la tua polizza scegliendo le coperture necessarie per le tue esigenze e abitudini di guida.

    Assicurazione Casa, protezione a 360°. Proteggi la tua casa e la tua famiglia con la nostra polizza assicurativa. Scopri l’assicurazione sulla casa tutta da personalizzare, con le nostre migliori coperture assicurative per assicurarti sonni tranquilli.

    Zurich Connect è un marchio di proprietà di Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, che vende assicurazioni online e telefoniche direttamente ai clienti, senza intermediari, del Gruppo Zurich Italia. Zurich Connect ti permette di risparmiare sulla tua assicurazione auto, moto, furgone e casa online e di avvalerti di un servizio affidabile e di altissima qualità, personalizzato sulle tue esigenze. Scopri le assicurazioni auto, moto, furgone e casa di Zurich Connect e calcola gratuitamente il tuo preventivo online.

    Zurich Insurance Company Ltd – Sede: Mythenquai, 2 – Zurigo

    Registro Commercio Zurigo n. CHE-105.833.114

    Sottoposta alla vigilanza dell’Autorità Svizzera preposta alla regolamentazione sui mercati finanziari

    Capitale sociale fr. sv. 825.000.000 i.v.

    Rappresentanza Generale per l’Italia – Sede: Via Benigno Crespi, 23 – 20159 Milano

    Iscritta all’Albo Imprese IVASS il 01.12.15 al n. 2.00004

    Capogruppo del Gruppo Zurich Italia, iscritto all’Albo Gruppi IVASS il 28.5.08 al n. 2

    C.F./P.IVA/R.I. Milano 01627980152

    Imp. aut. Con Provvedimento IVASS n. 0054457/15 del 10.6.15

    Rappresentante Generale per l’Italia: C. Candia

    Copyright © 2010 Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

    Oficina Virtual, Direccion Tributaria y comercial, Condes, Chile, emprender negocio.

    #Emprender #negocio



    Emprender negocio

    Recuperando contraseña. Espere un momento…

    Emprender negocio

    El correo electrГіnico ingresado es invГЎlido.

    Emprender negocio

    Hemos enviado tu contraseГ±a a tu correo electrГіnico.

    Contratar Online

    Persona Natural Persona Juridica

    Emprender negocio

    Recuperando contraseña. Espere un momento…

    Emprender negocio

    El correo electrГіnico ingresado es invГЎlido.

    Emprender negocio

    Hemos enviado tu contraseГ±a a tu correo electrГіnico.


    Todos quienes hayamos comenzado nuestro negocio pasamos por una difГ­cil etapa, que es transformar nuestra idea en una empresa. Muchas veces este primer perГ­odo determina el Г©xito o el fracaso de Г©ste.

    Por esto 7Siete busca, dГ­a a dГ­a, alianzas estratГ©gicas para que nuestros clientes tengan productos y servicios que lo ayuden a emprender con Г©xito su actividad comercial.

    Ingresa a tu intranet, con tu usuario y clave. En el Г­cono Alianzas, podrГЎs ver actualizada la lista de empresas asociadas.

    Contratar Online

    *Recuerde que puede pagar con Red Compra o Tarjetas de CrГ©dito, en las cuotas que estime conveniente.

      1. i.Valor Mensual: $19.990 +IVA
      2. ii.Valor Anual: $199.990 + IVA

    Servicios GRATIS asociados:

    1. a.Constitución de Sociedad – Detalles*
    2. b.Inicio de Actividades o Cambio de Domicilio
    3. c.VerificaciГіn y RatificaciГіn de Domicilio
    4. d.Rut Provisorio
    5. e.Tramitar Patente Comercial
    6. f.Plataforma Virtual 24/7
    7. g.Networking


    1. a.Usted podrГЎ acceder a arrendar la Sala de Reuniones (Г‰sta tiene un valor de $5.000 mГЎs IVA por hora)
    2. b.SГ­ decide contratar nuestros servicios, debe asistir el presentante legal a la direcciГіn de Don Carlos 2939, oficina 208, Las Condes, a firmar el contrato a una notaria. En ese momento debe pagar el mes en curso del servicio, mГЎs dos meses de garantГ­a. CuГЎndo se termine el contrato, puede pedir, la devoluciГіn o uso de Г©sta, cumpliendo con las condiciones estipuladas.

    —- Recibe 50% de descuento en tu servicio de Oficina Virtual, al contratar cualquier otro servicio de 7Siete —-

    1. a. BALANCE
    5. e. FORMULARIO 29
    6. f. FORMULARIO 22
      1. i.Valor Mensual: $50.000
      2. ii.Valor Anual: $500.000

    *El servicio se realiza en nuestras oficinas.


    1. 1.Emprende:
      2. b.UNA VEZ AL MES
        1. i.Valor Mensual: $7.990 +IVA
        2. ii.Valor Anual: $79.990 + IVA
      4. d.UNA VEZ AL MES
        1. i.Valor Mensual: $10.990 +IVA
        2. ii.Valor Anual: $109.990 + IVA
    2. 2.PosiciГіnate:
      2. b.UNA A LA SEMANA
        1. i.Valor Mensual: $25.990 +IVA
        2. ii.Valor Anual: $259.990 + IVA
      4. d.UNA A LA SEMANA
        1. i.Valor Mensual: $35.990 +IVA
        2. ii.Valor Anual: $359.990 + IVA
    3. 3.Crece:
      2. b.UNA VEZ AL MES
        1. i.Valor Mensual: $29.990 +IVA
        2. ii.Valor Anual: $299.990 + IVA
      5. e.UNA VEZ AL MES
        1. i.Valor Mensual: $39.990 +IVA
        2. ii.Valor Anual: $399.990 + IVA
    4. Servicios GRATIS asociados:
      1. a.Networking
    5. 4.ConsolГ­date:
      2. b.UNA A LA SEMANA
        1. i.Valor Mensual: $45.990 +IVA
        2. ii.Valor Anual: $459.990 + IVA
      5. e.UNA A LA SEMANA
        1. i.Valor Mensual: $55.990 +IVA
        2. ii.Valor Anual: $559.990 + IVA
    1. 1.Emprende:
        1. i.Valor ActivaciГіn: 1,5 UF +IVA
        2. ii.Valor Mensual: 1,5 UF +IVA
        3. iii.Valor Anual: 15,5 + IVA
    2. 2.PosiciГіnate:
      4. d.5 EXTENSIONES
        1. i.Valor ActivaciГіn: –
        2. ii.Valor Mensual: 2,5 UF +IVA
        3. iii.Valor Anual: 25,5 + IVA
    1. Entrega:
      1. – PDF (VisualizaciГіn).
      2. – AI Ilustrator (Archivo madre vectorial, imprenta).
      3. – PNG (Para archivos digitales pero sin fondo).
      4. – JPG (Para archivos digitales, Web, Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

    Plazos: Tardamos entre 1 y 7 dГ­as hГЎbiles en mandar las propuestas al cliente en la primera fase.

    *El servicio se realiza en nuestras oficinas.

    *Valor en base mГЎxima de 10 trabajadores.

    *El servicio no incluye tramites en la inspecciГіn del trabajo. Si el cliente lo requiere, el valor es de 1UF por cada procedimiento.


      1. i.Valor Mensual: $100.000 +IVA
      2. ii.Valor Anual: $1.000.000 + IVA

    *El servicio de bГєsqueda de pagos es solo en la cuidad de Santiago

    *Todos los trГЎmites deben ser en la cuidad de Santiago.

    NRW-Stiftung – Aktuelle News und Projekt der Woche: Mittelalterlicher Burggarten in Stadt Blankenberg, stiftung spenden.

    #Stiftung #spenden


    Stiftung spenden

    Stiftung spenden

    PRESSEMELDUNG: Denkmalpfad ZOLLVEREIN®/Kokerei: Fцrderzusagen und Start fьr Bauabschnitt 1

    Stiftung spenden

    PRESSEMELDUNG: 7,2 Mio. Euro fьr Naturschutzgebiete, Denkmдler und Museen

    Stiftung spenden

    JETZT BEWERBEN: Inklusionspreis NRW 2018

    Stiftung spenden

    AUF 60 SEITEN NEUES BER NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN ERFAHREN: Stiftungsmagazin Nr. 2 2017/18 erschienen

    Stiftung spenden

    PRESSEMELDUNG: 100.000 Euro fьr die Sanierung des Aussichtsturms auf der Karlshцhe

    Stiftung spenden

    PRESSEMELDUNG: NRW-Stiftung gibt 100.000 Euro fьr das Gradierwerk

    Stiftung spenden

    PRESSEMELDUNG: NRW-Stiftung gibt 80.000 Euro fьr naturkundliches Infozentrum

    Stiftung spenden

    FOTOKALENDER 2018 ALTE RIESEN IN NRW : 12 Baumriesen – Umweltministerium und NRW-Stiftung verцffentlichen Siegerfotos des Fotowettbewerbs

    Stiftung spenden


    Stiftung spenden

    PRESSEMELDUNG: Eckhard Uhlenberg ist neuer Prдsident der Nordrhein-Westfalen-Stiftung

    Stiftung spenden

    MINISTERPR SIDENT ARMIN LASCHET: Eckhard Uhlenberg als Prдsident der NRW-Stiftung vorgeschlagen

    Stiftung spenden

    ONLINE-BEWERBUNGEN BIS 24. SEPTEMBER 2017 M GLICH: Engagementpreis NRW 2018: jetzt bewerben!

    Stiftung spenden

    PRESSEMELDUNG: NRW-Stiftung gibt 80.000 Euro fьr den barrierefreien Ausbau

    Stiftung spenden

    PRESSEMELDUNG: NRW-Stiftung gibt 20.000 Euro fьr den barrierefreien Ausbau des Bethauses im Muttental

    Stiftung spenden

    Il Ducato – arredamento bagno e mobili bagno, produzione di mobili bagno e arredamento bagno a Pesaro, materiali per bagno.

    #Materiali #per #bagno

    Il Ducato srl. Produzione arredo e di mobili bagno di lusso su misura per te.

    A Pesaro il nostro headquarter.

    Tutta l’Italia il nostro target.

    All’epoca degli antichi greci – romani, il bagno era un luogo pubblico non solo destinato all’igiene personale ma anche spazio sociale e d’incontro per scambi d’opinione, sia culturale che commerciali.

    Col tempo si ГЁ trasformato in uno spazio personale, intimo, dove la cura del corpo veniva al primo posto, accompagnata dal piacere della tranquillitГ .

    All’inizio del XX secolo nei progetti architettonici, cominciano ad essere incluse le esigenze igienico – sanitarie, cosa abbastanza sottovalutata.

    CosГ¬ da stanza distaccata dall’unitГ abitativa, diventa uno spazio interno, insieme alle altre locations (cucina, salotto, camera da letto).

    Oggi non solo è luogo funzionale ma una e vera propria stanza da mostrare, cercando la soluzione d’arredo che più ci rispecchi.

    A chi non piacerebbe tornare a casa, dopo una lunga giornata stressante e trovarci in una stanza da bagno che soddisfi le nostre esigenze, sentendoci coccolati e rilassati?

    Ecco perchГ© Il Ducato srl, azienda leader nel settore arredo bagno di Pesaro, ГЁ sempre alla ricerca di nuove proposte per te e per soddisfare le tue idee per un bagno di lusso. Una produzione mobili bagno pensata e studiata secondo le mode e le tendenze, provenienti dalle migliori esposizioni e fiere del mobile e produzione arredo bagno.

    Ti offriamo una produzione arredo bagno che viene incontro non solo alle tue esigenze ma anche ai tuoi gusti personali.

    La ricerca delle forme ГЁ flessibile e negli ultimi anni sono state lanciate nuove linee, che ben si contemperano con le nuove necessitГ spaziali della casa, spesso sempre piГ№ limitati.

    Vogliamo darti la possibilitГ di avere un arredo bagno di lusso ed ottenere la tua SPA su misura.

    Le nostre collezioni di arredo bagno

    Il Ducato srl presenta due filoni all’interno delle sue collezioni:

    Arredamento bagno classico

    Se cerchi un arredo più classico ma non scontato, abbiamo per te una produzione di mobili per il bagno eleganti, retrò ma allo stesso tempo contemporanee, dal design innovativo e con materiali d’altissima qualità , in svariati colori: dal bianco, al mogano al viola.

    Forme delicate e armoniose, che richiamano le toilette settecentesche delle giovani nobildonne.

    Come la linea Tulip e la linea Margot.

    Le novitГ del 2014 sono rappresentate da 3 linee :

    • linea Margot, un classico con tocco moderno.
    • linea Tulip, classica, ma con carattere.
    • linea Gliss, una miscela di pop, tecno e colori che arredano il bagno con un tocco di design davvero contemporaneo! Scopri tutte le possibilitГ di componibilitГ dei mobili del bagno Gliss.

    Non da meno sono perГІ le nostre linee d’arredamento bagno moderno

    Il Ducato ГЁ in continua evoluzione, per rispondere a bisogni e desideri sempre piГ№ specifici, in quanto l’arredo bagno necessita di soluzioni sempre piГ№ innovative sia nella scelta dei materiale che nell’utilizzo dei colori. La produzione mobili bagno ГЁ affidata ai nostri miglior esperti, sempre disponibili ed efficienti

    La ricerca delle forme ГЁ anch’essa flessibile, tanto che negli ultimi anni sono state lanciate nuove linee, che ben si contemperano con le nuove necessitГ spaziali della casa, spazi spesso piГ№ limitati.

    Fermo restando che l’arredo bagno de Il Ducato si sposa anche con spazi ampi e lussuosi.

    Una produzione di mobili e arredo bagno con carattere definito, materiali di qualitГ ottima e avanzato assemblaggio dei mobili da bagno, hanno portato il Ducato a diventare leader nella produzione e nella vendita di arredo bagno

    Le nostre linee non sono solo belle da vedere, ma sono anche funzionali e pensate per le esigenze di salvaspazio, soprattutto per chi ha poco spazio a disposizione. Il bagno dei essere un luogo di relax ed secondo il tuo standard di confort. Per questo le nostre collezioni ha forme “ergonomiche” e linee pensate per essere adattabili in ogni ambiente.

    Per noi stile, confort e funzionalità sono un’unica cosa per farti ottenere un arredamento bagno senza eguali, battendo ogni tipo di concorrenza.

    Home – AIGA Associazione Italiana Giovani Avvocati Sez, studio legale parma cerca avvocato.

    #Studio #legale #parma #cerca #avvocato

    Studio legale parma cerca avvocato

    AIGA Parma è lieta di comunicare lavvenuta sottoscrizione da parte del Coordinamento AIGA Emilia Romagna della convenzione con la società EXINDE che permetterà a tutti i soci AIGA della Regione Emilia Romagna di partecipare ai MASTER organizzati dalla suddetta società … Continued

    De Jure

    AIGA sez. di Parma ha sottoscritto con Giuffrè Editore un interessante ed esclusiva convenzione per tutti i propri iscritti. La promozione comprende labbonamento triennale a DE JURE Major + Giurisprudenza di Parma + biblioteca volumi al prezzo di € 2.370,00+IVA … Continued

    Shakespeare Live Restaurant Cafe

    AIGA PARMA: CONVENZIONE CON SHAKESPEARE LIVE RESTAURANT CAFE Siamo lieti di informare tutti i nostri associati che potranno beneficiare di uno sconto del 15% sul menù del giorno e del 10% sul menù alla carta presentando la propria tessera personale … Continued

    Software TeamSystem

    AIGA Parma è lieta di comunicare lavvenuta sottoscrizione della convenzione con il distributore dei prodotti software del gruppo Teamsystem che permetterà a tutti i soci AIGA Parma di acquistare il prodotto Legalsystem (software gestionale per lo studio legale) con uno … Continued

    Osservatorio Psicologi

    Convenzione AIGA Parma Camera Civile di Parma e Associazione Osservatorio Psicologi Parmensi Dopo un lungo lavoro di analisi e confronto AIGA Parma è lieta di comunicare la sottoscrizione della Convenzione con lAssociazione Osservatorio Psicologi Parmensi, auspicando che la stessa possa costituire … Continued

    Business Key

    CONVENZIONE TRA la Camera di Commercio Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura di Parma, Via Giuseppe Verdi, 2, Parma, nel seguito indicata come Camera di Commercio&, rappresentata dal Dirigente Dott.ssa Isabella Benecchi; LAssociazione Italiana Giovani Avvocati, sezione di Parma, … Continued


    Il Sole 24 ORE, Divisione Professionisti di Parma e AIGA sezione di Parma, hanno stipulato una convenzione avente per oggetto un’offerta promozionale, con condizioni speciali di abbonamento per i prodotti e servizi del nostro gruppo editoriale di interesse per gli … Continued

    Rinnova la tua polizza RC Auto su Linear, assicurazione on line con targa.

    #Assicurazione #on #line #con #targa

    Rinnova la polizza online in pochi click

    Hai ricevuto il codice per il rinnovo veloce? Conferma la tua scelta rinnovando online in pochi minuti.

    Le assicurazioni
    Informazioni utili
    Ci trovi anche su

    Attestato di rischio

    • Nome, Cognome e Codice Fiscale (o nome dell’azienda e Partita IVA)
    • Targa del veicolo di cui vuoi ricevere l’attestato di rischio
    • Numero di polizza
    • Indirizzo email dove ricevere l’attestato di rischio

    Indica inoltre se sei il proprietario, il locatario, l’usufruttuario o l’acquirente.


    Dal 18 ottobre 2015 il contrassegno cartaceo diventa digitale e non si dovrà più esporre sul parabrezza dell’auto. Il controllo sulla copertura assicurativa verrà effettuato dalle Forze dell’Ordine attraverso la verifica della targa sulla banca data dei veicoli assicurati, istituita presso la Motorizzazione Civile. In questo modo sarà più efficace la lotta contro la contraffazione e la verifica dei mezzi che circolano privi di copertura assicurativa.

    E’ in ogni caso indispensabile conservare nel veicolo il certificato di assicurazione che resta un documento necessario per la circolazione.


    A partire dal 31 dicembre 2015 Dialogo entra a far parte di Linear Assicurazioni.

    L’operazione, nata in un’ottica di razionalizzazione e riorganizzazione delle compagnie del Gruppo, si traduce in un miglior servizio e vantaggi da offrire ai clienti. Linear, difatti, con oltre quindici anni di esperienza nel mercato assicurativo online, con più di 500 professionisti a tua disposizione e grazie alla solidità del Gruppo Unipol, vanta un servizio di assoluta eccellenza e una gamma prodotti estremamente ricca e competitiva.

    Le polizze Dialogo continueranno ad avere validità senza alcuna variazione delle condizioni contrattuali. Entro 30 giorni dalla scadenza del contratto, i clienti Dialogo riceveranno una proposta di Linear per la propria polizza.

    Private Krankenversicherung, Allianz, private krankenversicherung.

    #Private #krankenversicherung

    Private Kranken­versicherung

    Warum eine private Krankenversicherung sinnvoll ist

    Private krankenversicherung

    Die private Krankenvollversicherung (PKV) der Allianz bietet Ihnen und Ihrer Familie einen leistungsstarken Schutz für Ihre Gesundheit. Für jede Lebensphase, für verschiedene Berufsgruppen und weltweit.

    Auf Veränderungen in Ihrem Leben können Sie flexibel reagieren und sich z.B. durch eine Anwartschaft eine unkomplizierte Wiederaufnahme nach kurzen Pausen sichern.

    Sichern Sie sich und Ihren Angehörigen eine optimale Behandlung im Krankheitsfall.

    Wir beraten Sie gerne individuell.

    Warum die Allianz Private Krankenversicherung für Sie die richtige Wahl ist

    Private krankenversicherung

    Die Private Krankenversicherung der Allianz ist die erste Wahl für alle, die bei Ihrer Versicherung auf einen umfassenden Gesundheitsschutz und starke Leistungen setzen.

    • Ausgezeichnete Gesundheitsservices: Für medizinische Fragen steht Ihnen ein kompetenter Ansprechpartner telefonisch zur Verfügung. Bei komplexen Behandlungen unterstützt Sie zudem ein Patientenbegleiter bis zu Ihrer Genesung.
    • BONUS-Check und Beitragsrückerstattung: Mit dem Allianz BONUS-Check sehen Sie jederzeit die Höhe Ihrer voraussichtlichen Beitragsrückerstattung (bis zu 50%). So können Sie entscheiden, ob es sich für Sie lohnt, die Rechnung einzureichen.
    • FlexiblerVersicherungsschutz: Unsere Tarife können Sie durch attraktive Zusatz­bausteine wie dem Krankentagegeld ergänzen. So passen Sie Ihren Gesundheitsschutz Ihrer aktuellen Lebenssituation an.

    Die richtige Krankenversicherung für jede Berufsgruppe

    Private krankenversicherung

    Die private Krankenversicherung für Selbstständige und Angestellte

    Die Private Krankenversicherung der Allianz bietet Ihnen leistungsstarken und service­orientierten Schutz für Ihre Gesundheit – ein Leben lang. Als Selbstständiger oder Angestellter erhalten Sie mit den Kompakt-, Komfort- und Premiumpaketen durch optionale Zusatzbausteine wie der WechselOption vielfältige Gestaltungs­möglichkeiten. Damit sichern Sie Ihre Gesundheit nach Ihren individuellen Wünschen ab.

    Private krankenversicherung

    Die private Krankenversicherung für Beihilfeberechtigte

    Als Richter, Beamter oder Beamtenanwärter zahlt Ihnen Ihr Dienstherr im Krankheitsfall

    eine Beihilfe, die jedoch nach der jeweiligen Beihilfeordnung nur einen Teil Ihrer Kosten deckt. Die Private Kranken­versicherung der Allianz schließt diese Kostenlücke und sichert Ihnen und Ihrer Familie einen 100%igen Gesundheitsschutz. Zusätzlich haben wir für Beamtenanwärter in der Ausbildung passende Tarife.

    Private krankenversicherung

    Die private Krankenversicherung für Ärzte

    Als Arzt oder Jungmediziner wissen Sie, wie wertvoll eine Privatversicherung im

    Krank­heitsfall ist. Mit der Allianz Private Krankenversicherung als einem der größten Ärzte­versicherer Deutschlands profitieren Sie und Ihre Familie von den Vorteilen der Gruppen­verträge mit nahezu allen Ärztekammern und dem Marburger Bund. In Ihrer Ausbildung zahlen Sie als junger Mediziner besonders günstige Beiträge.

    Spenden köln, spenden köln.

    #Spenden #köln

    Gefahren für Haustiere in der Weihnachtszeit

    Donnerstag 07. Dezember 2017

    Tiere gehören nicht als Geschenk unter den Weihnachtsbaum. Vermittlungsstopp im Tierheim Köln Zollstock

    Allzu häufig musste unser Tierheim in der Vergangenheit leider unüberlegte tierische Weihnachtsgeschenke zu Jahresbeginn oder vermehrt auch zu den Sommerferien aufnehmen, wenn die Tiere ihren neuen Haltern lästig wurden. weiterlesen.

    Donnerstag 26. Oktober 2017


    Frau Simone Sombecki (WDR-Tiere suchen ein Zuhause) wird und tatkräftig unterstützen. weiterlesen.

    Konrad-Adenauer-Tierheim: Aktiv für den Tierschutz!

    Spenden köln

    Im Konrad-Adenauer-Tierheim in Köln-Zollstock kümmern sich Tierheimleiterin Petra Gerigk und ihr Team mit viel Engagement und Herz um Tiere, die von ihren Eigentümern verlassen oder ausgesetzt wurden bzw. durch die Stadt Köln sichergestellt wurden.

    300 Hunde, Katzen, Nagetiere, Vögel und Nutztiere betreut das Team täglich. Dazu kommen verletzte Wildtiere, die aufgepäppelt und wieder ausgewildert werden. Tauben, Igel, verschiedene Singvögel oder Raben hat das Tierheim wieder ausgehfertig gemacht.

    Die Tierärzte Dr. Sabine Holland und Dr. Ralf Unna kümmern sich in ihrer dem Tierheim angeschlossenen Tierarztpraxis aufopferungsvoll um die medizinische Versorgung.

    Das Team von Petra Gerigk bemüht sich um die Vermittlung der Tiere an neue liebevolle Halter. Sie kümmern sich auch um die Pensionsgäste, die während eines Urlaubs oder Klinikaufenthalts kurzzeitig bei uns untergebracht sind.

    Träger des Tierheimes ist der Kölner Tierschutzverein von 1868, der zudem dem Deutschen Tierschutzbund angeschlossen ist. Somit blickt der Kölner Tierschutzverein von 1868 stolz auf eine bald 150-jährige Tradition im Tierschutz zurück.

    Arkansas Insurance Department

    #insurance, #producer, #agent, #adjuster, #agency


    Our Consumer Services Division assists consumers with complaints and inquiries and provides educational information and materials, free of charge. **New** NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator. The License Division is responsible for licensing and appointment of producers (agents) and business entities (agencies), license renewal and education requirements. Our Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) provides free counseling, education, and information to individuals with Medicare of all ages. Visit our Legal Division to view Department Rules, Bulletins and Directives, Court Orders and Orders issued by the Commissioner.

    Arkansas Insurance Department

    Computer Information Technology, B

    #comp #programming


    Computer Science


    The B.S. degree in Computer Information Technology is designed for students interested in a professional career that involves solving the informational technology infrastructure needs of companies and organizations. An IT professional is able to understand computer systems and solve the computer-related problems of the people they serve. An IT professional assumes responsibility for selecting, installing and maintaining hardware and software products to meet organizational culture and needs. The Computer Information Technology degree consists of a set of core requirements plus a Domain Emphasis Package that is effectively a minor in another field of study. The program focuses on the technology and service aspects of the industry rather than information content. Graduates of the program will have an applied knowledge of such fields as web programming, system infrastructure, databases, networking, e-business, project management, data center management, security and information assurance.

    Program Requirements

    The B.S. in Computer Information Technology program requires a total of 120 units, including General Education requirements, major core courses and a 15-unit sequence of elective courses referred to below as the Domain Emphasis Package. To graduate, a student must complete a minimum of 18 residency units from the list of upper division required courses listed below in addition to all other institutional residency requirements.

    Special Grade Requirements

    No grade lower than a C will be accepted on transfer from another institution to satisfy the graduation requirements in Information Technology. Where specific grade requirements are not specified, no CSUN grade lower than a C- will be accepted for courses required in the B.S. CIT program.

    1. Lower Division Required Courses (24 units)

    2. Lower Division Electives (14-19 units)

    a. Math Course (3-5 units)

    GEOL 101 /102 Geology of Planet Earth and Lab (3/1)
    and GEOL 110 /112 Earth and Life through Time and Lab (3/1)

    PHYS 100A /AL General Physics I and Lab (3/1)
    and ASTR 152 /L Elementary Astronomy and Lab (3/1)

    3. Upper Division Required Courses (33 units)

    CIT 360 CIT System Management (3)
    CIT 480/L CIT System Design and Implementation I (2/1)
    CIT 481/L CIT System Design and Implementation II (2/1)
    COMP 424 Computer System Security (3)
    COMP 484/L Web Engineering I and Lab (2/1)
    COMP 485 Human-Computer Interaction (3)
    IS 312 Information Systems for Business (3)
    IS 431 System Analysis and Design (3)
    IS 435 Business Data Communications and Networking (3)
    IS 441 Database Management Systems (3)
    IS 451 Systems Development Project (3)

    4. Domain Emphasis Package (15-18 units)

    Computer Information Technology has applications in nearly all areas of human endeavor. A major objective of the B.S. CIT program is to prepare graduates to work effectively with people from other domains. To this end, students in the B.S. CIT program are required to engage in deeper studies of an application domain other than computing that uses computing in a substantive way.

    This requirement can be satisfied by completion of one of the following:

    1. Completion of an appropriate minor at CSUN that does not include courses offered by the Department of Computer Science or the College of Business and Economics. The intent of the minor is to focus studies in a domain in which the graduate plans to start their career. Students interested in focusing their studies on business are advised to explore the Information Systems degree options offered by the Department of Accounting and Information Systems. A minor must consist of at least 18 units, but some requirements in a minor might also be applied toward meeting General Education requirements.
    2. Completion of a cohesive set of classes, called the Domain Emphasis Package, determined though consultation with the student’s faculty advisor and requiring approval by the department chair prior to enrollment in any course contained in the package. This package should focus on a specific domain in which the graduate plans to start their career. Such a package shall consist of 15 units, with no more than 6 units of lower division classes chosen strategically to meet the prerequisites of the other classes also included in the package. The package cannot contain courses offered by the Department of Computer Science or the College of Business and Economics.

    By the time COMP 110/L is completed, B.S. CIT majors must meet with a faculty advisor to determine the classes in a customized domain emphasis package or to select a minor to fulfill the Domain Emphasis requirement.

    5. General Education (48 units)

    Undergraduate students must complete 48 units of General Education as described in this Catalog.

    B.S. CIT majors follow a modified General Education program, depending upon the year they enter the program and their enrollment status as a college student. Returning and transfer students should consult an academic advisor before planning their general education programs. B.S. CIT students are required to take courses in the following GE sections: Analytical Reading and Expository Writing (3 units); Oral Communication (3 units); Social Sciences (6 units); Arts and Humanities (6 units); Comparative Cultural Studies (6 units); and U.S. Government and History (6 units). 9 units of the GE requirements must be upper division (300-plus) courses that are certified as writing intensive. Two GE courses must meet the Information Competence requirement. All other GE requirements are met through completion of courses in the major. All students should discuss Plan R requirements and plan class schedules with their academic advisor.

    Total Units in the Major: 86-94

    General Education Units: 33

    Additional Units: 0-1

    Total Units Required for the B.S. Degree: 120

    Workforce Management Software Features

    #workforce #management #software, #wfm #software, #workforce #management #solutions #infor #workforce #management, #wfm, #workforce #management, #infor #time #and #attendance, #infor #wfm #product #summary #human #capital #management #(hcm) #workforce #management #web #page

    Infor Workforce Management

    Drive better return on your labor investment

    Controlling labor costs is a key concern for organizations of every size, and in every sector. But focusing merely on cost reduction can result in diminished productivity and service levels. or even put your company at risk for failing to meet compliance requirements .

    Infor Workforce Management is a comprehensive solution that aligns labor management with corporate strategy. Integrated modules address forecasting and budgeting, scheduling, time and attendance, performance management, and compliance, streamlining processes to increase efficiency while encouraging employees to focus on activities that generate more value.

    Infor Workforce Management at a glance

    • Streamline and automate planning
    • Manage costs and compliance
    • Extend the reach of workforce solutions with mobility
    • Improve employee engagement
    • Optimize transactional user experience
    • Elevate visibility into workforce performance

    Infor Workforce Management streamlines and automates the workforce planning process so you can accurately plan your workforce deployment. The workforce planning module helps eliminate costs, time, and errors from the budgeting and planning processes. It also integrates annual and periodic forecasting activities with weekly workforce management execution. The module features both budget creation and budget management features, and uses historical data to generate bottom-up budgets.

    Time and attendance

    Time and attendance

    Automate your time and attendance processes to help reduce payroll costs, increase compliance with government and union regulations, and motivate employees by empowering them to manage their time at work and paid time off. The time and attendance module also allows you to validate time and labor data collection in real time, helping to control related processes and reduce overpayments and other errors.

    Balances and accruals

    Balances and accruals

    Automate and maintain employee balance accruals and time off requests to produce an accurate staffing schedule throughout your organization.

    Employee transaction manager

    Employee transaction manager

    The employee transaction manager provides an easy-to-use interface that fosters employee-management collaboration. Users get tools for viewing timesheets, shift trades, entitlement queries, personal data management, and job changes. Your employees can view their vacation time and other personal information, request time off, and communicate directly with managers and teammates. You can build engagement, improve communications during peak seasons, and help streamline HR costs by empowering your talent with easy access to information and common tasks.

    Accurately allocate your tasks to resources-including task creation and communication, task execution and consistency, task tracking, and facility compliance.

    Organizations with large workforces must not only efficiently deploy their people, but also keep employee initiatives in line with business objectives. The key to meeting this challenge is a proven solution that helps ensure appropriately skilled employees are available when the workload demands they should be—at the optimal cost to you. The scheduling solution helps you develop schedules mathematically, edit complex or temporary schedules, and automate schedule creation with multiple tools that help you meet operational demands.

    You can maintain attendance history for each employee, set notifications for violations, automate leave entitlement processes, and assess the overall business impact of unscheduled absences. With the absence management module, you can also recognize individual or group patterns and proactively notify supervisors as necessary.

    With the workforce mobility module, you can extend the reach of your workforce management solution by giving employees and managers the ability to perform workforce-related tasks using mobile devices. Employees can use their smartphones to check their work schedules, set shift preferences, and check work and vacation balances. Managers can edit time sheets, approve or decline employee requests, view analytics, and respond to workforce issues in real time.

    With the workforce performance module, your managers get timely visibility into key workforce performance indicators, including labor spend, overtime, and attendance across all regions. The module includes management dashboards for at-a-glance views of workforce performance with real-time alerts, and also includes reporting to support decisions, perform ad hoc queries, or create customized reports to drill down on specific business needs.

    Telecommunications – Microsoft Enterprise, hosted exchange server.

    #Hosted #exchange #server


    Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius complete the highest-capacity subsea…

    Technical case studies

    Cloud service providers face the challenge of developing, launching, supporting, and monetizing new services, while supporting exponential growth requirements and delighting customers with personalized services, support, and experiences. Microsoft offers high-performance platforms and solutions that let you engage your customers, empower your employees, optimize your operations, and transform your products.

    Customer Journey Analytics solution

    Productivity, Communications, and Collaboration solution

    Engage your customers

    Engage your customers

    Empower your employees

    Empower your employees

    Optimize your operations

    Optimize your operations

    Transform your products

    Transform your products

    Engage your customers

    Engage your customers with differentiated experiences that they can access whenever they choose. Microsoft helps you retain customers by creating the telco channel of the future. Now you can reimagine the telco retail and customer service functions to incorporate rapid access to customer insights and omni-channel experiences tailored to the individual customer. These insights will ensure personalized experiences that drive revenues by upselling the customer to improved solutions or introducing them to new services.

    Learn how to engage

    Empower your employees

    Empower your employees to work from anywhere and anticipate and respond to customer needs with our collaboration and productivity solutions. Microsoft helps you transform your business into a modern telco workplace. Imagine the efficiencies gained when your employees can collaborate from virtually anywhere, at any time, using familiar software protected by enterprise-grade security. Get things done faster and more efficiently through a seamless experience across devices and services.

    Learn how to empower

    Optimize your operations

    Accelerate your transformation to a digital service provider through the use of hybrid cloud technology. Microsoft offers the advanced, hybrid cloud technology that lets you build a common platform for your information and network technologies, thus reducing capital and operational expenditures and increasing business agility. Our cloud enables you to centrally control and automate your workloads through software-defined networking and server virtualization to gain instant scalability.

    Learn how to optimize

    Transform your products

    Rapidly deliver the services customers demand through a flexible telco infrastructure powered by the Microsoft cloud platform. Microsoft hybrid cloud technology lets you introduce new services quickly, cost effectively, and with a fail-fast mentality. Building on the cloud can drastically reduce the time to launch new services, increase agility, save costs, and reduce IT complexity. The Microsoft platform can span your on-premises datacenter and the cloud, so you can respond rapidly to competitors, new markets, and customers’ changing expectations.

    Mocauto Group – Vendita auto usate, nuove e km 0 a Milano, auto usate vendesi.

    #Auto #usate #vendesi

    La più grande concessionaria di Milano per la vendita di usato, nuovo e km0

    Mocauto Group è una delle aziende italiane storiche nel settore della distribuzione di veicoli, della vendita di auto usate e dei servizi connessi al mondo dell’auto.

    La Società, nata nel lontano 1963 come rivenditore del solo marchio Autobianchi a Milano, si è sviluppata molto alla fine degli anni ’90 quando, con il supporto di un importante partner di Private Equity, ha dato vita all’attuale Holding, Car World Italia S.p.A., per consolidare e razionalizzare la propria presenza nella distribuzione di veicoli principalmente a Milano e in Lombardia e introdurre nuove forme distributive nella vendita di auto usate. A partire dal 1998 ha preso così il via il primo esempio italiano di concessionario che utilizza logiche di tipo industriale per garantire al consumatore i migliori livelli di servizio e di efficienza.

    Auto nuove, auto usate e servizi: la casa di tutti i migliori marchi

    Le nostre sedi in Lombardia, conosciute negli anni passati per lo più come concessionari legati al Gruppo Fiat, raggruppano oggi alcuni tra i più importanti marchi automobilistici mondiali: Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Jeep, Ford, Lexus, Subaru, Volvo, Mazda e Mahindra. Mocauto Group concentra la propria attività nella città di Milano, nellhinterland milanese e a Monza, dove sono distribuite le 6 sedi del gruppo in cui operano circa 300 collaboratori. Nel territorio di Milano coordiniamo anche 140 officine autorizzate indipendenti, alle quali la clientela può rivolgersi per la manutenzione della propria vettura.

    Il Mocauto Center, uneccellenza italiana

    Anticipando una tendenza che si sarebbe da lì a poco sviluppata in Italia, Mocauto decide di dare vita a un complesso polifunzionale dedicato al mondo dell’automobile. Così nel 2002 apre il Mocauto Center, nato grazie all’acquisizione e ristrutturazione di quella che una volta era la più grande cartiera di Milano: un centro dell’auto nuova e usata unico in Italia per dimensioni e varietà dei servizi offerti e tra le più importanti realtà europee del settore.

    I numeri di Mocauto Group

    • Il volume di vendite, passate dalle 6.700 auto nuove del 1997 alle 22.000 (tra auto nuove e auto usate) nel 2005, hanno trasformato in quellanno Mocauto Group nel principale operatore indipendente del mercato italiano
    • Anche in questi ultimi anni, nonostante la crisi economica e del settore, con oltre 15.000 auto vendute Mocauto Group si conferma nettamente il primo operatore in Lombardia e nella top five in Italia
    • Oltre alla distribuzione e alla vendita di auto usate, Mocauto Group punta con forza anche sullassistenza: nel 2009, ad esempio, ha generato 400mila ore di officina e ha distribuito sul mercato 45 milioni di euro di ricambi, per un fatturato complessivo di oltre 270 milioni di euro

    Quando concessionario fa rima con qualità

    Nel corso dellAutomotive Dealer Day 2012 di Quintegia, evento organizzato a Verona e dedicato agli operatori del settore auto, Car World Italia ha vinto il Premio per lInnovazione Gestionale 2012& per aver trasformato i propri dipendenti in azionisti del Gruppo: una soluzione innovativa per sostenere e rilanciare il business dei concessionari dauto, grazie al riequilibrio patrimoniale dellazienda e alla riduzione dei costi. Mocauto Group, inoltre, ha partecipato alledizione 2013 di “Noi ci siamo. 25esima campagna nazionale per la qualità e linnovazione”, manifestazione promossa dal Gruppo Galgano, una delle più affermate realtà di consulenza di direzione e formazione manageriale in Italia, per promuovere la qualità e l’innovazione del sistema Paese.

    Da Mocauto lefficienza è certificata

    I processi efficienti sono un fiore allocchiello di Mocauto Group. Infatti il GIC, ente di certificazioni riconosciuto internazionalmente da UKAS per il rilascio della certificazione ISO 9001:2015, ha garantito che Mocauto Group possiede un modello organizzativo basato sulla guida dei processi, fondato su principi di gestione della qualità ritenuti indispensabili per una buona conduzione aziendale: lazienda ha acquisito la Certificazione di Sistema di Gestione Qualità secondo la norma ISO 9001:2015 n.683159 e la Certificazione ISO 14001:2015 n.777803. E questo modello organizzativo ha permesso a Mocauto di mantenere alti standard di produzione e controllo.

    Concessionari a emissioni ridotte

    Non tutte le auto, che siano nuove o usate, inquinano nella stessa misura. Quelle vendute da un concessionario attento allambiente, ad esempio, idealmente inquinano meno. È il caso di Mocauto, che è molto attenta a sviluppare una politica green. Ad esempio il Mocauto Center adotta un impianto di riscaldamento/raffreddamento a pompe di calore che sfrutta lacqua della falda acquifera, oppure lofficina Mocauto Service, effettua il controllo del riciclo dellolio e degli altri residui di scarto e sono certificate per lo smaltimento; inoltre, in tutti gli uffici della parte amministrativa è stato ridotto del 50% il numero di stampanti, e viene rivolta unattenzione particolare al consumo di carta e di inchiostro.

    Online Bath Design, Free Online Bathroom Design Tools, interior design companies websites.

    #Interior #design #companies #websites

    Top Online Bath Design Tools

    Interior design companies websitesIt is not only useful, but vital, to see what bathroom fixtures you can fit into your bathroom space before you begin the work. With interior design software, you can select bathroom fixtures such as a sink, tub, toilet and bathroom vanity, to visualize where you can place these fixtures in your bathroom project. Designing a bathroom has never been so easy.

    The internet has all the tools necessary to create a new bath or update your present bath. All you need is a computer. Knowledge of the kinds of piping, fixtures and other equipment required and available for your remodel will aid in planning. Many major bathroom fixture and tile companies now provide a free bathroom design tools on their websites for your remodeling project or bathroom addition. As well, there are several bathroom design software programs for your PC or Mac. Some home design software manufacturers offer a free trial download of their product to explore each interior design software features. Nevertheless, when finalizing your project, advice should be obtained from qualified persons.

    Interior design companies websites

    You should plan your bathroom carefully to meet the needs of your family. Its size will depend on the style, size of equipment, and their arrangement. Planning the size and number of bathrooms should be done by the homeowners – who know most about their own living habits and needs. At this beginning stage, bathroom design tools will be indispensable. It is not only useful but necessary to see what bathroom fixtures you can fit into your bathroom space before you begin the work. With virtual room design tools and planning tools, you can select various bathroom fixtures such as sink, tub, toilet, and bathroom vanity, to visualize where you can place these fixtures in your bathroom remodeling project.

    Bath fixtures fit into less space than most people think. Into 25 square feet, you can squeeze a complete – if cramped – shower bathroom which would keep the cost of an extra bathroom low. The untraveled end of a hallway, sometimes with a window, may contain as much as 30 or 40 square feet – sufficient space for a small bathroom. With a bathroom planning tool, plumbing costs can often be kept down by a good floor plan in locating fixtures. Fixtures located back to back on opposite sides of a wall save on piping or locating all bathroom fixtures on one wall also saves piping. With a bathroom design planner you can visualize how to remodel your old bathroom and make your own floor plans. Moreover, you can determine if you have the space for another bathroom and design your floor plan with fixtures near existing water and waste lines.

    Interior design companies websites

    Online bath design can help you create a bathroom plan that is both efficient and attractive but there is more to bathroom planning than where to locate the sink or bathtub. From choosing surface materials to installing lighting, Interior design companies websitesbathroom design software helps in designing and building bathrooms by providing appealing floor plans, plumbing and ventilation requirements, fixtures, fittings and accessories. You can easily customize this interior design software to fit your needs with thousands of ready-made symbols you can stamp directly onto your image. Many software programs provide users with an interactive bathroom design guide and offer ideas and advice on everything from defining your style to working with contractors. You should search the internet for a free house design software download which allows the customer a chance to review the features and capabilities of a program. It is smart to take advantage of free trial software to select the best room design software to fit your needs.

    Top Bathroom Design Tools

    Interior design companies websites

    Preventivo Assicurazione – Richiedi il preventivo on line, preventivo di assicurazione.

    #Preventivo #di #assicurazione

    Preventivo assicurazione offre la possibilità di richiedere preventivi per assicurazioni in maniera semplice, rapida e totalmente gratuita. Puoi richiedere un preventivo assicurazione per soluzioni su misura, per esigenze specifiche oppure puoi visitare una delle pagine dedicate alle nostre soluzioni a catalogo. In entrambi i casi un consulente di ti contatterà per seguirti e consigliarti nella scelta della soluzione più in linea con le tue esigenze: questa fase di analisi dei tuoi bisogni è fondamentale per proporti le assicurazioni migliori e ad un prezzo conveniente.

    Come posso richiediere preventivi per assicurazioni su offre diversi canali per richiedere informazioni o preventivi:

    1. Moduli di raccolta dati: lascia i tuoi dati sui moduli che trovi sul sito. Un nostro consulente ti richiamerà in breve tempo, rispettando la tua privacy.

    2. Servizio Clienti: contatta direttamente il nostro Servizio clienti

    da Lunedi a Venerdi

    Quanto costa

    Il servizio di consulenza ed i preventivi assicurazione di sono totalmente gratuiti e non prevedono alcun impegno di acquisto da parte del cliente. Inoltre, acquistando le nostre soluzioni, ottieni un prezzo conveniente senza rinunciare all’affidabilità e alla qualità: infatti opera solamente con primarie Compagnie Assicurative italiane, riuscendo comunque ad offrire prezzi assolutamente competitivi. Iscriviti alle nostre newsletter, seguici sui social network e sui nostri siti per restare sempre aggiornato su novità, promozioni e opportunità offerte dai nostri siti.

    Come procedere con l’acquisto dopo la richiesta di preventivo assicurazioni?

    Una volta confermato il preventivo, il consulente a te dedicato ti seguirà nella procedura di acquisto e pagamento: ti ricordiamo che accetta diversi metodi di pagamento (carta di credito, bonifico bancario, bollettino postale. Per il dettaglio aggiornato visita la pagina metodi di pagamento). Il nostro servizio clienti è a disposizione per affiancarti in qualsiasi momento, durante la fase di acquisto e soprattuto nell’assistenza post vendita.

    Preventivi assicurazione online: quali soluzioni trovo su racchiude moltissime tipologie di assicurazioni che abbracciano ambiti – anche molto diversi tra loro – della vita di ognuno di noi. Vita privata, lavoro, interessi, hobby, spostamenti. Puoi richiedere preventivi RCA ma non solo. Abbiamo pensato a pacchetti predefiniti – come ad esempio l’assicurazione animali – ma è possibile anche usufruire del nostro servizio ‘Su Misura’, grazie al quale puoi lasciare i tuoi dati sul nostro sito ed essere richiamato da un nostro consulente per valutare insieme tue esigenze specifiche.

    Assicurazioni online: informazioni specifiche assicurazione RC Auto!

    Fornisci sempre i tuoi dati corretti e reali: i dati richiesti determinano il valore del preventivo e per questo motivo è necessario che vengano utilizzati da subito informazioni corrispondenti ai documenti in tuo possesso.

    Preventivi assicurazione RCA: invia copia del tuo libretto. Questo documento è necessario per poterti inviare il preventivo di assicurazione RC Auto ed il relativo link per effettuare il pagamento. In caso di necessità il nostro servizio assistenza clienti potrebbe richiederti informazioni o documentazione aggiuntiva.

    Muoviti sempre in anticipo: attendere la scadenza della polizza può risultare pericoloso. Richiedi il preventivo assicurazione rca in anticipo, in modo da poter far fronte rapidamente ad eventuali problematiche e sapere di essere sempre assicurato, evitando possibili multe o situazioni sgradevoli.

    ABOGADOS en Ciudad de México D, abogado penal.

    #Abogado #penal

    Despacho de Abogados en Ciudad de México, D.F.

    Asesoría Legal Gratuita

    Tels. 24548118 – 36253693 • Ario 5 Col. Roma Sur, Cuauhtémoc

    Abogado penal

    Abogado penal


    Somos un equipo de abogados dirigidos por el Lic. Víctor Carrillo Estrada y uno de los Despachos de Abogados en México con mayor crecimiento y reconocimiento actualmente establecidos en el Distrito Federal.

    Atendemos asuntos de caracter familiar, civil, mercantil, arrendamiento inmobiliario, penal y laboral, ya que contamos con especialistas en diversas áreas del derecho.

    Nuestras oficinas se encuentran ubicadas en la Calle Ario 5, Colonia Roma Sur, Delegación Cuauhtémoc, México, D.F. hoy CDMX, sin embargo atendemos procesos legales en toda la República Mexicana gracias a nuestros convenios de colaboración y corresponsalía con Despachos de Abogados en todo México.”

    Asesoria Legal Personal

    Lo que nos distingue de otros despachos de abogados es brindar la asesoría legal personal a cualquier persona física o moral que la solicite, ajustando el costo de los servicios legales a la capacidad económica de nuestros clientes, por lo que en ningún caso, la falta de recursos económicos es motivo para dejar de brindar nuestros servicios y apoyar de esta forma a la sociedad.

    Nuestro objetivo es brindarle certeza jurídica y honestidad en las consultas y servicios en los que intervenimos, de esta forma usted prodrá encontrar la solución jurídica que requiere en el menor tiempo y al mejor costo.

    Abogado penalDefensa Jurídica

    Abogado: Témino que proviene del latin advocatus, “llamado en auxilio” y es el profesionista que se dedica a la defensa jurídica de alguna de las partes en un proceso judicial.

    Orientación y Asesoria Legal

    Un Abogado también brinda orientación y asesoría legal en las áreas del derecho en las que se especialice.

    El Abogado debe contar con autorización por parte del Estado para ejercer la profesión de Licenciado en Derecho, es decir debe contar con cédula profesional que lo faculte para representar los intereses de sus clientes ante las autoridades judiciales o administrativas, federales o locales y es considerado un auxiliar y coadyuvante indispensable en la administración de Justicia de nuestro país.

    Un buen Abogado debe colaborar en la defensa del valor de la justicia.

    Interieur Deco: formation décorateur, Ecole des métiers de la décoration cours à distance, atelier, spécialiste de la décoration, application design intérieur.

    #Application #design #intérieur

    Nous formons aux métiers de :

    En utilisant les nouvelles technologies multimédia et de l’Internet, nous améliorons la qualité de l’apprentissage en facilitant l’accès à des ressources et des services riches en contenu, ainsi que les échanges et la communication à distance.

    Le système e-learning permet aux élèves de suivre nos programmes de formation à distance, en autoformation, accompagnés par un tuteur, de manière individuelle.

    Les contraintes de planning et d’organisation disparaissent. De ce fait, élèves et formateurs peuvent se concentrer sur le contenu de la formation.

    La réduction des coûts est également un gain majeur. Le e-learning offre une réduction conséquente du prix de formation en éliminant les frais et inconvénients d’une formation en salle (transport, hébergement, restauration), ou ceux d’une formation à distance classique (coût postal, documents perdus ou abîmés, retard de correction, etc.).

    La formation en ligne dite « e-learning » est l’utilisation des nouvelles technologies multimédias de l’Internet pour améliorer la qualité de l’apprentissage en facilitant d’une part l’accès à des ressources et à des services, d’autre part les échanges et la collaboration à distance.

    (Commission européenne, 2001).

    Nos atouts

    Un dispositif de formation à distance complet et performant

    Votre réussite anime toute notre équipe.

    Notre engagement : mettre en oeuvre de multiples moyens pour favoriser votre progression. Nous orientons votre travail personnel sur l’ensemble de votre parcours de formation grâce à un suivi régulier et des outils d’autoformation performants.

    Une méthode pédagogique efficace

    Les ressources en e-learning (cours, exercices théoriques et pratiques) sont diffusées et distribuées grâce à un planning intégré au dispositif de gestion de la formation, directement depuis notre plateforme e-learning.

    L’élève accède à son espace personnel grâce à son login et à son mot de passe. Dès lors, il accède au téléchargement des modules de cours et des exercices pratiques et théoriques, et peut ainsi commencer à suivre pas à pas le programme de formation.

    L’élève se retrouve au coeur d’un dispositif où il peut choisir son rythme de progression et la fréquence de ses sessions d’apprentissage, organisée par l’école au regard d’objectifs spécialement adaptés.

    Les exercices théoriques et pratiques sont envoyés à l’école et gérés avec un suivi personnalisé (temps de réponse, délai des rendus, notes, corrigés, commentaires et envoi de documents).

    L’élève a accès en permanence à ses données de suivi de formation. Il peut communiquer avec l’école à tout moment par mail et à travers diverses rubriques.

    Toutes les questions relatives aux cours sont envoyées par mail avec une réponse rapide du tuteur. Si un problème de compréhension persiste, un rendez-vous téléphonique est fixé.

    Nos modules de cours en e-learning proposent un système de formation très flexible. L’élève peut apprendre d’où il souhaite et quand il le désire. Il apprend sans se déplacer, avance à son rythme au cœur du dispositif et se sent responsable de ses résultats, puisqu’il fixe lui-même son emploi du temps. Le suivi de la formation est facilité, et accessible en temps réel grâce à de nombreux outils de gestion. L’accès au cours est illimité. L’exploitation des technologies en contexte d’apprentissage permet de dégager de véritables plus-values pédagogiques dont les conséquences, notamment organisationnelles, sociales et financières, rendent le potentiel de notre système éducatif particulièrement attractif en matière de formation professionnelle.

    Une périodicité d’évaluation

    L’élève travaille au coeur d’un programme fragmenté par cycle. Chaque cycle comprend un nombre de modules bien défini, accompagné de ses exercices à soumettre à la correction.

    A la fin du cycle, quand tous les exercices sont effectués, et si l’élève atteint la note minimum de 10/20, il accède au cycle suivant.

    Une fois tous les cycles de la formation achevés, l’élève soumet à l’école, pour l’obtention de son diplôme, un projet professionnel, synthèse de toutes les étapes de son apprentissage.

    Des outils performants

    Rédigés par des professionnels, tous nos cours sont des outils complets de formation comprenant :

    • des exposés, spécialement construits pour la formation à distance, avec des contenus théoriques et pratiques clairs, des exemples et des illustrations ;
    • des guides d’étude proposant une méthode de travail pour l’apprentissage du cours, ponctués d’exercices autocorrectifs et de travaux écrits, afin d’évaluer les connaissances acquises ;
    • un plan de formation permettant de visualiser l’organisation du programme de cours, les durées d’étude, l’échelonnement dans le temps des devoirs à réaliser (vous pouvez l’ajuster en fonction de vos propres contraintes, avec l’aide du responsable de votre formation) ; la plate-forme d’enseignement à distance sur Internet proposant un accès au cours, aux exercices, aux corrigés et aux ressources complémentaires (infos, glossaire, etc.).

    Des outils complémentaires sur la plate-forme

    Accès exclusif aux ressources de la formation : données, informations, documentation, news…

    Un suivi individualisé

    Par mail, téléphone ou lors des sessions d’apprentissage, l’équipe pédagogique est à votre écoute, quelle que soit votre demande : orientation, financement, dossier d’inscription, organisation de votre formation, point de cours à éclaircir.

    Lors du premier rendez-vous téléphonique, le responsable de formation vous donne les premières consignes de travail et d’organisation. Il répond à toutes vos questions.

    Une correspondance régulière avec vos formateurs-correcteurs, à l’occasion de l’envoi de vos travaux et de leurs corrections, vous permet d’exprimer vos difficultés et vos interrogations éventuelles. Vous évaluez ainsi, en continu, votre progression dans toutes les connaissances et capacités recherchées grâce au retour d’une correction individualisée.

    Dipartimento di Matematica -UTV, miglior finanziamento.

    #Miglior #finanziamento

    Miglior finanziamento

    Il Dipartimento di Matematica dell’Universita’ degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata” partecipa alla prima edizione di “EUREKA! Roma 2018”, manifestazione dedicata alla divulgazione e promozione scientifica ideata, promossa e sostenuta da Roma Capitale – Assessorato alla Crescita Culturale. Vedi la locandina

    Elezione suppletiva di 1 rappresentante degli studenti nella Commissione Paritetica del Dipartimento di Matematica. Vedi il bando.

    The Department of Mathematics of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” invites applications from talented individuals for a 3-years position of “ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo B [RTD-B]” a sort of tenure track position according to the Italian law n. 240/2010.

    The position will be addressed to a very highly qualified researcher working in the scientific field of MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS. The application deadline is March 15, 2018.

    More information about the RTD-B position are available at “Art. 24” of the Italian law n. 240/2010:

    The Department of Mathematics – Univ. of Rome Tor Vergata is Italian Excellence Department 2018-2022.

    Presso l’Università degli studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, Dipartimento di Matematica, è indetta la procedura per il reclutamento di un ricercatore a tempo determinato di tipo B (RTD-B) nell’ambito del settore scientifico-disciplinare di FISICA-MATEMATICA (MAT-07). Le domande devono essere presentate entro la data del 15/03/2018. Il bando e il fac-simile della domanda sono accessibili alla pagina web

    Sospensione dell’attività didattica nella giornata del 5/05/2018.Vedi allegato.

    SSD MAT/05 Prof. I fascia: verbale preliminare pubblicato in data 01/02/18.

    SSD MAT/05 Prof. II fascia: verbale preliminare pubblicato in data 02/02/18.

    Elezioni Giunta di Dipartimento: Elenco candidature.

    11 Aprile 2018, ore 9:00-15:00, Aula 2001 della Facolta’ di Scienze di Tor Vergata: Conferenze sulla modellazione, ricostruzione 3D e visualizzazione in Computer Graphics di beni archeologici ed architettonici e di architettura di interni ed attività artistiche e teatrali (giornata organizzata dal Corso di Laurea in Scienze e Tecnologie per i Media). Per il programma dettagliato vedi

    Procedure valutative SSD MAT/05 Prof. I fascia: verbale preliminare.

    Il Dipartimento di Matematica – Univ. Roma “Tor Vergata” – è tra i Dipartimenti ammessi alla selezione dei 180 Dipartimenti di eccellenza del MIUR; la votazione conseguita è 100/100 ISPD. Vedi l’elenco.

    Matematica Tor Vergata Dipartimento di eccellenza 2018-2022

    Il Dipartimento sarà assegnatario di un finanziamento per rafforzare e valorizzare l’eccellenza della ricerca, con investimenti in capitale umano, infrastrutture e attività didattiche di alta qualificazione.

    Valutazione Anvur 2011-14

    Il Dipartimento di Matematica primo tra i grandi dipartimenti nel Macrosettore Matematica.

    Valutazione Anvur 2004-10

    Il Dipartimento di Matematica primo nel Macrosettore Matematica per qualità dei prodotti di ricerca. Tor Vergata seconda tra le grandi nell’Area 1 Matematica ed Informatica.

    World University Ranking

    Siamo l’unico Ateneo italiano fra i primi 100 della classifica ARWU 2017 per l’area Matematica.

    Comparativa de hipotecas, comparativo hipotecas.

    #Comparativo #hipotecas

    Comparador de hipotecas

    Para encontrar la mejor hipoteca es clave comparar precios y requisitos

    Comparativo hipotecas

    Comparar hipotecas permite saber las mejores condiciones

    Miles de usuarios al mes llegan a esta pбgina y deciden utilizar nuestro comparador de hipotecas. Todos ellos comparten un mismo objetivo: comparar todas las opciones del mercado para conseguir la hipoteca con las mejores condiciones del mercado.

    En Espaсa hay mбs de 50 grandes bancos y cajas y todos prometen precios fantбsticos y/o unas condiciones inmejorables. Gracias a inversiones millonarias en publicidad, las entidades financieras han logrado posicionarse en la mente de los consumidores por precio o por servicio, y a diario miles de consumidores toman una decisiуn de compra equivocada guiados meramente por esa imagen.

    La realidad es que cada banco o caja tiene su pъblico objetivo para el que tiene condiciones mбs atractivas que el resto de la competencia, pero como es lуgico ese mejor posicionamiento se ciсe sуlo a ese pъblico en concreto y por lo tanto no es extrapolable a todos los casos.

    La ъnica forma de encontrar la mejor opciуn para uno mismo pasa por comparar la hipoteca en todas las compaснas elaborando asн una comparativa de hipotecas personalizada.

    Adicionalmente cabe destacar que bancos y cajas cambian su polнtica de precios y requerimientos con bastante frecuencia, realizando adaptaciones en los productos para perfiles en los que quieren mejorar su posicionamiento, lanzando ofertas puntuales y adaptбndose a las caracterнsticas del mercado en cada momento. Por eso, es muy posible que la hipoteca que contrataste hace 3 aсos, y que tenнa unos tipos inmejorables, probablemente ya no sea la mбs competitiva a dнa de hoy, ya que debido al elevado nivel de competencia, es probable que alguna de las restantes compaснas te ofrezca condiciones especiales con tal de ganarte como cliente, ademбs tu perfil de riesgo ya no es el mismo que cuando adquiriste tu vivienda їverdad?. Como consumidor es por lo tanto aconsejable realizar una comparativa para tu hipoteca cada cierto tiempo, ya que sуlo de esta forma te asegurarбs de que no estбs pagando de mбs. Ademбs ten en cuenta que muchos bancos estбn pagando los gastos de gestiуn para cambiar de banco, con lo que el coste de cambio desaparece en algunos casos.