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Lower back muscle pull

Back Muscle Pull that affect breathing?

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 29, 2006
  • 00:24 AM

I’ve recently had my third episode of this which I can’t get a straight answer for. I’ll pull a muscle in my back, right side of my back, a little lower and left of my shoulder blade. It will be sharp – like a spasm. At the same time it seems to grab hold of my lungs and not allow me to take deep breaths. The first time it happened it was mild and went away with rest and advil. The second time, I was pulling my laptop from underneath my airplane seat and could not move, this last time was similar to that. Both of these times I’ve been given demerol, and then sent home with Naproxen. But I just get a vague answer about what muscle or muscles are in play and what I can do. Is there a muscle that goes from your back to your diaphragm?

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  • Lower back muscle pull

JTrempe PT, ATC

As the muscles relax a little i can shallow breath again, but the area is quite sore and tender for many hours sometimes a couple of days. None of the doctors i have spoken to about seem concerned, and it is a struggle to get any medical attention on the issue.

Lower back muscle pull

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Lower back muscle pull

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  • Lower back muscle pull

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