Apr 27 2017

Bad Credit Small Business Loans For Women #home #loan #comparison

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Small Business Loans for Women

Making a Difference for Women Business Owners

Shield Funding offers small business loans for women that already own and operate their own business. Our business loans are available in amounts up to $500,000 and do not require collateral. We are very flexible when considering the credit history of an applicant so no matter what your credit score is we can structure a loan that works for you. We have a business loans for women with bad credit option that is great for business owners with poor credit scores. Our company also has a very high approval rate with our women funding programs so if you own a business you have an excellent chance of qualifying. We believe that women are savvy entrepreneurs and deserve the resources to build their business.

Business Loan Uses

One of the great advantages to our funding programs is that there are no restrictions on how you disburse the loan we provide for your small business. Many female business owners that we have worked with have utilized the funds to pay off unwanted debt, improve or expand their existing locations, purchase inventory and equipment, or even launch a large marketing campaign. Those are just some of the ideas and obviously there are new opportunities that develop everyday and that is why our business loans can make a big difference in the success of female owned companies.

Our Mission: Advancing Women in Business Loans

We understand that for many reasons securing a business loan can be difficult, especially in today s financial climate. Because women have a non-traditional approach to operating their businesses we believe there should be an extra effort focused on fueling their success. This is the reason why we have such a high approval rate for our larger women business loans as well as our small business loans for women program.

The Advantage of Shield Funding Business Loans

We specialize in business loans and we avidly support women small business owners. We work with some of the largest lending institutions in the country that provide small business loans specifically for women or women owned businesses. Additionally, we have an A Rating with the BBB because of our trustworthy and successful funding programs.

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