Jul 21 2017

Bank of America Home Loan Modification #pension #loans

#loan modification

Home loan modification programs offered by Bank of America

Is a Bank of America modification right for me?

Program goal


You may be able to modify your home loan under one of the programs we offer if all of the following apply:

    You’re experiencing a financial hardship, such as a reduction in income or an increase in your mortgage payment You’re 60 or more days behind on your mortgage payments The property is a 1- to 4-unit house, condo or manufactured home; buildable home lots may also qualify All borrowers on your loan agree to participate You permit access to the interior of the property for an appraisal or inspection, if required You provide all financial information requested, and show that your income is consistent enough to make the modified monthly payments

If you’re not eligible for a modification and you’ve been unable to resolve your difficulty through other programs you may need to consider options that involve leaving your home.

If your house is currently worth less than the amount remaining on your loan, you may be able to sell your house in a short sale. We offer programs that may provide a streamlined approval process and financial assistance to help you with relocation.

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