Aug 31 2017

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Building Inspections

Building Inspections monitors compliance with the City of Allen’s building codes and ordinances. Inspectors conduct inspections on all buildings to ensure that they are safe and suitable for occupancy and are in compliance with locally adopted codes.

Inspections Overview

Inspection requests for work done on permitted projects should be requested by the general contractor. The City of Allen uses an interactive voice response (IVR) system to schedule inspections.

The IVR Brochure will guide you through the process and provide codes for all inspection types. When you are ready to request your inspection, be sure to have a copy of your permit readily available. The final page(s) of your permit will list the required inspections for your project, whether it is commercial or residential. For your convenience, the inspection type codes will also be listed.

Inspection Cancellation Process

Cancellations may be requested over the automated IVR system by calling the IVR phone number listed on the permit by 11:59 p.m. the day before the inspection – see above for more detail. After 11:59 p.m. call our staff line during business hours at 214.509.4130 to cancel the inspection.

In the event of rain (before, after or during) on the day of inspection, any foundation, ground plumbing, flatwork or pool inspections should be canceled via the IVR line by 7 a.m. If the contractor does not call to cancel the inspection, a red tag will be issued. See below for more information on re-inspection fees.

To determine if you are ready for your inspection, you can use the Residential Construction Packet. Look for the readiness points section in the last half of the packet. For commercial inspections, see the Commercial Construction Packet .


Building Permit Fees

Plan Review Fees

Nonrefundable plan review fees are in addition to the permit fees and are submitted at time of application submittal. Plan review fee shall be 25% of the building permit fee. When submittal documents are incomplete or changed so as to require additional plan review, an additional fee may be assessed.

Re-Inspection Fees

Pursuant to Section 108.7 of the International Residential Code “Re-inspection Fee,” a fee as established by city council resolution may be charged when:

  1. The inspection called for is not ready when the inspector arrives.
  2. No building address or permit card is clearly posted.
  3. Approved plans are not on the job site available to the inspector.
  4. The building is locked or work otherwise is not available for inspection when called.
  5. The job site is red-tagged twice for the same item.
  6. The original red tag has been removed from the job site.
  7. Violations exist on the property including failure to maintain erosion control, trash control or tree protection.

Any re-inspection fees assessed shall be paid before additional inspections are conducted.

Texas 811, Excavation Safety System

Before you dig, please contact Texas 811. Call 811 all day, every day!

  • Administration: 972.231.5497
  • E-Locate
  • Website
  • Brochure

Please contact Texas 811 before excavation to prevent damage to vital buried lines.

State of Texas Registration

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