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NAB sacks 20 bankers for selling liar home loans

About 2,300 customers, many of whom are from overseas, bought home loans with inaccurate information and may now be offered compensation.

CBA averts board spill, apologises for AUSTRAC scandal

The Commonwealth Bank manages to avoid a “second strike” on its remuneration report from disgruntled shareholders, and apologises for recent “reputation damage” following the AUSTRAC scandal.

BHP boss tells politicians, lobby groups to butt out of power debate

BHP boss Andrew Mackenzie says the company is still worried about energy security in Australia and politicians and lobby groups are not helping.

Santos rejects $9.5b US takeover approach

Oil and gas producer Santos says it rejected a nearly $9.5 billion takeover bid from a US investment firm led by a former top executive of energy giant Royal Dutch Shell.

Unemployment falls to four-and-a-half-year low at 5.4pc

Australia’s unemployment rate falls to a four-and-a-half-year low at 5.4 per cent, even though a disappointing 3,700 jobs were created last month.

Dairy processor Murray Goulburn settles with ASIC over disclosure breach

Australia’s largest dairy processor, Murray Goulburn, has admitted to breaking the law before it suddenly dropped its farmgate milk prices last year.

AGL says gas plan could supply 2,000 businesses a year

Energy giant AGL is looking to avert a power crisis in times of peak demand, lodging plans to modify a gas storage facility in Newcastle to boost supplies

Wage growth mired near record lows, Aussie dollar slumps

A minimum wage jump has not been enough to kick-start Australian pay growth, causing the Australian dollar to slide.


ATM decline

As card payments overtake cash, the days of the automatic teller machine could be numbered.

Will we still be the lucky country ?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. What’re Australia’s chances in tomorrow’s economy?

High tech food trails

Consumers can now follow the blockchain to discover the source of their food.

Why not cut corporate tax rate?

A lot of energy is being expended debating whether Australia should lower its corporate tax rate to remain competitive with the rest of the world but the debate is pointless and misguided.

Bitcoin s wild ride

The price of Bitcoin has dropped to around $8,000 in the past few days, after almost hitting $10,000 in the past month. What’s driving the price?

Wages to rise, but not much

Insipid wage growth is fast becoming the economy’s biggest problem. It will post a rise this week, but not enough to change things.

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