Oct 6 2017

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Union Home Loan is a direct private money lender. Established in 1991, we have funded over $500 Million in loans. We lend on almost every property type from commercial, land, mixed use, residential, apartments, industrial, casinos, hotels, property Investment and unusual properties. Our only restriction is that we DO NOT make loans on primary residences. However, if you own any property at all, and its not the house you live in, we can make the loan. Our loans are equity based allowing for a quick and easy application process and very quick decision making. ANY CREDIT CAN QUALIFY

With a complete package we can have your equity based private money loan approved in 24 hours! All lending decisions are made in house by Union Home Loan, Inc. and are never outsourced to brokers or institutions. We specialize in making the impossible into reality no matter how complicated the situation may be, we will find a way to make you the loan you need. Our rates will vary depending on the type of property, term of loan and the situation. The average funding time from application to close is 7 days! If needed we can get your loan approved and closed in 3-5 business days! We make or arrange hard money loans from $20,000 to $3,000,000. We pay referral fees to licensed lenders and real estate brokers.

At Union Home Loan, we understand that people sometimes fall on tough times, especially coming out of a down market. Weather you have perfect credit, or have gone through foreclosures and bankruptcies, we are here to help. No borrower will be turned down. Our short terms loans can provide you with the financial freedom you need to get back on your feet.

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