Dec 9 2017

Can I get a payday loan with only a debit card #parent #student #loans

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Can I get a payday loan with only a debit card?


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The answer depends on the issuer of the debit card.

Most payday lenders will NOT allow the use of a debit card as the primary source of funds – they usually want a checking/savings account, specifically the one into which your paycheck is deposited.

When you apply for a payday loan, most often times the money is deposited directly into your checking account. therefore, you may use your debit card to access the funds from your checking account like normal.

Some payday lenders will allow you to use a debt card ONLY if the debit card was issued by them (I am only aware of SpeedyCa$h and AccountNow providing the service).

Yes, you can but it depends on the terms and conditions of the lendor company as usually a payday loan is paid through salary checks only.

For more information and to apply for debit card payday loans please refer to the related link.

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