Dec 22 2017

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Tonya Said:

Can a career development loan be included in a debt relief order?

We Answered:


Lester Said:

Can anyone tell me the best place to get a career development loan ?

We Answered:

I do not know where you will get one but would just comment that with a recession hovering just around the corner it is not exactly the best of times to be taking a loan, nor for that matter, is Boat Building likely to be the most sought after skill in the near future. When times are hard the first things to see the effects are luxury leisure goods.

Stacey Said:

Is there a strict criteria when applying for a Career Development Loan. Will my credit rating count?

I only briefly read the eligibility requirements, but did not see anything about credit rating.

This is some info from that web site:

To get advice you can:

* call the CDL Help Line on 0800 585 505 from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm seven days a week

*book a call back at a time to suit you

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