Nov 14 2016

Carolina Farm Credit – Farm Loans for Full-Time, Part-Time and Young North Carolina Farmers #debt #consolidation #loans #for #bad #credit

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Farm Loans

We offer loans for farms and land in North Carolina to both full- and part-time farmers.

Whatever your plans are for your place in the country, Carolina Farm Credit is the place to start.


We understand the challenges of being a farmer, and our loan officers specialize in financing all types of farming needs, like new equipment or setting up a line of credit. We know what it takes to succeed in this industry, and are committed to helping you reach your agricultural goals.

Refinancing debts

Paying operating expenses

Buying Equipment?

You can get a loan right at the dealer and still take advantage of discounts with our Farm Credit EXPRESS program. Learn more.


We make owning your place in the country easy. If you re looking to buy land for hunting, fishing or relaxing, talk to us first.

  • Country homes or cabins
  • Small or large tracts of land
  • Lots for home construction

Full-time Farmers

Farm Credit loan officers will meet you on your farm to develop financing that best fits your needs by providing you with customized loans that match your needs, we save you money now and in the future.

Part-time Farmers

We know dual income farmers have special needs and concerns for their farming operations, whether it s financing new equipment or providing a separate line of credit for the farming enterprise. Our flexible loan terms can allow your payments to sync with your cash sales, whether it is monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or even a customized payment plan.

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