Aug 30 2017

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CEMS Master in International Management

The CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM) is a joint degree delivered by CEMS Academic Members. It is a postgraduate, pre-experience degree open to a select group of students enrolled in a Master’s programme at one of the leading universities in the CEMS Alliance.

The CEMS MIM unites high-calibre professors from leading universities and business schools, multinational companies and non-profit organisations jointly designing and delivering theoretical knowledge and practical know-how.

Students joining the one-year CEMS MIM Programme benefit from exposure to:

The MIM Programme is a one-year “consecutive” Master’s programme in the field of Management, building on previous knowledge acquired by students in their Bachelor’s (or corresponding first cycle) degree studies.

No requirement of prior work experience is needed to apply to the MIM. Subsequently, MIM students are typically between 21 and 30 years old.

Common curricular content is in place in all member schools. Within these general programme rules, jointly-established quality criteria have to be met. Within these boundaries. member schools offer their interpretation of the curriculum with a clear local identity.

This is one of the strengths of the CEMS concept: to establish a common framework and quality level while drawing from the variety of local topics, specialties and qualities.

The content of the programme is practice-oriented and advanced – it takes place in the fourth or fifth year of studies – and CEMS Corporate Partners contribute strongly in the creation, implementation and delivery of the local curricula.

A distinguishing factor of the programme is that it brings together all stakeholders (schools, companies, students and alumni). In addition to being the most international management programme on the market, it is the starting point for lifelong professional and personal networks.

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