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Cheap Insurance Pennsylvania, cheapest insurance in pa.

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Cheap Insurance Pennsylvania

Despite the increasing number of options for cheap insurance Pennsylvania has, the price for consumers remains high. There are over 11 million registered vehicles on the road, with over 300 traffic crashes each day. This statistic helped bring the average yearly insurance premium up to $1,440.

In 2009, Pennsylvania was one of the states with the fewest number of uninsured drivers (only 7%), but the percentage has climbed steadily since then, to a high of 15% or more, due to a number of economic factors. This also has an effect on the rising cost of auto insurance.

Insurance Facts

Driving without insurance in Pennsylvania will result in the suspension of your vehicle registration, and a possible drivers license suspension as well. Other penalties can include a minimum of a $300 fine and a $50 fee to restore your license and/or registration.

Pennsylvania State Car Insurance Requirements

  • Bodily Injury liability: $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident
  • Property Damage liability: $5,000
  • Medical Benefits: $5,000
  • You can purchase full or limited tort coverage (for an explanation of this coverage, visit the Insurance Department s website).

Did you know?

  • The state motto is Virtue, Liberty, and Independence.
  • Pennsylvania is officially a Commonwealth, which means all legal processes are carried out in the name of the Commonwealth.
  • The area was first settled by the Dutch, and they have remained a strong cultural presence in the state.
  • Home to eight Fortune 500 companies, the state has a GSP of $570 billion. If the state were instead a country, its economy would rank 18th in the world.

Helpful Resources

Department of Transportation website

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation s website has a number of services related to licensing, vehicle registration, and traffic safety. Their website can be found here.

DUI Information

  • According to the Century Council, there were a total of 49,103 DUI arrests in 2012.
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving reported 408 drunk driving fatalities, and 11,956 alcohol related crashes, for a total taxpayer subsidy of $2.2 billion.
  • Pennsylvania s DUI laws aren t as strict as some states, but a first offense can still cost you a $300 fine, required attendance in an alcohol safety school, and up to 6 months of probation.
  • Further offenses will require an ignition interlock device installed in order to operate your motor vehicle.

The Bottom Line

Pennsylvania is a great state, with a rich history. DUI and uninsured motorist rates have the greatest affect on the states auto insurance rates, which are higher than average. If you are a new resident, thinking about moving, or have lived in the state your whole life, it is a good time to take a look at available rates for your car insurance. Call us and speak to a live agent who can guide you through the process, and help you find the best deal for your personal situation. Or, head over to one of our local pages for more information, and a list of local agents!

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