Feb 13 2017

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Citibank Home Loans

Calculate your repayment plan here.

Plan ahead for your next property purchase by understanding how much you can afford. Use our Mortgage Repayment calculator below to find out your potential monthly instalments, applicable interest rates and principle amount required.

Loan Repayment Schedule


  • The information set out herein is based on the 3 months Singapore Interbank Offered Rate (SIBOR) on the first business day of the month as published in the Business Times. Such Information is provided for illustrative purposes only and may not be complete. The information does not take into account considerations or conditions which may be specifically applicable to your loan.
  • Nothing contained in the illustration shall constitute an offer of credit facilities by Citibank Singapore Limited.
  • Citibank will not be liable for damage and/or loss that may be suffered by anyone howsoever arching in relation to the information set out herein.
  • Full disclaimers terms and conditions apply to banking products and services provided by Citibank.
  • Please note that Citibank may use the information that you have submitted to contact you regarding our Citibank home loan packages.

Important Information:

The Board Rate (if any) quoted to you applies only to the loan package you enquired about. The Board Rate may differ from the Bank’s Board Rates applicable to other home loan packages float:left;margin: 5px;”>

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