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Colorado Technical University Online Grad Reviews

Great School

School recommended by
Craig Thomson
April 04, 2010

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CTUO has provided me with the opportunity to earn a degree while still working full time. Let us be honest not only are we students but we are also customers. Customer service and help for students/potential students at CTUO in my mind is excellent. Any education online requires strict self direction and resourcefulness. This is something they stress and even have a class about with collage credits. Their methodology works for me and has improved my writing and typing skills no end. Never mind the degree itself this will and has helped me in the business world.

No school will be perfect this is always a good attitude to have. It allows one to enjoy and learn from the experience while not being distracted by small imperfections. Currently I have a two year degree from CTUO and have one more year left to earn my BS.

Recommendation of this School

School recommended by
March 24, 2010

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I have attend CTU Online for several years getting my BA and presently working on my MA in CJ. 99% of the Professors are excellent and they are there to assist the students.I really enjoy working on my own and having deadlines such as you would the workforce. If you need assistants then the Professor or other students are on hand for help.

What I totally disagree on is the amount that they are charging for the degree program. I am paying it know as I feel that this is the best school for what I am looking for at this time. The group projects can be done away with but in true it teachs us how to work as a team and build our confidences up.

They say they are military friendly school. Myself and a SGT of mine both attend this school. Well we failed our class and had to retake the class and was charged for it again. We were on orders and was unable to get a reception at the base we were on. The are military friendly for the TA, GI, and a Grant for the military.

I had to serve one weekend and we had a group project due that following Monday. Well, the all around problem was the professor waited 5 days before the project was due to give us the group names, normally the professor completes this about 2 to 3 weeks prior. So I had to inform the professor and the group that I had to serve that weekend. I got grief from half of the group about using the military as an excuss to get out from doing my work. The problem is I was not using it as an excuss and I did not have time to research but the groups deadline. The assignment was complete on time the students need to take a chill.

Which is impossible. Besides these three things I do not have a problem with CTU. I just believe if they would fix a couple of things they would be set.


School not recommended by
February 24, 2010

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CTU will get you through your degree program fast and thats all they care about. I enrolled in their Software Engineering program and was put in the Advanced Algebra Class after only having a College level Basic Math class over 20 years ago. My advisor told me that is was a simple class and should be no problem. After 2 weeks it was obvious that I was not going to pass. I contact an advisor to switch the class and was told that I could drop it but I was still financally obligated to pay for it. They have a lower level of Algebra class but the advanced is what is required for the degree. Instead of starting me at the lower class they put me right into the higher one. Also a Programing class I was given was to be a prerequisit to Java Programing yet we had to use Java in the class. The instructors english was terrible and when he was asked to slow down and review what he just said we were told he had to much to go over in the one hour we had for the chat and we would have to go back and review it ourselfs later. I would give my money to another school before going back to CTU, if I go anywhere at all as CTU has been a bad educational experience.

You Get Out of CTUO What You Put Into it!!

School recommended by
Rose Marie Danko
October 11, 2009

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BSBA in Management

School recommended by
April 07, 2009

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I am currently a student at CTUO and would recommend it to everyone that is looking for a good online university. The format of the website is outstanding and easy to navigate through and most of the teachers are very helpful and understanding if any personal problems shall arise. I will be graduating this August and have been very pleased with the education I have been receiving; I actually transferred from University of Phoenix to attend CTUO. I would have to agree with the other post in saying there is a lot of writing involved and they ensure your next employer will be pleased with your writing skills.

Attending CTU

School recommended by
October 05, 2008

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Attending CTU is a good choice. I will graduate in May of 2009. I like the virtual campus and how it is formatted. The teachers are great, well most of them. They adhere to strict policies and late assignments. I wish they offered out of state grants like Keiser and UMUC does. Furthermore, this school will teach you writing skills. You will learn how to write, write, yes more writing. For the Criminal Justice program, they should offer internships,or hands on training. Overall, it is a descent school to attend. All your textbooks are included in the tuition. Most of the books are online called ebooks, which is great to a certain extent.

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