Jul 12 2017

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CITI Financial Group Direct (A privately own Loan Placement Firm) was founded on the premise of providing unconventional financing to small to

large businesses options for funding their operations. In this tough and challenging Lending Economy, we can provide creative funding solutions for

your Project. As you know, it is extremely hard for any business, let alone a small business or start-up, to obtain a bank loan. Many businesses have

been led to believe that hard money loans are on of their only options for financing. At Citi Financial Group Direct, we understand the problems that

businesses face in obtaining funding. Whether you need a start-up loan, working capital for your business, or funding for other reasons, we can help

you. From small business loans, merchant cash advances, bad credit loans, general business funding, franchise funding, unsecured loans, small

business equipment leasing, or business lines of credit. We can help you find a solution to your funding needs. We also provide construction

loans, Proof of funds for down payment and trade Investments, Green Energy funding solution. Your one stop shop for commercial Hard money

loans and Joint venture funding.

CITI Financial Group Direct is a one stop source for small business and Large business seeking commercial financing.

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