Nov 6 2017

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Consider Debt Consolidation

Whether you need to lower your monthly payments, or you’re looking for a way to pay off debt faster, you may want to consider consolidating debt. Loan consolidation can help you simplify the repayment process by transferring multiple debts into a single new loan. You may even qualify for lower rates or new terms, which could reduce your monthly payments.

Debt consolidation loans

Unsecured loans and credit cards

Secured loans and lines

Private student loans

Consider borrowing costs

Remember that by extending the term of your loan, you may pay more in interest over the life of the loan and increase your total costs.

What to consider before you apply

To find out whether you’re ready to take on new debt, measure your overall financial situation against the criteria that lenders use when they review your application.

The relationship of rate, payment, and term

Loan interest rates, payments, and terms are closely related. Changing or adjusting one of these factors will result in changes to the others.

For example, with a $10,000 loan at 8%, and a payment term of 2 years, you would pay $452 a month. But if you changed the term to 5 years, you’d lower your monthly payment to $203 per month.

Looking for a lower rate on your loan?

See if you can qualify for a lower rate or access extra cash by borrowing against the equity in your car or your home with a refinance loan.

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