Nov 22 2016

Debt Consolidation – Reduce Your Monthly Repayments Now #interest #rates

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Debt Consolidation

Overwhelmed by debt?

It can be so easy getting into debt. Yet it can be so difficult to get yourself out of debt! If this is the case, then debt consolidation could be just what you need.

Are you:

  • not keeping up with the bills?
  • hassled by creditors?
  • been contacted by a debt collector?
  • jumpy when the phone rings?
  • thinking about bankruptcy?
  • concerned about your house or car?

talking through your problems with a consultant might help you they have helped others!

Apply now and have a friendly consultant contact you.

In your situation there are a couple of different ways forward. You could look at either a Debt Agreement or go for Debt Consolidation.

A Debt Agreement involves negotiating with the people that you owe money to. These negotiations lead to an agreement which then becomes legally binding. This agreement can involve a number of measures including periodic payments, paying less than you owe, a moratorium, a transfer of property in full or part payment.

Debt consolidation entails the taking out of a single loan to pay off many other loans. This is often done to secure a lower interest rate, or for the convenience of servicing only one loan rather than many.

Debt consolidation can simply be in the form of a number of unsecured loans being consolidated into another unsecured loan. In many cases, however, debt consolidation consists of a loan secured with an asset (usually a house or apartment) which serves as collateral. This type of consolidation allows all debts to be rolled into your mortgage, with the collateralisation allowing the lender to offer a more favourable interest rate.

The following are some examples of debt consolidation and how debt consolidation loans can be beneficial for people who are struggling with debt stress:

Example 1: Secured Loan

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