Aug 6 2017

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Mail Communicator

Automated email marketing solution making your email marketing simple

Mail Communicator is the most simple and user-friendly automated email marketing software available allowing you to create, manage and track results of your permission based bulk email campaigns and newsletter distributions. Our email marketing software offers solutions for high volume personalized emailing with powerful additional features that will help your business maximize ROI.

Welcome to Mail Communicator V3 Product Tour.

You can start your Email Marketing Campaign with 6 simple steps”> Mail Account Management

In this tab, you can view, create, edit and delete all of Mail Accounts you’ve created. There are 2 ways to create and edit your Mail Accounts, Wizard mode and Classic Mode”> Mailing List Management

In this tab, you can view, create, edit and delete all of your Mailing Lists. You have 3 options in setting up your Mailing List:

1. You can use the build in List Editor to build your list from scratch.

2. If you have a data source file, you can import it to the program to create a Mail Communicator compatible list.

3. You can link your Mail Communicator compatible database directly. At the moment, the program supports MS Access, MS SQL Server 6.5 and MS SQL Server 7.0 or later”> Message Draft Management

In this tab, you can view, create, edit and delete the Message Drafts you’ve created. There are 2 ways to create and edit your Message Draft, Wizard mode and Classic Mode”> Mail Campaign Management

This is where you can create your Mail Campaign and manage them. The completed Email Campaign will be stored in Sent folder, the Campaigns that set to be sent will be in the Outbox folder and the Campaigns that have not been completely set up will be in the Draft folder.”> Subscription Management

The program has a Wizard style for managing your Subscribe, Unsubscribe or removing Bounced back emails. You can even tell the program to remove an email address if it has bounced back twice.”> Email Tracking Management

The Mail Communicator also integrates Email Tracking systems that allows you to track your email campaigns, Track how many visitors open your email campaign, how many click-thrus and sales, and also calculates ROI.”> Email Sending Reports

The Mail Communicator also provides a reporting feature where you can view your Email Campaign sending performance such as how many emails got sent, skipped or unsent. You also can view the report on the Skipped and Unsent emails to see the reason why those emails are being skipped or unsent. “> Email Sending Reports

The program also comes with the Mailing List Utility tools. You can use the tools to sort/deduplicate a list, remove email addresses from a mailing list against other mailing list, merge, split, count and even retreive Email addresses from a file. “>

Watch our quick tour to learn how Mail Communicator can help with your email marketing campaign.

Download free version of Mail Communicator today and start your email marketing campaign.

Purchase Mail Communicator T today and Get all the powerful features start your email marketing campaign.

It contains the following major modules:

  • Mailing list management module
  • Bulk email broadcasting and mail merge module
  • Auto-responder and incoming mail processing module
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe module
  • Bounce back email and remove module
  • Email tracking and reporting module

No other opt in email software on the market can beat its price/features ratio. The best part is you don’t need any technical knowledge to start making use of its strong capabilities.

Marketing by email still remains one of the most effective way to attract new customers and build solid relationships with existing ones in a cost effective manner. Now with Mail Communicator email marketing campaigns are a breeze. Download it now and start boosting your email marketing campaigns today.

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Help and documentation


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