May 1 2017

Embrace Home Loans – Mortgage Brokers – Middletown, RI – Reviews – Photos #aussie #loans

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Great location. Terrific facility. Wonderful staff team – responsive, friendly, and proud of their company.

Like the previous Yelper, I too received spam in my physical mailbox from Embrace Home Loans.

Unlike the previous Yelper, I looked over the paperwork from Embrace and decided to give them a try.

And – Lord the Mighty – it was a runaround on a massive scale.

Our loan officer was about as helpful as a used car salesman. Everything was eventually worked out but this was flat out the worse experience I have ever had with a mortgage company. I have impeccable credit and am able to communicate effectively but why would Embrace listen to me when they can get their information from a Home Inspector they randomly hire (long distance) and who gives them bad and outdated information culled from some random web page that Embrace will grab onto like a pit bull thrashing a poodle. It was beginning to look like it was going to take an Act of Congress (and you know how they work) to straighten out the misinformation that Embrace had swallowed whole.

I suppose if you live in the home state or city where Embrace is located you may have an easier time communicating with them but if you are attempting a long distance transaction, you will be better off finding a mortgage provider in your own area rather than Embrace .

And guess what? After all this hassle with   Embrace, they turned around and sold our new mortgage in the span of a month. A month!

Well, I do know that the new mortgage holder will be pleased to have gained an excellent paying customer. And Embrace do you know what you have gained? My eternal scorn.

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