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Emergency Loan Repayment

Emergency loans advanced after July 1, 2006 will be set up with our service company, University Accounting Services (UAS). UAS will generate statements and process payments.

Please note emergency loan payments will no longer be deducted from your financial aid checks. It is your responsibility to repay the loan directly to UAS.

  • You can chose to receive your statements in the mail approximately 30-days prior to the due date, or you can receive them electronically as described below.
  • You can go on line at the UAS website and do the following:
    • Review your statement and payment history
    • Receive your bills electronically online and on time
    • Make your payments online and never have to write another check.
    • Schedule your payments in advance, so that you never miss a deadline and thereby avoid penalties and damage to your credit rating
  • Your loan information will be reported to a credit bureau, which will help you establish good credit for future borrowing.

General Information:

  • Emergency loans are due in full 90 to 120 days from the date of receipt.
  • Emergency loan payments can be made online, after receiving your statement and after creating an account, at: ; OR by mail to: University Accounting Service, LLC, P O Box 932 Brookfield, WI 53008-0932; OR by phone at: 1-800-999-6227 if you do not have a remittance statement.
  • Emergency loan payments can be made online. 10-days after receipt and anytime prior to receiving your first statement.
  • Presently, emergency loans cannot be repaid with credit cards.
  • Emergency loan payments are not accepted in the Office of Student Financial Services.
  • Emergency loans must be repaid in full prior to separation (i.e. graduation, withdrawal) from the University.
  • Delinquent emergency loans will be assessed a one-time $15 late fee.
  • An academic hold preventing registration, graduation, and release of financial aid will be placed on student s record until the delinquent loan is paid in full.
  • There are two options if you are unable to repay your loan in full by the due date. You must contact Student Financial Services to discuss either option at 713-500-3860.


  • A request for deferment should be submitted to your Student Financial Aid Counselor for approval at least 10-days prior to the payment due date. Deferments are granted in 30-day intervals with a maximum of 90-days (3 deferments) per loan. Any requests for deferment received after the loan due date will not be approved.
  • All requests for deferment must be submitted by the student. Requests received from anyone other than the student will not be approved.
  • To request a deferment, please download the Emergency Loan Deferment Request Form and complete and return it to UCT 2220; to expedite processing you may also fax it to 713-500-3863.
  • To verify approval or disapproval of your request, please check your loan status 5-days after submitting your request.
    • Approval = deferment ;
    • Disapproval = repayment or past due if request was submitted after due date.

Monthly Payment Agreement (MPA)

  • An MPA can be requested by completing and submitting a Financial Arrangement Form. The MPA must be negotiated, approved and signed at least 10-days prior to the payment due date.

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