Sep 12 2017

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medical emr software

Medical emr software

Medical emr software

Over the past 10 years, the business of medicine has changed markedly. The HIPAA statutes instituted by Congress have brought the issue of patient medical record privacy to the forefront in all medical practices, large and small. Ensuring that your patient care is efficient while maintaining complete patient record privacy is a key benefit to adopting EMR software. Medical Software Associates was one of the first practice management consultants in the industry to offer HIPAA compliant software; we continue to innovate and offer new products before our competitors do.

Electronic Medical Records And Efficiency

At Medical Software Associates, our EMR software is designed specifically to eliminate the inefficiencies created by paper medical records. By using a centralized medical records software database, we enable doctors to access their patient medical records from any examination room in their practice with a installed PC. This means transport of records is virtually eliminated. It is all accomplished electronically.

What’s more, losing medical records is virtually impossible with the help of our practice management data backup system. No longer will records be misplaced or misfiled; instead they can be updated digitally and immediately from any PC within the office. With an EMR software enabled practice management application in place, our customers save days worth of human resource labor every year. The effect, once our EMR software system is installed, is immediate.

Electronic Medical Records Saves Money Now

If your current office is working with a networked PC environment, we may be able to reuse your hardware and save you costs. This is a critical benefit, as many of our competitors offer medical software solutions which require specialized hardware. This can be incredibly expensive, and effectively ensures that you cannot change the system. At Medical Software Associates, this is far from the case.

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