Jun 10 2017

Financing a Business – Ideas and Resources from Idea Cafe #consolidated #loans

#business financing

Take a step toward living your business dream.

Idea Cafe’s Feast of Financing

40+ Pages of Tips and Tools to Help You Get the Money Your Business Needs


Get ready to Get Money

How much money do you need? Find out fast with. Idea Cafe’s Instant All-in-One Budget Calculator

The Real Scoop on SBA Loans

Kent Capener spills the beans on the SBA’s goals, realities and ins outs. It’s expert experience on how the SBA can work for you in getting start-up capital.

What to Do When Funding Isn’t There

Lillyvette Montalvo shares some strategies for jump-starting your biz venture — even if you have bad credit and no bank loans. Find out what to do to increase your future financing odds.

Idea Cafe Helps You Find Investors

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