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Free credit repair

Free Credit Dispute Letters — Letters to Fix Your Credit

Written by: Kristy Welsh

Last Updated: April 2017

DIY credit repair can seem like a daunting task. That’s why Credit Info Center provides FREE credit repair information and FREE credit dispute letters to use when repairing your credit. You might not know exactly what to say to a creditor or a collection agency, which is why we came up with these easy to use credit repair templates for you to follow. Word of warning — do not just simply copy and paste these letters. You need to personalize these free sample credit repair letters to your unique situation. If you don’t see a letter you need, go to our bookstore where you can purchase over 95 sample letters for instant download. We hope you find these useful when fixing your credit and settling your debts.

Credit Dispute Letters

Credit Report Dispute Letter — Use this credit dispute letter to send to all three credit reporting agencies when disputing inaccurate, incorrect, or incomplete information found on your credit reports.

Basic Credit Dispute Letter — This letter is a shorter version of the original credit dispute letter that shows you how to list multiple disputed items.

Follow Up to Credit Dispute Letter — If you have not heard back from one or more credit bureaus after 30 days, send this letter asking them to address your credit disputes. (Just remember to adjust 30 days to 45, if applicable.)

30-Day Dispute Period Has Passed — This is a variation of the follow up letter above, but this one quotes the FCRA stating that they must reply within 30 days or remove the disputed items. (Again, remember to adjust 30 days to 45, if applicable.)

Letter to Remove Inquiries — If you find an unauthorized credit inquiry on your credit report, send this letter to the creditor asking them to remove the inquiry from your credit file.

Collection Agency Won’t Validate Your Debt Letter — Send this letter to the credit reporting bureau asking them to investigate a debt which is being collected by a debt collector.

Notify Credit Bureau of a Lawsuit — Have you had enough of the games being played by the credit bureau? File a lawsuit against them and let them know about it; chances are they will be more accommodating to your requests.

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Sample Credit Repair Letters — Original Creditors

Pay for Delete Letter — When settling a debt with a creditor, it is important you get the agreement in writing. Use this pay for delete letter to confirm the arrangement.

Request Removal of Negative Letter — This letter requests that the original creditor remove negative information from your credit report and investigate the incorrect information.

Goodwill Letter — If you have some late payments on your credit report, use this letter to ask the creditor to remove them by explaining your unfortunate circumstances in what is called a goodwill letter.

Credit Repair Letter Templates — Collection Agencies

Debt Validation Letter — Send this letter to validate a debt to the collection agency and ask them to validate a debt they claim you owe to them.

Short Debt Validation Letter — This is a shorter letter asking a debt collector to validate the debt they are trying to collect from you.

Cease and Desist Letter — Are you tired of getting phone calls and letters from collection agencies? Send this cease and desist letter to them and they have to stop harassing you.

Zombie Debt Letter — If a collection agency is trying to collect on a zombie debt, a debt which is outside the statute of limitations, send them this letter.

Notify Collection Agency of Lawsuit — This letter informs the collection agency that you are going to file a lawsuit against them.

Sample Credit Repair Letters for Unique Circumstances

The sample credit repair templates below are for special circumstances — which may occasionally come up when repairing your credit on your own. Each letter has specific guidelines, but be sure to edit them to fit your situation. To be clear, do not just copy and paste these letters. We are simply giving you a starting point from which to begin addressing these types of special credit repair situations.

You will never find the perfect credit repair letter to fit your situation. So, you will have to edit the text on our credit dispute letter templates so they reflect your unique credit dispute situation. Credit problems such as late payments, bankruptcies, or charge-offs are all interchangeable terms on our credit repair and debt validation letters. The reasons for credit disputes are also interchangeable so feel free to interchange these reasons in your credit dispute letters as well.

It is very important you read your credit dispute letter before sending it off, making sure you are addressing all of your credit issues. Our free credit repair letters are meant to give you ideas on what to say. Don’t get hung up on crafting the perfect letter — just know what you are saying and make sure they will understand what you are presenting to them. We want our DIY repair letters to be useful, so if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them. Good luck repairing your credit!

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