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Graduate Loans – funding the next step

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Updated: 20.10.2015

First Published: 29.09.2015

Finding the money to finance a postgraduate degree or professional diploma can be a difficult prospect after 3 to 4 years of university costs.

What is a graduate loan?

Graduate loans are typically available to students who have recently graduated from university. The majority of lenders insist that you hold a current account with them in order to borrow money.

Loans for graduate students are good as lenders tend to offer lower interest rates in order to ease the pressure while you get your feet on the ground.

What can I use the loan for?

A loan could help you to continue your studies, or perhaps set up your own business – in a sense, student graduate loans could be your ticket to the next stage of your career.

Where can I find a graduate loan?

Some high street banks and lenders will offer some kind of graduate loan package. It is very important to do some research and learn all you can about each element of the different types of packages before you sign up for a deal. Below are some of the packages currently available.

Remember that a Representative APR may not be the rate that you pay. The rate that you are offered will be dependent on your credit rating and status.

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