Apr 13 2019

GSX Monitor I Sever Monitoring Solution

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GSX Monitor I Sever Monitoring Solution, NEF6.COM

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Server Monitoring Solution

GSX Monitor is a powerful monitoring solution that enables IT administrators to proactively and efficiently manage and maintain their entire collaboration environment from a single dashboad and from multiple locations.

Whether yours is a Microsoft shop with Exchange. Skype for Business. SharePoint or a IBM shop. use Blackberry Enterprise Server as your mobility platform or a combination of all of the above, GSX Monitor lets you choose the solutions that meet your requirements.

At the core of GSX’s mission is the end-user experience, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service delivery. GSX Monitoring provides exceptional user satisfaction within complex on-premises, hybrid, and cloud scenarios by providing IT teams with deep insights into the user experience.

We apply the same Enterprise-Class availability monitoring, service level measurement and elegant management tools to them all. Read on, and explore the areas where you need visibility and control!

  • Powerful consolidated dashboard: GSX Monitor provides you with an easy-to-understand user interface that you can manipulate and modify to blend into your organization’s infrastructure.
  • End user simulation: GSX Monitor does not install any code on the servers it monitors so the installation is more flexible and easy to set up.
  • Proactive alerts: Simple and powerful alerts system that helps you to define availability and performance alerts for proactive incident management. The user can identify potential problems before service is impacted – Configure alerts based on your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Performance troubleshooting graphs: Graph performance, volume, resources, URLs, applications and system usage by server.
  • Manage Storage: Monitor disk space, size and quotas, data usage and user activity by defining thresholds.
  • Log files analysis: Check for error strings in your log files and creates critical or non-critical alerts.
  • Mail flow monitoring. Perform end-to-end mail routing performance and availability scenarios, tasks, servers, disk and cluster to measure the service delivered to the end user.
  • Agentless solution: GSX Monitor does not install any code on the servers so that the installation is more flexible and easy to set up.
  • SLA reporting: Create availability and performance reports to track how your messaging and collaboration environments perform over specific period of time. According to pre-defined KPIs, get statistics and automated reports to control the overall SLAs of your business critical applications
  • Trends and forecast automated reports available: On mail flow, database, size, availability and protocol.
  • Full integration: With Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and any other supervision tool like Tivoli, BMC Patrol etc.
  • Monitor Clusters (DAGs, CAS Array, BlackBerry and Domino clusters): Proactively monitor replication and high availability of each mailbox database
  • Ensure continuity and performance: Reliable communication and collaboration systems are essential to the way modern businesses function. Outages are simply unacceptable – and it’s not just a case of knowing whether the servers are up. Are the agents and services performing as expected? Are the routers working? With GSX Monitor you can see at a glance how your entire communications infrastructure is performing. Hundreds and hundreds of companies worldwide rely on GSX solutions to ensure that their entire communication servers run with perfect uptime and optimum performance.
  • Take Control: Without an effective monitoring solution, you’ll only know there’s a problem when the complaints start coming through to the support team. Even if you are relying on highly-skilled administrators to provide around the clock support, and respond to problems as they happen, you’re just firefighting. There’s a better way! GSX has a solution that can measure the performance of your servers and services in real time, and alert the support team to potential problems before they impact performance.
  • Cut Costs: Proactive monitoring eliminates the costs associated with outages and poor performance, and it can also help to manage overhead. GSX Monitor automates routine monitoring tasks helping the support team to organize their workload and focus on proactive improvements. GSX Monitor also provides a range of pre-configured, customized reports that can be automated to save the time and effort required to produce management reports.
  • Quick and Easy to install: One of the key assets of our solution is the short time needed to deploy and start using it to advantage « Time to Deploy ». It takes less than an hour to install and configure our solution and start monitoring and reporting. There is no code to install on the monitored servers. The user just needs to install the solution on a workstation, server or VM Slice and you can start to collect data immediately.
  • Multi-Platform: Our solution is truly multi-platform. You can monitor and collect information from:
    ¤ Microsoft Exchange (Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010 , Exchange 2013 , Exchange Online )
    ¤ Microsoft SharePoint (WSS, MOSS 2007 and 2010, 2013 SharePoint Fondation)
    ¤ Microsoft Lync
    ¤ BlackBerry Enterprise Server
    (BlackBerry Enterprise Server Monitoring, BES HA Monitoring, BES Express Monitoring)
    ¤ IBM Lotus Domino (IBM Lotus Quickr. IBM Lotus Traveler. IBM Lotus Sametime etc.)
  • Service Excellence. GSX enables IT Managers and IT Administrators to quantify quality of Service Delivery to the Business. It is an efficient means to optimize the usage of your costly IT resources and way to ensure that your users get the communication and collaboration tools they need in a safer more consistent environment free from business interruptions.
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