Aug 7 2017

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Private / Hard Money Loans

Private / Hard Money Loans

One gets a hard money / private money loan for a few main reasons:

    1. Your credit is not good enough for a conventional loan.
    2. You need cash quickly (conventional loans average 30 days).
    3. The property or home you are buying does not qualify for an FHA or other conventional loan in that it needs some renovating/fixes.
    4. You need a big loan in a short amount of time.

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When your home loan application or refinance has been turned down by the 30 year fixed rate lenders, the credit union, the bank you’ve been at for umpteen years and your family can’t or won’t loan you money, the only program left is Hard Money. Simply put, Hard Money requires you have at least 25% equity or a decent down payment if the loan is for a purchase. You will also need to prove you can repay the loan. But because Hard Money is funded privately, we can be flexible with situations such as self employment. Typically, you can receive up to 75% of the value of your purchase with Hard Money. (Example: If it’s worth $300,000, the maximum you can receive is $225,000).

As of this date, the lending standards nationwide have become quite restrictive. To get a bank or conventional loan almost seems to require an act of Congress. Hard money loans can be a quick process and are largely based on equity or a down payment. Need a fast loan, had a recent bankruptcy, foreclosure, bad credit or difficult-to-prove income due to self employment? Then Hard Money is for you!

In business since 1988, we are honest from the start and offer great Hard Money loan rates. Below are just a few to give you a better understanding of our financing capabilities:


(Great Hard Money rates as low as 9%*!)

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