Sep 9 2017

Hard Money Real Estate Investor financing – Private money for real estate investments by Loan Shark funding #bad #credit #credit #cards

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Hard Money Loans by Private money lenders

Financing for real estate investors

Types of Properties:

Non-Owner Occupied Residential

Multifamily, Retail, Office, Industrial

Vacant Buildings, Entitled Land

Loan Amounts: Typically from $70,000 to $400,000

Choose the Right Private Money Funding Source

It is easy to find plenty of banks on a drive through town, but the same is not true for private money sources. Most people find them through personal references, local directories and internet searches. It is a good idea to read reviews online before deciding which loan shark to use. After contacting the PML, ask for references from clients as well as the funding source names. Look up the name on the internet and at your local municipal offices to determine number and quality of foreclosures the lender has been involved in. Private money funders with higher percentage of foreclosures should be avoided. They may be less lenient when it comes to any slight error in repayment or contract guidelines. You can also look in the Better Business Bureau for complaints or legal action.

Submission Process for Private Loan Applications

These forms will also provide information about the real estate property you want the loan for: the title search, property tax status and possible collateral. Some possible types of documents required include bank statements, appraisals and value determinations, tax returns, leases and any other property ownership proof. Be sure to furnish the loan shark or private money funding source with every form and document they require to make a determination about your loan… More.

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