Sep 25 2016

Home Loans with Bad Credit – Refinancing for People with Poor Credit

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Compare Poor Credit Home Loan Offers without pressure.

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In a recent report, Clear Capital issued its Home Data Index that includes sales data through June. The report through June 2013 underscored new trends that suggest the overall housing recovery is more substantial than previously thought of.

Home Loans with Bad Credit

Nationwide Home Mortgage Loan Refinancing for People with Poor Credit Scores and Limited Trade lines

Did you know that nearly 40% of consumers in the U.S. have experienced a financial setback in the last few years that has caused their credit score to suffer? The demand for bad credit home mortgage programs has surged since the recession resurfaced. According to, the average credit score dropped nearly 50% in the last 48 months? With more and more people needing a bad credit home loan it has helped make the rates more competitive. Even the Federal Housing Administration is approving bad credit home loans on applicants with fico scores greater than 500.

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