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Welcome To The Mortgage Insider Website!

Mortgage shopping is difficult and confusing to say the least. Being out gunned on the confusing topics of the mortgage industry, the American mortgage consumer is left without an appropriate mortgage shopping method. And sadly, many Americans are just now finding out their lack of any prudent mortgage system is responsible for putting them into a needless foreclosure, or pushed them into a mortgage decision that comes back to haunt them.

I always say when it comes to this huge gap in mortgage industry knowledge: “You do not know what you do not know!”

Well, let me make sure YOU do not suffer the same fate as many others. NO EXCUSES! All the advice you need to become an savvy Mortgage Consumer is Right Here!

You probably have no idea where to start. Let me help you.

First, you are getting mortgage advice from an expert inside the mortgage world. My name is The Mortgage Insider Ewing and I have 10 years in the industry. I am the only author and write all the articles here so you can be sure you’re getting the truth about mortgages from a professional in the trenches.

Isn t that what a website is supposed to be for?

To provide high quality content from folks in the know who can steer you away from all the traps, tricks, and scams waiting for you in an industry known for taking folks to the cleaners. I m sure after you read just one article, you ll know that s exactly what you get here.

So let s get started! Below you find all the Categories of articles on this site click around.

You can t help but learn something here! This way after reading our website you ll be fully armed when it comes to shopping, negotiating, and closing your next home loan and you ll do it with a lot less hassle and expense.

Definitions of Mortgage Terms

At any time you do not understand a term, check out our Mortgage Definitions for a definition and usage inside the industry. It’s also just a great place to start learning!

Mortgage Calculators

After learning about mortgage terms, check out our free online Mortgage Calculators. We provide a Total Monthly Payment Amortization Schedule Calculator, debt consolidation calculator, a home equity loan calculator, a bi-weekly payment calculator, early payoff calculator, and a standard mortgage payment calculator.

Next, you can start perusing some of our insider mortgage advice articles by topic and just work your way through them. Or if you have a mortgage question in need of an answer, use our Mortgage Question and Answer section.

Mortgage Articles

Mortgages will hold mortgage articles on different loan programs including reverse mortgages and their pros and cons.

Foreclosure Articles

Foreclosure has articles on the foreclosure crisis and advice on how to avoid foreclosure. Articles in this topic combined with my Mortgage Servicing Reviews is a great resource for those who are currently looking for advice on foreclosure issues including loan modifications .

Mortgage News Articles

Breaking Mortgage News will keep you abreast of breaking mortgage news stories such as new laws, the mortgage crisis, misleading advertisements, and the recent Federal Reserve rate moves, anything that can help you make better choices.

Bank Articles

Banks and banking news is held in this topic area. We discuss bank failures, bank bailouts, and all the other import happens with banks as understand banks is an integral part of understand the mortgage business.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Articles

In our “Fannie Freddie ” topic you will find many articles on the happenings inside the two GSEs responsible for prime credit mortgage securitization called Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Treasury Department Articles

The Treasury Department Topic holds all of our articles on the moves of the Treasury Department which in today’s bailout world are many.

Federal Reserve Articles

The Federal Reserve Topic has articles on the activities of the Fed, it’s Chairman, and the FOMC as it pertains to the mortgage market and mortgage rates.

Mortgage Reviews

Mortgage Reviews holds mortgage company reviews, rankings, and ratings. Both mortgage lender and servicing companies are reviewed and included contact information since many folks need to contact theses companies for a new loan or to work out loan modifications. Also you can check out our Top Five section as well.

Mortgage Rate Articles

Mortgage Rates contains mortgage articles and mortgage advice on rates and how they are quoted (often falsely) and inappropriately disclosed when purchasing or mortgage refinancing .

Home Equity Loan Articles

Equity Loans includes mortgage advice on what is involved with tapping your equity through home equity loans or second mortgages.

Mortgage Fraud Articles

Mortgage fraud is being committed at much higher rates and borrowers are tricked into participating in mortgage fraud. We are hear to make sure you are not one of them.

Credit Articles

You can also learn about mortgage credit and mortgage insurance. And how to maximize your credit and save money on insurance costs.

Tutorial Articles

You can also learn about a number of mortgage shopping skills in my Tutorials area. Articles in the category are in-depth how to based articles.

Housing Articles

Get all this “inside” mortgage advice and information on what really happens behind the scenes not only in the mortgage market but also in the housing market too. All Free!

Mortgage Insider Answers Service

Lastly, if you can not find an answer to a question you have, check out the Ask a Question on the top menu bar to learn about the service and find Answers in different Topics like, Foreclosure. Mortgages. and Real Estate .

I have been answering reader questions for months now and doling out advice there. If you still can not find an answer, use our form at the top of the pages to Ask a Question! and you will have your answer in 24-48 hours.

Our Free Quote Service

Get 4 quotes (and only 4) from the nations best mortgage providers using our free, secure, quote service.

You pick the best offer!

Thanks again for visiting our site.

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