Apr 7 2018

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How Do I Apply?

There are six agencies throughout the state that administer the program for MRC. Applicants should contact the provider in their region. To find out which provider will handle your inquiry, on the list and find the provider’s contact information on our contact page.

You can contact the provider directly for an application to be sent to you or download the following application: HMLP 2017 Application Loan modification programs . Applications should be sent to the regional provider, who reviews applications and determines initial eligibility. Homeowners hire the designer and/or the contractor of their choice to modify the home. The Provider Agencies can give you resource materials on choosing and hiring architectural, design, and contracting professionals but cannot recommend specific contractors. If you need assistance or reasonable accommodations during your application process, please let your local provider know.

How will applications be evaluated?

Applications are initially reviewed by regional Provider Agencies to determine both income eligibility and eligibility of the proposed modification. Applicants are then contacted by the Provider Agency and asked to provide additional information including, but not limited to: income, a professional’s certification that the modification relates to the individual’s functional need, and home modification plans, if available. Income verification will be requested in the form of photocopies of earning statements, tax returns, benefit confirmation and/or pay stubs. Applicants who show total household income in excess of 200% of HMLP income guidelines are not eligible.

If the income and proposed modifications meet HMLP guidelines for eligibility, the Provider Agency will then schedule an initial inspection of the property. This inspection will be conducted by a construction monitor, who will review the bid proposal and verify that the scope of work meets program guidelines.

If the application is determined eligible, the applicant will be notified by the Provider Agency by phone and can expect a Commitment Letter to follow which will include:

  • The type of loan for which the applicant is eligible, including rate and terms;
  • The amount of the loan, based on the estimated cost of the modification; and
  • Notification that the final loan amount will include the proposed costs of the work performed, plus other Property Owner/Borrowers fees, i.e. origination fees, closing costs, permitting fees, etc.

If the applicant is not eligible for the Program, you will be notified by the Provider Agency in writing. The Provider Agency will attempt to provide you with appropriate referrals to other programs or sources of funding for which you may be eligible. Some information on other programs can be found on our Resources and Links page.

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