Dec 2 2017

Installment Loans in California, Express Loans #bad #credit #credit #cards

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California Express Loans

No penalties or additional fees for early payoff

How Do Express Loans in California Work?

Speedy Cash Express Loans offer California residents a personal loan option to borrow a flat $2,600 or $3,600. Different from traditional payday advances, an Express Loan offers an extended 42-month repayment schedule; with interest that accrues daily – that means you only pay for the time you borrow the money.

Just like any other installment loan, your loan payments will be regularly scheduled – usually around your pay dates. A minimum payment will be due on each or your loan due dates, and Speedy Cash will automatically process your payment for you – saving you a trip to a Speedy Cash store.

We know that 42 months is a long time, and your finances can take a turn for the better in that amount of time. Your financial success is our top priority, which is why we offer to option to pay off your loan at any time without paying additional fees. You’re in control of how long you take to pay your loan in full – whether its 42 hours or 42 months!

How Can I Get a Speedy Cash Express Loan in California?

When life happens, and you’re in a tough financial situation – Speedy Cash is here for you. Apply for an Express Loan at any California Speedy Cash location. To apply you will need:

  • Open bank account with direct deposit – don’t have paper documentation? Come on in; we’ll work with you!
  • Bank account information
  • Valid ID

Get More Cash at Speedy Cash

When the amount that a payday loan can lend just won’t cut it, get more cash with an Express Loan at Speedy Cash. Our application and approval process is easy. Stop by a California Speedy Cash store today to get cash in just minutes!

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