Mar 19 2018

Instant Pay Day Loans online in South Africa, capitec bank loans.#Capitec #bank #loans

capitec bank loans

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Only online applications are considered. Why? Because vetting of your application also happens online. This means your ID is scanned on all credit bureaus to ascertain risk, online.

But all in all the application process is extremely easy. You will be required to create an account and submit your personal details including bank account details and employment history.

  • Credit profile rating : Must be good or acceptable.
  • One time pin (OTP) confirmation : One time pin is sent to your mobile phone and email confirmation is also done to complete application.
  • Bank Transfer : Cash is only transferred to applicant’s name matching name as reflected on identity book. Bank account number is also matched for legitimacy.
  • Minimum loan application : R100
  • Maximum loan application : R2500 increased to R8,000 based on your good repayment patterns.
  • Only big five banks are used : Nedbank, Absa, First National Bank, Standard Bank and Capitec. If you do not have an account with these banks, instant pay day loans can not be processed or considered.

No documents are required at all.

You submit no proof of income (pay slips), no 3 months bank statements are required,no proof of residence, no copy of id is required, no documents are faxed or emailed at all. No employment confirmation required.

Application is completed online and that’s all.

Cash in your account same day within seconds (minutes).

Whilst there are lenders that offer pay day loans to individuals with poor credit profile . Instant online pay day loans are offered to individuals with acceptable or good credit profile.

It is also important to mention that whilst a lender may offer up to say R3,000 pay day loan , this value is offered based on your affordability score. So a lesser value may be approved.

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