Jan 30 2019

Insurance Leads, Voted Best Insurance Leads in USA, business insurance leads.

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Insurance Leads

Get a continuous stream of exclusive and organically generated insurance leads every day! Our insurance leads are generated by our in-house online marketing experts and come with our best in-class leads guarantee. We offer a variety of insurance leads from every state including: California insurance leads, Texas insurance leads, Florida insurance leads and New York insurance leads.

As an insurance leads generation and insurance marketing company, we are unique in many ways and operate our business based on highly ethical and honorable standards. We are a small company in an industry of giants; dedicated to helping our insurance agent clients achieve the highest return-on-investment possible for their marketing budget. We have been very successful at generating high quality insurance leads, and can provide existing client references that will attest to this fact. Parasol Leads continues to achieve the insurance industry’s highest client satisfaction reviews, which is confirmed by our “A+” Better Business Bureau rating for “Online Reliability”. This is the highest rating awarded by the BBB.

Business insurance leads

Life Insurance Leads. We provide real-time, exclusive Life Insurance leads generated online. Parasol Leads sells exclusive life insurance leads to one client and they are never resold. This ensures our clients achieve the highest life insurance leads conversion rates possible. View Sample and Available Filters .

Business insurance leads

Health Insurance Leads . Through our innovative health insurance lead generation service, we can offer exclusive health insurance leads that are never resold or recycled. Filters are available at no charge to target your ideal health insurance customers. View Sample and Available Filters .

Business insurance leads

Auto Insurance Leads . You can trust that the auto insurance leads you receive from Parasol Leads will be in real-time and not recycled or repackaged. Furthermore, we take the time to provide auto insurance leads with detailed information that will give you an advantage in closing your prospects. View Sample and Available Filters .

Business insurance leads

Home Insurance Leads . Parasol Leads offers exclusive home insurance leads. Our Home Insurance Leads are never shared multiple times with other agents nor are they aged home insurance leads that were recycled from an outdated list. Our exclusive home insurance leads is filtered and tailored to meet your needs. View Sample and Available Filters .

Business insurance leads

Medicare Leads . Tap into the rapidly growing senior market with our exclusive medicare insurance leads. Our exclusive Medicare leads can be filtered to connect you with consumers that match your target demographics. Sell more Medicare insurance with high quality Medicare leads. View Sample and Available Filters .

Business insurance leads

Annuity Leads . We generate annuity leads by marketing to people actively searching for annuity insurance. We utilize paid, organic and social platforms to generate quality annuity leads for your insurance business. Grow and expand your insurance business with quality annuity leads. View Sample and Available Filters .

Business insurance leads

Final Expense Leads . We’ve cornered the senior market with successful digital marketing campaigns, and a strong online presence. Our social and web properties put us in front of seniors and their loved ones, the target audience for Final Expense Insurance. View Sample and Available Filters .

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