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Loan companies – Find the best loan company for you

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Loan companies find the best loan company

Looking for good loan companies? The easiest way to go about it is to learn a bit about the loans market and decide what type of loan you need.

  • High street banks and building societies borrow from a company with high-street branches
  • Online banks borrow through an online specialist
  • Choosing your loan company make sure to find a loan that s right for you

Compare loan companies

Compare all sorts of loan companies from personal loans to debt consolidation loans.

The problem is that there are so many loans available that finding the best loan company for you can be a hard. Here s our guide to finding them.

High street banks and building societies

Pros:  All high street loan companies have branches throughout the country, so you can speak to someone in person about your loan.

The company will probably offer the option of banking online as well as in person.

Cons: A high street loan company will usually charge a bit more in interest than an online one. They may also require you to make an appointment with an advisor if you wish to discuss your finances.

Online banks

Pros: Because they have fewer overheads, these types of loan companies usually offer a lower interest rate. In fact, most of the lowest loan rates around are from online banks.

You can usually set up a Direct Debit to take care of your monthly repayments so that you don t fall behind. As well as banking online, you ll also be able to phone the loan company if you have problems or need advice.

Cons: Online loan companies have no branches, so you can t pop in and conduct your banking in person. Also, most of them are less well established than high street lenders.

If you d rather borrow from a big name bank, you might be tempted to opt for a high street loan (which might be more expensive), but did you know that most online banks are owned by high street lenders? For instance:

Online loan company

Parent loan company

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