May 6 2018

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Loan repayment for undergraduate students

There are two different repayment plans depending on when you started your course:

  • before the 1st September 2012; or
  • on or after the 1st September 2012.

Visit our loan repayment page to find out more about your repayment plan.

Postgraduate Loan students should visit the Repayment of Postgraduate Loan section for more information on this loan.

Quick guides

We’ve produced a quick guide explaining what, how and when you’ll repay your student loans and the interest charged.


Watch our films to find out about repayment, interest, and how much you’ll repay.

Repaying your student loan

Find out how and when to repay your student loan.

Key facts on interest

Find out more about the interest charged on student loans.

Ask SFW about how much you ll repay

Find out how much you ll repay and how we ll calculate your repayments.

A guide to terms and conditions

This guide is for students who take out undergraduate loans. It’s very important that you read this guide carefully before applying for student finance.

Keeping in contact with us once you’ve finished your studies

If you have a loan balance, you must keep us updated with your contact details after you have left your course.

Visit our loan repayment page to find out more about your repayment plan.

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Loan calculator student

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