Dec 1 2017

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You know the old saying a business deal gets done by the timing.  A phone call or being at the right place at the right time or on the golf course or that first impression.  Well Loan Depot s employee Mandi A called one afternoon right before 5pm.  We had put our request on Lending Tree and got back some responses for a refinance loan on our home but that phone call sealed the deal with her honesty and company policy expressed.

Our past mortgage company Quicken Loans gave us a big interest rate and closing cost and this after having been a customer for our last 2 refinance loans within the last 6 years.  When we talked with Quicken Loans and tried to look for better rates it was like a poker hand well what do you have .  They knew what kind of equity we had in our home but tried I felt to play hard ball with us.

Enter Loan Depot and Mandi A along with her colleague Laura D.  Mandi Sr Mortgage Banker explained right at the start of the phone conversation Loan Depot s company policy of how independent they are  with the right words of honesty and not trying to make a fast buck on the homeowner.  Basically someone to be trusted in a very big home decision.

As new owners of solar panels on our home we wanted to pay cash for them to have a zero electrical bill for the next 20 years and along with some lingering credit debt we wanted to refinance our home.

We were given an interest rate that was lowered then other companies and the closing costs were much lower then big time mortgage companies and more then fair from Loan Depot.  Right off the bat Mandi took our information and within days we were assigned Sr Account Mgr II Laura D.  She was extraordinary and lead us through each step of the process.  Within weeks with our appraisal completed and documents SECURELY sent through emails we E sign the initial documents and was given funding.  We met a notary representative and signed the documents and it was a done deal.  This all happen in less then a month!  Funds in our Bank and Satisfaction Guaranteed and a very Good Company locally here in Southern California that can be TRUSTED AND RESPECTED in dealing with the Public.

Thank you so Much Loan Depot for being there for the Homeowners

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