Mar 5 2019

Low Cost Wireless Network How-To – Perl Scripts

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Perl Scripts / Interactive Design / Software

Interactive Wireless Network Design Analysis Utilities

The following CGI scripts will help you model your wireless network. The outcome is only theoretical, and assumes no drastic environmental factors, and controlled conditions. (No temperature inversions or large objects blocking the path)

  • Wireless Network Link Analysis
    • Calculates approximate received power levels and fade margins for wireless links
  • Wireless Network Link Analysis – Super Edition
    • Same as above, but generates a PDF file containing Fresnel zone and radio path graphs
  • Microwave Radio Path Analysis
    • Generates a terrain profile graph and obstruction reports for a microwave radio link between two points
  • Line-of-Sight Path Analysis
    • Generates a JPEG image showing the line-of-sight path for a given transmitter location
  • Longley-Rice Path Loss Analysis
    • Generates a JPEG image showing the estimated Longley-Rice path loss for a given transmitter location.
  • Parabolic Reflector Gain Focal Point Calculator
    • Calculates the gain, focal point, and radiation distances for parabolic dishes
  • Fresnel Zone Calculator
    • Calculates the required Fresnel zone clearances for a point-to-point link.
  • Urban Area Path Loss
    • Calculates the approximate path loss through an urban area
  • Antenna Up/Down Tilt Calculator
    • Calculates the required antenna tilt to compensate for Earth curvature
  • Distance Bearing Calculator
    • Calculates the distance and bearing between two geographic points
  • Omnidirectional Antenna Beamwidth Analysis
    • Estimates the coverage of a vertical antenna pattern
  • Return Loss Calculator
    • Calculates return loss given forward/reverse power or SWR
  • Knife Edge Diffraction Loss Calculator
    • Calculates knife edge obstruction attenuation
  • Decibel Conversion Calculator
    • Converts various values referenced to/from decibels
  • Scattering Parameters Are Fun!
  • United States Ground Elevation Retriever
    • Get the ground elevation to any point in the continental United States, experimental (dynamic IP)

Additional RF Design CGIs

  • Lumped Component Wilkinson Splitter / Combiner Designer
    • Designs low frequency Wilkinson power splitters/combiners
  • Pi Tee Network Resistive Attenuation Calculator
    • Designs resistive Pi and Tee attenuation pads
  • United States Frequency Allocations 30 – 3000 MHz
    • Gives the current government allocation for a particular frequency
  • Voltage To Power Conversion Calculator
    • Converts between various AC voltages/powers
  • RF Safety Compliance Calculator
    • Yet another RF safety calculator
  • Approximate Air Coil Inductance Calculator
    • Estimates the inductance of an air coil given its dimensions
  • Microstripline Analysis Design
    • Estimates the required width or length to make proper microstrip transmission lines
  • Calculating Phase Line Length
    • Calculates the required coax length for phasing antennas
  • 3-Pole Butterworth Characteristic Bandpass Filter Calculator
    • Designs 3-pole bandpass filters
  • RF Pi Network Designer
    • Designs LC style Pi networks for impedance matching
  • PLL 3rd Order Passive Loop Filter Calculator
    • Designs passive loop filters for phase lock loops
  • Antenna Isolation Calculator
    • Calculates isolation for horizontal vertical antennas
  • Mixer IMD Calculator
    • Calculates potential IMD products in subtractive mode mixers.
  • Master Lock Combination Calculator

CGI sources for the interactive wireless network design utilities tar ball .

CGI sources for the additional design scripts, tar ball .

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