Sep 14 2017

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Lumbar Supports

What they do and how to choose

Lumbar supports and car seat wedges are our most commonly supplied back care products. The lumbar supports are foam or air-filled, shaped cushions which are designed to infill and support the natural inward curve of the lumbar spine (lordosis) when the user is seated (as in the diagrams below). The shape and size of support is dependent on two principal factors; the type of seating (e.g. office chair, sofa, car seat etc) and the user’s size and shape. In general, the softer the seating, the larger the lumbar support required. In softer seating such as armchairs and sofas, you may need a support of much greater thickness than in firmer seating, such as car seats and office chairs.

Lumbar supports are positioned with the thickest part of the support at belt level, to support the top of the pelvis and to fit comfortably in the small of the back. We encourage customers to try before they buy wherever possible and to choose a lumbar support which isn’t too large for the job. Most people imagine that they need a lumbar support the size of a small tree trunk, but it’s surprising how small the support needs to be, particularly lumbar supports for car seats. Cylindrical lumbar rolls or ‘D’ rolls are generally inappropriate in car seats as they push the pelvis too far forward and you lose contact with the car seat above and below the support. They can also localise pressure on a small area of the back, which is very uncomfortable for any length of time. It is much better and far more comfortable to spread the pressure and support the back as evenly as possible, meaning that aerofoil shapes (which taper gently) are generally better than cylinders and D rolls.

The list of lumbar supports below are only a few of the many varieties that we stock. If at all possible, come along to our showroom and try a few. If it’s a lumbar support for the car, bring the car and you can see what best suits you and car together.

Dimensions are given as H (height from bottom to top), W (width from side to side) and T (maximum thickness).

Putnam Duo Car Lumbar Support

An excellent, small, comfortable, viscoelastic foam lumbar support which has a halter-neck strap to suspend it at the right height from the car seat head rest. It is unique in that it also has a removable layer of foam to make it even slimmer if required. It is narrow enough to fit in between the wings of modern car seats. Available in a synthetic fleece (main photo) or hard wearing black zipped cover.

Product Code: 4111.19

Dimensions: H:21cm; W:28cm; Max T:7.5cm or 5.5cm

Price ex VAT: 28.33

To order or for more information call 01752 893414

Tempur Transit Lumbar Support

A very popular, small, viscoelastic foam lumbar support most commonly used in car seats. It has no straps to attach it but you get used to positioning it when you get in the vehicle. Blue cover only.

Product Code: 4111.35

Dimensions: H:25cm; W:30cm; Max T:6cm

Price ex VAT: 33.75

To order or for more information call 01752 893414

Spina-Bac Lumbar Support

A larger, slim, adjustable lumbar support most commonly used in car seats. The tough plastic inner frame has vertical steel bands which offer adjustable curvature to suit a wide range of body shapes. The hard wearing zipped covers are available in Black, Blue, Fawn or Burgundy.

Product Code: 4111.22

Dimensions: H:42cm; W:31cm; Max D:6cm

Price ex VAT: 45.83

To order or for more information call 01752 893414

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